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Private Collection Photos - Pre WW1, Elmira NY
Elmira Trolley

 These photos were in my father's photo 'collection.' I believe they are postcards of the West Water Street Trolley co., which later became known as the Elmira Water and Railway Co.

The gentleman on the right in each postcard is my great-grandfather, William Personius. One of the two cards was sent to William's wife's grandmother and it is dated December 28, 1908.

Gary Olin

Detail of above.

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Detail of above
Popcorn Truck at Wisner Park
In a message dated 12/24/2009 9:30:55 PM Eastern Standard Time, davelen@epix.net writes:
To Joyce Tice:
     Attached is a photo of the 1929 Chevrolet Popcorn Truck now located in Wisner Park in Elmira for you to review for your website. I took the photo over 15 years ago.
     David Lenington
Chemung County NY

Published On Site 2/11/2009