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If You have any examples of these books or photos, please share them with us.
Starting in the last decade of the 19th century, and continuing almost as long as the old one room schoolhouses existed, teachers gave these souvenir books to their students at the end of the school year. Note that these are ONE ROOM schools, so the list is of the entire student body and not the graduating class only. You will notice that the school year ended in March then. Quite a number of these books have survived in the old memento boxes of many families. They are valuable to the genealogist and historical researcher in giving us information about where families were located. There are many surprises in them as people moved about much more than we might expect and may show up in places where we would not expect them. I am hoping that putting my collection online will encourage others of you to send yours in. Photocopies are OK, but scanned images are preferred to keep the colors and for a more pleasing presentation. Color Photocopies are usually as good as the originals.

It is also intreresting that the young teachers often did not go very far from home. Many returned to teach their former school mates in their own school or taught in the adjacent district. Even though they lived close to home, they usually stayed at the home of a family very close to the school.

Most of these young teachers were women, and most taught only for a year to three years. Once they married, both custom and hiring practices prevented their further employment. In some cases, they married secretly to keep their jobs and kept working until their first pregnancy "gave them away." When marriage was revealed, dismissal was immediate except in rare cases.

I would also like any school pictures you may have in your possession, including the identification of individuals where possible. Items listed on this Table of Contents page that are not already linked are in process and will be available as soon as possible.

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Year General Histories
Chemung County Schools
1891 Elmira Schools
1976 Early Schools of Chemung County
1983 Early Schools of Southport
2000 Horseheads Schools History

Year School Teacher Township
1857 Elmira Female College Faculty Directory Listing Elmira
1860  Elmira Schools Listing Elmira
1860  Miss Thurston's Seminary for Young Ladies Directory Listing Elmira
1860 Cauldwell's Commercial College Directory Listing Elmira
1863 Elmira Female College History Directory Elmira
1866 Vescelius Commercial College Directory Ad Elmira
1874 Schools of Elmira History in Directory Elmira
1879 Elmira Surgical Institute History & Drawing Elmira
1890s School No. 4 Graduation Mrs. Brown Elmira
1891 Great School of Commerce of Elmira Directory Ad Elmira
1892 Southport Corners School Miss Grace Straight, Mr. Smith Southport
1897 New York State Reformatory Yearbook Elmira
1898 St. Mary's School First Graduates Elmira
1899 Warner's Elmira Business School Elmira

See Individual Township Pages for still more School Photos, souvenir booklets, etc.
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Year School Teacher Township County
1900s Horseheads High School Postcard Horseheads C
1900s Big Flats High School Postcard Big Flats C
1900 School No. 9 Grace S. Parsons Veteran C
1900 Pennsylvania Avenue School Southport C
1901 Public School No. 9 Jennie Lattin Veteran C
1902 Horseheads School Graduation - Article Horseheads C
1902 "Old" Lowman School Chemung C
1905 Teacher's Contract Berneice Reed Veteran C
1905 Hedding Methodist Sunday School Evelyn Stone Elmira C
1907 Van Etten Union High School Postcard-Graduates Van Etten C
1907 Academy of Our Lady of Angels Postcard Elmira C
1909 Pine City School Addie Chilson Southport C
1909 St Patrick's Parochial School Graduation Photo Elmira C
1909 Chemung School # 2 Chemung C
1910 Alumni of Horseheads High School Horseheads C
1910 Swartwood School Postcard Van Etten C
1911 Elmira Business Institute Advertising Card Elmira C
1911 Hendy Creek School Southport C
1915 Maple Avenue School Photo Southport C
1916 New York State Reformatory Hand Book Elmira C
1916 Veteran School # 9 - Arbor Day Veteran C
1916 Pennsylvania Ave. School Southport C
1917 Elmira Free Academy Undefeated Basketball Team Elmira C
1917 Elmira Schools & Faculties Directory Elmira C
1919 World War 1 Soldiers - Horseheads High School Yearbook Horseheads C
1924 Cold Book Park School History 1924-1975 Southport C
1924  Southside High School - Dedication Elmira C
1925 Breesport School Photo Horseheads C
1925 St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing Photo Elmira C
1927 Elmira Heights High School Elmira Heights C
1930 Hendy Creek School Southport C
1930s Parley Coburn & George Diven Schools Postcard Elmira C
1932-33 Arnot-Ogden School of Nursing Graduates Elmira C
1935 Hendy Creek School Edna Janowski Southport C
1939 Cold Brook Park School Photo Southport C
1945 Southport No. 8 School Photo Southport C
1945 A Century of Public Education in Elmira 1845-1945 Elmira C
1947 Big Flats Commencement Big Flats C
1953 Pine Valley School Photo Veteran C

See Individual Township Pages for still more School Photos, souvenir booklets, etc.
The volume has outgrown this page and I don't want to split it.
Below are present day or undated photos of old schools and artifacts. They are arranged by township.
1999 Midway School # 4 Photo Veteran C
1999 Kahler Road School Photo Big Flats C
Und Hendy Creek School Student Photo Southport C
1999 Johnson Hollow Road & King Road Photo Catlin? C
1999 Millport Elementary Photo Catlin C
2000 Site of Catlin Center School Photo Catlin C
1999 Chemung Elementary School Photo Chemung C
1999 Cornell School Photo Chemung C
1999 Lowman School Photo Chemung C
2000 Eileen Collins E.F.A. Grad Historical Marker Elmira C
Und. School No. 8 Postcard Elmira C
Und. Erin School Photo Erin C
Und. Jackson Creek School District No. 7 Photo Erin C
Und. South Erin School District No. 8 Photo Erin C
Und. Tuthill Ridge School District No. 9 Photo Erin C
Und. Greenbush School District No. 10 Photo Erin C
Und. Park Hill School District No. 11 Photos Erin C
Und. Langdon Hill School District No. 12 Photo Erin C
1999 Wolcott School Photo Horseheads C
1999 Turner School Photo Horseheads C
1999 Hickory Grove School Photo Horseheads C
1999 Bowman Hill School Photo Horseheads C
1999 Slabtown School Photo Horseheads C
1999 Middle Road & Stewart Road Photo Horseheads? C
1999 Breesport School (Original Section) Photo Horseheads C
1999 Ridge Road School Photo Horseheads C
1999 Middle Road # 2 Photo of Site Horseheads C
1999 Hendy Creek Road School Photos Southport C
Und. Little Red School Photo Southport (???) C
1999 Dry Run Road School Photos Southport C
1999 Kinner Hill School Photo Southport C
1999 Cold Brook Park School Photos Southport C
2000 Mountain View Drive School Photos Southport C
1999 Van Etten Elementary School Photo Van Etten C
1999 Pine Valley School Photo Veteran C
1999 Site of Veteran Hill School Photo Veteran C
2000 Arnot-Ogden School of Nursing Class of 1950 Reunion Speech Elmira C
Site of Catlin Center School C
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