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Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York

School: Little Red School
Township: Southport, Chemung County NY
Photo Submitted by: Joyce M. Tice from Marion Wood

This photo was scanned back in the "Olden Days" - say 1994-1995 - when all I had to work with was a four inch wide hand held black and white scanner. Consequently some of those kids look a little narrower than they really were since it was hard to keep your speed steady using one of them. And I had to chop off both roof peak and kids feet because it was a large photo and the four inch scanner could not handle all of it. The family of  Marion Wood, from whom I obtained the photo, had lived in the Pine City area of Southport, so I am assuming that is where this photo was taken. Anyone - please correct me if I am wrong. Can anyone tell me where this was located for sure???

Chemung County NY
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By Joyce M. Tice

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