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Chemung County NY
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Andrews Settlement Church

Built in 1888, the land for the Andrews Settlement Church was given by Frank Bishop. Lumber for the church was given by Chancy Tucker and sawed by William Currier. It was built by Will Eaton. On January 24, 1889, dedication of the Union Church was held. A two-day dedication was held with four ministers present to carry on the services. The church members included Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians and Universalists.

Pastors for the church have included Rev. Frank Johnson, Elder Kenney, Warren Gardner, Addie Gardner, Rev. Rodwell, Rev. Morris, Charles James, Basic Young, Fred Clark, Rev. Winder, Rev. Buchanan, Mr. Tanner and Rev. Linn. The present pastor, Rev. Daniel Waite, has been at the Andrews Settlement Church since 1968. He also served here from 1945 to 1958.

In 1946 the church began to receive electricity from Tri-County. In 1948 the parsonage was purchased from Arlous Currier. Two wood heaters were installed in the church about this time and whenever the wood pile got low, there was a wood bee - the men cut the wood and the ladies got the dinner. Small tables and chairs were built by Henry Wood for the children of the church. New carpet was laid in March 1964. About two weeks later a fire started around the chimney. With the help of Genesee, Whitesville and Coudersport Fire Departments, the building was saved. Afterwards the gas furnaces were purchased to replace the wood heaters. New pews were purchased from the Coneville Church when it was discontinued. Much of the work done at the church was accomplished by the members and their pastors.

In a history compiled about the church in 1973, the women of the church were not forgotten. "The wives of these ministers have also played a very important part in their labors for the Lord. Every one of them has been able to deliver a sermon in the absence of her husband. Mrs. Buchanan was always ready with a solo and a smiling face. Mrs. Tanner whenever a special was needed was there with a beautiful solo. Mrs. Linn led the choir, taught the adult Sunday School class, was active in missionary work, as were all the rest. Mrs. Waite, an excellent pianist, led the choir and led in all the activities of the church. - History Courtesy of Gertrude Blow 

Chemung County NY
Published On 1/13/1999
By Joyce M. Tice

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