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Town of Horseheads Histories
Horseheads was formed in 1835 from the towns of Elmira and Chemung.
It was the first township to be formed after Chemung County was created from its mother Tioga County NY.
Town of Horseheads History by A. Towner
Town of Horseheads History from Outline.
1879 Chemung County Map
Town of Horsehead - 1879 History
1836 Chemung County Map
Horseheads - Article by Helen M. Samson
Horseheads Chronology 1776-1963
Horseheads 200 Years Ago,
1953 Horseheads Chamber of Commerce Booklet
Township Articles
Early Settlers of Horseheads
1933 Rockne Celebrates 70th Birthday
Township Postcards & Photos
Breesport Railroad Depot
Horseheads Postcards
Churches & Streets
Then & Now Photos
Post Offices
Elmira Heights Village & PO
Horseheads Village & PO
Breesport PO
Villages Past & Present
Town of Horseheads Census Records
1790 Chemung Census
1800 Newtown Census
1840 (Sharon D)
1850 (DH)
1855 State Census, Town of Horseheads
1860 Census, Town of Horseheads
1870 (Sharon D)
1850, 1860, 1870 Census - Poor House Residents
1880 Town & Village of Horseheads, Breesport, Poor House
1890 Census - Veterans in Town of Horseheads
1892 Poor House Residents
1900 Horseheads - Poor House Residents
1910 Horseheads - Poor House Residents
Town of Horseheads Directories
1872 Town of Horseheads Farmers
1872 Horseheads Directory
1880 Breesport Business Directory
1880 Horseheads Business Directory
Town of Horseheads Tax Records
Town of Horseheads Cemetery Records
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6. Barbour's Corners / Breese Cemetery 13. Breesport Baptist (1998)
12. Breesport Hilltop Cemetery, Hilltop Cemetery (1998)  Hilltop Cemetery Obituaries
14. Breesport County Farm, Poor Farm Cemetery, County Farm Cemetery - Obits
64. Maple Grove Cemetery Tombstones (2001-2004) Maple Grove Cemetery - Office Records Maple Grove Obituaries
104. Catholic Cemetery, St. Mary Our Mother (2000) St. Mary's Cemetery Obituaries 51. Horseheads Cemetery (Old)
05. St. Nicholas Cemetery St. Nicholas Cemetery Obituaries 64. Horseheads Cemetery
68.McConnell Cemetery #2 (1930s) (Oakwood Ave.) 91. Quaker Cemetery
65. Bentley's Landing, Slab Town, Wygant Road, Marsh Cemetery
69. Lenox Avenue Cemetery, McConnell Cemetery #1
Town of Horseheads Schools
Horseheads School History Horseheads High School 1900s
Horseheads High School 1902 1925 Breesport School
Horseheads High School Alumni 1885 - 1910 Wolcott School
1919 World War One Soldiers from Horseheads High School Turner School
Hickory Grove School Breesport School
Bowman Hill School Ridge Road School
Middle Road School # 2 Slabtown School
Middle Road & Stewart School
In a message dated 5/29/2008 8:17:35 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
When my grandmother graduated from Horseheads High School in 1902, the exercises were held in Prichard Hall. I had always assumed that Prichard Hall was the auditorium in  the old brick school. A couple years ago I was sitting in the car on Hanover Square and noted the front of the old Hibbard Hardware was repainted and over a doorway next to the store was painted "Prichard Hall". The hardware is now a lighting and carpet place and I inquired. An accommodating chap opened a side door that led to the wide stairway up to Prichard Hall. They use it to store carpet, but otherwise you could still set up chairs and have a ceremony up on stage. Some time, if you are hanging out in Horseheads, you might want to take a look.

The attached invitation for the 1899 graduation had no name attached, but the Prichard Hall venue prompted this email.


Town of Horseheads Business Histories & Photos
1868 Horseheads Business Directory 1874 Horseheads Business Directory
1878 Horseheads Business Directory 1880 Horseheads Business Directory
1882 Horseheads Business Directory 1880 Breesport Business Directory
Salute to Hibbard Hardware
Hotels in Town of Horseheads
Platt House
Trembley House
Breesport Hotel
Hoffman House
Photographers in Townof Horseheads
P. J.  Ward Bogardus
Town of Horseheads Organizations
Masters of Breesport Masonic Lodge Patrons of Husbandry No. 1118,Horseheads
1917 Miscellaneous Directory
Town of Horseheads Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Breesport Baptist Church History
First Baptist Church, Horseheads 1840-1940 Centennial
Town of Horseheads Family Bible Records
Hilliker Family of Breesport Eddy - Parke Sampler
Town of Horseheads Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Town of Horseheads Marriages
Township Resident Photo Album
Eugene Zimmerman "Zim" Self Portrait (I'll add more Zim materials later.) 
Sent in by Tom Brace
Horseheads Diaries & Letters
1868 Diary of Carrie Bowers
Town of Horseheads Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents
Will & Probate - Richard Andrus 1847 & 1875
Partial Probate - Spafford Andrus 1874
Will & Probate - Alston Andrus 1877
Will of Asa Luce 1875
Wills Filed in Tioga County NY by Chemung County residents pre 1834
Town of Horseheads Military Records
Edward Warren Eldrett Sr, World War One
Township Sports
Township Population Statistics
 Postcard from Joyce's Collection
Remains of Chemung Canal through the Great Swamp.
Taken from Wygant Road by Joyce M. Tice April 28, 1998
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