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Individual Pages are illustrated with Box Ads from the 1891 Directory
Retyped by  Donna WALKER Judge, Deborah JUDGE Spencer, Ronni Davis, Lena Evans, Eileen Cooper, Luana LEE Leonard, Shaun Cook, Janet Loftus, Candy SMITH Hauryski, Heidi Holdridge-Frantz 
Don't Miss the Ads. I have separated out 60 block ads to use as illustrations on the various pages of this directory as they are processed. By showing us the goods and services that were available a century ago, they tell us as much about lifestyle and culture as anything can. Take off your surname blinders and enjoy the scenery of 1891 Elmira. Just be careful not to step in anything. 
FOR 1891
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208 220 232 244 256 268 280 292 304 316 328 340 352
364 376 388 400 412 424 436 451 462
You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele Memorial Library in Elmira for letting us scan these pages.
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Abbreviations 64 Aldermen 27
Alphabetical Directory of Elmira 64 Assessors 27
Bands 34 Banks 34
Blocks, places and building 22 Board of Examining Surgeons (Pensions) 33
Board of Trade 33 Business Colleges 33
Business Directory 451 Cemeteries 45
Churches 35 City Government 27
Civil Service Commission 27 Commissioners of Excise 27
Constables 27 County Officers 26
Expresses 459 Errata 23
Fire Department 28 Grand Army of the Republic 34
Hackney Fares 47 Health Department 28
Hospitals 46 Horseheads Town Officers 474
Horseheads Business Directory 476 Index to Advertisements 21
Justices of the Peace 28 Knights of Honor 39
Knights of Pythias 41 Masonic Societies 37
Medical Societies 41 Military 34
Miscellaneous 25 Newspapers 44
Notaries Public 26 Odd Fellows 38
Orchestras 34 Police Department 28
Post Office 29 Sanitariums 44
Schools 31 State Government 25
Street Directory 49 Supervisors (Elmira) 27
Temperance Societies 39 United States Government 25
Ward Boundaries 48 Young Men’s Christian Association 36
Young Women’s Christian Association 36 Women’s Christian Temperance Union 42
Working Girl’s Christian Alliance 37  
ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS DIRECTORY – Ab., above; adv., advertisement; al., alley; asst., assistant; av., avenue; bel., below; bet., between; bds., boards; bldg., building; c. or cor, corner; Co., company; do., ditto; E., east; E. s., east side; ft., foot; h., house; ins., insurance; jr., junior; la., lane; manuf., manufacturer; n, near; N, north; N, s., north side; Penna., Pennsylvania; pl., place; pres., president; r., rear; rd., road; R. R., railroad; Ry., railway; sq., square; S., south; S. s., south side; W., west; W. s., west side.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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