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Town of Southport, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY
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Historic Houses in Town of Southport, Chemung County NY - J. Kelsey Jones
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The early Fitzsimmons home at the corner of Cedar Street and Maple Avenue, across from the cemetery. The house was demolished about 1964 for a gas station.
Kelsey Jones Submission - January 2008
Old photo of the rear of the house at 488 Dry Run Road. The house has been restored and exists today (2009). Photo courtesy of Thomas Weidemann.
1994 photo- 1003 Caton Avenue - J. Kelsey Jones
1138 Broadway - 2009 - J. Kelsey Jones
515 Phoenix Avenue
First house of Lewis Holton and Nelda Cook, former town historian. They
lived at residence from May 1947 to Aug 1952. Photo taken Mar 1995.

Chemung County NY
Published On Site 7 OCT 2008
By Joyce M. Tice