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Private Collection Photos - Pre WW1, Elmira NY
Bridges in Elmira and surrounding area
See article on Covered Bridges & Fitch's Bridge
My grandfather Roy Moran worked at the Willys-Morrow factory in Elmira. They made aircraft engines for European Fighter Planes during WWI. I have a picture of him next to a tool making machine. As such he was always interested in having the newest technical piece of equipment that came out. My father said he had the first automobile in the neighborhood, the first motorcycle, and probably the first camera. Being mechanically oriented he probably mastered  the camera rather quickly. That is the best I can tell you. Robert Moran

The core of this collection is the photos sent in by Robert Moran taken by his grandfather Roy Moran in the pre World War One era. I am adding to that postcards of Elmira bridges. When Robert sent in earlier photos taken by his grandfather I had pointed out how unusual it was for individuals to have had the equipment to take such professional photos. Above is his explanation.  Joyce M. Tice

My theme this time is the Chemung River and its bridges. The boy in the canoe with a white sweater is my Uncle Roy Moran and named after my grandfather and the son of Olive Campbell Moran of Elmira. I assume this was a canoe trip taken in 1915 or 16. Can you tell me the names of the bridges. Enjoy! robert Morqan
Main Street Bridge
Lake Street Bridge
Bridge to Rorick's Glen - Old, New, and Ruins
Several Views of the OLD Bridge to Rorick's Glen
Several Postcards of the NEW Bridge to Rorick's Glen

Ruins of the New Bridge to Rorick's Glen. by Joyce M. Tice - May 2001
Bridge over Newtown Creek Seeley Creek Bridge, Town of Southport
White Wagon Bridge over Chemung River - Town of Chemung, Chemung County NY White Wagon Bridge
Chemung County NY

Published On Site 11/17/2006
By Joyce M. Tice

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