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Coldbrook Park's membership list - 1st PTA started by my mother, Edna A. Miller - from her scrapbook - Patricia MILLER Otis
None of the women are named or identified in this listing. Only the men are named and their wives lumped anonymously under their name. If you can identify any of the women, by both first and birth name, let me know so we can add that in the last column.
Name Address Woman's name
Ackley, Mr. and Mrs. Edward 383 S. Hampton Rd.
Barteau, Mrs. Lawrence 426 Schuyler Ave.
Berger, MRs. Roy Laurentain Pl.
Brister, Mrs. Frederick 336 Sheridan Ct.
Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Earl 386 S. Hampton Rd.
Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. George 548 Gaines
Burnham, Mrs.Benjamin Lower Maple Ave.
Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Lester 417 Fairway Ave.
Cordier, Mr. and Mrs. Marl 370 S. Hampton Rd.
Cory, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman 345 Sheridan Ct.
Dailey, Mr. and Mrs. Fred 405 Phoenix Ave.
Davis, Mrs. Shirley 414 Schuyler Ave.
Dibble, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. 459 Fairway Ave.
Elliott, Mrs. Lester 533 Gaines St.
Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Lester 343 Sheridan Ct.
Finch, Mr. and Mrs. Pearl 391 Sheridan Ct.
Fishbough, Mr. and Mrs. Harold 407 Schuyler Ave.
Fitzpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. 388 Sheridan Ct.
Guiles, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart 404 Charlesmount Rd.
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth 446 Schuyler Ave.
Heichel, Mrs. Ralph 440 Sheridan Ct.
Jackson, Mrs. Hanford 432 Phoenix Ave.
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Anson 409 Milton St.
Keller, MR. and Mrs. Arthur Lower Maple Ave.
Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Durwood 363 Sheridan Ct.
Kenyon, Mrs. Norma Lower Maple Ave.
Kester, Mr. and Mrs. Edward 380 Sheridan Ct.
Kintner, Mrs. Tracey Sheridan Ct.
Kwasney, Mrs. Alec. Charlesmount Rd.
Lenox, Mr. and Mrs. Alvah 394 Sheridan Ct.
Lewis, Mrs. Chester 411 Fairway Ave.
Little, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 1205 S. Main St.
Liskovec, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 1259 Maple Ave.
Manwaring, Mrs. Gaines St.
Mathers, Mrs. Robert 438 Schuyler Ave.
Matthews, Mrs. Walter 445 Schuyler Ave.
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 448 Phoenix Ave.
Mills, Mrs. Gordon 500 Phoenix Ave.
Montgomery, Mrs. Norma 405 Phoenix Ave.
Moharter, Mr. and Mrs. Will. 391 S. Hampton Rd.
Ostrander, Mrs. Daisy Lower Maple Ave.
Peterson, Mrs. Elmer 334 Sheridan Ct.
Platz, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lower Maple Ave.
Roy, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis 425 Fairway Ave.
Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs. Donald 511 Phoenix Ave.
Russo, Mrs. Michael 505 Harcort Dr.
Sawyer, Mrs. Stanley 1260 Laurentian Pl.
Scott, Mrs. Theo. Laurentian Pl.
Siskin, Mr. and Mrs. Paul 408 Schuyler Ave.
Smith, Mrs. Cecil 390 S Hampton Rd.
Spirawk Mr. and Mrs. Andrew 356 Sheridan Ct.
Thomas, Mrs. Harold 1401 Maple Ave.
Tobey, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 430 Schuyler Ave.
Wainwright, Mrs. Herbert 505 Phoenix Ave.
Whitsell, Mrs. Clarence 534 Schuyler Ave.
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert 525 Schuyler
Ziminski, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lower Maple Ave.
Park, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald
Marjorie Hamblin, second grade teacher
Parsons, Mrs. Julia
Bach, Mrs. Maude
Grace, Mrs. Eloise Eloise Grace, Principal at Coldbrook
93 members
Gerald Park was the 2nd husband of the 2nd grade teacher Marjorie HAMBLIN Park.  Both Marjorie and Gerald are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Horseheads.  Marjorie's mother was Nina GOODYEAR Hamblin who was a sister of my grandmother Luie GOODYEAR Charles.  [submitted by Nancy E. Rogers]
Chemung County NY
Published On Site On 04/23/2008
By Joyce M. Tice