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In World War II, a Blue Star was used to designate a person in the mililtary. My father's army photos has it on and probably most of you have seen it. For those who served overseas, a silver star was awarded. For those who died in combat, a gold star was awarded. A Gold Star Mother is a woman who has lost a child in any military combat in World War Two or since. You can find out more at their web page.  They have placed flagholders of both God Star Mother and Gold Star Father graves.
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Date:  03/27/2004 9:57:12 AM Eastern Standard Time 
To:    JoyceTice@aol.com, JoyceTice@aol.com

Hello Joyce, these pictures of the gold star pin were taken today after I viewed your website.  There were two of these given to my mother and father after my brother was killed in the Vietnam war.  This is the one pin remaining, one being buried with my father.  My mother considered herself a gold star mother, and also displayed a gold star decal on the front door window.  This is all I knew about it until I read your information on the website.  Hope this might help someone sometime.  Thank you,  Doug Udell

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Published On Site On 06/05/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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