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Published On Site 1996
By Joyce M. Tice

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Copyright 1996, 2004 by Joyce M. Tice
Dear Joyce,

Nice to see you at the Chemung Co. Historians' meeting last week.

Our Irish Festival was well attended and overall a success; all three organizations involved made some money and had fun.  The weather was kind to us as well.  It was cold, but the snow storm waited until Sunday.
Could you please put the following in April's section of news?  We would most appreciate it.                                Shalom,  Suzanne M. Murphy

                                        *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Submitted by Suzanne M. Murphy, Erin Town Historian

    The 4th Annual Erin Irish Festival held on March 18th, 2006 was a success!  We had wonderful attendance at the Erin Historical Museum, the Erin UMC, and the Erin Fire Hall.  The church sold out all of their baked goods along with sales of other items.. The Erin Fire Auxiliary sold over a hundred dinners and were completely cleaned out.  Pat Wainwright, the Erin Historical Society's
Curator/Librarian, put together an interesting display called "Erin's Churches and Religions" past and present.  That, along with all the other displays, were enjoyed by all who visited the museum.  The sales of cachets/covers and cards were hand canceled by the Erin Post Master, Mrs. Linda Bennett; a good number were sold.
    There was entertainment all over the place.  Jim Brick entertained with his accordion at the museum and fire hall; Roy Matthews and Floyd White played there banjo and ukulele to the delight of the crowd at the museum.  They were accompanied by Josh Burrell singing a few songs.  At the church, Lynn Maki, Josh Burrell and Gary Saukas played and sang hymns and songs of praise, while folks sat and rested and enjoyed coffee and cookies.  The Cub Scouts has a great display at the church as well; they are sponsored by the Erin United Methodist Church.
    The Fire Hall was all "abuzz" when the Old Country Buffet "Bee" arrived and delighted young and old alike with gift tickets for children and adults. The bee made it to all 3 locations throughout the day.  The Celtic Dancers from the Let's Dance Studio performed in the afternoon at the Fire Hall; they were excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.  All of this entertainment at our Irish Festival is done free gratis; we do thank all of these folks and the folks who worked so hard to make the day possible.
    If you did not make it to Erin this year, please start planning to attend the 5th Annual Irish Festival next year.
    Next up in Erin, is the Old School Picnic to be held on June 10th, 2006 at the Erin Town Hall.  A dish to pass dinner will be held; beverage will furnished; please bring your own table service.  We decided to go back to the Pot Luck Dinner; we hope to see you at the Erin Town Hall.  The program will be announced at a later date.  In the mean time, dig out those old photos and memories and bring them along to share at the picnic.  Don't forget, history is made everyday.  Be a part of it!