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Town of Chemung
1954- Chemung # 11 Visit from Bookmobile
Town of Chemung Histories
Town of Chemung is the Mother Town for all others in the county. Formed in 1788, it has been in three counties and its borders have changed may times to reach its present form.
Town of Chemung 1879 History
Town of Chemung History by Ausburn Towner 1892
Town of Chemung History from the Outline...
Township Articles
Town of Chemung  Postcards & Photos
Town & Village Postcards More Postcards
Chemung Railroad Depot
Post Offices
Chemung PO
Chemung Center PO
Owens  Mills PO
Villages Past & Present
Town of Chemung Census Records
1790 Chemung Census
1810, 1820, 1830 Volunteers Needed
1840 Town of Chemung
1850 Town of Chemung 
1860 Town of Chemung
1870 Town of Chemung (CW)
1880 Town of Chemung
1890 Veterans - Town of Chemung
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 Volunteers Needed
Town of Chemung Directories
1869 Town of Chemung Business Directory
1872 Town of Chemung Farmers
1880 Chemung Business Directory 1880 Chemung Center Business Directory
1880 Owens Mills Business Directory 1880 Lowman Business Directory
1935 Chemung Phone Book listings
Town of Chemung Tax Records
1799 Tax Assessment - Transcribed from Microfilm 1799 Tax Assessment [County History]
1800 Tax Assessment 1801 Chemung tax Assessment
1802 Chemung Tax Assessment
Town of Chemung Cemetery Records
If You can Provide GOOD Driving Directions or GPS coordinates for any of our 800 cemeteries, please send to Joyce
Batterson Cemetery (9) Cooley Cemetery (23)
Chemung Village Cemetery (1976)(22) Chemung Village Cemetery Obituaries
Drake Cemetery (Frost-Owen)(27) Dutchtown Cemetery (31)
Harvey & Rebecca Price Cemetery (Price Cemetery #2)(90)
See Map of Cemetery Locations in Town of Chemung - Numbers on map correspond to numbers following cemetery names here. Map is large and will be SLOW to load. It actually pops right up for me with DSL, but those with dial up may have a problem.
Dry Brook Cemetery (145) Dry Brook / Wynkoop Cemetery (145) Fred Price Cemetery (Price Cemetery #1)(89)
French Cemetery (40) Hillman Cemetery (50) Frost - Owen Farm Cemetery (27)
Riverside Cemetery (2005) (96) Riverside Cemetery (1970s partial) Riverside Cemetery Obituaries
Riverside Cemetery (2007) Records Lowman Farm (62)
Warren Cemetery (128) Warren Flats Cemetery (129) Wells Cemetery (131)
Lockwood Cemetery (61) (Partially in Barton-Tioga County NY) Lockwood Cemetery Obituaries
Note to JMT from JMT - See MikeT note 11 JUL 2005 filed in cemeteries folder
Town of Chemung Schools
1902 "Old" Lowman School Lowman School
1916 Warren School Chemung School #2
1904 Dry Brook School 1952 Beantown School (#3)
Town of Chemung Teachers 1918-1933 1954 Chemung # 11 Visit from Bookmobile 1936 Chemung School No. 2
Dry Brook School 1918 Lower Dry Brook School 1924
Town of Chemung Business Histories & Photos
1868 Town of Chemung Business Directory 1869 Town of Chemung Business Directory
1880 Chemung Center Business Directory 1880 Lowman Business Directory
1880 Owens Mills Business Directory 1880 Chemung Business Directory
K. B. Matthews Advertising Card Chemung Railroad Depot
1919 ME Church Directory Page 4 1919 ME Church Directory Page 5
Hotels in Town of Chemung
Matchbook Covers from Morley Hotel and Rose Valley Inn
Town of Chemung Organizations
Chemung Grange No. 1104
Town of Chemung Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Baptist Church Records Chemung M. E. Church 1908 Postcard
1919 M. E. Church Centennial Book
Town of Chemung Family Bible Records
Swain - Warren Family Bible
Town of Chemung Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
1880 Britania Jackson and Charles Ruggles
Freeman / Astwood Descendants
Looking for Matti Ylioja (1887-1926)
Samuel Beidelman & Elizabeth Hess
Town of Chemung Resident Photo Album
Photo- The Parshal Siblings
Township Diaries & Letters
Town of Chemung Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Will of John Stage 1827
Will of Isaac Baldwin 1791
Will of Israel Parshall 1827
Will of Moses Wallace 1843
Will of Asa Parshall 1848
Will of David Stage 1852
Wills Filed in Tioga County NY by Chemung County residents pre 1834 Will of Elizabeth SWAIN Baldwin 1890
Town of Chemung Military Records
Civil War Soldiers of Chemung
World War Two Honor Roll - Town of Chemung
Town of Chemung Sports
1940 Baseball Team
Late 1940s Baseball Team
Township Population Statistics
Chemung County NY
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