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Whitman Cemetery

Town of Erin, Chemung County, New York

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Doris & Joseph Boyd in 1975 

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July 20, 1999

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Read by Doris and Joseph Boyd
Date Read: April 21, 1975
Typed by Debora M. Vanhook Park
Location:  Located in the southern part of the town of Erin, Chemung County, NY

Whitman Cemetery is located at:
42.14973 N
076.66844 W
1670 Ft


The Whitman Cemetery is a long neglected private burial ground located in the southern part of the Town of Erin, Chemung County, New York. In 1957, the Erin town historian, James Smith, wrote that it is on what was once called the Jessup Tract and that the tombstones were piled in a heap with only four standing. In 1975 none were upright. He also stated that on July 19, 1957, the Erin Historical Society officially name the site the “Whitman Cemetery”.

The plot is located in a hedge row of old trees, about 275’ off the west side of the Jones Road, 2/10’s of a mile north of the intersection of the Kronus Road. A nearby farmer stated that some years previous, ghouls were detected digging up what may be the grave of Hannah WHITMAN, and had excavated to a depth of four feet when frightened away. The grave has never been refilled and it was necessary to dig away the dirt pile to uncover other marker stones.

The site is roughly 30’ in length and 25’ wide and could contain about a dozen graves. Two or three broken stubs of fieldstones were found and three or four sunken spots indicate additional graves. Two lettered footstones were also discovered.

The Stavers apparently had no knowledge of this cemetery in 1932-34 and James Smith copied the markers in 1957, but missed one or two as they were covered with the ghouls’ dirt pile.

Doris and Joseph Boyd copied this cemetery on April 21, 1975, at which time the dirt pile was dug away and several “missing” tombstones were found. Data in brackets does not appear on the stones, but has been added for interest.
Surname  Firstname Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription or Note
COLEGROVE Sarah Hannah 5/19/1859 6/8/1865 6y 19d Daughter of B.F. & S.A. Colegrove. (Stone laying face-up on the ground.)
WHITMAN Daniel 11/18/1783 3/6/1854 70y 3m 19d (Stone on the ground, broken into three pieces.)
WHITMAN Hannah   2/5/1870   Wife of Daniel Whitman. (No birthdate; Smith missed this marker; it is broken through the deathdate and the bottom portion could not be found.)
WHITMAN Mahala 4/4/1806 3/30/1869 62y 11m 26d (Marker broken into four pieces and crumbling from dampness. Smith assumed she was the wife of Daniel Whitman, but such data does not appear on the marker.)
WHITMAN Juda Ann 10/19/1845 6/5/1858 12y 7m 16d (Marker dug out of dirt pile. It is the center section of the tombstone with the top and bottom portions missing. The name is from Smith's 1957 record.)
          There is also a footstone with the letters "H.W. and another one with the letters A.J.W.

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