Photographers of the County
McFarlin of Elmira
and McFarlin & Speck of Elmira
Chemung County NY

Business: McFarlin & Speck
A. McFarlin
Township: City of Elmira, Chemung County NY
Cabinet Cards
1917 Directory, Abram McFarlin 158 N. Main
Year: 1895-1897
Photos Submitted by: Clarice STILWELL Evans
Abram McFarlin
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These two photos of Mary Estelle Hurd born 30 SEP 1895
demonstrate a partnership change. In the first photo
McFarlin and Speck were parters in Elmira. The
second photo, taken maybe one or two years later, 
shows Abram McFarlin operating alone.
I will confirm dates on this from directories later.

This is the first of two photos of my Great Aunt Maude Drake Toles. They are both from about 1900 during her short marriage to Claude Toles. This first was taken at the A. McFarlin Studio on E. or S. Water St. in Elmira, NY. The second photo was at the Stamp Studio on 116 Baldwin St. in Elmira, NY. (From Tim Drake)
1900 McFarlin Ad in Elmira Directory
Chemung County NY
Published On Site 5/04/2004
By Joyce M. Tice

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