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Chemung School #2, Town of Chemung, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY

School: Chemung School #2
Township: Chemung, Chemung County NY
Year: CA 1910
Postcard Submitted by: Mike Tuccinardi
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 Subj:  Chemung school # 2
Date:  08/19/2004 7:35:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Miketuch1
To:  JoyceTice

HI Joyce:

  Here's a  scan of an undated pc chemung school # 2, we'll have to say 1910 because that's what everyone else says about undated old post cards. It's while W.D. Morely had the store on the north east corner of Main and Washington, because W.D. Morely published this postcard. It is so beautiful.
  Note the wooden board sidewalk. From the right, on the postcard, you can count down eight slats. This building was converted to Walter and Leda Kirk's residence in the early 30's.

From a Burt Beers email:

      Marion attended that school (the one on the postcard) from 1920 to 1927 before going to Waverly for 8th grade. She says that the building was closed after the school year 1927-28 and the brick school house near the cemetery was opened in 1928. The old school house, she recalled, had two classrooms and a third room used for assemblies, etc. She doesn't know when the building was constructed, but she said the deed to her house refers to lot on which her house stands as once being the location of a school.
    [This woman's house was built in 1912, which puts this picture before that. However, and a BIG HOWEVER, my 1869 Chemung map shows a school at this location, meaning,  next building north from the Morely store.
    1. Kirk's Garage was the first building on the west side of Washington.
    2. Kirk's Garage was directly across the street from his house.
    3. Kirk's house was the first bulding north from the strore.
    4. Kirk's house was the old Chemung school, remodeled.
    5. The old Chemung school was School # 2.
     This postcard is a picture of the old Chemung school.  Mike T.]

    Walt Kirk acquired the old school structure and remodeled into a house sometime in the early half of the 1930s.  Fay Rogers and my Grandfather Wood did much of the construction work.

Subj:  Chemung school errata
Date:  08/21/2004 6:37:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Miketuch1
To:  JoyceTice

From Burt Beers 8/22/2004 - Joan Shafer is his sister living in Chemung, Elsie Thomas taught in Chemung schools for as long as I can remember.

Joan has given me--very tentatively--additional data, some that modifies dates that I sent you earlier and some that expands the story. She has recently seen material drawn together several years ago by Elsie Thomas as she did some research--work that Joan thinks is quite reliable--on schools in Chemung. I don't know if Elsie's (I think that she still lives and is a little better than 100 years old) research reaches back into the earliest schools, but her findings do cover the school in your pictures and the one that preceded it. I'll ask Joan to Xerox a copy for me if she has access to the original. Joan didn't have a copy at hand when we talked by phone, and she was drawing data from memory when we talked. So what follows is not definitive.

1. The school in your pictures opened--Joan thinks--in 1851 and closed--as earlier reported--in 1928. Students and teachers were unable to move into the brick building near the cemetery until 1930. Construction on that building ran behind schedule (don't know why, but a Depression generated monetary shortfall could have been a cause). Between the fall, 1928 and the fall, 1930, classes were held in what I think was the then empty John I. Ford general store on the corner of the east/west main street through town and Washington Street (the school in your scans was on Washington St.).Joan says that our mother filled in for teacher friend for a few months at the school. Mom was fairly fresh out of high school at the time.
The front of Ford's store in that location is pictured is on the edge of one of the photos that you and I have seen, and I recall being a bit surprised that it was a general store, not exclusively one selling farm supplies. Evidently the Ford family tore the old general store down after the school kids moved out, and Guy & Reva Ford (John I.'s son and daughter-in-law) built the brick house that currently stands there (Joan tells me the house is currently a mess, but it was in the 1930s one of the nicest in town).

2. My Aunt Marion Gardner (my mother's sister) told me months ago that the school preceding the one in your pictures was located on the lot where (her) house currently stands. Her house is also on Washington Street. The lot rises about ten feet above the street, on your left and one or two houses north from Kirk's Garage, almost, but not quite, across the street from the school house/Kirk's house. Marion recalled the school located was recorded in the papers relating to their purchase of the house, but she recalled no details, not having seen those papers for many, many years. Now Joan tells me that the school was indeed there, and she thought its dates were 1830 to 1851. It must have been a one room school. Aunt Marion's lot is rather small.

The picture seems to show a house behind the school building. That is one I knew as the McCutcheon house. Floy (Florence) McCutcheon was the town's telephone operator during much of the 1930's.) [and all of the 40s - The house he's talking about is in the left rear.- mt]

Good Morning Joyce:

May I compliment you on a great site.  I was surprised when I ran across the picture and description of the #2 school in the village of Chemung as I also have a copy of that postcard. I may be able to clarify some of the comments on this building as I used to live next door to it when I was much "younger."  The W.D. Morley store was purchased, with the aid of Ernie Robinson of Watrous, PA, by my grandparents, Winfred and Delilah (Gorton) Dewey about 1935 and was renamed W.E. Dewey & Son Red & White.  My grandparents with their children, Joe, Winifred and Paul, moved there from Marshlands, PA.  I believe the old Morley Hotel, which later became the Chemung Hotel, was owned by the same man.  Directly behind the store was a house which my parents owned and was purchased from Harry Gunderman and was directly across Washington St. from Kirk's garage.  The school building was purchased by Walt & Leda Kirk and then renovated into their home.  The original school building was situated a little northwest of this building across Washington St. where Pete and Marion Gardner lived.  Facing the school in the picture, the building to the right was the home of Floy (McCutcheon) Beard and was sort of between our house and the school building.  The building on the left was the home of Larry and Hazel Graham.  Both of these buildings were facing the street behind all this.  When this building was being renovated into the Kirk home, they also built a 3-story building behind and to the left of the school.  The ground floor was all garages and the 2nd and 3rd story were two apartments.

Right directly between our house and Kirk's house stood a small building right close to the sidewalk and was used by Larry Graham as a barbershop for years.  While we still lived there this building was moved over on the back street next to the Graham residence and behind the Kirk residence.  This small building was then converted into a playhouse for the Graham's daughter, Patricia.

I attended the new school on North St. from first grade through the sixth grade.  My first teacher was a Mrs. Grace and my last teacher there was a Mrs. Myrtie Doane.

The Northwest corner of Main and Washington St. was a general or hardware store owned by John I. Ford.  This building was torn down and replaced by a beautiful, in its day, brick home by John's son and daughter-in-law, Guy and Reva Ford.  John I. built another building a little east and south of Main St. where he owned and operated the John I. Ford & Son feed store.  After John I.'s death, Guy ran the store and later sold it to Robert Hammond.  This store was the building east of the Chemung Fire Station.  I understand that the feed store along with the grocery store my grandfather and dad operated are no longer there.

Hope this information is helpful to you and to the subscribers of your website.

James (Jim) Addison Dewey, Sr.
Fuquay-Varina, NC  27526

Dear Joyce:

Here is a scan of a RPPC of Chemung # 2. On the color 1910 PC of the Chemung School on the website, the trees are around 15 years old. The RPPC photo has no trees, and the girls dressed in late nineteenth century dresses. I would tentively date this photo around 1895. Same building, same shed. I cropped off the writing space on the RPPC as it is unused. I bumped up the contrast, and changed the tone  to asepia. The original is greenish and somewhat faded, as you can tell by the shed.

Maybe someday someone can name the children in the photo.


1936 Chemung School No 2
1936/1937 Chemung No 2 First and Second Grades

Photo and information courtesy of James Dewey Sr., Burt Beers, and Joan Beers Shafer

Front row from left:

(1) Walter Casterline
(2) Eddy Post
(3) Unknown
(4) a Peterson--I thougt that it might be Claire but Joan Beers Shafer says no.
(5) Unknown

2nd row fron left:
(1) Joyce Thomas
(2) Freddy Paige
(3) Unknown
(4) Bobby Hammond
(5) Unknown
(6) Joan Beers (sister to Burt Beers) - married alias Shafer
Third row:
(1) Teacher Charlotte Wood [Later married Wayne Rogers]
(2) Betty Walker ( I think)
(3) Unknown
(4)Ramona McCutcheon 
(5) Unknown
(6) Unknown
(7) Unknown
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
School Photos of the Tri-Counties
Dry Brook School , Town of Chemung, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY
Ovtober 2006
Hi Joyce:

  As promised, here's the booklet. I "photoshopped" that Johannah Hughes sent me, 
I hope it's presentable. Nelson VanGaasbeck was our mailman (Chemung R. D. #1) 
in the '40s, before Norm Gunderman. 
He had a Model A deuce coupe; you could hear the mail coming 
while he was coming by Peterson's.

Mike Tuccinardi

Lower Dry Brook School -  # 12
Mrs. Belle Lenox, Teacher
H.C. Seely, Trustee


Agnes VanGaasbeck
Ruth VanGaasbeck
Nelson VanGaasbeck
Susan VanGaasbeck
John VanGaasbeck
Fred Cope
Susie Graham
Frances Young
Edna  Young
Clair Seely
Catherine Ayers
Frances Quinn
Bernice Garrabrant
Mildred Garrabrant
Ruth Stewart
Earl Conaway
Willie Conaway
Lyman Blend
Freddy Blend

Dear Joyce:

My brother had this to say, when he saw the list of students at the Dry Brook school:
The email was entitled:
Jim Tuccinardi:
I remember Freddy Blend

Fred use to drive a truck for the town of Chemung in the 1950's and early 60's. After Clark road was washed out in a spring flood in 1962, the town hauled gravel out of the Wynkoop and commenced pouring from where the bridge crossed the Wynkoop Creek, all the way up
to Randall's (top of Tillman Hill - mt) Fred Blend, Chet Wood Sr. and another guy named Ernie, drove the three dumps.

Freddy used to let me ride along in his truck. That was the summer you came home from Newfoundland. (1962).

Then Burt Beers said:

My memories of Fred Blend are confined to the 1930s, when I think that he had become the boss of a "work gang" of men working on the town's roads. I was a small boy and not sure that Mr. Blend knew who I was, other than one of the kids who was frequently on hand to watch the men work. But, I'd echo the impression of him as a very nice fellow. Always quite nice in whatever minor contact that I had with him, and a man at I think was always spoken of with respect around town. Certainly, I recall my parents always speaking of him with respect. Somehow I seem to recall that he and his wife lived on the east side of the street that ran between the Fire Station  and North Street.

Fred Blend was a nice guy. I hope people remember me as well when I'm gone.


Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
School Photos of the Tri-Counties
Dry Brook School , Town of Chemung, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY
Drybrook School
District No. 12
Chemung, Chemung County
New York
May 17, 1918

Edna P. Peppard,

School Officers
John VanGaasbeck
F. L. Hood
William Swain Treasurer
C.H. Hubbard Chairman
Deo Hood Secretary


Ray Banzhof  (Owner of this booklet)
Irene Blend
Grace Crowley
Delos Douglass
William Douglass
William Farr
Norman Hosley
Agnes Shaw
Bernice Sprague
Everett VanGaasbeck

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
School Photos of the Tri-Counties
Dry Brook School , Town of Chemung, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY
1924 Lower Dry Brook Souvenir Booklet
Joyce - This is an individual booklet presented to Ray Banzhof in the fifth grade, with a picture of his teacher, Miss Agnes Johnson on June 13, 1924.
Her full name is Agnes W. C. Johnson.. Mike
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
School Photos of the Tri-Counties
Chemung School #3, Town of Chemung, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY
Town of Chemung School No. 3, Beantown School 1952
Dale Culver provided photo and documentation. 

Miss Copp would come around to all the one-room schools in the Town of Chemung and would tell the most wonderful Bible stories, using her easel, a flannel sheet, and paste-em-up Biblical characters. We all looked forward to these sessions. Mike Tuccinardi
Front Row

Gerald (Jerry) Loper
Ronald Hunsinger
Susan Swayze
Gary Culver
James Grace
Donald Hunsinger
Albert (?) Shadduck
Dale Culver

Second Row

Doris Loper
Charles Sayre
Gail Alexander (glasses)
Hazel Culver
Jack Warren
Gail DeLill
Joseph (Butchie) Stansfield
Edward Swayze
Donald Culver
Carolyn Sayre (face half-hidden)

Back Row

Edna Peppard Culver - teacher
Mary Lou Culver
Priscilla Sayre
Agnes Loper
Miss Copp - Bible school teacher
Robert DeLill
Robert Warren

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
School Photos of the Tri-Counties
Chemung School #11 Town of Chemung, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY
Chemung # 11Visit from Bookmobile
Sept. 1954

Left to right:
John Decker
RoyLee Decker
Kenneth Townsand
Martin Lepkoske
Sandra Lanterman
Paula Lepkoske
Alice Decker
Delos Shaw
Charles (Chucky) Whitney
Madeline Shaw
Mrs. Martha Peppard Hilliker, Teacher (standing in back of the three boys)

Town of Chemung teacher list 1918-1933
Compiled by Mike Tuccinardi - January 2007

 This document is a Town of Chemung Teacher list by school district for the years 1919 through 1933. It was generated from a Town of Chemung expense ledger for the same years, that I obtained in an EBAY auction. The ledgers now reside in Joyce Tice’s museum.

   There were fifteen one-room schools and taxing districts in the Town of Chemung. To know
where all these schools were located, and their district numbers and boundaries, one has to consult an 1869 F.W. Beers Town of Chemung map. It is extremely detailed, showing exactly where all private and public structures were located, including the names of the residents. But one has to mentally supply the current names of the roads, as in those days, the town roads were not named.

   From 1869 to 1919, two district numbers had changed. Dale Culver pointed out that his aunt, Edna Culver, taught in district/school No. 3, while the map shows that school as No 6. On the map, No. 19 on the Pine St. Extension near Waverly disappeared in the ledger. So I had to assume that 19 became 8, and 6 and 3 swapped. This is assumption proved to be true, as the Waverly Board of Education occasionally supplied No 8 with unknown teachers, because of its proximity to Waverly.

   I decided not to list the names associated with District/School No.1 (on the River Road) for several reasons:
   1. The school was vacant in the early thirties.
   2. The money paid to the person listed for No. 1, in some years, was noted as a tax collector’s salary, and in other years, in excess of a teacher’s salary.
   3. There was no continuity in names from year to year, no substitutions as in other schools.

 This list is neither complete nor accurate. The school years generally were from Labor Day to Memorial Day, while the fiscal year was from Jan 1 through Dec. 31. Entries were made accordingly, intermixed with other expenditures for that district.  Some schools were only in session from January to June ( No. 14 in particular). Also, the teachers were paid in an irregular fashion. Because Martha K. Hicks was paid monthly, we know that the average salary for a teacher in this district was around $85 a month.

  Thanks to Burt Beers, Dale Culver and Jim Dewey, we knew for sure that the Peppards, the Hicks, Martha Hilliker, Edna and Sarah Culver, Grace Snell, Elsie Thomas, Mary Phipps, M. Virginia Price (French), Mrs. Alice  Simkin, and Mrs. Clara Merchant were teachers. Clara Groves (Mrs. Harvey Barr) and Belle Lenox are listed on the souvenir booklets. The rest of the names are an educated guess, based on location in the ledger, continuity, and salary.

  School life in a one-room country school was, by today’s standards, primitive. Heating was by wood stove, meaning, you had to wear your coats in class in the winter. The plumbing consisted of a hand-operated well pump and two outhouses per school. Each family had a cubby for their lunches; and a wash basin, with a community dipper. We started each day with the Lord’s Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a song from “Our Golden Songbook”.

   But No. 14 was brutal. It sat on top of Tillman Hill, on the northwest corner of Clark and Van Gaasbeck Roads. At 1700 ft., Tillman is the second highest hill in Chemung County; with no trees to break the wind. It’s almost like a mesa. Using Clark Rd., on either side, just before you get to the top, is a steep 30 degree incline. When the road is icy, you have to crawl up or slide down. The temperature in the winter on our side of the hill used to get down to 20, 25, and 30 below, we walked to No. 11 anyhow. But I can’t imagine how cold it was for those kids and  teachers up there. I don’t know how they did it. We were tough, but they were tougher.
1918 / 1919
District /
School No.
Teachers District /
School No 
  District /
School No 
2 Laura Fitzgerald 2 Laura Fitzgerald 2 Hiram Goodrich
2 Frank C. Hicks 2 Mrs. May Hood 2 Ruth Bullock
3 Ellen B. Peppard 3 Edna Peppard 3 Edna Peppard
4 M. M. Davis 4 Bertha M. Manberg, M. H. Hewitt 4 Bertha M. Manberg
5 Bertha M. Manberg, M. H. Hewitt 5 Ruth E. Carey 5 Ruth E. Carey
6 Festus Miller 6 Mrs. Mary Vargison 6 Fred Miller
7 Eloise Grace 7 Eloise Grace, Mabel B. Grace 7 Mabel B. Grace
8 Alice D. Sanders 8 Waverly Board of Education 8 Waverly Board of Education
9 Lena E. Dean 9 William Johnson, Andrew Drake 9 John W. Doane
10 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner 10 Frank C. Hicks, William E. Howell 10 G. W. Campbell, Frank C. Hicks
11 Carrie B. Cooper 11 Myrtie G. Doane 11 Eloise Grace
12 Marian Hosley 12 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner, Belle Lenox 12 Myrtie G. Doane
13 Lillian J. Hicks 13 Lillian J. Hicks, G. W. Campbell 13 Lillian J. Hicks
14 James Blend 14 Alva H. Walker (? spelled Ala) 14 Mrs. Mary Vargison
15 Mrs. J. Arnold 15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner 15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner

 District /
School No.
1921 / 1922
District /
School No.
1922 / 1923
District /
School No.
1923 / 1924
2 May G. Hood 2 May G. Hood 2 E. J. Merchant
2 Fred J. Lerch 2 Fred J. Lerch 2 Edna Griffiths, Elva W. Bahr
3 Martha K. Hicks 3 Martha K. Hicks, Clara E. Merchant 3 Edna P. Culver
4 Bertha M. Manberg, M. H. Hewitt 4 Ruth Steinhauser, M. H. Hewitt 4 Leatha Wheaton
5 Mariam E. Fero, S. D. Bingham 5 Mariam E. Fero 5 Mrs. Lillian Westfall
6 Fred Miller, S. D. Bingham 6 Fred Miller 6 Mrs. Elva W. Bahr
7 Mabel B. Grace 7 Edna Peppard Culver 7 Eloise Grace
8 Waverly Board of Education 8 Marjorie Hamblin, Margaret Flynn 8 Marjorie Hamblin
9 Myrtie G. Doane 9 Leatha Wheaton 9 Marian A. Ingham / Stephen Jenkins
10 Maude Evendon 10 Mary W. Kellogg 10 Mary W. Kellogg
11 Bernice G. Cooper 11 Bernice G. Cooper 11 Amey Casterline
12 Lillian J. Hicks 12 Ruth Dallman 12 Agnes W. C. Johnson
13 Clara A. Merchant 13 Clara Merchant, Clarence Kirkpatrick 13 Margaret Saunders
14 William Gavin, L. E. Wiggins 14 A. H. Walker 14 M. A. Walker / Alva H. Walker
15 Mary Drake 15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner 15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner
 District /
School No
1924 / 1925
 District /
School No
1925 / 1926
 District /
School No
1926 / 1927
2 E. J. Merchant 2 Mrs. E. J. Merchant 2 Mrs. Ruth B. Kirkpatrick
2 Mrs. Elva W. Bahr 2 E. J. Merchant 2 Frank C. Hicks
3 Edna P. Culver 3 Edna P. Culver 3 Edna P. Culver, Grace V. Kinsman
4 Leatha Wheaton 4 Wilifred Howard 4 Wilifred Howard
5 Mrs. John Westfall 5 Emma Sheehan 5 Mrs. John Westfall
6 Helen Shelansky, Mabel M. Marsh 6 Agnes W. C. Johnson 6 Esther Toivenen
7 Mrs. Rose C. Bunnell 7 Mrs. Rose C. Bunnell 7 C. Janet Gibbs
8 Marian A. Ingham, Irene Dalrymple 8 Marian A. Ingham 8 Marian A. Ingham
9 Myrtie G. Doane 9 Myrtie G. Doane 9 Agnes W. C. Johnson
10 Mrs. Martha Hilliker  10 Mrs. Martha Hilliker 10 Mrs. Martha Hilliker
11 Amey Casterline 11 Alice Simkin, Fannie Cornell 11 Mrs. Fannie Hurd, Grace V. Kinsman
12 Agnes W. C. Johnson 12 Mary W. Kellogg, G. J. Bauzhof 12 Dorothy Douglas
13 Mrs. Ruth B. Kilpatrick 13 Mrs. Ruth B. Kilpatrick 13 Miriam Rodgers
14 Burt C. Aber, Alva H. Walker 14 W. J. Peppard, William E. Howell, Mrs. Olive WIggins 14 P. C. Merserve, WIlliam E. Howell
15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner 15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner 15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner
  District /
School No
1927 / 1928
  District /
School No
1928 / 1929
  District /
School No
1929 / 1930
2 Frank C. Hicks, Grace V. Kinsman 2 Frank C. Hicks, Grace V. Kinsman 2 Elsie Thomas
2 Mrs. Harry Gunderman, Dorothy Douglas 2 Mrs. Harry Gunderman, Dorothy Douglas 2 Mrs. Harry Gunderman
3 Edna P. Culver 3 Edna P. Culver 3 Edna P. Culver
4 Alice Taggart 4 Alice Heebner, Bertha M. Manberg 4 Bertha M. Manberg
5 Mrs. John Westfall / Dorothy O. Brown 5 Lillian Coleman 5 Grace Snell
6 Esther Toivenen 6 Esther Towner, Esther Miller, Frank Monroe 6 Mrs. Elva W. Bahr
7 C. Janet Gibbs 7 Mary Raub Simmons 7 Matthew Eskeli
8 Marian A. Ingham 8 Marian A. Ingham 8 Elsie Thomas
9 Agnes W. C. Johnson 9 Agnes W. C. Johnson, Mrs. Elva Bahr 9 Mrs. Myrtie G. Doane
10 Mary Phipps 10 Mary Phipps, Mrs. Martha Hilliker, A. Merle Drake 10 A. Merle Drake
11 Martha K. Hicks 11 Martha K. Hicks 11 Martha K. Hicks
12 Leatha B. Warren 12 Dorothy Douglas, Mildred A. Ross 12 Agnes W. C. Johnson
13 Miriam Rodgers 13 Florence E. Bartlett 13 Florence E. Bartlett
14 L. E. Wiggins, John Slyter 14 Frank Warren, Mrs. Bertha VanGaasbeck, John Stewart, John F. Slyter 14 Frank Grace, John Stewart, John Slyter
15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner 15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner 15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner
 District /
School No
1930 / 1931
 District /
School No
1931 / 1932
 District /
School No
1932 / 1933
2 Mrs. Harry Gunderman 2 Mrs. Harry Gunderman 2 Jennie Bangs
3 Edna P. Culver 3 Edna P. Culver, Thomas Culver 3 Edna P. Culver, Sarah Culver
4 Bertha M. Manberg 4 Bertha M. Manberg 4 Bertha M. Manberg
5 Grace Snell 5 Grace Snell 5 Grace Snell
6 Edna Simcoe 6 Edna Simcoe 6 Alma Ruffner, Stephen Jenkins
7 M. Virginia Price 7 M. Virginia Price 7 M. Virginia Price / Sarah Culver
8 Gladys Doebler, Elsie Thomas 8 M. Kathryn Bacon, Roy Ingham 8 Elsie Thomas
9 Mrs. Myrtie G. Doane 9 A. Barrett 9 Clark Rouze, Elsie M. Hall
10 George Hamel 10 Florence E Bartlett (closed Sept 30, 1931) 10 Martha Haas (Re-opened March 1933)
11 Martha K. Hicks, Pearl Grace, Ada Swain 11 Martha K. Hicks 11 Martha K. Hicks / Sarah Culver
12 Rose C. Bunnell 12 Agnes Rockett 12 Eleanor Howell
13 Florence E. Bartlett (closed January 1931) 13 Closed 13 William Griswold
14 Mrs. Olive Wiggins, Mrs. Bertha VanGaasbeck 14 Mrs. Olive Wiggins 14 Mary Collins
15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner 15 Mrs. Bertha D. Gardner 15 Elmira Board of Education, Katie Smith, Edna M. Crandall
Chemung County NY
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By Joyce M. Tice

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