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The West is populated with people whose ancestors started life here in our three county area. We hear from them every day,  and this section of the site is dedicated to those people who started life here and then left for "greener pastures." . Please send your articles in word processing format and photos in HIGH resolution JPG format. As our first article in this section of the site demonstrates, a good source for such information are the many County Histories of the western states many of our emigrants moved to. As with all nineteenth century histories, they will be mostly about men, but it can be your addition to our body of knowledge to add the information about our emigrant women to those articles. Be sure to include the year the person(s) left the area if you can.

1868 - How to Secure Public Lands - the Homestead Act
1835 Malinda Hotchkiss & Robert W. Bailey - Rutland & Southport to Michigan

Chemung County NY
Published On Site 12 MAY 2005
By Joyce M. Tice

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