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Vital Records of Chemung County, New York
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Chemung County Health Dept. Office of Vital Statistics, Heritage Park, John Street, Elmira, New York 14901

DISTRICTS Starting Date Starting Date
C Elmira 1873 10/1881
V Wellsburg & Ashland 1879 1906
V Elmira Hghts 1894 8/1896
V Horseheads 8/1884 6/1894
V Van Etten 3/1880 4/1890
V Millport Aug-26 1926
T Ashland & Wellsburg 1879 1906
T Baldwin 12/1881 12/1882
T Big Flats 1849 1849
T Catlin 10/1876 12/1888
T Chemung 12/1869 12/1883
T Elmira 1878 4/1884
T Erin 9/1872 2/1883
T Horseheads 12/1872 9/1882
T Southport 3/1847 3/1847
T Van Etten. 5/1881 3/1884
T Veteran 5/1866 7/1885
Reformatory 1917

New York State Vital Records Info

I'm wondering what's up with the vital records office in Chemung County?!?  I ordered death certificates in July and received them all without incident within a week.  When I ordered another bundle in August, they sent my order back and claimed that personal checks were not accepted.  Was there a change in policy or did my order just reach an irritable clerk?  And if I can't send a check, what am I supposed to do?

Ellen Kane Buglewicz

Hi Ellen and List,
I just called the Chemung Co. Vital Statistics regarding the personal checks.  The nice woman said that so many checks bounce and are uncollectible that about a year ago they stopped taking personal checks.
She said that they would accept Bank Certified Checks or Money Orders Also Albany had mandated that a photo copy of an ID be sent with the information wanted.  This is for security reasons even for the 1800's.
Pat Wainwright
Subj:  NY Vital Statistics experience
Date:  07/29/2004 9:45:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Cheryl and Don Roan)
Dear Joyce,

I read the information from a couple of people who dealt with the NY Vital Statistics on your website page

Thought I would share my experience.  In July 2003 I sent for two death certificates for my paternal grandmother and great grandmother.  I sent a photo copy of my drivers license for proof of who I was along with two personal checks $11 each.   In November 2003 they cashed both checks.  Now one year later July 2004 much to my joy both death certificates finally came in the mail. The downside was having to wait a whole year.
Cheryl Roan

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