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Red Chalk Cemetery, Town of Erin, Chemung County, NY
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Name of Cemetery: RED CHALK Cemetery, a.k.a. Hollenbeck Cemetery, Caywood Cemetery
Read By:  Isabelle Ridal, Doris & Joseph Boyd
Date Read:   July 6, 1975
Typed By:   J. Mitchell Nichols of Greenville, SC
Location:  Town of Erin, Chemung County
Comments: It would apprear that some of the birth dates were calculated and not read from the tombstone. Use them with caution.

 The name “RED CHALK” is the official title of the small cemetery located in the northwestern part of the Town of Erin, Chemung County, New York, according to James Smith, former town historian.  It has also been referred to by the names of HOLLENBECK and CAYWOOD.

 Originally a burial plot which just “grew” it was conveyed to the town between 1890 and 1900 and thus became the responsibility of the town parents.  In 1933, the Stavers reported that is was protected by a fence and was well cared for, but the fence has vanished and, at times the grass grows deep.

 The Jackson Creek Road (County Route 16) runs due north from the village of Breesport and the Haskins Road has its beginning on this black-topped highway about three miles north of the village.  Originally the Haskins dirt road wound over the hills to the east, but in by-gone years the center section was abandoned by the town.  Today the remaining eastern part is only one mile in length and an additional 1/10 of a mile climbs a steep hill, terminating at the isolated cemetery.

 The plot is about 100 feet in width and 50 feet in depth in and open field with no brush or trees. Tombstones are in rows with some darkened stubs of markers in high grass.  In the past the cemetery was undoubtedly larger, but there is no evidence of the original boundries or unmarked graves.

 The following record was made on July 6, 1975, by Isabel Ridal and Doris and Joseph Boyd.  Data in brackets does not appear on the tombstone, but has been added for interest.  Likewise, the surname has been added for wives, sons and/or daughters for clarity.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
ALLEN Cinderilla 6 Jan 1852 11 Aug 1853 1y & 7m & 5d daughter of Ira B. & Mary Ann Allen
BOYER James 5 Feb 1798 17 Aug 1861 63y 6m & 12d son of Isaac Boyer
BOYER Elizabeth 10 June 1802 19 June 1869 67y & 9d  wife of James Boyer
BOYER James, Jr. 27 Apr 1827 3 June 1846 19y & 7d
BOYER Emmaletta 1 June 1834 6 Oct 1837 3y 4m & 5d daughter of James & Elizabeth Boyer
CARPENTER Emma Etta 27 Mar 1860 21 Jan 1863 2y 9m & 25d daughter of Ara & Adelia Carpenter
CARPENTER Ara, Jr. 27 Jan 1856 21 Jan 1863 6y 11m & 25d son of Ara & Adelia Carpenter
CAYWOOD Hannah D. Sep/Oct 1836 6 June 1882 45y 8m  
CAYWOOD Maryettie 2 Nov 1872 23 Nov 1872 21 days daughter of William J. & Cornelia Caywood
CAYWOOD Richard 8 June 1832 18 Apr 1882 49y 10m  
CAYWOOD Mary E. Jun/July 1841 22 Sept 1862 21y 2m wife of Richard Caywood
CAYWOOD Ellen M. 27 July 1862 8 Feb 1864 18m & 12d daughter of Richard & Mary Caywood
CAYWOOD Merritt 4 Jan 1871 7 Mar 1871 2m & 3d son of Richard & Edna Caywood
CAYWOOD William 9 June 1783 4 Oct 1854 71y 3m & 25d Soldier in the War of 1812
CAYWOOD Mahaleth Aug/Sep 1794 6 June 1871 76y 9m wife of William Caywood
CAYWOOD Merritt 9 Jan 1841 24 Dec 1842 1y 11m & 15d son of William & Mahaleth Caywood
CAYWOOD (?) Mahalah   6 June 1871    
COOPER Helen A. Feb/Mar 1863 22 Feb 1865 1y & 11m daugther of William & Christine Cooper
COOPER James F. 7 Dec 1864   5y 5m 21d son of William & Christine Cooper
Eroded Marker     unreadable   stone with only "Our Infant"
CORYELL Sarah Jane 25 Oct 1848 16 Aug 1864 15y 9m & 22d daughter of E.T & Sally Coryell
ELSTON Elizabeth A. 26 Oct 1843 9 June 1879   inscription simply reads "Mother"
HOLLENBECK Anthony 1776 or 1777 1 Mar 1861 84y Soldier in the War of 1812
HOLLENBECK Frank ? 1905   inscription reads "Father"
HOLLENBECK Henry J. 13 Oct 1772 9 Mar 1850 77y 4m 24d Soldier in the War of 1812
HOLLENBECK James 7 Oct 1801 3 July 1901    
HOLLENBECK Elizabeth 20 Jan 1803 9 Feb 1853 50y & 20d wife of James Hollenbeck
HOLLENBECK Jenet 24 Dec 1867 26 Dec 1867 2d daughter of H. & ? Hollenbeck
HOLLENBECK John 20 Oct 1791 17 May 1853 61y 6m & 27d Soldier in the War of 1812
HOLLENBECK Maria 12 Dec 1798 3 Oct 1849 51y 7m & 21d wife of John Hollenbeck
HOLLENBECK Elizabeth M. 8 Jan 1820 15 May 1821 1y 4m & 4d daughter of John & Maria Hollenbeck
HOLLENBECK Prudy 11 Nov 1861 14 May 1864 2y 6m & 3d daugther of Henry & Elizabeth Hollenbeck
HOLLENBECK Mary Annie 20 Sept 1846 5 Mar 1849 2y 5m & 13d daughter of Garrett & Mary Hollenbeck
SMITH Sylvenus 11 Jan 1813 24 Jan 1890   inscription reads "Father"
SMITH Margaret 1 Aug 1814 21 Feb 1880   inscription reads "Mother" wife of Sylvenus
SMITH David 4 Mar 1837 29 Mar 1840 2y 11m & 26d son of Sylvenus & Margaret Smith
TIMERSON Oliver no dates     Co. G, 8th NY Heavy Artillary
WESTBROOK Elanor 31 Oct 1825 14 Jan 1851 25y 2m & 14d wife of James Westerbrook

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