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This site has developed to its present state because so many people have been willing to chip in and help. Actually, sometimes we have more willing people than I have administrative time to keep track of. So, I am going to try to get (and even harder, STAY) organized here and present all the projects and potential projects that we need help on. Some of these require local people but many can be done by capable and willing people anywhere. I'll try to separate them into those two categories. I'll also try to let people know the skill levels and tools required to do a particular project. To use a scanned image page you need to be able to view a JPG image.

It is important that if you take work to do, you are committed to doing it. It is expensive in money and time for us to provide materials and we don't want to have to do it twice. I will also keep track here of who has what as I sometimes send out a book and lose track of where it is. If you have material I have sent you that you have not completed please let me know.

Why Volunteer to help? Every volunteer has her or his own reasons for chipping in on developing this enormous digital online library. For me and many others, it is the opportunity to learn continually that attracts us and the wish to preserve the artifacts and memories of our local predecessors. Some volunteers have found just the answer they were looking for in their own research while typing for the site. Many people tell me that they want to chip in as gratitude for all that they have gleaned from the site. Some chip in just because they believe in what we are doing and share our concern that the lives of our predecessors be preserved. We all feel that this is a worthwhile way for us to convert our time, energy and skills into creating and distributing a body of knowledge that will live far longer than we do. For those of us who spend the most time developing this site, it is our legacy.

Thanks, Joyce M. Tice

Project Status Where
Adopt a Township
Scan Pages Local
Oldtime chairmakers of Erin
1868/69 Chemung & Schuyler County Directory
1868 Elmira Directory Scanned and typed to p 99. I need to finish scanning it at CCHS
1876-77 Elmira Directory Started 
1892 Elmira City Directory (Acid Paper Deteriorated )
Mabel Hilfiger Scrapbooks
1977 School Project - The Way it Was"
150 Years Big Flats 1822-1972 (Permission Granted) Typing done, Need to scan photos - 10/21/03
Town of Southport 160th Anniversary Souvenier Book
Steele Scrapbook Obits and Clippings [A and B done - see pp 172,178,179] - Sherry has photocopies. Need Typists in MS Word - Will mail pages. MUST be committed to complete what you take (Contact Sherry Nichols (Bookwoom13@aol.com] to help on this one.).
CPB WW1 Clipping Scrapbook (65 pages altogether)
Census - Many still not done - Requires Excel
1902 Biographical Record of Chemung County -
1897 Yearbook of the NYS Reformatory
1964 Elmira Centennial Book (Permission Granted GF)
Potterville School House Sarah E.x
My Neighbor- Lorretta W x
Town of Southport x
The Ridgebury Story by Gladys Burnham (Seeking Permission) Allison Mallory Aug 2007
Ashland Township,Lowman and Wellsburg (Permission Needed)
Flashbacks by Phyllis Swinsick (dec.) (Permission Needed)
From Buckskin to Baseball 1978
The Little Red Schoolhouse, Helen Ives Lyon, 1962 (Permission Needed)
The Mountain Roars, Budd Mitchell (Permission Needed)
Chemung County ... its History, 1961 (Permission Needed)
Chemung Will Abstracts 1836-1850 45 pages in PDF format to be typed (filed in data/backup/gendoc)
EFS 50th anniversary - alumni lists - from George Farr June 2008 Scanned by PNS June 2009
Helen Samson Articles, scanned, need typing in MS word. Easy Project for beginner. All assigned, all typed but one. I still have two to format and one waiting for a photograph. Debbie H., Daryl W., Bob S., Debra R.  DONE !!
Various Fethers Deeds Jane Webb 011903 DONE
Elk Run Methodist Church Materials Christine K 011103, Pat SR DONE
Chester P. Bailey Articles - All sent to Pat SR - Mostly finished and returned to me. Need to be formatted for site. Pat SR
1857 Elmira Directory DONE
1860 Elmira Directory DONE
1874/75 Elmira Directory   DONE !!
1863/64 Elmira Directory   DONE
1882-84 Elmira City Directory DONE!!
1866 Elmira Directory DONE!!
Preemption Line Articles (several) (completed) ck DONE!!
1917 Elmira City Directory 19 SEP 2004 DONE!!
1891 Elmira City Directory 12 OCT 2004 DONE!
1879 Chemung County History 14 OCT 2004  DONE!!
Handbook of the NYS Reformatory at Elmira 1916 17 OCT 2004 DONE!
Elmira Paid Fire Department 1885 22 OCT 2004 DONE!
A Century of Public Education in Elmira 1845-1945 24 OCT 2004 DONE!
TGR Obits 1990-1994, some 95-96 also (DJS batches finished) included in Obits by Cemetery 13 DEC 2004
Rosstown, Christian Hollow Notes & Photocopied photos (Completed) DONE
1888 Elmira City Directory 13 FEB 2005 DONE
1872/73 Elmira Directory 15 FEB 2005 DONE
Baptist Church, Wellsburg - History 22 MAR 2005 DONE
1878/79 Elmira Directory 28 MAR 2005 DONE
1869-70 Elmira Directory 28 MAR 2005 DONE
1918 Directory First Church of Christ, Elmira 29 JUN 2005 DONE
1900 Elmira Directory 21 APR 2006 DONE
1880-82 Elmira City Directory 07 OCT 2006 DONE
Church of Christ, Wellsburg Booklet and Records 62 scanned pp of records to Jane W 09 APR 2005 DONE
Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts part Six Started 1998 - Finished 2007
Chemung County NY

Published On 13 DEC 2002
By Joyce M. Tice

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