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Early Elmira Photo from Stereoscopic View
Submitted by (the late) Norma Jenkins
The purpose of this section of the site is to build a database of information on local photographers to help us date photos that are otherwise undated. By comparing the logos of dated photos, we can narrow down dates on others.
Please submit HIGH resolution JPG scans of the backs or other logo images for photographers in our area. Please also include a date of the photograph if you can, even if it is an estimate. I will also include photographer information from directories in this part of the site.  Biographies of area photographers will also be welcome here as will scans of dated advertisements.
1839-1860 Daguerreotype mirror like surface on metal
1854-1860s Ambrotype glass negative with black background
1856-1900 Tintype positive image direct to metal
1859-1890s Carte-de-Visite card mounted 2.5 x 4 inch size
1866-1910 Cabinet Card card mounted 4.25 x 6.5 inch size
We can learn a lot by studying the photographer logos on our locally created photos. Changes in address or partnership of various photographers can help us date them. By comparing them to Directory Listings, which we are in process of compiling, we will eventually be able to build a body of knowledge about these local photographers by date. Local newspapers will also be a resource to us in compiling dated information about these businesses. Changes in logo style can also help. By finding examples of the logos on photos of known dates, we will eventually be able to come up with some valuable resources in this area. Your help is needed. See the A. P. Hart page as example of what we hope to do.
CDV - Carte-de-Visites  involves a process of paper portraiture, patented by French Andre Disderi a photographer in 1854. CDV's are created by taking multiple exposures in one sitting using a slight plate holder in a camera equipped with four lenses & a vertical & horizonal septum. This makes possible a full length view in a more natural pose. CDVs with tax stamps on the back were made between 1864-1866 to help raise funds for the war
Keep in mind that many of our Tioga and Bradford County residents, went to Elmira on the train for their photography.
Please send your submissions in in HIGH Resolution. Don't be stingy with the pixels, or I will not be able to use it. Teeney-Tiny won't work. Even if you have one that is already included here, send yours IF it is positively DATED. It is the dates matched with the logos that will provide us the information to help date our own photos.
Neighbor Counties
1857 Elmira's Daguerrian Rooms
1860 Daguerrians & Photographers
1863 Elmira'a Artists - 
Photograph & Ambrotype
1874 Elmira's Photographers
1882 Elmira Photographers
O. C. Benjamin (1866)
Bogardus, Horseheads
Bogart, Raymond H. (1917)
Boyd, Walter M.(1882) 
Brown (1850)
Chase, Walter P.
Clark, John M. (1860)
Daggett & Woodside
Decker, Leon S. (1917)
Doty, Charles. C. of Elmira 1863
Dunn, Miss E. T. of Elmira (1866)
Electric Photo Studio (1917)
Elliott (108 W. Water St.)
Elmira Portrait Company
Will S. Evans (pw tintypes)
Excelsior View Company
Fudge of Elmira (1917)
Hart & Evans - Elmira (1878)
Hart & Snook - Elmira (1872)
Hart, Abraham P.
Chemung Ambrotype Gallery
(Thomas S. Hathaway 1857)
Hathaway & Lets (1860)
House, A. B. - Horseheads (1866)
House, J. W. Elmira (1857)
Howe, Charles J. of Elmira
Howes, Charles H. (1917)
Mrs. Hurley of Elmira
Knowlton, W. (1866)
Knowlton & Clendenny, Elmira
Landon (cole02 in cse folder)
Larkin, John E. Elmira (1866)
Lawhead, A. - Horseheads (1866)
Luce, Niles D. - Elmira (1878)
Luce & Silverman of Elmira
Martin, F. T. (1892 Photo)
A. McFarlin of Elmira (Abram)
McFarlin & Speck of Elmira
Miller, Elmira
Millspaugh, George P (1917).
Moulton, William W. (1857)
Moulton & Larkin (1864)
Mowry, E. L.
Loomis, Fred T. (1917)
Nicewonger, George B.(1917)
Personius, George A.(1917)
Ploss Studio (BF 1919 YB)
Rowley, Wesley C.
Sabin, Leander (1857)
Sartor, H. (1896)
Seeley, W. T. (1866)
Shaver, Floyd a. (1917)
Snook, Alanson L. (1872)
Snook Brothers of Elmira
Snyder, Ralph F. 
Stamp of Elmira
Sylvester, Charles H.
Taylor, A. R. (1866)
Tomlinson, Charles
VanAken of Elmira (Charles) (1917)
Van Aken of Elmira (Elisha M.)
Varney, Jesse I. (1917)
Ward, P. J., Horseheads
Whitley & Denton (1872)
Whitley, John H. (1864, 1878)
Whitley & Harrison (1882)
Wright, Giles H. (1891)
Comstock of Waverly NY
J. H. Dampf, Corning
A. D. Jaynes, Corning (in folder)
M. Mead of Waverly NY
Guy West of Waverly
Dating Old Photographs, A Family Chronicle's Publication, ed. Halvor Moorhead, 2000
Elmira City Directories (Scanned from volumes at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira NY)
Craig's Daguerrian Registry at
Logo Scans Submitted by many Tri-County Site Guests
Tioga County Directories 1899 and 1908
Local Newspaper ads
Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers 1839-1900, Linda A. Ries and Jay W. Ruby, PHMC, 1999

Subj:  Civil War Tax Stamps on Photographs
Date:  12/07/2003 9:54:32 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Walter R. and/or Jo Samson)
To:  JoyceTice
I was looking at Photographers of the Tri-County for the first time. I see some of mine, so I probably sent them to you on a CD. It should have included a number of examples with a tax stamp on the reverse. I did not know what they were until Ralph Weller checked it out and sent me the following. A reference to tax stamps on old photos might be of interest to some.

   Good to see that you are "still at it". You are welcome to use anything that I have sent you. Sounds like a very interesting project. Your question about the stamps intrigued me.  I checked with "googles" and found the following.  You might be interested in the other information there - I asked for "stamps on photographs".

REVENUE STAMPS ARE A TOOL FOR DATING PHOTOGRAPHSAs part of the effort by the Congress to fund the Civil War, among a number of taxes levied was an 1864 Act which provided that sellers of photographs affix stamps at the time of sale to "photographs, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, or any  sun pictures", according to the following schedule, exempting photographs too small for the stamp to be affixed:  Less than 25 cents: 2 cents stamps (blue/orange). 
25 to 50 cents: 3 cents stamps (green). 
50 cents to $1: 5 cents stamps (red). 
More than $1: 5 cents for each additional dollar or fraction thereof. 
Stamps were applied from 1 Aug. 1864 to 1 Aug. 1866. Blue playing card stamps are known to have been used in the summer of 1866 as other stamps 
were unavailable as the levy came to an end. The stamp was to be canceled by requiring that the seller cancel the stamp by initializing  and dating it in ink. The most rare of all of these stamps is the one  cent (red) "playing cards" and the most common is the orange two cent "playing cards". Values for all of these stamps appear in the Scott's Specialized Catalog of United States Stamps. 

Ralph Weller

Subj: your web site
Date: 05/16/2004 1:58:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Henry Wadsworth)
To: JoyceTice

Dear Joyce,
Again I want to thank you for your web site. I was able to ascertain the approximate date of a photo, because you had listed the addresses of A. P. Hart, Photographer, Elmira with the dates. He moved around so much, and since I was looking for 176 Water St., I was able to find out that he was at that address in the 1860's.
This enabled me to put a name on the photo and be reasonably sure we were correct.
Keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Shirley Wadsworth [Note from Joyce to site guests} This is the result we hope to achieve in this section of the site. It can only happen with your dated logos and adds submitted. Don't be afraid to share with us and help this database develop

Subj: Historic Photographers of the Tri-Counties
Date: 08/27/2004 8:41:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Mary Robare)
To: JoyceTice

Dear Joyce; I am sending several carte-de-visite images that own. They were passed down in our family from a photo album originally owned by Caroline "Carrie" S. WOOD James (1849-1920). Where known, I have noted date and/or name identifications I have been able to deduce from oral family history and Craig's Daguerreian Registry website, or from matching logos and researching city directories on the Tri-Counties website. I was even able to date one photograph from a prop and setting identical to a photo posted on your site! Thank you so much for everything you are providing to history and family researchers. --Mary Holton Robare

Conrad "Tony" Caballero tries to reunite photos withinterested persons at his site called Slices of Time -
Published On Site 5/04/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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