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School: Cold Brook Park School
Township: Southport, Chemung County NY
Year: 1999
Photo Submitted by: Joyce M. Tice
I took these photos of Cold Brook Park School
in April 1999. See history below
1924-1975 Cold Brook School History by Marjorie Parks
1939 Coldbrook Class Photo

Cold Brook Park School and its twin, Edgeworth, were built in the late 1920s or early 1930s, both in Town of Southport. My mother attended Edgeworth when it was relatively new, and I attended Cold Brook Park from kindergarten through part of fourth grade. This school is off Maple Avenue on Laurentian Place. 

In the late 1990s it was converted to an apartment house. I wish I 
had photographed it before that happened, but alas. The back wing was for kindergarten through third grade. The upper floor of the forward section was for fourth through sixth grades. Actually Lowell Warters says he went here until 8th grade, so that accounts for the two rooms on the other side of that level.  The lower level was the gymnasium-auditorium. I made my acting debut at the age of  five there as the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead - and you all know that story. It's all true. 

The upper photo is of the front and the lower photo is from the other side that was once the playground where we all mastered the monkey bars and so on. 

Edgeworth has been added to and is now used by the UCP. 

Any Cold Brook Park alumni please contact me and we'll list names here below. I don't want to go so far as to list years, but if you want to I will add them. Anybody who has any older photos of this school, please share them.
Former Cold Brook Park Student Registry
Joyce M. Tice (K-4) Lourayne Eddy Judy Pack (K - 6) Don Easton (Gr 3-6)
David Kester
He was a big kid (first grade)
when I was in Kindergarten.
Lowell Warters (5-8) John H. Knapp. gr 1939 Patricia MILLER Otis 1942-1946
Joyce, I was just looking at your web page about Coldbrook Park School.  I am a Coldbrook Park Alumni, having attended K-6 from 1959 through 1966.  I have many fond memories of the school.  Mrs. Grace was the principal when I attended.  My first grade teacher, Mrs. Hardenstein, just passed away.  I remember spending many hours on the monkey bars on the playground.  Nothing can beat the "neighborhood" schools where everyone knew everyone.  You can add me to your Alumni Listing.  Keep up the good work.   Judy Pack 
Joyce--also I graduated from Coldbrook Park school in 1939. I have the graduation picture if you are interested.       Regards---John H. KNAPP 
I attended Coldbrook from 1950 to ?.  I was in Grades 3-6 there.      I went to Edgebrook (combination of Edgeworth and Coldbrook at the Edgeworth building) for 7 & 8, finishing there in 1956.  When my sister went there just three grades ahead of me, all 8 grades were at Coldbrook.  I looked at the list and I do remember David Kester, I think he might have been in my grade.

Will write more later.  I have to get to work. Thanks,
Don Easton, 

Subj:  former Coldbrook Park school student
Date:  4/27/2002 8:03:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  RAYNEG73
To:  JoyceTice

Joyce ,
     I have already sent you a message before that I had attended Coldbrook school,but neglected to tell you that my name was Lourayne Eddy and I went there fromSept.1930 to June 1932 and then attended Edgeworth for the next two years. I returned to Coldbrook in Sept 1934 and graduated from the eighth grade in 1938.Among my classmates were Eugene Keener,,Samuel Jones,Jack Scott. Donald Scott,Lucille Manuel ,Bob Engle,John Fitspatrick . It is funny but I know there were several more ,but I guess my age has caught up with me and I can't remember the rest of them.Our first and second grade teacher was Marjorie Leavenworth,fifth and sixth was Julia Parsons and seventh and eighth grade was taught by Principal Eloise D. Grace. I just saw the 1939 photo of the graduates and it sure brought back names of kids and had forgotten along with a few I would have liked to have forgotten.
Lourayne Eddy now Grannis 

Subj:  colbrook elementary
Date:  6/30/2002 9:52:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Mileobrien
To:  JoyceTice

Was surfing for pictures or info on Coldbrook Elementary school. Came across your page. Figured I'd send you a line and say Hi.

I was an alumn of Coldbrook, grades K-6. Finished up in 1975.

Just to let you know, for info. The lower 1/2 of the school was used for K-3 until 1972. After the 1972 flood grades 4-6 were in the lower 1/2. It was a shame because I was right in that change over time, going from 3rd to 4th, so my class never had an opportunity to be in the upper 1/2 of the building.

Good page, keep up the good work. If I find any more info I'll gladly share.

Todd Chichester

Subj: Coldbrook Park
Date: 5/24/2003 2:41:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Patricia Otis)
To: Joyce Tice

I went to Coldbrook Park School from 1942 to 1946.  I had Mrs. Marjorie Park for first and second grades, and Mrs. Bach for third and fourth grades.  There was one floor for all eight grades, as each classroom contained a double grade.  There was no kindergarten and those who wished to take advantage of Kindergarten sent their children to Edgeworth for that experience. I have posted information on Coldbrook Park under the Classmate's site for Coldbrook Park. Yes, I remember those monkey bars and the blisters I got from them! Some classmates are Jo Ann Bryan, Marilyn (?) Scott, Art Smith, Jack Bellinger, to name a few.If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Patricia Miller Otis

Hi Joyce! From my mother's scrapbook:
Class of 1945
Elda Bagnoli
Anna Lou Berger
Richard Burton
Lynn Cobb
Russell Finch
Dorothy Forsythe
Virginia Goodwin
Isabelle Hall
Joyce Little
Doris Mathews
Richard Miner
Robert Montgomery
Irma Shattuck
Richard Smith
Mrs. Eloise Grace - Teacher
Class of 1946
Barbara Ameigh
Ellen Bagley
Robert Brimmer
Gaetan Dumais
Gerald Dumais
Mildred Elvidge
James Hollenbeck
Jack Kester
Gerald Lenox
Joyce Little
Ronald Miner
Gordon Moore
Raymond Randolph
John Rose
Theodora Scott
Irma Shattuck
Henry Sondersted
Harold Thomas
Roseland Wainwright
Isabelle Zosh
Mrs. Eloise Grace - Teacher
Pat MILLER OtisColdbrook Park1942-1946The above may be printed and added to the Coldbrook Park School site.    P. Miller Otis 
HI JOYCE!I believe my mother was instrumental in starting the PTA at Coldbrook Park.  I remember her saying to me that it was important for parents to be involved.  I must have looked questioningly at her as she told me the PTA organization was  in other schools and districts throughout the country side, and that Coldbrook needed to have it too.

"You see, it's important for both parents and teachers to work together."  Somehow her explanation and discussion of such seemed to satisfy my inquiring mind.  I remember the nights when Dad would be with us  to put us to bed, etc. as Mom would be at the PTA  Meetings. I have recently run across a scrapbook made by my mother, titled, "Coldbrook School," with a small black and white photo of Coldbrook in the winter.  The scrapbook is very neatly done filled with newspaper clippings of the PTA meetings and the many varied activities of the PTA Group.  Among other things,  it contains a list of 93 members with their addresses. The beginning year is 1944 and runs to the end of 1946.   That is the year we moved during the summer due to  the 1946 flood.

 You have my permission to print all or anything in  this letter.Pat MILLER OtisColdbrook Park  1942-1946

Facts -   Mrs. Park was Marjorie Leavenworth who is mentioned on your site by Louroyne Eddy Grannis who wrote in.  I remember she was Marjorie Leavenworth at Edgewood when my brother went there for kindergarden.  She got married before the next school year started and was Mrs. Park at Coldbrook when we went there.  I'm not positive if she were Mrs. Leavenworth or not but seem to remember she was a Mrs. and not a Miss. Pat MILLER Otis

From: Patricia Otis
To: Joyce Tice
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2005 10:09 AM
Subject: Polio Epidemic during the 1940's by Patricia Otis

There was a Polio epidemic back in the 40's while we were at Coldbrook Park.  Enclosed is a memory from that time period.
Pat Otis
Coldbrook Park '42-'46

Polio Epidemic during the 1940's by Patricia Otis

Anyway, that children's Saturday program and what we did to entertain ourselves in our own back yard during the polio epidemic was an assignment for the listeners in the children's radio land. There were two winners. An older girl won for her age group, and I won for the younger set. Both of us were to appear on radio and tell about our experiences and/or essay.  My mother had a fit! Here she had kept us in our own back yard away from harm's way and the taxi that picked us up had other passengers, and they were "snot-nosed" children practically crawling with God knows what, next to her healthy child and breathing the same air. It was going to be the death of her yet if I caught polio during this trip. But God was kind and kept me well! However, he forgot to give me my voice as when we reached the radio station, I became as silent as could be. Truthfully, I remember it, and I was shy and observed everything. It wasn't that light in the place either. Rather dark, in fact. I guess the lady MC might have gotten a yes or no out of me and probably a couple of head shakes! Mother wasn't pleased with that either. Here I was this big winner for the K-4th age group, and I said so little. Anyway the older girl took off on the radio and probably did a marvelous job yakking.  We each won a $25 War Bond. Mom kept mine until college.
The essay was won because we made miniature circus tents, and all sorts of other circus stuff. We also took sawhorses and made heads and tails for them and jumped them around, etc.
I remember the things we did and writing the essay too!

Note from Anonymous Person - Joyce:  Was surprised to see my old elementary school again!  I attended Coldbrook starting in Kindergarden in 1959 through 6th grade in 1966.  It was a nice little school.  Enjoyed my years there very much.  When I started there I had Elizabeth Wade as my Kindergarden teacher, Mrs. Hardenstein for first grade, Mrs. Marjorie Park for second grade, Mrs. Troy for third grade, Miss Cole for 4th grade, Miss Becker for 5th grade and Mrs Alice Gillett for 6th grade.  I still have my Kindergarden class picture!  In my morning kindergarden class were Ricky & Rusty Andrews, Rick Liddick, Margaret Lisano, Lois Hosely, Nancy Robinson, Kathy Mayer, Albert Newcomer, Diane Doane, Cathy Benjamin, Corrie Rupar, Patty Smith, Steven Hollenbeck, Steven Kozemko and Gail Richardson. It was a great little school that we were lucky to be able to attend.  I remember getting on the old school bus, #2, driven by "Bill" the busdriver.  At the time we had kindergarden, first and second grades on the lower level and 3rd grade through 6th grade upstairs.  Our little library was in the basement and the gymnasium was also our stage for plays and our lunchroom.  I believe Mr. Johnson was our gym teacher at the time.  Keep up the good work on your website.  Its very interesting! (No Name Signed)

Hi Joyce, (SEptember 2006)  I was born in 1949, and I grew up in the house just east of the Coldbrook Park School.  My grandpa, David Moshier had been the janitor of the school for many years and planted the lovely maple trees that used to beautify the school grounds. I think he must have retired in the early 50's, since by the time I was in kindergarten, he was retired.  Then for years we had another man, whose name escapes me.  He was actually Mrs.. Parks' neighbor, (Parkside Drive) and always seemed a little grumpy, but my parents knew him and said he was really a nice man.  He of course was at the school very early to get the boiler up and the school heated in the winter.  He cleaned and mopped and the floors at that school just glistened!

My sisters and I  attended the school in the 50's.  I also remember that in kindergarten we had Mrs.Young as a teacher, and Mrs. Warren for third grade.  I had Mrs. Hardenstein,  Mrs. Park, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Gilette, and Mrs. Grace for 6th grade.  At that time, the school  no longer had grades 7& 8.  For physical education, we had Jack Casey who went on to coach basketball at EFA for years and also taught at Broadway junior high. For music we had Mrs. Nivers and Mr. Holtz, who were both in the Elmira system for many years.  I am  sure I have a few photos of the school, and will scan them and send them when I gather them up.  I understand that the building is now an apartment complex.

We ate in our classrooms, and used the gymnasium for physical education, as well as for assemblies.  The teachers ate in their classrooms with the students!  The teachers also supervised recess, which we had around 10:00 a.m., after lunch and again at 2:00.  On rainy days, the teachers would have us exercise in place in our classroom, and/or play games, and bean bags for recess!  Imagine that!  Today's teachers would never do that!  Of course, we had discipline....  Stood in corners, outside classrooms, and even got spanked, and/or knuckles rapped with a ruler!

The school had a summer recreation program for years and Mrs. Hardenstein did it for a few years.  It was wonderful when she did it.  After that, some young women did it, and while I am sure they tried, Mrs. Hardenstein really was outstanding.

If I think of any more information, I will pass it on.
Carol Rafferty Laps

 Hi Joyce,  Your site is so enjoyable.  I mailed you once, but am not sure if it went through.  I grew up right next door to Colbrook Park school.  We lived with my grandparents in the  big old house just East of the school.  My grandfather, David Moshier, was the janitor at the school for many years, and planted most of the wonderful maple trees that were around the school.  In particular, the perfectly shaped one by the big playground.  I saw the monkey bars mentioned, also the may pole was great fun.  I guess someone decided it wasn't safe! When I was there, we had a janitor, whose name I can't remember, but he lived on parkside drive right by Marjorie Parks. I attended school there from 1953 - 61.  I had Mrs. Young for kindergarten, Mrs. Hardenstine,  Mrs. Parks,  Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Gilette, and Mrs. Grace.  Also, Jack Casey taught physical education and continued in the Elmira system for many years.  For music, we had Mrs. Nivers, and  Mr. Holtz who also was in the system for many years.  It was a wonderful time to be in school.  Those teachers all knew my grandpa and so, many will remember when we had the Halloween parades through the baseball field, it was so my grandparents could see the children in costumes.  To my embarrassment, they were always right in the window waving at everyone!   I also remember Mrs. Bartlett always had a Bible verse on the board and we had to memorize it.   I learned a lot of Psalms that year!  Mrs. Hardenstine also worked a few summers as playground supervisor and those were the best years!  She did treasure hunts and wonderful activities.

Occasionally there would be vandalism at the school and Sheriff Loomis would come to our house to see if we had seen anything of concern.

I  have a few old photos around that have background views of the campus.  I will try to get them scanned and forwarded to you.
Regards, Carol Raffery Laps (October 2006) - I posted both of Carol's notes. Some of the information is the same, but there is new information in the second, also)

Photo sent in by Pat MILLER Otis showing Coldbrook Park School as it looked back when it was a school. Photo is from the 1944-45 school year.
Eloise Grace was Principal of Coldbrook Park School apparently from about 1934 until ?? Can anyone find an obituary for her or tell us more biographical information, her own surname, where she attended school, etc. Pat MILLER Otis sent the photos in for us. 
In a message dated 6/21/2010 4:02:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Eloise Grace, Principal of Coldbrook School.
Since my last e-mail today, I finally found something on the only Eloise Grace in Elmira, New York.
Retired from Coldbrook School at the age of 69
Eloise was born:  January 1, 1895
Death:  January 1, 1978 at the age of 83.
Last residence: 14901-Elmira, Chemung, NY

In your letter on the website you asked if anyone had any info on her death.  I hope this will help you.  There were many Eloise Grace, but only one in Elmira, NY.
Sandy Balonis

In a message dated 7/12/2012 7:58:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Hi Joyce,

I was just looking at your website for my old elementary school. Great job !!

I attended eight years, graduating in 1953. I lived on S Hampton Rd, just off Maple Ave.

Some interesting facts:

When I started, there were only four classrooms. I cannot remember the date the addional rooms were added, but it was done during the time I attended.

There were two grades in a room. Mrs. Park was first and second, Mrs Bach was third and fourth, Mrs. Grace taught seventh and eighth and acted as Principal also. I cannot remember the fifth and sixth grade teacher's name.

Mr Gray was the Social Studies teacher and gym coach. He served both Coldbrook and Edgeworth.

The custodian/bus driver lived next door. (next to home plate of the old ball diamond.   He got the coal furnace going and then went with the one bus to pick us up.

I remember the polio epedemic and one boy in my grade was stricken.

If I  can come up with any other old facts, I'll let you know.

Robert Moharter
class of 53

Chemung County NY
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