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Burt Rightmire, WW1 Vet
Chemung County NY
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Submitted by Brent Boyer
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Was Not Harmed in Big Drive and Says That Yanks Are

"Some Fighters"—Glad Town Will be Dry When

the Boys Come Home.

Burt Rightmire, recently promoted to first class private, writes home that he passed safely through the St. Mihiel drive though he had many close class from shrapnel, high explosive shells and gas. His family did not know that we was with the famous Rainbow division although they knew that he was somewhere in France. His home is at 709 Carpenter street, and he has been in service a year.

"I was up at the front seven days during the St. Mihiel drive and I will never forget them," says Rightmire. "Believe me, the Rainbow Division has some fighters in it. The American gunners can throw about fifteen shells to the Germans one. They shell a place from one to twenty miles very easily.

‘It is some sight to see the boys go over the top but it is worse to see some of them come back, when they do come back. The Salvation Arm is doing great work for the boys over here and let me tell you that we won’t forget it when we come home again."

Uniforms and Mourning.

"We never see anyone dressed in civilian clothing anymore, only the women and they are all in mourning. The poorer classes war big wooden shoes. They hitch horses here one in front of the other instead of side by side and the driver usually sits on one of the horses and not on the driver’s seat."

"Johnny Dibble was with me for about two weeks, but had to leave for some other place in France. He hated to leave me for I am the only Elmira fellow he has seen since reaching Europe."

"Eggs cost $1.40 a dozen and are hard to get over here. There is plenty of beer and wine but the wine is sure death as it is just like vinegar. Glad to hear that Elmira is dry and hope everything in the States will be dry before this bunch of soldiers gets back for they will be so glad to get back that they will all go crazy."

Chemung County NY

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/07/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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