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Photo of Bulkhead Feed Mill
by Joan NASH O'Dell

Marriages in Southport in 1849

11-Oct Henry Beckwith, 28, Big Flats, and Clarinda Judson, 21, Southport, by Rev. E. W. Dickinson, Elmira
17-Jan Clark Austin, 23, Southport, and Mary Jennings (Denning?), 29, Southport
4-Mar George Sage, 22, Caton, and Orpha Jennings, 23, Southport
11-Dec William Curry, 19, Southport, and Catherine Seely, 15, Southport
3-Oct M. Mortimer Moe, 24, Elmira, and Adalade G. Reynolds, 19, Southport, by Rev. Andrew Hull, Elmira
20-Oct Lebeus H. Sly, 24, Southport, and Elizabeth State, 19, Chemung, by E. Canfield, Southport, Justice of the Peace
13-Nov William Kenyon, 29, Southport, and Janette Gardner, 25, Michigan, by William Konkle, Elmira, Justice of the Peace
22-Jan Phineas Helme, 29, Southport, and Martha Brees, 19, Southport, by Rev. Seaver, Elmira
Sep Daniel Monroe, Elmira, and Mrs. Sarah Kirtland, 36, Southport
Apr Henry Tickey, 26, Chemung, and Mrs. Phoebe Conklin, 19, Southport, by Rev. S. R. Jones, Southport
5-Apr Ezekiel Rhodes, 29, Southport, and Sarah Sherwood, 19, Southport, by James Farley, Southport
7-Jan Dexter Gates, Southport, and Dorothy Conklin, Southport
5-Oct Sylvester Abbey, Southport, and Frances Decker, Southport
13-Sep Charles Head ?, 22, Southport, and Polly Johnson, 18, Southport, by Rev. Mr. Crow
5-Jan John Sly, Southport, and wife’s name not reported, Southport, by Rev. Simeon R. Jones, Southport
21-Nov John Bovier, Southport, and _____ Partial, Southport, by Rev. Grinnel, Elmira
Dec 24? 26? Harrison Decker, Southport, and Harriet Tubbs, Southport, by Rev. Crow
31-Dec Samuel G. Striker, 23, Southport, and Jane Bovier, 20, Southport, by Rev. E. Colson, Southport
31-Dec George E. Fowler (Kowles?), 21, Southport, and Sophia Dalrymple, 18, Southport, by Rev. E. Colson, Southport
19-Jun Joshua Weeks, 23, Southport, and Elizabeth Kittle, 18, Southport, by Rev. E. Colson, Southport
19-Apr John H. Atkins, 25, Southport, and Abigail Dalrymple, 20, Southport, by Rev. H. N. Seaver, Elmira
19-Oct Hiram T. Smith, 27, Southport, and Julina A. Wisner, 19, Southport, by Rev. E. W. Dickinson, Elmira

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Nov 7 1889 Merrick Barnhart, 79, Jackson, Pa., and Betsey Wheeler, 73, Jackson, Pa.

J. Kelsey Jones


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