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Postcard Submitted by Joyce M. Tice
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Chemung County NY
1860 Brainard House Census
1860 Census American Hotel and Bovier House
1868 - Early Hotels (Elmira)
Ashland - Baldwin Hotel at Wellsburg
Elmira - Causer's Elmira House 1891
Elmira - Globe Hotel 1882
Elmira - Langwell Hotel
Elmira - Mark Twain Hotel
Elmira - National House 1857
Elmira - Rathbun Hotel
John T. Rathbun
Elmira - D. L. & W. Hotel at Dickinson St.
Elmira - Wyckoff House
Elmira - Western Hotel 1866
Elmira Heights - Oak Ridge Hotel
Big Flats - Buena Vista Hotel
Southport - State Line Hotel
Erin Hotel(s)
Erin - Beckwith Hotel at Park Station
Breesport Hotel
Horseheads - Hoffman House
Horseheads - Platt House
Horseheads - Trembley House (1980 Calendar)
VanEtten Hotel Page
Fischler Hotel - Wellsburg

Chemung County NY

Published OnSite On 08/01/2001
By Joyce M. Tice

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