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Town of Ashland
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 Photo above taken from Berwick Turnpike overlooking Wellsburg mid 19th century
Town of Ashland formed 1867
Town of Ashland Histories
Ashland History by A. Towner
Ashland History from 1885 Outline
1879 Chemung County Map
1836 Chemung County Map
Logo at left adopted 1998 by Town of Ashland
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Town of Ashland Articles
Coffey, Baldwin, & Murphy, People Who Made A Difference in Ashland
Clippings from Town of Ashland and Wellsburg
Town of Ashland Postcards & Photos
First Church in Chemung Valley Wellsburg's Four Corners
Wellsburg Railroad Depot Lowman Railroad Depot
Post Offices
Lowman PO
Wellsburgh PO 1836-1893
Wellsburg PO 1893-present
Villages Past & Present
Town of Ashland Census Records
1788 Land Survey 1870 Ashland Census (CW)
1790 Chemung Census 1880 Ashland Census
1800 Newtown Census 1890 Ashland Veterans Census
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 Volunteers Needed
Town of Ashland Directories
1872 Town of Ashland Farmers 1880 Wellsburg Business Directory
1880 Lowman Business Directory
Town of Ashland Tax Records
Town of Ashland Cemetery Records
If You can Provide GOOD Driving Directions or GPS coordinates for any of our 700 cemeteries, please contact us.
Ashland (Mountain View Cemetery)(1977) Ashland Cemetery Obituaries
History of Ashland Cemetery
Scudder Cemetery 1979 (JKJ) Scudder Cemetery (1973)(Boyds)
The Knoll (1933)
Baldwin & Jenkins Cemetery DAR (1932) Baldwin & Jenkins (KJ) (und.) Searles (or Elliott) Cemetery (1976) 
Gustin Cemetery (1979) Baptist Church Cemetery, Wellsburg (1973)  Rogers Cemetery (1979) 
Carpenter Cemetery Roushy Cemetery (1974) Miller Cemetery (1979)
Town of Ashland Schools
Roushy School  #4 Scudder School #2
Comfort Hill School #3
1886 Wellsburg School #1 1897 Wellsburg School
First Log School 1803 and Deed to School Property
1902 Wellsburg School # 1
1911 Wellsburg School 1912 Wellsburg School 1914 Wellsburg School
1925 Wellsburg School 1929 Wellsburg School 1931 Wellsburg School
1932 Wellsburg School 1935 Wellsburg School 1947 Wellsburg School
1948 Wellsburg School
Town of Ashland Business Histories & Photos
Baldwin Mill 1868 Ashland Business Directory
1880 Wellsburg Business Directory 1880 Lowman Business Directory
1869                     Wellsburgh

R. B. Coleman...Farmer, residence, Pennsylvania Avenue
Horatio Evans....Dealer in Staple and fancy Dry Goods,
                         Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Groceries.
                         Drugs, Medecines, &c, &c, Lockwood's
                         Brick Store
Fishler Bros........Archtects and Suspension Bridge Builders
                          Penn. Ave.
Horace Kelsey.....Prop. Exchange Hotel
R. C. Lockwood.J..Dealer in Coal and Lumber, and Farmer
L. Mathews..........Residence corner of Mechanic and Well St.
J.B. Pierson.........Sawyer, res. Mt. Vernon
Jud Smith............County Sheriff
J.F Smith.............Physician and Surgeon, Appletree St.
David Sweet.........Foreman, Wellsburgh Tannery
H.W. Young.........Dealer in Dry Goods, Gorceries, Hardware, Hats,
                           Caps, Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Drugs, Medicine,
                            &c, &c  (I think this means cash and carry)


John Brown...........Farmer and Butcher, District No. 3
John Bruner...........Farmer, District No. 1
James Carpenter....Farmer, District No 10
R.E. Comfort..........Farmer, "Pleasant Grove"
Oliver Comfort.........Farmer, District No. 3
W.R. Comfort......... Farmer, District No. 3
Charles Dewey........Farmer, District No. 1
Wm. Lowman..........Farmer and Dairyman, DIstrict No. 10
L.L. Lowman............Farmer and Dairyman, District No. 10
Hammond Mathews..Farmer and Dairyman, District No. 2
J.A. Bly...................Farmer, District No. 2
J.W. Suffern.............Farmer and Dairyman, District No. 3
A. Searles................Millwright, District No. 10
Mrs. M. Wilcox.........Farmer, District No. 8

Hotels in Town of Ashland & Wellsburg
Baldwin Hotel
Town of Ashland Organizations
Town of Ashland Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Introduction to Wellsburg Churches First Church in Chemung Valley
History of the First Baptist Church History of Christ Church 1869-1994
Baptist Church Records 1789 To 1833 Church of Christ Records 1872 - 1895
Methodist Church Centennial 1849-1949 Autobiography of Thomas Sheardown
The Churches In Our Midst, Burnham
Town of Ashland Family Bible Records
Comfort - Young Family Notes
Town of Ashland Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Archibald Jenkins Biography
Family of Harriet Smith & William Herschel Burt
Joanna Wadsworth - Asahel Burnham Family
Charlotte Vanbuskirk - Samuel Raynor Family
Coffey, Baldwin, & Murphy, People Who Made  A Difference in Ashland
Town of Ashland Resident Photo Album
Searles Farm Photo
Township Diaries & Letters 
Town of Ashland Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Wills Filed in Tioga County NY by Chemung County residents pre 1834
Town of Ashland Military Records
1890 Ashland Veterans Census
Township Sports 
Township Population Statisticss
Chemung County NY


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