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Elmira, Chemung County NY
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Year: 1889
Photo submitted to SRGP by Linda Smith
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Dear Joyce, I thought you might like to see this picture of my Great-grandmother and some of her friends.  (Anna Washburn Tidd (Ballard) is the one in the dark dress).    The other names on the back of the picture are:  Cassie Sterling, Flora Holmer, Sadle Hoffman, Nellie Spaulding, Fred Payne, Ray Harbrook, Nate Payne, and Harry Lansing [Rochester]) I don'[t know which one is which but I thought you might like to post it on your web site and see who recognizes them!  The caption, hand written on the back, was "The Believers"  7-31-1889, Elmira, N.Y.  Thanks for all your great work.  Linda Smith, Nashville, Tenn. (Nanapapahouse@aol.com)

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