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This is my great grandmother, Bridget FLETCHER "Hannigan".  She was born in  County Cork, Ireland around 1852.  She came to the United States with her sister, Mary FLETCHER "Heiser".  They were both young and single when they arrived.  Bridget lived to the age of 90, dying  in 1942. The family residence was 732 Harper Street, Elmira.  Her husband, my great grandfather, James F. Hannigan was a bricklayer and he built that home, himself, even though it's wood frame. Photo is from a tintype. 
Eileen Hanigan Pizza
This photo is Thomas Fletcher Hanigan, age 22, a recent graduate from the Elmira Police Academy in 1931-32. He is the grandson of Bridget Fletcher Hanigan and was named for her father, Thomas Fletcher.  My father always went by the name of Fletcher, since his Uncle Tom resided in the same house.  He was born in Perry, NY on April 12, 1909 to William James Hanigan and Wilhelmina Gehrke Hanigan.

Thanks, Eileen Pizza.

Eldrett-Coon Family
Joyce, (December 2006)

 I have always been told that I resemble my mother.  When I came across these two photographs, I found the similarity striking. 

The 1925 photo is of siblings: Doris Louise, William Carlyle and Bernice Irene Coon (my mother).

My mother and her siblings were born in Granville Summit PA and then moved to Elmira Heights and Horseheads. My father was born in Elmira Heights NY. 

Edward Warren Eldrett Jr., Bernice Irene Coon Eldrett, Cynthia Anne and Daryl Alice Eldrett in 1952.

Daryl ELDRETT Watkins darylwatkins52@msn.com

Miller-Tice Family 1950
Marcella MILLER Tice and Leslie M. Tice with daughter Joyce Marie, Christmas 1950 - Town of Southport- Elmira NY
Photo taken at home of Evelyn SNYDER & Phil Miller - My aunt and uncle up the street from us  We lived on Gaines Street and they lived on Harcourt Drive. 
Below Joyce M. Tice Kindergarten photo - Coldbrook Park school 1950

Photos from Sue Edling
   I told you I was sending you a surprise, this is it. I have also sent you a picture of the back of the photo. My family has tried to decipher the names for years, I thought blowing it up would help. Still mysteries to who these people are. My great grandmother Bessie Evelyn Wells is seated. It reads on the top Elmira, NY something I can’t read and then May 21, 1885. I also with great eyestrain see Billy and Nell Larkins names. I know that Nell was a friend of my great grandmothers. At the bottom I think it reads Lora Burt, which I think is Bessie’s first cousin. We had always thought that the young lady with the fan was Bertha, Bessie’s sister, however I think this is Lora. Interesting picture, the girl on the left has a bandage on her arm and the boy seated has a hole in his tights. You will notice on the border there is what looks like an eight or a B, I choose not to remove it. Some code.  I think this picture was in a flood. I have been repairing water damage for weeks. Strange how where a photo was also plays a part in a family history. Bessie Wells is 22 years old in this picture. I hope someone sees this picture and knows more about it then I.

Sue Edling    dig4rootsgrant@yahoo.com

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