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Marriages in Southport in 1847

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12-Oct Lafayette Smith, 23, Southport, and Eliza McHenry, 21, Southport, by Rev. C. C. Carr,
12-Oct Miller McHenry, 23, Southport and Angeline Seely, 26, Southport, by Rev C. C. Carr,
6-Oct William B. Evans, 26, Southport, and Margaret Swan ?, Brown ?, 23, Southport, by Rev. B. M.
9-Mar Nathaniel Miller, 25, Southport, and Matilda Perine, 20, Southport, by Rev. John Cain,
10-Apr Harvey Rhodes, 19, Southport, and Eunice Reed, 18, Southport, by William Foster, Elmira, Justice of
1-Jul Sheldon Kinsman, Southport, and Eliza Tuthill “stran.”, by Rev. Wetherby, Veteran
23-Sep Oliver Mallory, 20, and Martha Rodgers, 18, Southport, by Rev. B. M. Goldsmith, Southport
9-Feb Solomon Brooks, 20, Southport, and Mariah Hale ?, 24, Southport, by John Baldwin, Southport,
2-Dec Jeremiah Travers ?, 23, Southport, and Elizabeth Campbell, 18, Southport, by Harvey Smith, Caton,
22-May Isaiah Hilliard, Southport, and Jerusha Bovier, Southport, by G. W. Miller, Judge, Southport

J. Kelsey Jones


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