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Submitted by Sharron BRONSON Vossoughi
Photo of Marker in Woodlawn Cemetery
taken by Joyce M. Tice Summer 2000.
It commemorates an Elmira Boy Scout Leader
The following is a list of Boy Scouts of St. Mary?s Church in Elmira, NY. This information is taken from Diamond Jubilee, St. Mary?s Church, Elmira, New York, May 1948 in possession of Julie Hyland of Rydal, Pennsylvania.


St. Mary?s Boy Scout Troop No. 29 was organized July 19, 1917 with Raymond Dunne as Scout Master and Rev. G. V. Predmore, John J. Bateman, James H. Collins and James J. Donahoe as Troup Committeemen.

The following were enrolled in this first troop: Bernard Bacon, Earle Bateman, Leo J. Bergan, Leo Bolley, Albert E. Conklin, Arthur Conlon, Robert Dowling, Russell Dunn, Arnold Fenton, Leo Hardiman, Eugene Holloran, George M. Hassett, John J. Keefe, Edw. Kelley, Wm. O?Donnell, Thomas Stapleton and Andrew Von Hendy.

When Raymond Dunne enlisted with the Armed Forces, Daniel F. Mulcahy was commissioned Scout Master with John L. Sullivan, Frank Bacon and William Dunne as assistants, Watson Conklin, Humphrey Connelly, Raymond Costello, Edwin Fenton, John Miller, Richard Nagel, Wm. O?Brien, Mae O?Shaughnessy, Thomas Personius, Bernard Roach, Raymond Sullivan, Harold Thomas were added to the roster.

This group, with a few exceptions remained intact for about 5 years although the following new names appear: Timothy Connelly, Thos. McCarthy, Wm. O?Donnell, John Quinn, Don Titus, John Coughlin, Dick Mace, Herbert and William Nagel, Norman and Raymond Turner, John Ackner, Bernard Hardiman, Richard Enright, George Gardner, Wm. Sherman, Gerald Thomas, George Pettie.

Earle Bateman served as Scout Master and Sam Turner and Peter Hardiman also acted as committeemen. Summer camps were held at the Nicewonger Cottages on Lake Keuka.

In 1923, Father Burns assumed the sponsorship with Mulcahy again as Scout Master and Messrs. Hardiman, Donahoe, Turner as Committeemen; Von Hendy, Bateman and Pettie as Assistant Scout Masters. New names: Jerry Bergan, Jr., Bert Bogardus, Francis Conlon, Wm. Getman, Edward Kennedy, John Lawes, John McCarthy, Francis McCarty, Gerald McInerney, Richard Nagel, Steven Hartigan, Thos. O?Leary, John Ross, Daniel Sheehan, John Shuckers, Julian Daly, Jos. Splann, Thomas Carmody, Ralph Holleran, Alex. Cuthbert.

In 1924, John Maloney, James Ryan, Jones Vail, Thomas Whitford are new names: John J. Keefe, a new committeeman.

In 1925, new names: Thomas and Wm. Connelly, Jerry Kennedy, Vincent Murphy, Stephen Von Hendy, Jos. Motiska.

There seems to be no further activity in scouting until 1929 when St. Mary?s was fortunate in having Gerald Price accept the chairmanship of the Troop with Thos. Malone, Wm. Malone, James F. Nelon, T. C. Sayles and Father Irvin Sullivan as Committeemen. Malachi E. Hayes was Scout Master. The following scouts were registered: Robt. Burns, John Byrne, Jos. Congdon, Lawrence Conneely, James Coughlin, Edmund Gay, George Griff, Jr., Burke Holleran, John Hounker, John King, Donald Lawes, Leo Liddy, Bernard Malone, Peter Masia, Daniel McDonough, Robert McGlenn, John Murphy (Broadway), John Chas. Murphy, James Nelan, Jr., (Father Nelan), Arthur O?Shea, Walter Phillips, Leo Pint, Jr., Daniel Reidy, Francis Sayles, John Sayles, Leo Schoneman, Jos. Shannon, Wm. Sheehan, Walter Sullivan.

In 1930, Robert Carroll, George Davis, Edw. Lyons, Thos. McDonough, Chas. Pearsall, Richard Tillinghast joined the troop. James Coughlin, Lawrence P. Connelly and Raymond Dunne were appointed assistant Scout Masters.

In 1931, the Troop Committee remained the same except Raymond McGlenn replaced Wm. Malone and J. J. Reilly replaced Raymond Dunne as Assistant Scout Master.

Of the 48 boys registered in 1930, 24 were dropped. New boys registered were Lawrence Conneely, Wm. Crotty, George and Wm. Davis, Thos. King, Walter Phillips, Daniel Sheedy, Ed. Widman. Later the following also entered the troop: Joseph Byrne, Farrell Malone, Mortimer Meade, Leonard Murray, Edwin Nagel, Wm. Rice, James Reilly, John J. Ryan, William Van Tassel, John C. Weaver.

In 1932, Walter Sullivan replaced Jok Nelan on Troop Committee. J. J. Reilly was Scout Master and J. P. Connelly his assistant. Twenty three of the 1931 scouts were re-registered and during the year the following entered: John Bowers, Robt. Brady, Fred Brickwedde, Robt. Deane, Thos. Dean, John Ewanyk, John Getsy, Wm. Graham, Chas. Graner, Leon Hamlin, Jos. Hanrahan, Jas. Hicks, Robt. Lynch, John Mack, Richard Nicholson, Donald Tahany, Ralph Tortino.

Adult aid was given by F. C. Brickwedde, John Cusick, Thomas Dean, John Gibson, Dr. Henry Graner, Robert Maloney, and Fred Mulcahy. With the help of these men, the Troop fulfilled all requests for civic service, particularly the National Gliding Meet and Red Cross Bundle Day. Hiking, camping and advancements also became more prevalent.

1933 saw Dr. Graner and Fred Brickwedde named additional Troop Committeemen, and the same Scout Master and Assistants. 30 boys were registered, 6 of whom had been with the troop three years. During this year, the following joined the Troop: Donald Coleman, Francis Donahue, Carroll Frawley, Richard Lacey, Vincent Maynard, Sidney Mitchell, Thos. Moore, John Murphy, Ed. O?Connell, Philip Reed, Water Rice, Thos. Touhy, Lucius Trainor. Dr. Henry McKenna also aided at the meetings.

John Byrne, the first of the Troop to attain Eagle rank, and Edmund Gay, first to become a Life Scout, severed their connections with the Troop after 5 years to attend college.

1934. The same Troop Committee and Scout Master was named with 30 boys registered and 15 dropped. Robert McGlenn, and Leo Pint, Jr. became Life Scouts, Francis and John Sayles and Walter Sullivan became Eagles. A special service was held for the funeral of Robert Deane, a Star Scout who was killed by lightning while working.

This year was a successful camping year with 24 scouts at Camp Seneca. John Ewanyk was transferred to Troop No. 44. Vincent Maynard transferred to California and the Troop was presented with a large American flag by his father.

J. J. Reilly was succeeded by Father Jos. P. Haffey as Scout Master and John Byrne served as Assistant Scout Master while on leave from school. Additional scouts enrolled: Francis Farr, Donald Frawley, Gordon Frawley, Kenneth Graham, Chas. Kelley, Jos. Leader, Robt. McDonough, Joseph Madigan, Douglass, Mitchell, Edw. Murphy, Richard Nicholson, Francis Novakowski, Thomas Tigue, Ralph Tortino, Chas. Vonderlin, John Walsh, Jos. Weaver. Too much credit cannot be given to Gerald Price and his Committees during his stay in this parish for the success of Troop 29, which during this time had an outstanding record.

T. C. Sayles left the Troop to become District Commissioner.

In 1935 the Troop registered with Father Haffey as Scout Master, John Byrne as Assistant Scout Master. Troop committee; Louis Considine, Chairman, Malachi Hayes and George Meade. Scouts: Donald Brill, Robt. Dart, Thos. Donahue, Carrol and Donald Frawley, Chas. Kelley, Richard Lacey, Jos. Leader, Robert Lynch, John McDonough, Douglas and Sidney Mitchell, Ed. Murphy, John Murphy, Ed. O?Connell, Edwin Philbin, Bernard Reilly, Philip Reed, Water Sullivan, James Turner, Chas. Vonderlin, Francis Weingart, Thos. White. Most of the 26 scouts who dropped out of the troop had served from 3 to 5 years and had entered High School. Later in the 1935 season, Father Haffey was relieved by Jas. Turner as Scout Master and Ed. Frawley, Paul Skelly and Julius Weingart became members of the Troop Committee. Additional enrollment: John Gallavan, Chas. Gerrard, Jos. Getsy, James Hourihan, John Titus, Robt. Witzel.

1936. Registration showed the addition of Leo Pint, Jr. as Assistant Scout Master and Leo Pint, Sr., as Committeeman. 22 boys were registered and 15 dropped. New names appearing were John Pint, Leo Sweeney, Jos. Curren, Cheslov Szupillo, James Graner; and later registration listed Wallace Davies, Francis Hicks, James Kane, Richard Sandore, George Sayles.

1937. This year?s registration notes that the troop was sponsored for the first time by the Holy Name Society with T. C. Sayles as Scout Master. Julius Weingard as Assistant Scout Master and Father Haffey as Chairman of the Troop Committee consisting of Leo Pint, Sr., Paul Skelly, Edw. Frawley. 16 boys were dropped. This troop consisted of Don Brill, Thos. Burke, Jos. Curren, Wallace Davies, Don Frawley, John Gallavan, John Hourihan, James Kane, Francis Maloney, Robt. McCarthy, Harry O?Neil, John Pint, Richard Sandore, George Sayles, Jas. Turner, Francis Weingart. Later registration included: John Bodewes, Francis Brill, Gerald Frawley, John F. Murphy, Richard O?Hara, Jr., Daniel J. Sullivan.

1938. The Troop re-registered 20 Scouts from the previous year - dropped 2 and added Stanley Dewey, Jas. Callahan, John and Thomas Hallinan, Raymond Hourihan, Robert Kessing, Paul Knesel, John Liddy, Gerald McDonald, Chas. Putnam, Wm. Skelly and Mac Vegard.

The Rev. J. Edward McKay succeeded Father Haffey as chairman of the Troop Committee and used the Catholic Scout Investiture for the first time in this city. Troop 39 of St. Patrick?s and other Catholic troops were represented.

The Troop was prominent in the traffic direction at the church fair, civic service, summer camp champions and known as the "singing troop of Elmira". Special mention is made in the records of the work of Paul Skelly who specialized in signaling, uniting Troop No. 6 (1st Baptist) with this Troop in a spectacular demonstration at the Armory Rally.

1939. Under the same sponsorship 31 boys were registered and 8 dropped. The new names appearing were: F. X. Moser, Assistant Scout Master and Eugene Golden, Troop Committeeman. New Scouts listed were: John Guinane, Jos. O?Herron, Richard Regan, Thos. Ryan, Wm. Turner.

Donald Brill and Donald Frawley earned their Eagle rank and T. C. Sayles was awarded the Silver Beaver at the annual council dinner.

1940. 25 boys registered and 11 dropped. Leo Pint succeeded T. C. Sayles as Scout Master and John Connelly succeeded Julian Weingart as Assistant Scout Master. Sayles and Weingart returned to the Troop Committee. Additional enrollment, John Brosehart, Robert Frawley, John Harrison, Richard Meehan, John Nickerson, Eugene O?Neil, John Richardson, Jas. Skelly.