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 Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York

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School: Southport No. 8 School
Township: Town of Southport, Chemung County NY
Year: 1943 - 45
Submitted by: Fredrick Schuler


 Subj:  Southport Number 8 
Date:  10/2/2001 7:35:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
From: (Fred Schuler)
To:    JoyceTice

Dear Joyce

While going over Your site  I remembered that I had a photograph of the students of Southport # 8 circa 1943-45.  It was located on hwy 14 not too far north of Comfort Hill rd. in Chemung County.  This photograph includes my father and uncle.  I will try to send a better copy if you would like. Thank you for you web site.
Fredrick Schuler

 Subj:  POW/MIA of the Tri Counties 
Date:  10/5/2001 6:36:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
From: (Barbara Schuler)

Hello Ms. Tice

Recently I sent you a photograph of Southport Number 8.  Anyway in answer to your question as to if the building is still standing, no, I think that  is gone, but, if I remember correctly, the foundation was still there.  It was 1978 the last time that we were there.  My father showed it to me one day when we were driving into town (Elmira).  I am working on getting a better copy of the picture for you and will send it on to you when I am satisfied with it.  Also I wanted to mention that My Uncle, Major Robert Harry Schuler Jr. USAF, who was born and raised in the Tri Counties (Ashland) is still listed as missing in action in Viet- Nam.  I can send more information to you if this is of interest to you.

Thank you for you work.
Sincerely, Fredrick Schuler

Chemung County NY
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By Joyce M. Tice

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