Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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(See also Boarding Houses, Saloons and Restaurants.)

American Hotel, M. Crowley, 113 W 3d

Arbour Hotel, Maxwell Haight prop., 108-110 Lake

Bijou Hotel, C. M., Geer prop., 503 Railroad av

Blyley House, S. Blyley prop., 400 Railroad av

BUCKBEE HOUSE, A. Buckbee prop., 429 E Water

Cosmopolitan, H. Redner prop., 807 Lake

Delavan House, J. M. Shoemaker & Co., Railroad av cor W Clinton

Eastern Hotel, C. Snyder, 511 Railroad av

Elmira House, M. G. Casey prop., 105-State

Empire House, T. Donahue prop., 377 Railroad av

EVERETT HOUSE, O. Everett, 164 Baldwin

Exchange Hotel, Jacob Kolb, 513 Railroad av

Fennell T. McC., 601 Railroad av

Frasier House, A. J. Dobbins, W 3d cor Railroad av

Haight's Hotel, C. E. Haight, 417 Railroad av

Homestead Hotel, F. R. McCoy, 425-427 E Water

Hotel Terry, C. A. Terry, 509 Railroad av

Lewis House, H. D. Barnes, 171 Railroad av cor W Gray

RATHBUN HOUSE, H. C. Hayt prop., 211 E Water

Reformatory Hotel, P. Comfort, College av cor Reformatory

Sickles, Charles, 406 Standish

Sherman House, J. O'Maher, 372 Railroad av

Troy House, J. M. Lynch prop, 419 Railroad av

West End Hotel, J. W. Brink, 232-234 W Water

Western Hotel, Frank Oliver prop., 515 Railroad av

Wyckoff House, S. Bowen prop., 115-123 W Water

Hotel Range and Bake Oven Manuf'r.

Frost, Eli C., 201 E Church

House Furnishing Goods.

Dewitt, Abram M., 152-154 Exchange place


Steen, A. G., 200 E Water

Wagner & Woolf, 104 Lake

Ice Cream Manufacturers.

Benjamin, J. A., 213 E Water

Weyman, Daniel J., 143 1/2 W Water

Wheat, W. S., Horseheads, N. Y.

Ice Dealers.

Elmira Ice Co. (limited), L. Duhl manager, 149 W Water

Incubator Manufacturers.

Andrews, Hatchers, E. K. Ganung & Co., manufacturers, 122 Railroad av

Installment Dealers.

Bay State Manuf Co., R. H. Welles manager, 161 Baldwin

Gately, E. & Co., 434 E Water

Whitson, R. L., 418 Carroll

Wood, L. V. & Bro., 148 W Water


Alliger, M. A., 511 College av

American Sick Benefit and Accident Association, E. J. Park secy, 161 Baldwin

Ayres, S. & Son, 114 W Water

Beadle & Sturdevant, 214 E Water

Bennett, W. T., superintendent Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., 331 E Water

Burlingame, E. E., 105 Hoffman

Butcher, E. J., 207 W Water

CUNNINGHAM, C. N., 305 Carroll

George, William, 102 W Water

Guarantee, Alliance (The), E. J. Butcher genl manager, 207 W Water

Hollister, Charles H., 342 E Water

Hotchkin, Samuel, 308 E Water

Houghtaling, A. P., 408 Mathews

Knox, Edwin, 432 W 4th

Losie's Business Agency, 202 Baldwin

McDowell, J. Lowman, 206 E Water

MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. of N. Y., C. N. Cunningham agent, 305 Carroll

Perry, T. & Co., 338 E Water

Potter, Charles H., 338 E Water

Potter, Roach & Co., 305 Carroll

Prudential Ins Co., M. G. Meyers supt, room 4 Opera House blk

Rathbun, Simeon B., life, 317 E Water

Rhodes, Dana, 206 E Water

Spring, George H., 114 Baldwin

Staples, Joshua, 305 Carroll


SLY, J. M. & Co., 116 Baldwin

Stockdale, R. R., 114 Baldwin

UTTER & BEECHER, 107 W Water

Swan, Charles & Sons, Reading, Concordian, New Hampshire, Jefferson, American, Central, Citizens, Pennsylvania and Peoples Insurance companies, 335 E Water

Walter, John, 314 E Water

WELLES, JOHN C., agt N. Y. Life Ins Co., and Employers Liability Assurance corporation (limited), 161 Baldwin

Iron Dealers (Wholesale.)

Dounce & Co., Railroad av cor 5th

Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co., office 722 Hatch, manuf merchant bar and pig iron

Iron Founders.

Coleman, I. B., E Church cor State

PAYNE, B. W. & SONS, S Main S of limits


(See also Watchmakers, etc.)

Ayres, Edward H., 114 W Water

Bally, John & Son, 330 E Water


Farley, G. B., 213 E Water

Freudenheim, M. & Bro., 102 Lake

Freudenheim & Abramson, 114 Lake

Frost, W. H., 335 E Water

LaFrance & Wise, 315 E Water

Lande, T., 402 E Water

Roseman & Levy (wholesale), 105 W Water

Rothschild, Mendal, 414 E Water

Ruger, M. A. & Co., 218 E Water

Ward, Fred J., 1 Main st bridge

Watson, A. J., 135 E Water

Ladder Trucks (Fire.)

LaFrance Fire Engine Co., Junction cor LaFrance



Brown, R. J. Mrs., 312 Main

Campbell, Minnie, 144 W Water

Cotton, W. H., 227 W Water

Dean, Anna, 424 E Water

Domestic Laundry, Benj. Litch manager, 144-146 W Water


Fuller, Elizabeth, 420 College av

Hamilton, Mary A., 403 Madison av

Knouff, Mr. & Mrs. J., Syracuse Laundry 107 E 2d

Lee, Yee, 325 Carroll

Stage, B. Mrs., 430 E Water

TROY STEAM LAUNDRY, C. S. Keith prop, 159 and 161 Baldwin


Aldridge & Robertson, 161 Baldwin

Babcock, Erastus F., 104 Lake

Baldwin, A. H., 112 Lake

Baldwin & Baldwin, 302 E Water

Baxter, Archie E., Masonic Temple

Blair, Addison D., 318 E Water

Brooks, T. B., 815 College av

Brush, George A., 200 E Water

Buck, G. W., 102 Lake

Chamberlain, B. S., 100 Lake

Clarke, Harry M., 104 Lake

Davidson, John T., 338 E Water

Denton & McDowell, 335 E Water

Diven & Redfield, 212 E Water

Douglass, John A., 122 E Water

Eustace, Alexander C., 334 E Water

Fassett, J. Sloat, Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

Fassett, Newton P., Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

Galatian, Andrew B., 338 E Water

Gaylord, Henderson G., Masonic Temple

Gibson, Judson A., Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

Hardy, J. H., 305 Hine

Hart, E. L., 304 E Water

Hart, E. P., 304 E Water

Herendeen, Edward G., 326 E Water

Hull, George S., 166 Lake

Joslyn, John R., 208 E Water

King, Rufus, 306 E Water

Knapp, Wilmott E., 314 E Water

McGuire, J., 218 E Water

Mead, Minos M., 334 E Water

Melville, J. C., 338 E Water

Morrison, R. W., 112 Lake

Moss & Knipp, 210 E Water

Muller, William L., 308 E Water

Murray, John, 206 E Water

O'Connell, Daniel, 308 E Water

Phillips, Cassius A., 218 E Water

Pratt & Jeorg, Opera block, room 2

Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin, Chemung Canal Bank Building


Rice, Frank S., 334 E Water

Robinson, David C., 104 Lake

Robinson, Lucius Hon., 104 Lake

Rockwell, H. H., 100 Lake

Ronan, W. H., 569 E Water

Roper, Edwin K., 336 E Water

Rose, Theodore C., Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

Schwartz, Jacob, 300 E Water

Smith, Dix W., 100 W Water

Smith, H. Boardman, Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

Smith, Walter Lloyd, Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

Smith, Robertson & Bull, 216 E Water

Taber, S. C., 166 Lake

Taylor & Bacon, 120 Lake

Thurston, Ariel S., 100 Lake

Thurston, Charles P., 100 Lake

Turner & VanDuzer, 218 E Water

Ward, James N., 118 Lake

White, Burton C., 308 E Water

White, J. B., 306 E Water

Wilcox, H. D., 340 E Water

Woods, James L., 218 E Water

Leaf Tobacco Dealers.

(See also Cigars.)

Armstrong, H. L. & Co., 207 & 209 Baldwin

Brand, J. & Co., 50-54 Penna av

Leather and Findings.

Bullard, A. B. & Son, 103 W Water

Bullard, George W. & Co., 147 W Water

Sheeley, E. & J., 129 W Water

Library-- (Circulating.)

Losie's Business Agency, 202 Baldwin

Lime, Cement and Plaster.


Gerity Bros., 126 Lake

Queen City Lime Kilns, Barney & Co., E Washington av n rolling mills

Livery Stables.

Brown, E., 314 E Market

Carpenter Bros., 238 W Water

Casey, D., 215 S Main

Casey, M. G., 108 State

Coykendall, A. J., 109 S Main

Cross, Charles, E Gray cor State

Gildea, W. A., 153 W Clinton and 413 E Market

Jones, Fred M., 219 E Market

King, W. E., 108 W 4th

Knickerbocker, J. H., 105 Fox

Norman, J. G., 430 Carroll

Root, E., 208 Mt Zoar

Lock and Gunsmiths.

DeWitt, William P., 418 E Water

CASTERLINE, M. A., 323 Carroll

Lumber Dealers.

Clark, J. H., 354 Maple av

Harris & McHenry, Penna av cor Erie

Jackson, John S., 501 E Church

JONES, C. M. & R. T., W Henry cor Harmon

Partridge, H. M. & Son, 117-119 E Church

Spaulding, H. C. & Co., E 5th cor State

Turner Lumber Co., Eldridge Park


(See also Founders.)

Coleman, I. B., Church cor State

Ellis, James B., E s Baldwin n E Clinton

MOFFETT, J. M., 312 State

Reid & Cooper, Railroad av cor W Church


Casey & Weider, E Market cor State

Granite and Marble Works.

Allen, Charles A., 304 to 312 State

Ayers, A. W. & Son, 442-446 E Water

O'Brien, John, 432 E Water

YENGER, B., E 5th cor Benjamin

Master and Examiner in Chancery.

Davidson, J. T., 338 E Water

Meat Markets.

Clark & Hunt, 529 E Union

Connor, W. W., 66 Penna av

Cronin, M., 703 Railroad av

Duhl Bros., 561 E Church

Ferris, J. E., 309 Fulton

FRIEND, METZGER & CO., 164-166 Lake

Gaiser, C. F., 128 S Main

Hibbard, G. C., 120 S Main

JACOB, ADAM, 116 W Water and 671 Lake

Jacobs, Solomon, 775 John

Johnson, Clarence H., 200 W 5th

Knight, J. J., Davis cor W 5th

Kuster, A., 724 Lake

Lenhart, J. H., 128 S Main

Lobdell, F. N., 609 E Market


Lowman & Johnson, 62 Penna av

METZGER, S. X. & SON, 407-409 Railroad av

Miller & Diester, 763 E Church

Mosher, Gardner & Jones, 208 W Water and 311 and 313 Carroll

Murgatroyd, O. J., 1206 Benton

Pattinson, T. S. & Sons, Main c Market

Platt, H. D., 1503 Lake

Radin, Louis (Jewish), 619 E Water

Reynolds, A. H., mgr, 201 W Clinton

Rhodes & Strader, E Gray cor Railroad av

Romelt & Meyer, 404 E Water

Sadler, F. B., 123 Lake

Spencer, O. D., 1134 Lake

Wheeland, H. F., 428 Penna av

Mercantile Agencies.

Bradstreet's Mercantile Agency, 210 E Water

Dun, R. G. & Co., J. J. Bush mgr, 208 E Water

Merchant Tailors.

(See also Clothiers and Tailors.)

Bower, George, 300 E Water

Cook, Charles E., 715 E Oak

Holzheimer, L. & Co., 141 E Water

Kraft, William, 402 E Water

Leffak, S., 206 E Water

Romer, A., 216 E Water

Stowell & Young, 308 E Water

Strauss, H., 205 E Water

Stuart & Beach, 309 E Water

Tuch, M. G. Mrs., 100 E Water


Messenger Service.

ELMIRA MESSENGER SERVICE, operated by the N. D. Tel Co., 150 Baldwin


DEY BROS. & CO., 301 and 303 E Water

Drew, E. D., 128 W Water

Erlich, B. & Son, 305 E Water

Frawley, M., 216 South av

Gallagher, Mary, 111 Baldwin

Graser & Mortimer, 106 Main

Hagadorn, M. B. Mrs., 306 E Water

Inscho, P. Mrs., & Son, 120 W Water

Lane, John H., 114 Main

Neff, M. Mrs., 316 E Water

Robertshaw, C. Mrs., 126 E Water

Rosenbaum, L. & Sons, 201 E Water

Sheehan, Kate, 208 Main

Valois, B. & J., 328 E Water

Walsh, M. Mrs., 130 E Water

Mowing and Reaping Machines.

Grant & DeWaters, 114 State

Music and Musical Instruments.

(See also Pianos, &c.)

Angell, D. W., 225 W Water

COMPTON, Z., 411 Carroll


Longstreet, W. H., 114 Baldwin and 304 Carroll

Music Teachers.

Baker, M. C., 860 Main

Brown, Louise C., 604 Park pl

Cogswell, H. E., 124 Lake

Cramer, William, 159 Madison av

Edgerly, M. Mrs., 518 W 1st

Hager, Frederick, 716 John

MARSH, JOHN B., 501 Lake

Melville, Maggie, 762 E Market

Mills, F. S., 160 W 5th

Mueller, Robert, 322 E Water

Palmer, Jeannia M., 116 Fox

Palmer, Josephine A., 320 W 3d

Schrader, Charles, 310 W 4th

White, Ella C., 408 Baldwin


FITCH & BILLINGS, 112 Baldwin

Hooker & Dorr, Main cor 3d

Sullivan, F., 321 E Water

Union News Co., under Delavan House

Whitman, Ida, 675 Lake


(See Miscellaneous.)

Notaries Public.

(See Miscellaneous.)


(See also Dry Goods.)

Freudenheim, L. & Bro., 102 Lake

Freudenheim & Abramson, 114 Lake

Holmes & Thompson, 178, 180 & 182 State

Novelty Stores.

Woolworth & Northrop, 324 E Water


HOFFMAN, E. M. & H. N., W Clinton cor Hoffman


Cowen, Dell Miss., 208 W Chemung pl

Gernet, E. Mrs., 409 W 5th

Lane, Betsey A., 1012 Oak

Nurss, Julia M., 421 S Broadway

Perkins, Mary Mrs., 217 W Water

Thomas, Maria Mrs., 604 Dickinson

Thro, Isabelle Mrs., 310 W South av

Tubbs, Hattie E., 459 E Water

Oculists and Aurists.

Campbell, C. Ernest, 124 Lake

Gilbert, W. H., 110 Main

Tewksbury, A. D., 122 Main

Oil Works.

Elmira Oil Co., office Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

National Transit Co., 110 W 3d

Swift Lubricating Co., 730 W 1st


Ayers, Edward H., 114 W Water

CASSAL, C. M., 105 E Water

LaFrance & Wise, 315 E Water

Organ Manuf.

King, William & Son, 208 College av


Frost, E. C., 201 E Church

Oysters, Fish, Etc.

(See also Fish.)

Hicks & Son, 155 Baldwin

Parks, E., 116 E Water


Banks, Samuel, carriage, sign and ornamental, 435 Carroll

Britton, Frederick, 148 W Water

Buckbee, John, 433 E Water

Budd, O. H., 168 Lake

Carey, W. R., 410 E Water

Crowell, G. P., 211 Lormore


Fitch, Lyman M., 209 W Water

Kelly, G. H., house and sign, 130 W Water

LaFrance, Peter A., 101 W Water and 209 W Hudson

Mieck, J., 715 E Clinton

Nafe, William F., house and sign, 115 W Gray

Palmer, H. T. & Son, house and sign, 216 W Water

REAGAN BROS., 211 W Water

Sauvey, A., carriage, Lincoln cor Park

Schweppe, Frederick, fresco, 150 Fox

Snyder, Aloyse, carriage and signs, 452 E Water

Paints, Oils and Glass.

(See also Hardware.)

BARKER, ROSE & GRAY, 344 E Water


Loomis & Gates, 126 W Water

Roll, M. R., 119 Baldwin

Young, C. W. & Co., 307 E Water

Paper Box Manufacturers.

Bolt, M. S., 209 Gregg

Howell & Aldrich, 73, 75 and 77 Penna av

Paper Dealers.

LANEY, S. H., E Market cor William

Paper Hangers.

(See also Painters.)

Buckbee, John, 433 E Water


Kelly, G. H., 130 W Water

Nafe, Wm. F., 115 W Gray

Palmer, H. T. Sons, 216 W Water

REAGAN BROS., 211 W Water

Paper Hangings.

(See also Wall Paper.)

Morse, Baker & Hall, 313 E Water

Patent Medicines.

(See also Druggists.)

Brown, Salicyline Co., 224 W Water

VEAZIE & CO., 68 Penna av


Watson, A. J., 136 E Water

Pension Claim Agents.

Boothe, A. Mrs., 508 Main

Galatian, Andrew B., 338 E Water

Perfumery Manufacturers.

Hudson, Columbus & Co., 127 W Water


Elmira Portrait Co., 116 Baldwin

EXCELSIOR VIEW CO., C. H. Sylvester prop., 159 Railroad av

Hart, A. P., 306 E Water

Howe, Charles J., 137 E Water

Larkin, John E., 317 E Water

Mowry, E. L., Partridge cor S Main


Rowley, W. C., 110-112 W Water

VanAken, E. M., 120 W Water

Whitley, John H., 303 Railroad av


Adriance, Frank W., 306 Lake

Berry, Elizabeth, magnetic and electric, 1352 Lake

Brown, C. W., 312 W Church

Brown, C. W. M., 311 Baldwin

Brown, M. M., 108 College av

Burnett, W. W., 118 W Water

Campbell, C. E., 124 Lake

Chase, Zalmon F., 760 E Church

DeWitt, Edgar L., 418 E Water

Dow, I. C., magnetic and electric, Main cor Market

Dundas, Thomas A., 257 Baldwin

Easton, James D., 1104 Lake

Eddy, E. C., 500 William

Eldred, J. E., 206 S Main

Flood, F. H., 505 E Water

Flood, H., 403 Lake cor 2d

Ford, Harry H., 308 W Church

Gilbert, W. H., 110 Main

Gleason, Drs. & Co., Water Cure, 1019 East av

Goodman, William F., 750 E 5th

Hart, Ira F., 306 E Church

Heldrich, Philipp, 272 Baldwin cor E Church

Hill, J. Stewart, 151 Lake

Jacobs, Jonas, 251 Baldwin

Jenks, Robert B., 300 W Church

Lucy, T. F., 215 Mt Zoar

Merchant, Louis H., 523 E Union

Merrill, G. V. R., 458 Spaulding

Merritt, D. P., 313 W Clinton

Mills, R. N., 150 Madison av

Moroney, John, 328 Baldwin

Morse, Barnett W., 110 W 2d

Palmer, S. E., 116 S Main

Parke, F. B., 555 E Church

Parkhurst, L. D., 332 E Water

Pratt, H. DeV. jr., 118 Main

Pratt, R. B., Baldwin cor E Market

Pratt, Sarah E., 367 W Gray

Price, J. H., 305 Penna av

Reardon, D. H., 53 S Main

Reilly, Edmund A., 117 E Water

Ross, Frank W., 326 Baldwin

Squire, Charles L., 409 E Church

Squire, Truman H., 409 E Church

Stagg, S. F., 151 W 3d

Stiles, Oliver D., electric, 365 Davis

Tewkesbury, A. D., eye, ear, nose and throat, 122 Main

VEAZIE, THOMAS, 68 Penna av

Wales, Theron A., 403 William

Wales, Zippie Brooks, 403 William

Watkins, M. S., 432 Penna av

Westlake, John A., 907 Lake

Wey, Hamilton D., 359 Main

Wey, Wm. C., 359 Main

Woodward, Charles, 205 E Gray

Pianos and Organs.

Angell, D. W. 225 W Water

COMPTON, ZERA, 411 Carroll

GREENER, JACOB, manuf, 209 E Church

Longstreet, W. H., 114 Baldwin and 304 Carroll

Piano Tuners.

Greener, A., 207 E Church

Zimmerman, J. C., 114 Baldwin

Pictures and Picture Frames.

Bement & Davenport, 327 E Water

Pipe Line.

National Transit Co., 110 W 3d

Planing Mills.

(See also Lubber, also Sash, Blinds.)

Fletcher, O. M., 622 W Water

Partridge, H. M. & Son, 117-119 E Church

Plow Manuf.

Clipper Chilled Plow Co., William cor E Clinton

Plumbers, Steam & Gas Fitters.

Campbell, James A. & Co., 218 W Water

Gridley, C. H. & Co., 336 E Water

Krowl & LeValley, 124 Lake

Walker, James & R. H., 332-334 E Water

Pool Rooms.

McCONNELL BROS., 160 Baldwin

Seeley, D. W., 108 E Water

Printers---(Book and Job.)

Copeland & Woodford, 135 E Water

Cornell Printing Co., 83 Penna av


EMPIRE PRINTING HOUSE, (Scholl & Wentworth), 125 W Water


Reynolds, A. G., 307 E Market



TELEGRAM COMPANY, Market cor Exchange pl

WHEELER, O. H., 329 Carroll

Produce and Commission Merchants.

Ayers, D. E. jr., 201 W Water

Jennings, Fred L., 110 State

Ferguson, William H., 133 W Water

Provision Dealers.

(See also Grocers.)


BRIGGS, J. B., Elmira Saturday Tidings, 316 Carroll

ELMIRA ADVERTISER ASSOCIATION, Elmira Daily and Weekly Advertiser, 316 Carroll

GAZETTE COMPANY (The), 104-106 Lake

TELEGRAM COMPANY, Market cor Exchange pl

WILLIAMS, J. E. (Directory), 262 Baldwin

Pump Manufacturers.

Dougherty, C. F. & Son, 406 E Market

Rags and Metals.

LANEY, S. H., E Market cor William

Solomon, Saba, 53 Washington

Railroad Co's and Steamship Ticket Agents.


L V R R, Railroad av cor W 3d

Northern Central R R depot, Railroad av cor W 3d

N Y L E & W R R, Railroad av cor W 3d

Tioga R R, see N Y L E & W R R

Real Estate Agents.

(See also Insurance.)

Baldwin, A. H., 112 Lake

Baldwin, Gordon W., 330 E Water

Galatian, A. B., 338 E Water

Hall, S. J., 1300 Lake

Hathorn, A., W 4th cor Railroad av

HOME CO., NEW YORK CITY (E. B. Turner gen. agt., 148 W Water

Losie's Business Agency, 202 Baldwin

McCann, G. S., W s Davis n State Reformatory

McDowell, J. Lowman, 206 E Water

Post, William T., 101 E Market

Rathbun, John T., 121 Baldwin

Rathbun, S. B., 317 E Water

Roberts, E. M., 306 DeWitt

Robertson, William B., 159 Baldwin

SIMONS, N. W. & CO., 159 Baldwin

Swan, Charles & Sons, 335 E Water

Tidd, Horton, 206 E Water


(See Saloons, also Dining Rooms.)

Bancher, B., 119 Lake

Christen, Joseph, 151 Baldwin

Haight, M., 108-110 Lake

Hummel, Chas. G., 115-117 Lake

Johnson, C. S., 102 E Water

Kennedy, J. W., Erie depot

Maurer Bros., 140 E Water

Parks, Elisha M., 116 E Water

Perrault, Mitchell G., 326 E Water

Shidlen, Louis, 132 E Water

Stevenson, T. R., 123 Baldwin

Rolling Mill.

Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co., office 722 Hatch

Roofers (Tin).

GRIDLEY, G. A. & SON, 119 E Water

Pautz, William, 303 E Market

Saddlery Hardware.

Plumb & Sheldons, wholesale, 118-120 Lake

Safe Repairer.

DeWitt, William P., 418 E Water


(See also Restaurants, also Hotels.)

Bachle, Henry, 351 E 5th

Bancher, B., 119 Lake

Bauer, C., 853 Dickinson

Beaty, G., 401 Railroad av

Bennett, James J., 417 Madison av

Benson, William, 121 W Water

Billette, J. F., 416 E Water

Birmingham, M., 170 Lake

Bourgeois, D., 135 W Water

Bryan, W. C., 225 W Water

Carpenter, Harry A., 315 Carroll

Casey, Michael, 220 W Henry

Caverly, Richard, 116 W 5th

Cherry, John, 361 Railroad av

Christen, Joseph, 151 Baldwin

Connelly, Cornelius, 318 E Water

Cullinan, J., 108 W Washington av

Cunningham, A., 208 W Hudson

Crowley, Thomas, 559 E Church

Cusick, P., 201 W South av


Darrin & Richardson, 143 E Water

Deister, Michael, 322 E Water

Devlin, J., 814 Hatch

Donovan, J., W 5th cor Magee

Donovan, Timothy, 365 Railroad av

Dugan, Roger, 801 Lake

Falsey, Patrick, 108 W 5th

Farr, J., 703 S Main

Fitzmartin, J., 114 W 5th

Flahave, P. J., 1400 Baldwin

Ford, Anthony, 309 E Washington av

Ford, T. & M., 143 W Water

Fowler, Harry, 122 W Water

Gaughan, Patrick, 671 Dickinson

Geisenheimer, Oscar C., 464-466 E Water

Gerard, Jacob, 851 E Church

Gilmore, John, 114 E Water

Gorman, T., 519 Oak

Grady, Michael, 319 Railroad av

Hadden, A., 671 Baldwin

Hade, Justus, 1132 Lake

Haley, Thomas E., 100 W South av

Hannifen, John, 306 E Washington av

Haran Bros., 156 Baldwin

Hart, Charles, 406 E Water

Heine, H. Mrs., 165 Baldwin

Hogan & Callahan, 120 E Water

Keefe, J., 610 S Main

Keller, William, 408 E Water

Keough, J., 315 Railroad av

Kerns, Emma, 327 Railroad av

Klapproth, C., 162 lake

Klein, Margaret Mrs., 523 Baldwin

Lawrence, Malcom E., 314 Carroll

Lundergan, G., 963 Main

Lynch, Patrick, 363 Railroad av

Lyons, Peter, 427 Railroad av

Mack, D., 617 S Main

Mahoney, M., 139 W Water

McCarthy, Dennis, 416 DeWitt

McCarthy, William, 722 Lake

McGraw, Thomas F., 464 W 6th

McInerney, J., 508 Main

McLain, Clark, 412 E Water

Miller, John C., 302 E Washington av

Murdock, N. N., 101 W 5th

Murray, Lawrence, 103 State

Murray, R. J., 219 W Water

Nolan, C., 605 Railroad av

Nolan, D., 632 Lewis

O'Connor, P., 726 Lake

O'Neil, O., 705 Railroad av

Owens, M., 837 Canal

Palmer, Ezra, 422 E Water

Purcell, Stephen T., 103 E Church

Rafter, T., 827 Canal

Riley, J. J., 507 Railroad av

Roche, Mary E., 351 Railroad av

Ryan, J., 60 Penna av

Shidlen, Louis, 132 E Water

Sickles, Charles, 406 Standish

Singerhoff, Charles, 437 E Water

Singerhoff, William, 412 Carroll

Sullivan, C., 851 Dickinson

Sullivan, J., 865 Davis

Sullivan, M., Baldwin cor Thurston

Sullivan, Timothy J., 411 Railroad av

Tschan, Philip, 605 Lake

Walker, John A., 229 W Water

Wallace, George J., 675 Lake

Wallace, George W., 301 E 5th

Walsh, William, 149 W Water

Watkins, S. S., 420 E Water

Welsh, Mary Mrs., 331 Railroad av

Whitley & Ganon, 137 W Water

Wiencke, Mary, 600 Jay

Williams, L., Baldwin cor 5th

Sash, Blinds and Doors.

(See also Planing Mills.)

Fitch & Aldrich, 511 E Clinton

JONES, C. M. & R. T., W Henry cor Harmon

Spaulding, H. C. & Co., E 5th cor State

Saw Manufs.

Andrews Bros., 110 E Market

Scales and Balances.


Loomis & Gates, 126 W Water

Scale Repairer.

McColl, Evan, Exchange pl n Market


Wilson, James, 503 Madison av


(See also Miscellaneous.)


Elmira Business College, A. J. Warner prop, E Water cor Lake

Seed Growers and Seedsmen.

(See also Florists.)

Ayers, D. E. jr., 201 W Water

Hill, J. Stewart, 151 Lake

TAYLOR BROS., RICE & CO., 163 Baldwin

Sewer Pipes.

Lee, C. M., 169 Railroad av


Sewing Machines.

COMPTON, ZERA (Household), 411 Carroll

DeWitt, William P., repairer, 418 E Water

Domestic Sewing Machine Co., E. Butcher jr. manager, 207 W Water

Howe Sewing Machine Co., L. N. Wheeler manager, 324 E Water

Singer Manuf Co., D. G. Davidson manager, 101 W Water

Shear Manuf. (Tinners.)

Waugh, E. R., 215 W 2d

Sheet Iron and Copper Ware.

LANEY, S. H., E Market cor William

Loomis & Gates, 126 W Water

Young, C. W. & Co., 307 E Water

Shirt Manufs.

Cushing, J., 135 E Water

Sign Writers.

Banks, S., and 435 Carroll

Britton, Frederick, 148 W Water

Densmore, Joseph D., 111 S Main

Fitch, L. M., 215 W Water

Silver Plater.

Wheret, John G., 148 W Water

Slate Dealers.

Losie, T. M., E Market cor State

STERLING SLATE CO. (The), J. H. Rudolph supt and treas, 161 Baldwin

Slate Roofers.

Losie Bros., E Market cor State

Slate Yard.

WARD, W. A., Main n Church

Snuff, Pipes, Etc.

Nicks, John I., 615 Railroad av

Soap Works.

Biggs, P. & Co., Madison av cor E 5th

Spring Bed Manufs.

Holmes, H. H., 659 College av

Lariew, John R., 405 Baldwin

Park, Wat, 201-203 E Church

Sprinklers. (Street.)

BERRY, JOHN A., 5th cor Madison av

Stair Builders.

Carpenter, G. H., Penna av cor Erie

Swainson, George M., 403 Grove

Stamping and Embroidery.

Cook, G. Newton, 125 W Water

Donly, Kate T. Mrs., 203 W Water

Steam and Gas Fixtures.

Gridley, C. H. & Co., 336 E Water

Krowl & LeValley, 124 Lake

Walker, James & R. H., 332-334 E Water

Steamship Agents.

Butcher, E., 207 W Water


Browne, Cora C., Railroad av c Market

Griffiths, Anna M., 138 E Water

MacNeil, Helen, 216 E Water

Roberts, J. W., 214 Madison av

Minier, Max, 408 Main

Rose, Theodore C., Masonic Temple, Lake cor E Market

White, Clara A., Chemung Canal Bank bldg

Stone Yard.

WARD, W. A., Main cor W 1st


Farrington, E. W., Church cor E Judson

Stoves, Tinware, Etc.

BARKER, ROSE & GRAY, 338-344 E Water

DeWitt, Abram M., 154-156 Exchange pl


GRIDLEY, G. A. & SON, 119 E Water


Loomis & Gates, 126 W Water

Steen, A. G., 200 E Water

Young, C. W. & Co., 307 E Water

Wagner & Woolf, 104 Lake

Street Railways.

Elmira and Horseheads Railway Co., Lake n E 5th


(See also Civil Engineers.)

Benton, H. P., 109 W Gray

Boview, Asa P., 308 Spaulding


(See Merchant Tailors, also Clothiers.)

Bartholf, R. & H., 379 W Gray

Bochnewetch, Joseph, 119-121 S Main

Fabian, Adolph, 317 E Water


Kloechner, Jacob, 154 Fox

Kraft, William, 402 E Water

Landers, Garrett, 118 E Water

McCarthy, John, 144 E Water

Neckerman, Louis, 107 E Water

O'Brien, Daniel J., 604 E Water

Osborne, Oscar H., 324 E Water

Shuld, J., 222 Gregg

Surganty, Joseph, 321 E Water

Tanners and Curriers.

Palmer & Decker, Penna av cor Maple av

Sheely, F. & Son, Hine cor W Hudson


Daboll & Reid, 204 Baldwin

Teas, Coffees, Etc.

FUHRMAN, M., 120 Lake

Grand Union Tea Co., 140 W Water

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. (The), T. J. McMahon manager, 117 E Water

Leonard, George C., 220 E Water

Ross & Kline, 421 Main

Russell, F. N., 146 W Water, prop Atlantic tea store

Walker, George, 114 W Water

Telegraph Companies.

N. Y. & Pa. Telephone and Telegraph Co., W. N. Estabrook general manager, State cor Nicks

Postal Telegraph and Cable Co., C. L. Jones manager, 115 Baldwin

Western Union Telegraph Co., W. H. Owen agent, 150 Baldwin

Telephone Exchange.

N. Y. & Pa. Telephone and Telegraph Co's Exchange, State cor Nicks

Ticket Broker.

Snyder, Charles, 511 Railroad av

Tin and Sheet Iron Ware.

(See also Stoves, etc.)

Baldwin, S., 206 S Main

LANEY, S. H., E Market cor William

Palmer, George E., 661 Baldwin

Pautz, William, 303 E Market

Young, C. W. & Co., 307 E Water

Transom Opener Manufacturer.

Prall, J. H. R., r 467 W Water

Trunks and Traveling Bags.

Tillman, John, 214 E Water

Wheadon, C. H. & Son, 204-206 E Water

Trusses and Surgical Instruments.

Hill, J. Stewart, 151 Lake


Carpenter, G. H., cor Penna av and Erie

Type Writers

Seely, D. W., 108 E Water

Umbrella Manufacturers & Repairers.

Doyle, George W., 205 E Church

Hennessy, Julia Mrs., repairer, 103 W Water



Lynch, Edward, 418 Carroll

McDowell, H. L., 116-118 Main

Robinson, J. M. Sons & Co., 159-163-165 Lake


Booth, H. W., 517 Main

Lariew, J. R., 405 Baldwin

McColl, Evan, Exchange pl n E Market

McDowell, H. E., 116-118 Main

Park, Wat, 201-203 E Church


Coykendall, E. A., 350 S Main

Derby, S. N. Mrs., 75 Walnut

Lantaff, Charles, 112 W Water

Leonard, George C., 220 E Water

Miller, Lottie, 328 E Water


Woolworth & Northrop, 324 E Water

Warming and Ventilating Engineers.

Smead & Northcott, Fox cor Carroll

Veterinary Surgeons.

HILL, CHAS A., Elmira House

JEFFERY, GEORGE P., West End Hotel

Krowl, Abram, 418 E Market

Wall Paper Dealers.

(See Paper Hanging.)

Buckbee, John, 433 E Water

Dumars, J. H., 142 W Water


Morse, Baker & Hall, 313 E Water

Palmer, H. T. & Son, 216 W Water

REAGAN BROS., 211 W Water

Sullivan, Florence, 321 E Water


Watchmakers and Repairers.

CASSAL, CHAS. M., 105 E Water

Teed, Charles W., 214 W Water

Slater, D. M., 210 E Water


Sullivan, William, 448 E Water

Wines and Liquors.

(See also Saloons.)

Earle, B. B., 204 W Water

FERRIS, FRED, 159 Railroad av

Hicks, George W., wholesale, 434 Carroll

Jones, T. B., 429 Railroad av

Morgan, D. A., 157 Lake

O'Connor, J. J., wholesale, 417 Carroll

Singerhoff, Charles, 437 E Water

SKINNER, C. W., wholesale, 413-415 Carroll

Vinton, C. E., wholesale and retail, 102 E Market

Walsh, William, 149 W Water

Wire Goods Manufacturer.

Bantley, C., E 5th cor Madison av

Wood and Willow Ware.

Steen, A. G., 200 E Water

Wooden Water Pine Manufacturers.

Wyckoff, A. & Son, 101-111 E Chemung pl

Woolen Mills.

Elmira Woolen Mill, bet Sullivan and East av

Queen City Woolen Mill, Sly cor Maple av


Gould, Orange P., Matchless, 510 W 2d

Whitson, R. L., 418 Carroll