Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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Welsh, Maggie, domestic, 507 W Church

Welsh, Mary Mrs., saloon, 373 Railroad av, h do

Welsh, Mary, domestic, 611 College av

Welsh, Michael, laborer, h 160 E Washington av

Welsh, Patrick, laborer, h 407 Pennsylvania av

Welsh, William, cigarmaker, bds 251 W Henry

Welsh, William, shoemaker, bds Hatch n Washington av

Weltner, Christina, widow Michael, h Tuttle av bel E Church

Welton, Louisa A. Mrs., dressmaker, h 101 W S Water

Wendling, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 113 W 1st

Wendling, John, shoemaker, h 113 W 1st

WENTZ, WILBUR F., coal and wood, 101 E Gray, h 502 William

Werden, John T., salesman, 102 W Water, bds 433 E Water

Wertz, Mary A., domestic, 500 Baldwin

WEST, CHARLES F., flour and feed mills, ft E Water, h do

West, Joseph, cooper, bds Brooklyn House

West, Lottie M., widow Henry, h 421 W 1st

West, William W., barber, bds United States Hotel

Westbrook, Ann, dressmaker, bds 418 S Main

Westbrook, Betsy, h 116 Baldwin

Westbrook, Charles B., laborer, bds 418 S Main

Westbrook, William, mason, h 418 S Main

Westcot, Arthur, music and musical instruments, 204 Baldwin, h 309 William

WESTERN HOTEL, Jacob Schlosser, 515 Railroad av


Westfall, Lyman, fireman, bds 205 W 3d

Westgate, Edward J., superintendent, h 864 Lake

Westgate, Mary A., widow William W., h 864 Lake

Westlake, Isaac, bds 110 W Church

Westlake, Arthur M. (J. Richardson & Co.), h 455 W Gray

Wetzel, Adam, cooper, h 108 W Henry

Wey, Hamilton D., physician, h 359 N Main

WEY, WILLIAM C., physician; office hours 1 to 3 pm, 7 to 9 pm, 359 N Main, h do

Weyer, J. Philip (L. Duhl & Co.), also brickmanufr, Pattinson cor Sullivan, h 517 William

Weyer, John, gardener, h r 453 Maple av

Weyman, Daniel J., dep. sheriff, court house, bds 211 William

Weyman, Ellen Mrs., ice cream and confectioner, 425 E Market, h do

Weyman, Jacob G., h 425 E Market

Weymouth, Anna B. Mrs., h 378 W Church

WHEADON, C.H. & SON (Henry G.), saddlers and harness manufrs, 206 E Water

Wheaden, Charles F., provisions, 611 and 613 Railroad av, h 377 W Water

Wheadon, Charles H. (C.H. Wheadon & Son), h 119 W S Water

Wheadon, Henry G. (C.H. Wheadon & Son), bds 119 W S Water

Wheaton, Calvin S., conductor, bds 221 Mt. Zoar

Wheeler, David R., engineer, h 550 S Main

Wheeler, Duane, mason, h 822 Lincoln

Wheeler, Eli, iron dealer, h 505 William

Wheeler, Mervin J., printer Gazette, h 59 Orchard

WHEELER, ORRIN H., book and job printer, also flour sack manufr, 327 Carroll, h 415 W Church

Wheeler, Sheldon S., brakeman, h 415 W 3d

Wheeler, William, laborer, h 152 Fox

Whelpton, Henry, carpenter, bds 515 W Water

Whelpton, Henry (Whitney & Whelpton), bds 203 E Gray

Whelpton, John M., carpenter, bds 106 W 2d

Wheret, John G., foreman, bds Diven av n Baldwin

Whitbeck, Clara, widow Howard, h 101 W Water

Whitbeck, Harvey, confectioner, bds 101 W Water

Whitcomb, Silas, shoemaker, bds 510 W 2d

White, Abner, foreman, h 451 W 1st

White, Carrie Mrs., h 223 W Water

White, Charles W., shoemaker, 665 Davis, h do

WHITE, JEROME B., lawyer, 306 E Water, bds Maple av

White, John, laborer, h 100 E Washington av

White, John E., shoemaker, bds 114 E Water

White, Maggie, domestic, 113 W S Water

White, Mary Mrs., grocer, 311 E 5th, h 667 Dickinson

WHITE, MERRITT P., bookkeeper, also notary public, 110 W Water, h 371 W Gray

White, Peter D., engineer, bds 667 Dickinson

White, R. Mrs., hairdresser, 124 Lake, h do

WHITE, ROBERT H., tea and coffee, 119 Baldwin, h 312 W Gray

White, Wellington, student, h 451 W 1st

Whitehouse, William, carriage painter, bds 123 Sullivan

Whiting, Chauncey C., shoemaker, h 383 W Water

Whiting, Sarah F., widow Seth F., h 452 W Water

Whitley, Eugene, farmer, bds 119 Sullivan

Whitley, William, brakeman, bds 119 Sullivan

Whitlock, Albert, hostler, h 718 College av

Whitlock, Cyrus, traveling agent, h 311 Washington

Whitlock, Guy, farmer, h 1329 College av

WHITLOCK, GEORGE S., druggist, 111 W 3d, h 303 W Clinton

Whitley, Ida, teacher, bds 119 Sullivan

WHITLEY, JOHN H., photographer, 201 E Water, h 119 Sullivan

Whitman, Henzdall, farmer, h 700 Jay

Whitmore, George, clerk, 305 E Water, bds 417 E Market

Whitney, John J. (Whitney & Whelpton), h 362 Diven av

Whitney, Mary E., teacher, bds 719 Columbia

Whitney, Milo E., shoemaker, bds 203 Partridge

Whitney, Samuel A., shoemaker, h 203 Partridge

WHITNEY & WHELPTON (John J. Whitney and Henry Whelpton), manufrs sash, doors, blinds, & c., State cor E Gray

Whitson, James E., miller, bds 424 Standish

Whitson, John, teamster, h 505 E 3d

Whitson, Thomas, laborer, h 424 Standish

Wicker, Mahlon, telegrapher, h 207 Jacob

Wickham, John, machinist, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham, Maggie, domestic Rathbun House

Wickham, Thomas, carpenter, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham, William, machinist, bds 329 S Broadway

Widman, Frank, machinist, h Powell n New

Wiegand, Charles C. (G.C. & C.C. Wiegand), bds 218 Madison av

Wiegand, Frederick, barber, bds 214 Madison av

WIEGAND, G.C. & C.C., hairdressers, 105 Baldwin

Wiegand, George C. (G.C. & C.C. Wiegand), h 214 Madison av

Wiegand, Josie, bds 218 Madison av

Wienecke, Ferdinand, cabinetmaker, h 711 E Oak
Wightman, Benjamin A., agent, h 57 1st av

Wilcox, Debbie J., widow Jacob, bds S Main n W South av

Wilcox, Fortis M., laborer, h 50 Pennsylvania av

Wilcox, Frederick H., shoemaker, bds 708 E Water

Wilcox, George W., painter, h 604 E Water

Wilcox, Hezekiah D., law student, 216 E Water, bds S Main beyond limits

Wilcox, John W., shoemaker, bds 708 E Water

Wilcox, Mary C., h 334 E Water

Wilcox, R.H. Mrs., clairvoyant physician, 415 E Church, h do

Wilcox, Richard H., farmer, h 415 E Church

Wilder, H. Fayette, carpenter, h 515 W Clinton

Wilds, Abraham R., cutter, bds Wyckoff House

Wilferth, John, pressman Gazette, bds 224 Sullivan

Wilferth, William T., pressman Advertiser, h 224 Sullivan

Wilkey, Eugene, bds 854 E Market

Wilkey, James A., shoemaker, 226 Sullivan, h 854 E Market

Wilkin, Moses B., carpenter, h 1001 Davis

Wilkins, William E., physician, h 148 W Water

Wilkinson, Joan, widow George, h 315 Lake

William, Lena A., domestic, 111 N Main

Williams, Ann C., dressmaker, bds 520 Lake

Willsey, Annie, widow Daniel, h r 609 Hart

Williams, Benjamin, foreman rolling mill, h 701 Davis

William, C., lawyer, bds 417 E Market

Williams, Charles, upholsterer, bds Harper n Sullivan

Williams, Daniel F., shoemaker, h 1216 Baldwin

Williams, DeVer W., boots and shoes, 115 Lake, h 110 W 2d

Wills, Ellie, dressmaker, bds 209 Park

Williams, Elvira, domestic, 466 W Water

Williams, Emory, shoemaker, h 1314 Benton

Williams, Henry, farmer, h 715 Dickinson

Williams, Henry, laborer, h E First n Baldwin

Williams, James, bds 425 Standish

Wills, James, carpenter, h 209 Park

Williams, James, clerk, h 640 W Water

Williams, James, jr., puddler, h 425 Standish

Williams, Jefferson, shoemaker, bds 707 Dickinson

Williams, John, laborer, h 665 Dickinson

Williams, John, puddler, bds 713 Walnut

Williams, John D., bookkeeper, 731 Canal, h 520 Lake

Williams, John F., driver, h E. R. R., n Park

WILLIAMS, JOHN O., granite works, N Main cor W 1st, h 506 W Clinton

Williams, Joseph H., brakeman, h Haselett ab S Main

Williams, Llewellyn, foreman Rolling Mill Co., h 410 W 5th

Williams, Marietta, domestic, 814 Factory

Williams, Matilda A., bds E. R. R. n Park

Williams, Naomi Mrs., carpetweaver, h Harper n Sullivan

Williams, Nathan, laborer, h Harper n Sullivan

Willson, Noah, butcher, h 255 W Henry

Williams, Rodney P., printer Advertiser, h 856 E Market

Williams, Samuel, laborer, h 705 Dickinson

Williams, Sarah J., widow Edson, h 402 W Gray

Williams, Sophia, widow Samuel, h 664 Baldwin

Williams, Susan, tailoress, bds Harper n Sullivan

Williams, William, shoemaker, bds 640 W Water

Wilmot, Thomas, heater, bds 107 E Washington av

Wilmot, Thomas, jr., puddler, bds 107 E Washington av

Wilmot, William, puddler, bds Park n E. R. R.
Wilson, Charles, laborer, bds Pennsylvania av bel toll gate

Wilson, Edward, butcher, bds 624 W Water

Wilson, Frances, music teacher, bds Rathbun House

Wilsey, George, laborer, bds Sullivan cor Matthew

Wilson, James, teamster, h 503 Madison av

Wilson, James, watchman, h 317 W 2d

Wilson, Jane, widow Andrew, bds 522 Baldwin

Wilson, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 407 High

Wilson, Jennie A., widow Robert, h 612 Dickinson

Wilsey, Judson, farmer, h 1212 Baldwin

Wilson, Julia, widow Charles, bds Rathbun House

Wilson, Katie, domestic, 160 W Clinton

Wilson, Nancy, bds 124 W 2d

Wilson, Thomas, machinist, bds 531 Pennsylvania av

Wilson, Thomas, clerk 611 Railroad av, bds 317 W 2d

Windsor, Lloyd D., h 723 College av

Winer, Felix, barber, h 121 Harriet

Wing, Angie, milliner, bds 315 W 4th

Wing, Edson, baggagemaster, h 409 Oak

Wing, Edward, baggagemaster, h 409 Oak

Wing, Lorenzo, carpenter, h 602 Beach

Wink, John, peddler, h 1010 Oak

Winkle, John K. (Winkle & Biggs), bds 709 E Oak

WINKLE & BIGGS (John K. Winkle and John Biggs, jr.), meat market, 669 Lake

Winkler, Ferdinand, soap boiler, h 604 Baldwin

Winn, Alfred, laborer, h 720 Baldwin

Winn, Katie, domestic, 401 W Gray

Winne, William, hostler, bds 656 N Main

Winnie, George, miller, h 216 Park

Winslow, Willie A.P., news agent, bds Mansion House

Winslow, John T., Mansion House, 400 Railroad av

Winsor, Nicholas S., farmer, h 722 W Water

Winterstone, Solomon, peddler, bds Western Hotel

Winton, Henry C., cough medicine, 161 Railroad av, h do

Wipfler, George, cigarmanufr, 711 E Church, h do

Wise, Ambrose, tobocconist, 125 Lake, h 113 Madison av

Wise, Daniel H., commission merchant, 160 Baldwin, h 357 Davis Place

Wise, Fred H., salesman, 111 E Water, bds 113 Madison av

Wise, James T., bds 113 Madison av

Wise, John A., clerk, 125 Lake, bds 113 Madison av

Wise, Lena, domestic, 1013 Benton

WISEMAN, EDWARD, passenger and freight agent N. C. R. W., h 721 Columbia

Wisner, Frank, bds 218 Washington

Wisner, Hammond, brakeman, bds 655 E Church

Wisner, Jeffrey A., h 218 Washington

Wisner, Libbie, bds 655 E Church

Wisner, Maria, widow Henry, bds 357 N Main

Wisner, William H., harnessmaker, h 655 E Church

Witkowsky, Michael, helper, h 708 Day

Wittenberg, Bertha, widow Samuel, bds 461 E Water

Wittenberg, Bertha S., bds 112 Madison av

Wittenberg, Joseph (L. Holzheimer & Co.), h 222 W Church

Wittenberg, Rosa, widow Charles, bds 112 Madison av

Wittkosky, Simon, tailor, 355 Railroad av, h do

Woerner, George, barber, bds 316 High

Wolcott, Ella, h East av n city limits

Wolfe, Frank, bartender Delavan sample rooms, 519 Railroad av, bds do

Wolff, Diedrich (Grieneisen & Woff), h 100 Oak

Wollheim, Aaron, clothing, 101 E Water, h 117 Orchard

Wollheim, Solomon, clothing, 112 E Water, h 219 High

Wolverton, William G., meat market, 201 W Clinton, h 209 W 3d

Wood, Alvah N., conductor, bds 651 College av

Wood, Charles M., shoemaker, bds 651 College av

Wood, Curtis A., conductor, h Giltinan n N. C. R. R. shops

Wood, Emily, widow John, h 356 Davis Place

Wood, Enoch, laborer, bds 618 Dickinson

Wood, George F., brakeman, bds 651 College av

Wood, Gideon, farmer, bds Davis ab Reformatory av

Wood, Hattie I., domestic, S Broadway ab city limits

Wood, Hattie, dressmaker, bds 211 W 2d

Wood, John B., gardener, h 618 Dickinson

Wood, Joseph, carpenter, h 370 Diven av

Wood, Mitchell, machinist, h 358 W Gray

Wood, Morgan L., conductor, h 651 College av

Wood, Samuel S., fruit dealer, bds 102 W Water

Wood, Sarah Mrs., bds 605 E Church

Wood, Seymour B., tinner, h 105 W S Water

Wood, W. Luton, music teacher Elmira Female College, bds Rathbun House

Wood, William H., carriagemaker, h 755 E Church

Wood, William H., mason, h 369 W 5th

Woodard, John, bds 203 E Market

Woodford, James F., printer Advertiser, bds 107 E Hudson

Woodford, Joseph, foreman, 117 E Church

Woodruff, Abagail, widow Albert, h Lormore bel Spaulding

Woodruff, Fred L., bookkeeper, E 5th cor Canal, h Lormore bel Spaulding

Woods, Emma, h 111 E 1st

Woods, James L., lawyer, also U. S. commissioner, 218 E Water, h 416 W Water

WOODWARD, CHARLES M.D., physician, 379 W Water, h do

Woodward, Henry F., chief clerk N. C. R. W., bds 408 N Main

Woodward, L.L. Mrs., physician, 379 W Water, h do

Woodward, William Mrs., h 413 Baldwin

Woodward, William S.C., printer, bds 379 W Water

Woofter, Royal R., express messenger, h 411 Walnut

Woolever, Ada, bds 137 W Water

Woolever, Amanda Mrs., h 137 W Water

Woolf, Edward J., guard Reformatory, h 133 W Water

Woolf, O.C., guard Reformatory, bds do

Woolley, Thomas T., clerk, 133 W Water, h do

Woolson, George S., bds Maple av n city limits

Wordon, Leonard B., mason, bds 422 Balsam

World, Henry, clerk, bds 106 W 2d

Wormley, Henry T., cooper, bds 223 Ann

WORMLEY, JOHN, cooper, r 223 Ann, h 223 Ann

Wormley, Franklin Mrs., bds 217 Ann

Wornley, Augustus, janitor, h Lincoln ab Park

WORRALL, GEORGE, coal and wood, 109 E 2d, h 511 William

Worrall, James L., bookkeeper, 109 E 2d, bds 511 William

WORTH, GUSTAVUS A., city engineer, 9 Arnot Block, E Water, h 372 Pennsylvania av

Wright, ______, clerk ticket office, Erie depot, bds 124 N 2d

Wright, Ann Eliza, widow Nelson, h 803 Magee

Wright, Augustus A., baggage master, h 511 Columbia

Wright, C.H. Mrs., dressmaker, 105 N Main, h do

Wright, Charlotte, widow Alfred, bds 318 E Water

Wright, Charlotte, widow Alfred L., h 408 E Market

Wright, Eliza C., widow Luther, h 404 William

Wright, George B., conductor, h 380 W 4th

Wright, Henrietta, widow Thomas, h 381 W 4th

WRIGHT, JAMES, lawyer, 206 E Water, bds 171 Railroad av

Wright, James A., carpenter, h 130 W Water

Wright, Peter, wheelwright, 237 and 239 W Water, h 451 do

Wright, Robbins D., student, bds 404 William

Wright, Robert, furnaceman, h 1128 N Main

Wright, Sarah C., widow Allen C., h 716 E Oak

Wright, Theodore, blacksmith, W Water, h 451 do

Wrightson, Eliza, domestic Rathbun House

Wrigley, John, tinsmith, h 856 Magee

Wyatt, William, upholsterer, h 208 W Water

Wyckoff, Albert P., shoemaker, bds 256 W S Water

Wyckoff, Arcalous, wooden water pipe, 122 Railroad av, also (A. Wyckoff & Co.), bds 102 W Water

WYCKOFF, A. & CO. (Arcalous and George W. Wyckoff and Clay M. Newcomb), boots and shoes, 110 W Water

WYCKOFF, C. WESLEY, hardware, 126 W Water, h 118 E S Water

Wyckoff, Charles, clerk, 112 S Main, h 258 W Hudson

WYCKOFF, ERNEST L., boots and shoes, 108 W Water, h 862 W Main

Wyckoff, Frank, bookkeeper, 126 W Water, bds 118 E S Water

Wyckoff, George W. (A. Wyckoff & Co.), h 115 E S Water

WYCKOFF HOUSE, formerly Pennsylvania House, B.B. Holiday, agent, 115, 117 and 119 W Water

Wyckoff, Rhody, widow Elias, h 256 W S Water

Wyckoff, William H., pipemaker, bds 256 W S Water

Wylie, Hugh R., harnessmaker, bds 100 Lake

Wylie, Walter C., h 106 Ferris

Wyman, John M., shoemaker, h 118 Sullivan

Wymans, William S., engineer, h 226 Mt. Zoar

Wynn, Hugh, laborer, h 724 Hatch

Wynn, James, helper, h 720 Hatch

Wynn, Mary, domestic, 318 William

Wynn, Thomas, laborer, h 720 Hatch


Yable, Jacob, engineer, h 316 Webber Place

Yanger, Frank, foreman, bds 613 Lake

Yarington, George, carpenter, h 319 Norton

Yates, Horace G., lawyer, 338 E Water, bds 117 W Market

Yates, William P., watchmaker, 218 E Water, h 117 W Market

Yenger, Bertram (Yenger, Schumacher & Co.), h 917 Lake

Yenger, Frank (Yenger, Schumacher & Co.), bds Lake bel E 4th

YENGER, SCHUMACHER & Co. (Bertram Yenger, Peter Schumacher and Frank Yenger), stone works, 702, 704 and 706 Lake

Yontz, John V.B., baggagemaster, h 306 College av

YORK, E.D. & Co. (T.C. Cowden), Queen City Chemical Works, 106 W Water

Yontz, Edgar D. (E.D. York & Co.), h 137 W Water

YOUMANS, EDWARD B., lawyer, 210 E Water, h 220 William

Youmans, Fred L., clerk 517 Railroad av, bds 216 W S Water

Youmans, Milton, carpenter, 216 W S Water, h do

Young, Charles, tinner, bds 406 Powell

Young, Clara, tailoress, bds Esty n Robinson

Young, Harriet, widow Jesse, h Esty n Robinson

Young, Ida, tailoress, bds Esty n Robinson

Young, John, shoemaker, Burdick cor N. C. R. R., h do

Young, John (Stowell & Young), h 812 E Church

Young, Men's Christian Association, Opera Block, Lake

Young, Peter C., h 205 High

Young, Sarah, bds 205 High

Youngs, Stewart, mason, h 1018 Oak

Yuhls, Frederick, painter, bds 610 E Church

Yukir, Wilhelm, laborer, h 1010 Oak


ZACCHI, PHILIP, hat bleacher and ornamental plasterer, 144 E Water, h do

Zimmer, Jacob, blacksmith, h 425 Balsam

Zimmerman, Frank, pianomaker, h 216 Harriet

Zittinger, John, clerk 202 Baldwin, bds 52 Orchard

Zittinger, Levi, clerk 325 E Water, h 54 Orchard

Zittinger, Louis, tailor, h 52 Orchard

Zoppe, Dora, widow Philip, h 427 W 5th



R. Baker, wagonmaker; P.J. Brown, saloon; Mrs. Delia Brant, millinery; E.A. CAMPBELL, postmaster; J. Campbell & Son, grocers; C.K. Frazier, physician; A.S. Fuller, hotel; Groom & Sons, blacksmiths; Frank Hayssite, wagonmaker; Grove Johnson, wagonironer; O.H. Johnson, wagonmaker; F. Keyes, saloon; A.A. King, blacksmith; Minier Brothers, general store; Corbit Peebles, physician; D. Quackenbush, grocer; Quackenbush & Hooker, milliners; Quackenbush & Co., grocers; T.W. Read, physician; Harvey Shell, painter; J. Sherman, shoemaker; Frank Sickles, barber; S.H. SMITH, express agent; S.S. Stevens, grist mill; Voorhes & Rhinehart, saw and grist mill; George W. Woodward, physician; William Woodward, physician.

Farmers.--- J.B. Ailard, Miles Bennett, Henry Bolcher, George Brant, Luther Brant, John Brown, M. Breed, Herman Carpenter, W.S. Carpenter, B.C. Casterline, Thomas Caywood, William Caywood, David Churcher, Leroy Churcher, Purlee Churcher, Riley Churcher, Thomas Cudderback, George Davenport, R.K. Edminster, Henry Farr, Valentine Farr, Joseph Ford, William Ford, M. Fulkerson, Henry Fuller, William Fuller, Frank Goff, Uriah Goff, Charles Hammond, Martin Hammond, N.L. Higgens, Henry Hill, J.C. Hilton, S.B. Hilton, George Hooker, Thomas Hooker, William Hooker, William King, Marion Johnson, William Johnson, William Lovell, Dennis Lucy, Henry Meeker, James Miller, W.B. Miller, Linas Mills, John Minier, Henry Mosher, N.S. Mundy, R. Owen, W.S. Owens, George Park, John Park, A. Potter, M. Randall, G.A. Reador, E. Rhinehart, W.F. Rhodes, John Rowley, Joseph Schofield, W.A. Seeley, M. Shay, D.S. Sheffield, Charles Smith, James Smith, Uriah Stormes, William Tift, Charles Woolcott, S.L. Wormley, William Wormley.


S. Baldwin, tin and sheet iron manufr; W. Barnes, boots and shoes; C.B. Brees, blacksmith; M.H. Brees, furniture and undertaker; BARZILLAI BURGESS, merchant and postmaster; J.N. Carpenter, meat market; HARDING BROS., merchants; M.H. Harding, blacksmith and wheelwright; C.F. Hawkins, physician; H. Heller, meat market; N.S. Hulless, miller; O.A. Jacknay, druggist and physician; S.C. Paige, harnesss manufr; Rodbourn House; S. Rose, milliner and dressmaker; J.R. Sandborn, agent U. I. & Elmira R. R. Express and Telegraph office.

Farmers.----Elisha Harding, G.H. Humfrey, John N. Humfrey, William McMillan, John Staples, A.G. Walker.



MARTIN BAILEY, justice of the peace; Jacob Bucher, hotel; William Bundy, blacksmith; William J. Carter, justice of the peace; Nelson Colegrove, lawyer; William Dilmore, lawyer; Marion Ferenbaugh, hotel; George Fero, blacksmith; William S. Lane, wagonmaker; Lyman Matthews, carpenter; S.W. Miller, carpenter; William J. Northrop, general store; N. Owen, cradlemanufr; JOSEPH H. PRICE, postmaster; Price & Sturgis, general store; Clark Thair, carpenter.

Farmers.-- John Axtell, Henry Backer, James Backer, James Bennett, Ashley Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Edward Cumings, Roswell Goff, Timothy Goff, D.C. Griffin, Samuel Harvey, James Kimball, Frederick Mathews, Almon Matson, Luther Parmer, W. Parmer, John Pierce, Joseph Rickey, George Small, Isaac Smith, Michael Smith, Philip Smith, John Spencer, Dennis Sweet, Sylvester Thorn, N. Tompkins, P. Tompkins, James Upson, Jacob Wade, George Westlake, James Wilcox, Stephen Winfield, A.D. Wright.


M.C. Baldwin, nursery; Thomas Bennett, hotel; J.M. CRISPIN, gardener; J.H. Dickinson, carriage builder; G.W. Drake, grocer, Guy T. Ellis, blacksmith; E.L. Lord, physician; Frank P. Frost, agent E. R. R. Co.; John R. Finch, blacksmith; E. Gere, physician; JOSEPH GRACE & CO., lumber manufrs; Ira B. Hyde Rev., pastor M.E. Church; Orrin Loraine, insurance agent; Jesse Orrin & Co., lumber; Lot Parshall, grist mill; George Reber, blacksmith; C. Ruggles, postmaster; CHARLES RUGGLES & SON, general store; Thompson & Elliott, butchers; James Warren, hotel; N. Weller, justice of the peace, also carriage builder; M. Wood, grocer.

Farmers.--- Henry Barker, Mark Baldwin, N.C. Baldwin, H.S. Beidleman, P.K. Bennett, N.C. Brooks, D.D. DeWitt, U.W. DeWitt, W. DeWitt, J.B. Everett, S.T. Everett, W.H. Foulse, J.S. Holbert, William Holbert, E.R. James, Joseph Joslin, Jared Maroin, Jesse H. Orrin, Asa Parshall, I.L. Peppard, Irvin Rogers, Baldwin Snell, Gordon Snell, John Yance, Sands Wanner, George P. West, A.F. Wheeler, N.F. Wynkoop.


EDWARD T. BEAN, postmaster; James Bennett, shingle manufr.; Samuel Coleman, blacksmith; John Johnson, steam mill; ELIAS PRICE, carpenter; James Warford, wagonmaker; Nelson Warren, lumber dealer.

Farmers.---- Lewis Barr, Bartholomew Brothers, Edward T. Bean, Charles Decker, Jesse Decker, Henry Diamond, John Johnson, Jonathan Johnson, Elias Price, Fred Riddell, William Somers, Oliver Squires, William Farble, Ira Wales, Warren Nelson.



L.W. Churchil, wheelwright; A.L. Edwards, stamp jobber; Elijah Elston, dairy; C.H. KILMER, blacksmith, also postmaster.

Farmers.--- Mead Beckhorn, James Burmingham, Thomas Donahue, Adam Elston, J.S. Gathwrit, V.M. Goldsmith, C.M. Greatsinger, John S. Greatsinger, William Hug, Benjamin Jenkins, Miles W. Jenkins, Walter Knapp, Thomas Long, John Mack, M.S. Nix-Patrick Radieson, Jacob Richardson, Frank Stanard, Giles Stanard, David Stull, John Sturling, Isaac Taylor, Jacob Tice, Robert Tierce, John Tremain, Hiram Whithead, G.L. Williams.


Abram Blanvelt, cooper; Peter Blanvelt, hotel; Charles F. Brees, blacksmith; Simeon Bundy, blacksmith; A.J. Carpenter, carriagemanufr; A.T.T. Carpenter, mason; Charles W. Clark, painter; Henry Cronk, carpenter; James Dibble, shoemaker; SIDNEY L. DIBBLE, railroad and U.S. express agent; Nathan Dunbar, tanner; George Hall, carpenter; E.W. Hawley, blacksmith; WILLIAM KENDALL, lumber and steam saw mill; Albert H. McDowell, justice of the peace; Joseph McMillan, carpenter; J.H. RODBOURN & CO., saw mill; James H. Rodbourn, general store also postmaster; George W. Rumsey, clergyman; Christopher Shaddrick, carpenter; Alexander Shoemaker, justice of the peace; S.T. Tackabury, clergyman, A.H. Vangoraer, shoemaker; Simeon Van Nortwick.

Farmers.---- Orwin Butts, Charles Baker, James Brown, Achilles Brees, Peleg Blanvelt, Garrett S. Becker, Sylvester Baldwin, E.W. Baldwin, Henry W. Brown, C.W. Clark, Andrew Cowan, Nathan Dunbar, Charles R. Davis, Monunia P. Davis, Silas K. Davis, John M. Davis, James Dibble, Mrs. Miles G. Ennis, James Elston, Samuel French, Benjamin Hummer, Henry Hollenbach, Johnson Hunmer, J.W. Houck, Harvey Houck, Erwin D. Hummer, Garret M. Hollenbeck, Chauncey Hollenbeck, Theodore Howe, William Howe, Isaac L. Houch, F.D. Hollenbeck, James Hollenbeck, Miles S. Herrington, A.R. Herrington, James Inman, Ira R. Jones, William Kendall, Melzer Kellogg, A.H. McDowell, William McIntyre, Charles H. McMillan, Alex A. Neish, Byron T. Park, James J. Park, Norman Rosekrans, George W. Rumsey, Lyman Rosekrans, Nelson Rosekrans, Maria M. Smith, John Shadduck, John Shoemaker, Henry Shadduck, Henry Simpson, A.H. Smith, Nelson Smith, Isaac Thomas, Lewis P. Thomas, David Vosburg, Isaac S. Van Gorden, Rufus Vaughn, Giles Vaughn, James Wood, H.H. Whitehead, James Westbrook, Eugene K. Woolever.



Charles Antes, blacksmith; A.L. Bush, shoemaker; Jerome Conklin, carpenter; William Gartner, hotel; Jerry McIntire, blacksmith; Charles Moldier, blacksmith; Lucius Sutliff, carpenter; J. & H.P. WOOLF, grocers and postmaster.

Farmers.--- Robert Andrees, Charles Antes, Henry Blanchard, Godfrey Breweller, John Bowers, Hector Brown, Lewis Bumgardner, Mary Cross, William Culp, Archelus Dailly, Seymour Dailly, Sebastian Damstadt, Jacob Duttenhoffer, George Fager, Hugh Findley, George Fisher, Jacob Fisher, Bryson Flynn, Charles Fritch, Daniel Gartner, Henry Gartner, Peter Gartner, Mathias Gorges, George Hartman, John Hartman, Peter Hartman, Peter Hieb, John W. Howe, Robert Kneale, Christian Kuhn, Peter Kuhn, Andrew Landon, Patrick Madigan, John McDonough, Adam Mutchman, Malcolm Nagel, Luke and Henry Osborne, Jane Owens, John Pahs, Ernest Petyold, William Phillips, Edgar Remer, Nelson Root, Frederick Sang, John Shawe, Jacob Shnitt, John Sibold, Augustus Smith, Jacob Snyder, Henry Stook, Edward Streebeck, Elizabeth Uhl, Hiram Wolff, Elias Wright.


Is a beautifully located town in the valley of Wainkoop Creek, eight miles from the town of Chemung. The nearest railroad station, Erin, is four miles on the U. I. & E. R. R. Population about 200.

A.D. & J. Banfield, lumber; Bandfield Lodge, No. 356, I. O. of G. T., meets at their hall every Saturday evening; W.H. Blanvelt (Blauvelt), W. C. T.; Carlton Bennit, W. S.; W.H. BLANVELT, general store, also postmaster, also justice of the peace; J.W. Grover, general store, also saw mill; C.P. Harvey, shingle manufr.; William Porter, constable; John Langley, blacksmith, J.B. Loomis, saw mill; S.T. Loomis, saw mill; John Westbrook, carpenter.

Farmers.--- L. Bachalor, Thomas Bandfield, Jacob Bandfield, R.A. Barns, Henry Benson, S.N. Blanvelt, Joshua Case, Abner Chapman, Smith Drake, W.R. Edwards, Andrew Getman, Zelor Getman, G.W. Goldsmith, Charles Goodsyl, Stephen Grover, J.W. Heath, Isaac Hicks, Oscar Hicks, Rosolvo Hicks, Alonzo Hoftell, David Hoftell, James Hoftell, E.J. Nichols, A.T. Porter, Charles Porter, L.E. Porter, Frank Sayre, G.T. Sayre, E Soper.


VILLAGE OFFICERS.---Hiram M. Root, pres't; A.C. McCumber, John L. Carpenter, Henry Boone and Thomas Hibbard; Murcus D. Curtis, clerk; Will Park, treasurer.


Bachman, M. V. B., lawyer, Franklin cor Church

Baptist Church, A.M. Bennett, pastor, Orchard

BARLOW, CYRUS, lawyer, Franklin cor Church

Barlow, Frank, dressmaker, Church cor John

Benedict, E.R., painter, Adams

BENTLEY, FRANK S., lawyer, Main cor Franklin

Bird, Walter, gunsmith, Franklin n Church

BISHOP, CARRIE, dressmaker, 3 Mosher Block

Boeitker, Henry, grocer and bakery, Main

Bogardus & Bennitt, foundry, Main

Bush, R.P., physician, Orchard

Carpenter, Clarence E., jeweler, Main cor Franklin

Carpenter, Lewis, harness, Franklin n Main

Carpenter, William Mrs., dressmaker, John

Case & Tomlinson, machinists, Main n Fletcher

Chamberlin & Dennis, groceries, &c., Franklin n Main

Christie, James A., lawyer, Franklin cor Church

CHRISTIE & YOUNG, lawyers, Franklin cor Church

Corel, A.M., clothing and grocer, Franklin n Main

COREL, A.W., physician, Franklin n Main

Cowell, Robert, meat market, Main cor John

COX, C.W., dentist, Main n Franklin

CRISTIE & YOUNG, lawyers, Church cor Franklin

Curtis, DeWitt C., lawyer, Main

Curtis, M.D., lawyer, Main

Dailey, Walter L., lawyer, Main cor Franklin

Davis, W.H., physician, Steuben

Dean, S.R. & G.W., dentists, Franklin

Dunn, Anna, milliner, Main

Egbert & Updike, druggists and booksellers, Hanover sq

Fleming, Andrew, carriage builder, Franklin

Force, Alfred, physician, Broad

Gardner & Compton, furniture, Main

Green, O.H., tailor, 9 Mosher Block

GREENMAN, O.S., physician, Broad n Main

Haines, W.E., harness, Franklin n Main

Haskel, O.S. Mrs., dressmaker, Orchard

HATHAWAY, C.L. & CO., wholesale dealers in grain and hay, Main

HATHAWAY & CARPENTER, furniture and undertaking, Hanover sq

Hathaway & Myers, coal, Main

Herrick, Orrin, grocer, Franklin cor Church

HETFIELD, THOMAS G., cigar manufr, Main

Hill, Henry, shoemaker, Franklin n John

Hogan, John, special policeman, Dublin

Holtz, Lewis, tailor, John n Church

Horseheads Journal (Weekly), Thomas J. Taylor, editor, John cor Main

Horton, John, woodworker, John n Main

Kline, McDonolds & Hall, grist mill, Mill n Main

Lawrence, Thomas, grocer, Main cor Franklin

Lockerby, W.H., barber, Franklin n Main

Loomis, A.D., postmaster, Main cor Franklin

Lovell & Hibbard, hardware, Franklin n Main

Mather, E.C. Mrs., milliner, Main

McConnell, H.H., ticket agent, also agent U. S. Express and N. C. R. R. R. R. Depot

McCONNELL, H.H., ticket agent U. I. and E. R. R. R. R. depot, also justice of the peace

McCumber, Andrew C., tannery, Franklin

McIntyre, C.L., blacksmith, Main

McNish, J.F., books and stationery, Franklin n Main

Methodist Episcopal Church, F.J. Whitney, pastor, Broad

Morgan, Squire, shoemaker, Franklin

Mosher, Hermon, groceries, 2 Mosher's Block

Mosher, R.J., grocer, Franklin cor Church

Mosher, W.W., dry goods, 1 Mosher's Block

Patterson, J.S., Trembly House, Main cor Franklin

Peester & Moore, meat market, Church n Franklin

Presbyterian Church, C.C. Carr, pastor, Church

Putnam & Dorn, blacksmiths, Franklin

Relyea, Chauncey, confectionery, also Restaurant, Franklin

Reynolds & Bennett, bankers, Franklin n Main

REYNOLDS & TUTTLE, steam saw and planing mill, Adams n Main

Rockwell, E.S., blacksmith, Main

Rose, William J., carriage builder, John n Main

ROOT, H.H., grocer, Main cor John

Royce, Simeon, tailor, Main n Franklin

RYANT, H.P., propr. Ryant House, Main

RYANT HOUSE, H.P. Ryant, propr., Main

Shoots, James D., pumpmanufr., Adams n Main

Shoots, Vinton & Co., wooden water pipe, Adams n Main

Shoots & Bennett, job printers, Franklin n Main

SIMMS, MARY E., bakery and confectionery, Main n John

St. Matthews Episcopal Church, F.G. Hoskins, pastor, Main cor Stuben

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Broad

Staring, M.L., millinery, Main n John

Sterling, DeWitt, police constable, Stuben

STOW, D.F., pumpmanufr., Main cor John

TABER & Co., Empire Flour Mill, also coal yard, Franklin

Tallmadge, S.A., druggist, Main n Franklin


Taylor, Margaret, dressmaker, Main

Taylor, Thomas J., editor Horseheads Journal, John cor Main

THOMPSON, J.B., lime and plaster, Chemung Feeder

Thorne, C.E., grain, Franklin

Townsend, David, carriagemaker, John n Main

Trembly House, J.S. Patterson, Main cor Franklin

Tunis, D.R., grocer, also crockery, Franklin n Church

Union School House, Main cor Stuben

Van Duser, J.S. & Co., grocers, Franklin n Main

Van Dusen, N., livery, Main cor John

Ward, P.J., photographer, Main cor Franklin

WELLAR, T.V., justice of the peace, Main cor Franklin

WESTLAKE, BENJAMIN, brickmanufr., North and Westlake

Whitaker, P. & Co., dry goods and clothing, Main n Franklin

Whitenack, A.B., shoemaker, Main n Franklin

Wilcox, M.M. Mrs., sewing machines, Main n Franklin

Williams, E.D., barber, Main cor Franklin

Wintermute Brothers, dry goods, boots and shoes, &c., Hanover sq

Wright, L.L., grocer and shoes, Main n Franklin

YOUNG, LAWRENCE M., lawyer, Church cor Franklin


Goodwin & Harris, millers; L. HARRINGTON, merchant and postmaster; A.L. Kenyon, boots and shoes; John Vancampin, blacksmith.

Farmers.--- Charles Bright, Edwin Carpenter, James Carpenter, Chancey Decker, Sylvester Doolittle, E.H. Goodwin, G.B. Goodwin, Edwin Gray, P. Herrington, David Herrington, James Herrington, Savillian Herrington, Williard Herrington, Gilbert Houston, A. Houston, John Huffman, Nelson Lemons, George Lowman, Jacob Lowman, J.G. Lowman, John Lowman, William Lowman, W.K. Lowman, A.T. Rathbun, Alfred Searles, John Sly, Joseph Wood.


A.F. Babcock, notary public; G.M. Beard, physician; William Botsford, carriage manufr; L.W. Briley, physician; JANE COLE, postmaster; Cole & Phelps, cigar manufrs; George Cook, harnessmaker; C. Coston & Son, shoemakers; John Denson, shoemaker; John Fanton, notary public; John C. Fanton, blacksmith; CHARLES T. HILL, justice of the peace; A.F. Jackson & Son, coopers; Frank Malette, blacksmith; O.F. Miller, physician; D.R. Newman, spoke manufr; E.C. Ogden & Son, chairmaker; Parks Brothers, blacksmiths; William H. Parsons, general store; H.R. Paige, general store; H. Seaman, physician; H. & H.W. Seaman, general store; Charles H. Smith, general store; Henry Stimpson, general store.


Farmers.--- H. Banks, Civilian Brown, John Burch, A.W. Crandall, A.R. Frost, E.M. Hewitt, M.P. King, Carmi Lottin, Chas. McCarty, F.G. Miller, G.M. Parsons, N.B. Parsons, C.W. Sleeper, John St. John, Harvey Turner.


C.V. Bean, lawyer; Joseph Grace & Co., lumber manufrs and general store; LORIN GRACE, postmaster; JESSE OWEN & CO., bark mill.

Farmers.---Matthew Beckwith, E.R. Blovelt, George Collins, George Davis, Joseph Done, William Grace, Isaac Howell, N.D. Howell, Elias Price, Harry Price, Horace Swain, William Tilman, Samuel Warner.


Michael Birmingham, blacksmith; C.S. CARR, physician; John Earley, blacksmith; EMMET HOLMES, postmaster; P. Lowery, carpenter; Stephen Morehouse, shoemaker; A.L. Merrick, dentist; H.H. Seely, wagonmaker; H.C. States, shoemaker; Truman Weeks, blacksmith.

Farmers.--- Horace Baker, D.G. Beckwith, Charles Boyington, Jacob Briggs, Oliver Briggs, John Brown, W.C. Curren, Michael Fennelly, Bryan Flynn, John Flynn, William Goodwin, Clark Gosper, C.G. Hanley, G.M. Lewis, Albert Marsh, Hugh McConnell, Jerre McConnell, John McWhorter, James O'Connor, Asa Piatt, D.W. Quick, Robert Simmons, Leonard Seaverly, William Sherman, Asa Vail, John Wallis, Ambrose Webb, John Wells, George Wilson.


Osro Bowman, blacksmith; P.R. Bryan, traveling agent; Geo. R. Gurnsey, butcher; F.M. JONES, general store, also postmaster; S.R. Jones, lumberman; A.F. Robbins, physician; Gideon Robbins, carpenter; Alvin Stilson, carpenter; S. Weeks, blacksmith.

Farmers.--- A. Ashdown, D.W. Ashdown, A.L. Bartholomew, J.L. Crandall, John Garnsey, Fred Jones, H.B. Knapp, John H. Knapp, Michael Liddy, T. Longhead, B.F. Miller, N.C. McCarrick, Samuel Miller, David Piper, William Redfield, Thomas Russel, Robert Sampson, William Sharp, John Strock, Rufus Tanner, John Updike, Charles Wilson.


Seneka Barber, sawmill; M. Birmingham, blacksmith; O. Bowman, blacksmith; John Brown, grist mill; John Brown, saw mill, Sylvester Brown, blacksmith; Sylvester Brown, No. 2, blacksmith; Dr. Carr, physician; W.G. & F.J. Cassada, grocer; G.S. Chase, wheelwright; I.E. Dobbs, blacksmith; THOMAS M. HITE, lawyer; Emmet Holmes, grocer; Isaac Holmes, blacksmith; Thomas Hopkins, shoemaker; F.N. Jones, grocer; S.R. Jones, saw mill; C.H. Leonard, physician; W.A. Minar, wheelwright; Edward Pedrick, wheelwright; Nathan Pedrick, blacksmith; P.P. RATHBUN, shoemaker, also postmaster; A.B. Robbins & Son, blacksmiths; Dr. Robbins, physician; Charles Ross, blacksmith; H. Staats, shoemaker; Peter Swirk, saw mill; Wells, Burt & Co., tannery; Jacob Weyer, grist mill; Jacob Weyer, saw mill.

Farmers.--- A.B. Beardsley, A.F. Bennett, George Chamberlain, Allen Cooper, Frank Copley, James R. Crooker, Daniel Dalrymple, Charles Deuse, Walter Deuse, D.A. Fairbanks, Clark Gosper, A.D. Griswold, B. Hardan, Jason Harris, D.D. Ham, W.B. Helme, C.O. Haven, Branch Hopkins, Irwin Hopkins, Thomas Hopkins, Daniel Kingsley, A. Lewis, Charles Lewis, Guy McHenry, Miller McHenry, John D. Miller, Monroe Merriam, Lafayette Miller, Burt Nichols, S. Roe, Emory Smith, Frank T. Smith, Lewis B. Smith, Elias Snell, Valentine Strouse, O.P. Swartwood, John C. Todd, J.S. Townsend.



M.D. Bogart, lumber; Della Ermis, music teacher; Dollie Ennis, music teacher; M.C. Ennis, music dealer; Guy P. Gates, furniture; GEORGE A. HELLER, telegraph operator; F.W. Kendall, machinist; John Marion, blacksmith; JOSEPH RODBOURN, lumber; F.M. Starr, blacksmith; James Stockwell, shoemaker; JACOB SWARTWOOD, hotel; Peter Wilson, wheelwright; Jason P. Woolever, lawyer.

Farmers.--- J.D. Bardwell, Abram Barnes, Cyrus Barnes, Oliver Barnes, Thomas Barnes, David Beach, George W. Beach; N.B. Bloom, James V. Bogart, Charles Brockway, F.W. Brockaway, William Clemens, sr., Harrison Collins, Daniel Decker, John Decker, Abram Drake, B.P. Drake, Benjamin Ennis, jr., Chester C. Ennis, Emma Ennis, John S. Ennis, Lowman Ennis, Marion Ennis, Myron Ennis, Solomon Ennis, Ann Foot, George Gates, W.W. Hanson, George W. Horton, Williard Horton, David Huddle, John Ketchum, David Linsay, Sarah McCorn, Daniel McDuffee, Horace McDuffee, John W. McDuffee, James P. Nelson, Robert Nelson, Benjamin Nobles, E.S. Nobles, M.R. Nobles, George M. Osgood, Lewis Purdy, Elijah Rugar, Alf. Swartwood, Chancey Swartwood, James C. Swartwood, John Swartwood, King Swartwood, Norman Swartwood, Alex. Sweezey, Daniel Sweezey, John Woolever, Samuel Woolever.



John Banfield, meat market; Hala Barns, lawyer; Solomon Barnes, hotel; Cyrus Bloodgood, grist mill; Joseph Bogart, blacksmith; BOGART & VANHORN, blacksmiths; L.K. Bowman, wagonmaker; William J. Brigden, wagonmaker; Enos Canfield, physicinn; A.B. CLARK, general store; William W. Clark, grocer; DIMON & CLARK, general store; J.S. Dresser, livery; E. Handy, hotel; William Hilton, physician; J.F. Hixson & Co., bark mill also lumber; S. Hoff, general store; HOFF, THAYER & CO., lumber; H. Huber, coal and lime; I. Hyman, clothier; Charles Morgan, saloon; John B. Mosher, general store; C.A. Murray, physician; Murray & Briggs, general store; Ransler Rumsey, blacksmith; John P. Rumsey, shoemaker. J.U. Rumsey, shoemaker; John Spoor, shoemaker, J. VanRalkenburgh, cooper; C.H. Ward, druggist; H. Whitney, grist mill.


John Brown, grist and saw mill; M.T. & F.J. CASSADA, general store; Joseph Curren, shoemaker; Isaac Holmes, blacksmith; Thomas Hopkins, shoemaker; William H. Leonard, physician; E.C. Pedrick, wagonmaker; Nathan Pedrick, Wells, Burt & Co., tanners.

Farmers.--- T.J. Bradbury, S.W. Brees, S. Cassada, Harvey Coe, Jesse Crist, Samuel Helms, S.Z. Knapp, William J. Mapes, Seth Marvin, D. McWhorter, Stephen McWhorter, Columbus Nichols, Herman R. Smith, John Smith, John Tobey.


T.T. Brown, blacksmith; D. Decker, tannery; Edsall House (hotel); Exchange Hotel; Fishler House (hotel); William Hammer, furniture; James M. Hapman, grocer; S.D. Herman, butter (wholesale); O.L. Hunter, grocer; William Knapp, boots and shoes; R.C. LOCKWOOD, planing mill; J.P. O'Bryan, grist mill; J.B. Payne, general store; M. ROBERTS, general store; H.N. Roe, tailor, J.B. Shappee, saddler; M.A. Sherman, hardware, Smith & West, meat market; C. Streight, boots and shoes; C.M. Stringer, carriagemaker; W.A. White, boots and shoes; Abner C. Wright, druggist; H.W. Young, general store.

Farmers.--- Joseph Behrer, George Benedict, P.C. Brown, L. Burke, D. Burt, John Burt, Charles Coppee, Jacob Decker, John Decker, C. Dewey, L. Dewey, B.H. Doty, H. Farrand, H.C. Fassitt, L. Fincher, George W. Griswold, I.P. Griswold, James Griswold, W.C. Halsted, W.S. Halsted, M.D. Herman, B. Hewitt, D.F. Hildreth, W.S. Hildreth, A.G. Hillman, S. Mitchell, A.P. Roberts, A. Roberts, G.W. Roberts, I.O. Scudder, E. Smith.