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For April 2002 we dedicate the site to our Civil War ancestors. You may register yourself as a descendant following the directions below.
To qualify as a Civil War Ancestor, the person must have served in the military in the Civil War, on either side, as soldier or nurse, even though nurse did not have official military status. We particularly hope to hear from those whose confederate ancestors are buried at Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira. The person should be in some way connected to this area, either having lived here or buried here. Please submit to Joyce M. Tice, your path from you to the Civil War ancestor in the format below. Only entries following this pattern will be added to this page. Use birth names only, not married names, except for yourself. If you use a married alias, submit your name with both your real and married name (Example Jane SMITH Jones). Dates are not included except on the final link to the generation who served in the Civil War. Just email me the path with commas separating the names in your email, no numbers, just plain and simple so I don't have to edit more than necessary.. Use normal capitalization - No all cap or all lower case entries can be used as it will take my time to edit them. Please spell correctly, particularly Cemetery. Your name will be linked to your email address so that others on similar lines can contact you. If you have more than one Civil War link, submit each, from you to the generation of the Civil War - as illustrated. Submissions that do not follow this pattern, so that they can easily be added to the page, will be returned for modifications. If you do not have a known Civil War ancestor to include - keep looking and good luck. Maybe next year you'll have one.  PLEASE put Civil War Ancestor in your subject line to help me sort my email and not miss yours. I do not have a known Civil War ancestor - yet -  so had to "cheat" just a bit to give you a format example. You may include Regiment and place of origin IF you keep it BRIEF.

Before submitting your email please review the directions and the example and be certain you have followed it exactly. I want to be able to just copy and paste and not have to edit. Thanks for being accurate the first time. 

Generation One - Me Two Three Four Five
Joyce M. Tice Leslie M. Tice Mildred Mudge Menzo Mudge,
Brother Truman Mudge of Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA, killed in Civil War. Buried Ames Hill Cemetery, Sullivan Township.
Judith MARMOR  Trach Beatrice Pond Eugene Pond Robert Emmet Pond, A Co. 149th Inf Reg. PA, service: 15 August 1862 - 24 June 1865 Wellsboro, Tioga co. Buried @ Wellsboro Cemetery
James A. Marmor Beatrice Pond Eugene Pond Robert Emmet Pond, A Co. 149th Inf Reg. PA, service: 15 August 1862 - 24 June 1865 -Mustered out June 24, 1865 at Elmira, NY. -Wellsboro, Tioga co. Buried @ Wellsboro Cemetery
Dwight Gleason Foster Gleason Sr. Carrie Ruth Simmons Eli Simmons Reuben G. Simmons - b. Oct. 13, 1830 Belfast, NY d. June 10, 1864 Delmar Township, Tioga County, PA. Served 149th PA infantry Company A. Buried in Baptist Cemetery, Delmar Township, Tioga PA
Lorraine DAVIS Satterlee Raymond F. Davis  Frederick A. Davis  Pvt. HIRAM DAVIS of Nelson Pa, Tioga Co. PA      (Feb. 18, 1864-May 16, 1865) wounded in action.    Co. H, 45th Regiment, Voluntary Infantry. He was buried at the Powers Cemetery in Lawrenceville, PA.
Sharron BRONSON Vossoughi Frederick Wynn Bronson Maggie May Ready Louise May Mallory George Willis "Will" Mallory b Nov. 14, 1838 Sullivanville, Chemung Co. NY and died Oct. 17, 1930 Horseheads.  Served in Company I, 38th NY Infantry and buried in Maple Grove Cemetery.
Leo P. McDonald Leo R. McDonald Maud E. Bump Edward L. Bump Dennis L. Bump (5 Sep 1837 - 28 Apr 1920) Co. A. 57th Pa Inf. Vol. Buried at the Bump - Scrivens Hollow Cemetery, Albany Township.
Leo P. McDonald Leo R. McDonald Maud E. Bump Rhoda "Addie" Beeman Joseph G. Beeman (17 Feb 1838 - 17 Feb 1899) 57th Pa. Inf. Buried at the Bump - Scrivens Hollow Cemetery, Albany Township.
Leo P. McDonald Madelyn L. Hendershot Floyd W. Hendershot John "Ed" Hendershot Isaiah Hendershot (12 May 1842 - 4 Apr 1916) D Co. 27th Inf Reg. N.J. Buried at the Camptown Cemetery, Waylusing Township.
Leo P. McDonald Madelyn L. Hendershot Grace A. Benninger Punderson M. Benninger Chaucey C. Benninger (Feb 1841 - 4 Mar 1923) Co. B of the 12th Pa. Vol. Res. Buried at the South Auburn Cemetery, South Auburn, Susquehanna, Pa.
Pat SMITH Raymond Gerald Smith LeRoy Smith Marshall Smith Jefferson Smith b. 6/23/1832 in PA, d. 7/5/1904 Smithfield Twp. 188th NY Vol. Buried Christian Cemetery Smithfield Twp. (One of 6 Brothers in Civil War)
Pat SMITH Raymond Gerald Smith LeRoy Smith, Jessie Baker Samuel Sheldon Baker b. 5/18/1825 PA, d. 11/21/1891 Smithfield Twp., Buried Union Cemetery Smithfield Twp.   Co. F. 35th Reg't
Pat SMITH Raymond Gerald Smith Clara Oliphant Lantie Oliphant Benjamin Oliphant b. 1835 Wilmot Twp, Bradford Co., d. 3/7/1898 Towanda, PA,  Buried Overton Cemetery,  141 PA Vol. Co. A.
Richard Raymond DeAlton Raymond William Raymond John Raymond b. 10/7/1832 Orange Co., NY, d. 9/26/1918, Smithfield Twp, Buried Turnpike Cemetery Smithfield Twp.,  Co. G 7th MO Vol.
Richard Raymond Florence Vogel Jennie Scudder Thomas Scudder b. July 1840 Union Twp, Tioga Co., d. 2/24/1912, Canton Twp, Brad.Co.,  Co. M, 50th NY Engineers.
Janet LINDH Loftus Georgia Ella Bates Earl Lavern Bates Adelaide Knox  Morris H. Knox - 5th generation:  Born September 22, 1837 in Elmira, served in CO M, 14th Regiment, Heavy Artiller NY Volunteers.  Died June 07, 1915. Buried in Fulton Street Cemetery, Elmira 
Leo P. McDonald Madelyn L. Hendershot Floyd W. Hendershot  Flora M. Lattimer.  Lillian L. Woodruff,  Samuel Woodruff (29 Jul 1824 - 20 Feb 1912) Company D. 171st Pa. Vol. Buried at the Spring Hill Cemetery, Tuscarora Township.
David A. Clark David H. Clark Jay W. Clark Jay H. Clark Lt. Col. Melvin L. Clark, Co. 'B' 101st Pa. Vol. Inf. (Tioga Co.) Company commander, served from 5 Oct 1861 to 25 Jun 1865. POW from 20 Apr 1864 to April, 1865
Lorenzo P Benjamin Layton Benjamin Laura Sickler Reuben Sickler, b 29 Feb 1829, d 24 Jan 1886, Second Regiment of PA Vol. Artillery. Buried Liberty Corners Cemetery, PA
Shary HANSELL DaVall Carl Hansell  Lena Cary Martin R. Cary Daniel D. Cary, 187th PA Vol., Born: NYS April 15, 1823, Died: Franklin, PA. Oct 10, 1892. Buried in Franklin Christian Church Cemetery
Janice KNIFFIN Stott Mayne Rex Kniffin Betsy Fluella Lane Daniel Webster Lane,
Born: December 13, 1841, Burlington, Bradford, PA,  Died: 1926 Los Angeles, California.   Eleventh Army Corps, re-enlisted in August 1864, and was connected with the Ninth Corps until the close of the war.
Marcia SIMONS Jankowski Arthur C. Simons Hugh H. Simons ,James E. Simons James F. Simons (1818-1876) Cpl 149th PA "Bucktails" Vol Inf Co G, Aug 1862-Jan 1863, discharged for enlarged heart; reenlisted as Pvt 210th PA Vol Inf Co H, Sept 1864-May 1865; buried Macedonia Cemetery, Asylum Township.
Marcia SIMONS Jankowski Arline Esther Felton,  Laura 'Mabel' Race George Gordon Race, Riley Race (1840-1911) Pvt 67th PA Vol Co K; buried Terrytown Cemetery, Bradford Co., PA
Alice PEASE Hartford Robert Willis Pease Ellsworth Cowan Pease William Nelson Pease, William Wallace Pease - b. Aug. 27, 1831 in Windsor, Broome Co.,NY, and died Jan. 22, 1931 BigFltats, NY.  Buried Rural Home Cemetery, Big Flats, NY.    Served from 1861 - 1865, 19th NY Volunteers -3rd NY Lt. Artillary, Companies G & K.
Phyllis HUGHES Marino Gordon Clair Hughes Walter J. Hughes ElNathan Hughes Joseph Hughes son: Pvt. Benjamin Hughes (15 Sept.1839 - 5 Nov. 1863) Liberty Twp., Tioga Co., PA. Co. G 149th Inf. Regt. died in Civil War at Belle Plain, VA. Buried Sebring (Old) Cemetery, Liberty Twp.
Phyllis HUGHES Marino Gordon Clair Hughes Walter J. Hughes ElNathan Hughes Joseph Hughes son: Cpl. Josiah G. Hughes (15 May 1842 - 24 Sept. 1895) Co. G 14th Veteran Res. Corps., 14th PA Inf. Wounded in Civil War, buried Arbon Cemetery, Bloss Twp., Tioga Co, PA 
Paul F. Giometti Clarence J. Giometti Maude E. Ripley Charles C. Ripley US Navy on the USS Sabine buried in the Hope Cemetery Corning NY
Col. John W.King, jr. John W.King,sr.  John I King,  John W.King  Amanda
William J. Huggins, Co I,21st S.C. Buried at Elmira,N.Y.(Woodlawn National Cemetery)
David VanOrman Kester Edward Musselman Kester Clara May Musselman 1st Sgt. Edward Musselman (1840-1872) Co. D, 18th PA. Cav., W.C.W. Brandy Station, VA., born Overton, PA
David VanOrman Kester Leola Mabel VanOrman Fred Lewis VanOrman Pvt. William Dennis VanOrman (1835-1884) 5th NY Cav., W.C.W. White Horse Landing, VA, bur. Darling Cem., Orwell, PA
Nancy W. Jess Nellie M. Swan Blanche Almeda Fellows Charlotte Eliza Lunn Wilder Lunn enlisted at Elmira, Co. I 141st Reg. NYInf. Sept 24 1864.died Jan 20, 1865 USA Hosp. Savannah, Georgia
Roberta DILLIN Sahr Perry D.Dillin George Albert Dillin Joseph Dillin, Co "I" 147th Inf. Mustered in August 22, 1863, Mustered out May 31, 1865.
Janet RINEBOLD Webster
Winona M. Rinebold
Lester E. Rinebold Myra Walborn Aaron Walborn (28 Aug 1841-26 Feb 1913) of Bradford County, Co C, 108th Regement, 11th PA Calvary and  Co B, 26th Regement, PA Malitia.  Buried in Granville Center Cemetery, Granville Township.
Ellen KANE Buglewicz James C. Kane Thomas F. Kane Michael Cain/Kane, Co. A 74th PA Infantry February 7, 1865 - August 29, 1865.  Died December 12, 1913. Buried in St. Peter & Paul Cemetery, Elmira, NY.
Eleanor LENT Wolfe Bruce P. Lent Earl P. Lent Bruce Baker Lent Clark Manley Lent b. 8 Feb 1831 d. 12 Feb1904   141st Pa. Vol. Co.Jillson Cemetery,Orwell Twp.
Patricia ROWE Stone Gerald Asa Rowe Asa Josiah Rowe Abram Rowe (born Dec.
1847 died March 1907,  buried Millport Cem., Millport, Chemung Co., NY). 50th NY Engineers. 
Barbara BARHAM Jones Daniel Webster Barham Benjamin Franklin Barham,10th Va. mustered out at Elmira 1865 Note- Wife was 33 years younger than he. He d. 1919
Douglas W. Van Patten Ralph B. Van Patten, Sr. Maude M. Barnum Walter
B. Barnum
 Levi Barnum (1832-1905) - Served in the Civil War, Co. B, 189th Regiment, NY Volunteers.  Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY
Douglas W. Van Patten Ottilia H. Stratton Floyd G. Stratton William G.
Andrew Jackson Stratton (1831-1903) - Served with 3 different PA Regiments.  Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY
Douglas W. Van Patten Ottilia H. Stratton Floyd G. Stratton Jennie M. Terry Darius R. Terry (1841-1909) - Enlisted in the army with 15 other young men from Union Twp., Tioga Co. on Aug. 26, 1861.  Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY
William H. Keith Marion Greene  Olivia Rook  William Bernard Rook Samuel Lafayette Rook,
Private, Co. A, 27 South Carolina Infantry Gaillard's Regiment. Captured at Weldon RR, 21 Aug 1864.
Transferred to Elmira, NY 9 Oct 1864. Died 16 Jan 1865 from Acute bronchitis. Locality of grave 1494.
Marilyn OLSEN Beadle Elwin Olsen Agnes Powers Royal Lyman Powers Emerson M. Powers (1824-1902), 5 Pa. Res.Inf.Co. F, 191 Pa. Inf. Co. C, Buried Elgin Cemetery Soldiers Reserve Elgin, Kane, Illinois.
Marilyn OLSEN Beadle Elwin Olsen Agnes Powers. Royal Lyman Powers Cecelia Morton Royal Lyman Morton (1824-1901) 52nd Pa. Inf., Buried Silent Vale Cemetery, Maine, Otter Tail, Minnesota
Diana HANCOCK Moilanen Edgar John (Ned) Hancock John Henry Hancock, Jr. John Henry Hancock, born Wyalusing, PA 1830 Colonel 2nd and 14th WI Volunteers 1861-1863, wounded in hand at Corinth, MS, buried Oshkosh, WI
Gwen MECUM Hunt Lloyd Kenneth Mecum Burdit Politus Mecum Pvt. Charles William Mecum, b. 1843, d. 1926, Elmira NY, enlisted in Co. F., 84th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry on 7 October, 1861, then joined  6th U.S. Cavalry, Troop "A", on  27 October 1862 at Knoxville, MD and was buried Liberty, Tioga Co. PA, Hart's Cemetery. 
Marylyn (nee: Mary Emlyn) DEWEY Adams Jane  LAYE Nina HURD James T. Hurd  Isaac R. Hurd (nurse-Co. C-203rd Pa Reg't=VOLUNTEERS) died April 7, 1865, malaria after the Battle of Ft. Fisher, Wilmington, NC-part of  family marker-Knowlton Cemetery, Gaines, Tioga Co., PA
Marylyn DEWEY Adams Jane  LAYE Nina HURD Jennie HARMON  Thomas Harmon, Enlisted Sept 5, 1861- Private-Co G.56th NY INFANTRY-mustered out 1865, died 1898-buried in West Hill Cemetery, Galeton, Potter, PA
 Marsha CULVER Page John R. Culver, M.D. Harry T. Culver Rush Culver Amasa Culver served in the 207th PA Infantry Co. H, Sept. 12, 1864 through May 31, 1865.  He is buried @ Park Cemetery Marquette, MI
Carolyn PIERCE Conley Marion Lyman Pierce Ralph Emerson Pierce Freeman Doty Pierce, born Nov. 21,1840, Tioga Co. PA, died Oct. 29, 1907
Farmington Twp., Tioga Co., PA with burial at Nelson Cemetery, Nelson, Tioga
Co., PA.  Enlisted Oct. 3, 1861 at Elkland, PA, discharged June 3, 1865 at Sickles General Hospital, Alexandria, VA. Wounded in action at Charles City Court House. on June 24th, 1864.  Served with Co. L, 2nd Cavalry, Pennsylvania Volunteers.
Charlotte PARKS Stevens Alta Van Sice Dennis P Van Sice Robert Van Sice, Pvt., Co.F, Reg't,N.Y.Infantry.Buried,Bumpville
Cemetery,Pa. One of 9 Van Sice brothers who served.
Cynthia REYNOLDS Murdock Donald G. Reynolds George G. Reynolds Solon A. Reynolds (1843-193?).  Pvt., Co I, 12th Regt, NY Cavalry.  Buried Main St. Cemetery, Canton.
Cynthia REYNOLDS Murdock Donald G. Reynolds Lulu Cynthia Gustin Burton K. Gustin ( 1839-1927) 1Lt Co F, 52nd Regt, PA Vol Inf.  Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY. 
[According to Heverly's Boys in Blue,  five Gustin brothers fought in the Civil War: Seth, Ethan, Volney, Burton, and Judge.]
Susan ROCKWELL Austin Clifford LaVerne Rockwell Marian/Mary Ann Trowbridge Francelia White Nathan Kellogg WHITE, Co F, 52nd  Regt, PA Infantry, dates of service and rank unknown, b. Mar. 15, 1838, d. Feb. 3, 1914, bu. Camptown Cemetery, Wyalusing Township, Bradford County, PA
Steven Douglas Kellogg Kenneth Kelley Kellogg Mary Jane Kelley Jarvis H. Kelley b. July 3, 1840 d. April 13, 1916 Served in 171st regiment from 2 Nov 1862 to 8 Aug 1863. Buried in Thomas Cemetery, Smithfield Twp., Bradford Co., PA
Charlene FISCHER Kolterman Delma Drinkwalter Loren Drinkwalter Archie Luellen Drinkwalter Levi Stephen Drinkwalter b. 1 Jun 1832 Pike Twp., Bradford Co., PA, d. 1 Jan 1884 near Strang, Fillmore Co., NE, buried in Harmony Cemetery, Belle Prairie Twp., Fillmore Co.,NE.  Service - Pvt. in Co. G, 1st Iowa Cav.  Mustered in 14 Aug, 1862 - served until the close of the war.
Charlene FISCHER Kolterman Delma Drinkwalter Esther Minerva Coleman Mary Rachel McConnell. Ephraim C. McConnell b.24 May 1840 Sullivan Twp., Tioga Co.,PA, d.13 Mar 1898 Crawford Twp., Antelope Co.,NE, buried in Crawford Valley Cemetery, Willow Twp, Antelope Co.,NE.  Service - Pvt. in Co. C, 171st Regt. PA Vol. Inft.  Enlisted 21 Oct 1862 - discharged 8 Aug 1863
Carol ROOSA Dibble Hugh M.Roosa Reuben Briggs Roosa Pvt.JOHN CALVIN ROOSA (1844-1922) of Middlebury Twp. Tioga Co. Enlisted Sept. 18, 1861 Company H 45th Vol.Inf. Wounded at Cold Harbor June 3, 1864. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira N.Y.
Clarice STILWELL Evans Gladys Mudge Orris E. Mudge Stephen Godfrey Mudge, Born Sullivan Township, Died Mansfield. Buried Prospect Cemetery
Leslie D. Evans Bernice Curttenden Ida Benson ? Hotchkiss John Norris Hotchkiss, Died Battle of South Mountan,  b. Antietem National Cem.
Gary Douglas Walter Amy Beatrice Drye Lee Roy Dry Martin Clifford Dry William Henry Dry Tobias Augustus Dry (Sept 24, 1822 - March 14, 1865) Enlisted Co. H, 8th Regiment at age 39 on August 6, 1861 (formerly blacksmith)  Died from Chronic Diarrhea in Elmira Prison, buried in grave #1995.  Marker inscribed as T.A. Dry
Your Name HERE Your Civil War Ancestor, wherever he lands
Indirect Relationships
I am adding the section below for the people who wanted to submit, but who, like myself, do not have a Civil War ancestor, but collateral lines only. Please submit to this ONLY if you do not have a direct ancestor who qualifies.

Date:  5/24/2003 1:39:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Gary Walter)
To:    JoyceTice

Please note that records at Woodlawn National Cemetery show a J. A. Dry buried in lot 1995.  His marker shows Co. H, NC 8th Regiment. All of this and other records match the Civil War Records of one Tobias Augustus Dry from Cabarrus County, NC.

While in Elmira in 1993, I found copies of original hand written records, one showing the cause of death, that clearly show how a T could be misread as a J.  Evidently someone else has proven this to be true.  I visited Elmira on May 21, 2003 and to my astonishment, the marker has been replaced.  The new stone reads T. A. Dry (I can send you a picture).  The caretaker could not tell me how the change came about.  The record at the cemetery still shows J.A. Dry.

Gary Walter

January 2008
Denise Humke     Roger Humke    Agnes Berg      Thomas Hall
Message sent with black background - mostly illegible
August 2008
The following is my path to my Civil War Ancestor...beginning with me...
Frenda Lee Franklin, Cleone Nancy Willis, Fannie Alma Walker, Rowland Andrew Walker, Andrew Walker, Green Walker
Pvt. Green Walker
Confederate States Army
Residence: Irwin County, Georgia
Enlistment: 4 Mar 1862
Company F, 49th Infantry Regiment Georgia
Died: disease as POW -- 12 Sep 1864 at Elmira, NY
Woodlawn National Cemetery - Section CSA Site 265

September 2008 - James W. Green, Ada Griffin Moore, William Monroe Moore, Ada Griffin, John Griffin, Co. E, 45th Regt. N.C.T.  wounded & captured Spotsylvania, Va., Died of pneumonia 22 Jan. 1865 Elmira Prison. Buried in Woodlawn Nat. Cemetery, Grave #1566
Joyce,  [January 2009]
Happy New Year!  I realize that I am submitting information for an old page, but I wasn?t around the site in 2002, and I just discovered this page.  I think maybe you only go forward (no reverse gear), and it won?t be a problem if this info doesn?t get added to the page. [She certainly does have me figured out. JMT]
Margaret L. Spencer, Dorothy SHERMAN Spencer, Ray Sherman, Emma J. Field, Oliver Dutton Field enlisted April 27, 1862, in Company C, Seventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, and served three years, when he was honorably discharged as sergeant of the company; he died in February, 1914, and was buried in Covert Cemetery, Armenia Township, PA.
Peggy Spencer
March 2009 - Hello Joyce, I havent been on this site in a long time.  It is still the greatest.  Here is my civil War Ancestor.  My Email is  Thank You,  Scott Moshier

1 - Ralph Scott Moshier
2 - Ralph Mastin Moshier
3 - Nina Genevieve Mastin
4 - Joseph Edsell Mastin
5 - Robert James Mastin (R. James Mastin) E Co. 141st PA Vol Inf  Enlisted 25 Aug 1862,  Mustered out: 28 May 1865.  Buried Old Riverside Cemetery, Athens, Bradford County, PA

Sharon Phillips "McMurray", Betty Manis, William H. Manis, Sarah Matilda Smith, Junius H. Smith  63rd TN Regiment, Co. C, (Confederate) died Jan. 9, 1865 Elmira Prison, buried Woodlawn National Cemetery # 1217
                                               Sharon McMurray

In a message dated 6/28/2010 10:29:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
 I don't know if this is the right way to post a memorial of my ancestor who was captured as a confederate soldier and sent to Elmira Prison. I have his military papers and family tree. Here is what I have:

Generation one Me: Silas David Douglas
Generation two my father: Silas Douglas
Generation three my grandmother Rosa (Conley) Douglas
Generation four my g-grandmother Samantha (Griffin) Conley
Generation five my g-g-grandfather Washington Jackson Jack (W.J.) Griffin
He served in the 7 Georgia Cavalry, Company G. He was captured on June 11, 1864 at the Louisa Court
House in Virginia. Then arrived at Fortress Monroe, VA on June 20, 1864 then onto Point Lookout, Maryland then
transfered to Elmira Prison, New York on July 25, 1864 then released from Elmira Prison with an oath of allegiance on July
11, 1865. He is buried in High Bluff Cemetery in Brantley County, GA. Born 1841 and died 1917.

In a message dated 1/31/2011 10:57:21 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
I'm Glenn Walker, Boston, GA
My Father was Wondel Walker
His Father was Mack J. Walker
His Father was William (Bill) Walker
His Father was Private Green Walker:
 Confederate Soldier - Joined the  49Th Regiment  Company F Irwin County, GA - Irwin Volunteers on  March 4, 1862.
Captured at Wilderness, Virginia, May 6, 1864. Died of chronic diarrhea at Elmira, New York, September 12 or 14, 1864.
Grave #265, Woodlawn National Cemetery. (Born in 1825 or 1826)
I just recently discovered this and started my research.  I found your website while searching for information.   Glenn Walker.
Betty Sutton
My  Great Great Grandfather
Thomas Robert Brooks   Birth 1815
enlisted   10/31/1861
Company D 33rd North Carolina Infantry
Buried at Woodland [Woodlawn] National Cemetery
Died  12/24/1864 
Betty Sutton

My  Great Great Grandfather Thomas R Brooks son

 Smith  Brooks   18 Years old
Company D 33rd North Carolina Infantry enlistd 10/01/1863


Chemung County NY

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