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Chemung County NY
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Hamilton Childs
Gazetteer & Business Directory
Chemung & Schuyler Counties NY
FOR 1868 - 69.

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Explanations to Directory.

Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Post office address in parentheses. 3. Business or occupation.

A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. For such advertisement see Index.

Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.

Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work.

The word street is implied in directory of Watkins.

For additions and corrections see Errata following the Introduction.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

ADAMY, DANIEL, (Odessa), farmer 23.

ADAMY, SOLOMON, (Lawrence), overseer of cheese factory and farmer 39.

Agard, Daniel M., (Catharine), allop. physician.

AGARD, EATON J., (Odessa), farmer 140.

ATWILL, WM. REV., (Catharine), Episcopal clergyman.

Babcock, L. M., (Odessa), lumberman.

Beards, Lewis, (Catharine), farmer 154.

BEARDSLEY, AARON B., (Odessa), farmer leases 45.

BEARDSLEY, BURR, (Odessa), farmer 134.

Beardsley, Cyrus, (Catharine), cooper and farmer 25.

Beardsley, F. C. Mrs., (Catharine), farmer 15.

Beardsley, Francis S., (Catharine), farmer 115.

Beardsley, James, (Catharine), farmer 73.

Beardsley, Lewis 2d., (Catharine), farmer 150.

Beardsley, Levi, (Alpine), farmer 103.

Beardsley, L. C., (Catharine), farmer 120.

Beardsley, Martha Mrs., (Catharine), farmer 93.

BEARDSLEY, PHILO, (Odessa), carpenter and joiner and farmer 10.

BEARDSLEY, SCIPIO C., (Catharine), town assessor and farmer 100.

Beardsley, Stephen, (Odessa), farmer 115.

BEARDSLEY, SUEL C., (Odessa), farmer 95.

Beardsley, Z. C., (Odessa), farmer.

BEEBE, ALBERT, (Cayutaville), farmer 113.

Beebe, John, (Cayutaville), farmer 50.

BOLYEN & HARDING, (Alpine), (Simeon C. Bolyen and Elisha C. Harding), blacksmiths.

BOLYEN, SIMEON C., (Alpine), (Bolyen & Harding).

Bowlby, Nelson, (Odessa), farmer 117.

Brown, Arthur S., (Alpine), farmer 50.

Brown, James, (Odessa), carriage painter and trimmer.

BROWN, LORENZO, (Odessa), carriage manufacturer.

Brown, Thomas C., (Alpine), farmer 50.

Brown, Tillinghurst, (Cayutaville), farmer 25.

Budd, Jackson, (Alpine), farmer 130.

Budd, Joseph, (Alpine), farmer 80.

Budd, Wm., (Alpine), farmer 80.

BULKLEY, MERWIN, (Odessa), general merchant.

BURGE, G., (Alpine), (Mix & Co.).

CAMPBELL, C. M., (Alpine), farmer.

Campbell, Wm. M., (Alpine), farmer 106.

CARLEY, JOHN K., (Lawrence), farmer 98.

Carley, Wm., (Odessa), farmer 72.

CARPENTER, GEO., (Odessa), farmer 97.

Case, Wm. I., (Alpine), farmer 57.

Catin, Leman, (Catharine), farmer 21.

CATLIN, HENRY B., (Odessa), farmer 72.

Catlin, Phineas, (Odessa), farmer 280.

CATLIN, PHINEAS H., (Odessa), farmer 140.

CHAPMAN, JAMES, (Odessa), farmer 93.

CHAPMAN, JOHN, (Odessa), farmer 45.

Charles, Thomas J., (Odessa), farmer 78.

CONE, ANDREW J., (Catharine), veterinary surgeon.

Coon, Aaron, (Alpine), farmer 32.

Cooper, Ashley, (Catharine), blacksmith.

Cooper, John T., (Catharine), tanner.

Cotton, Miles R., (Alpine), farmer 30.

Cotton, Simeon, (Alpine), farmer 109.

Couch, Lucinda E., (Catharine), (with Mary and Sarah), farmer 64.

Couch, Mary, (Catharine), (with Sarah and Lucinda E.), farmer 64.

COUCH, SAMUEL T., (Odessa), farmer 71.

Couch, Sarah, (Catharine), (with Mary and Lucinda E.), farmer 64.

COUCH, THOMAS, (Odessa), farmer 27 ½.

Couch, Timothy S., (Catharine), farmer 64.

CRAWFORD, JOHN, (Havana), farmer 299.

CRONK, JOHN H., (Cayutaville), carpenter and joiner and farmer 32.

Culver, John E., (Cayutaville), farmer 123.

Cure, James M., (Alpine), farmer 80.

Davison, O. L., (Odessa), farmer 15.

Dean, Richard, (Odessa), farmer 63.

Decker, Geo. W., (Catharine), farmer leases 106.

Dewey, Geo., (Catharine), farmer 50.

Dewitt, A. S., (Alpine), farmer 103.

Dickens, Eli S., (Cayutaville), carpenter and joiner and farmer 75.

Dickens, L. Mrs., (Cayutaville), farmer 98.

Dickens, Oliver, (Lawrence), farmer 100.

DOVE, JAMES E., (Alpine), carpenter and joiner.

Dove, Thomas, (Alpine), farmer 54.

Drake, Elijah, (Odessa), farmer 114.

DRUM, SAMUEL B., (Catharine), peddler.

ELLIOTT, DANIEL, (Alpine), farmer 130.

ERVAY, FOSTER, (Alpine), tanner and farmer 100.

ERVAY, JULIUS, (Alpine), farmer 155.

ESTABROOK, ISAAC S., (Catharine), farmer 48 ¼.

EVERTS, G. O., (Odessa), farmer 79 ½.

Farington, Joseph T., (Odessa), prop. of saw and lath mills, lumberman and farmer 77.

Farrington, Joseph, (Alpine), lumberman and farmer 73.

Fellows, James A. Rev., (Catharine), pastor of the M. E. church.

FITZGERALD, JAMES W., (Catharine), farmer leases 150.

Fletcher, S. B., (Havana), lumberman and farmer 50.

FORD, JABEZ C., (Cayutaville), Christian clergyman and farmer 36.

FOWLER, JEFFERSON L., (Alpine), farmer.

Fox, John, (Alpine), farmer leases 125.

FREES, HENRY, (Alpine), farmer 50.

FROST, EDWIN D., (Catharine), agent for trees.

GANUNG, CHARLES, (Alpine), farmer.

GANUNG, CHARLES, (Odessa), farmer leases 125.

Garland, James V., (Alpine), blacksmith.

GASKILL, SAMUEL, (Lawrence), farmer 22 ¾.

Gibbs, Charles, (Catharine), farmer 30.

Gibbs, J. C., (Odessa), painter and farmer 96.

GRANT, JOHN P., (Alpine), blacksmith.

GRANT, WM. C., (Alpine), farmer 60.

Griffin, Nelson, (Alpine), farmer 53.

GRIFFITH, JAMES, (Odessa), head miller.

HALL, JEROME, (Lawrence), farmer 121.

Hall, John H., (Catharine), farmer 56.

HALPIN, JOHN L., (Odessa), farmer 105.

HARDING, ELISHA C., (Alpine), (Bolyen & Harding).

Harrington, T. J. (Alpine), farmer leases 50.

Harpey, Charles, (Alpine), farmer 33.

Hart, Sterling, (Havana), farmer 80.

HARVEY, REUBEN D., (Alpine), farmer 27.

Harvey, Timothy, (Alpine), farmer 112.

Harvey, Wm., (Alpine), farmer 48.

Hendershot, Isaac, (Alpine), carpenter and farmer 30.

HENDRICKSON, DANIEL, (Odessa), hotel proprietor and farmer.

HENRY, FRANCIS W., (Odessa), farmer 66.

HENRY, WILLIAM F., (Alpine), farmer 136.

Hichcock, Milo, (Catharine), farmer 60.

HILL, AUGUSTIN W., (Alpine), farmer.

HILL, REUBEN H., (Odessa), farmer 74.

HINMAN, GUY C., (Catharine), farmer 167.

HITCHCOCK, IRA P., (Alpine), cooper and farmer 38 ½.

HOAG, I. J. Rev., (Odessa), pastor of the Free Baptist church.

Holmes, Frank, (Odessa), farmer leases 65.

Hopkins, J. F., (Odessa), farmer 40.

HOPKINS, L. M., (Odessa), farmer 36.

HOWARD, CHARLES, (Alpine), farmer 70.

Johnson, George W., (Odessa), proprietor of woolen roll and carding machine, shingle factory and cider mill.

JOHNSON, JOHN A., (Odessa), foreman Johnson’s carding mill.

Jones, N. F., (Cayutaville), farmer 140.

Kelley, Alanson, (Odessa), farmer 170.

KEYSER, HAMILTON, (Catharine), boot and shoe maker.

King, A., (Odessa), farmer 30.

KING, ALBERT A., (Alpine), farmer.

King, Geo., (Lawrence), farmer 10 and leases 66.

KING, JAHIAL, (Alpine), farmer 65.

KING, JAMES E., (Alpine), farmer 36.

KING, LYMAN, (Alpine), farmer leases 82.

King, Nelson V., (Odessa), farmer 64.

KNAPP, J. B., (Odessa), allop. physician.

KNOX, THEODORE, (Odessa), shoemaker and farmer 22.

KRUM, DANIEL, (Lawrence), hotel prop., postmaster and farmer 68.

LA BARR, A. P., (Alpine), (Ramsey & Co.).

La Bar, E. B., (Alpine), music teacher and farmer 36.

Lattin, Joseph, (Catharine), farmer 63.

Lawrence, Abraham, (Lawrence), banker, and (with Samuel and Jane G.), Samuel Lawrence estate, farmer 150.

Lawrence, Jane G., (Lawrence), (with Samuel and Abraham), Samuel Lawrence estate, farmer 150.

Lawrence, Margaret S. Mrs., (Cayutaville), farmer 520.

Lawrence, Samuel, (Lawrence), (with Abraham and Jane G.), Samuel Lawrence estate, farmer 150.

Lewis, Francis, (Catharine), farmer 130.

Lewis, Horace (Odessa), farmer 7.

LEWIS, PETER, (Cuyataville), has charge of the Mrs. Lawrence estate.

LOCKERBY, B., (Odessa), (Lockerby & Mitchell).

LOCKERBY & MITCHELL, (Odessa), (B. Lockerby and M. J. Mitchell), lumberman and props. of saw mill.

LYON, JESSE, (Catharine), general merchant, supervisor, post master and farmer 100, owns 45 in Montour.

Lyon, Joseph S., (Catharine), farmer 40 and leases 12 ½.

LYON, STEPHEN H., (Odessa), sawyer.

Lyon, Walter, (Catharine), farmer 15.

MACKEY, MATTHEW M., (Lawrence), farmer 82.

Mallorey, James, (Catharine), carpenter.

MALLORY, AARON E., (Alpine), farmer 180.

Mallory, Alexander, (Alpine), farmer.

Mallory, Caleb, (Alpine), farmer 170.

MALLORY, WILLIAM P., (Alpine), merchant.

McLafferty, A. C., (Catharine), town assessor and farmer 62.

McLafferty, G. D., (Catharine), agent for agricultural implements and farmer 78.

Merchant, Bixby, (Odessa), lumberman and proprietor of saw mill.

MERCHANT, GIRDEN M., (Alpine), blacksmith and farmer 65.

MILLER, AYRES, (Odessa), (with Freeman), farmer 58.

MILLER, BARNABAS, (Catharine), dairyman and farmer 631.

MILLER, FREEMAN, (Odessa), (with Ayres), farmer 58.

Miller, Samuel B., (Catharine), farmer 94.

MILSPAUGH, DANIEL, (Catharine), farmer 98 ½.

Misner, A., (Odessa), farmer.

MISNER, C. H., (Odessa), prop. of grist mill, constable, collector and farmer 30.

MITCHELL, BURR, (Odessa), grocery store.

MITCHELL, W. J., (Odessa), (Lockerby & Mitchell).

MIX & CO., (Alpine), (S. C. Mix and G. Burge), prop. of saw and grist mill.

Mix, Hannah M. Mrs., (Odessa), farmer 125.

MIX, S., (Alpine), farmer 150.

MIX, S. C., (Alpine), (Mix & Co.).

Moot, David, (Alpine), carpenter and joiner and farmer 57.

Morgan, Henry C., (Odessa), blacksmith.

MORGAN, JOHN M., (Odessa), blacksmith.

Nevins, John W. Rev., (Catharine), superannuated clergyman.

Noonan, John, (Lawrence), farmer 60.

Owen, D. V. Rev., (Odessa), Wesleyan Methodist preacher and farmer 93 ½.

PAIGE, SAMUEL, (Catharine), cabinet and wagon maker.

PAINE, GEO. W., (Odessa), harness maker.

Peck, R. C., (Cayutaville), shoemaker.

PELHAM, GEO., (Odessa), farmer 9.

Plants, John, (Alpine), farmer leases 100.

Pollock, P. Mrs., (Odessa), milliner.

PRINCE, ABEL C., (Alpine), farmer 50.

Prince, Charles, (Catharine), farmer 230.

PRINCE, JAMES N., (Alpine), farmer 120.

Prince, Munson, (Odessa), farmer 100.

QUACKENBUSH, JOHN, (Odessa), cooper.

Ray, Wm., (Alpine), farmer 50.

REDNER, HERMAN L., (Lawrence), farmer 15.

Reed, John, (Havana), farmer 104.

REED, SAMUEL, (Cayutaville), farmer 7 ½.

ROBINSON, L. J., (Odessa), proprietor of saw mill, lumberman and farmer 11.

ROSE, JACOB H., (Lawrence), blacksmith and farmer 26.

RUMSEY, A. B., (Alpine), (Ramsey & Co.), post master.

RUMSEY & CO., (Alpine), (A. B. Rumsey and A. P. LaBarr), general merchants.

Sayler, Charles H., (Odessa), farmer 66.

SELOVER, ASHER L., (Lawrence), farmer 143.

SHELTON, ALVIN, (Odessa), farmer 15.

SHELTON, CHARLES (Odessa), dealer in groceries, drugs &c., and post master.

Shelton, John, (Odessa), farmer 80.

SHELTON, JOSEPH, (Odessa), farmer 51.

SHELTON, NICHOLS, (Odessa), farmer 61.

Shelton, Schuyler, (Odessa), farmer 8.

Sherwood, Phebe B. Mrs., (Odessa), tailoress.

Sine, Martin V., (Lawrence), farmer 60.

Smith, Alvin, (Cayutaville), farmer 20.

Smith, Annanias, (Cayutaville), farmer 62.

SMITH, ELIHU B., (Cayutaville), shoemaker.

Smith, Geo. A., (Cayutaville), farmer 44.

SMITH, GIDEON O., (Odessa), allop. physician.

Smith, Jacob, (Alpine), farmer 133.

Smith, Lewis W., (Odessa), farmer 111 ½.

Smith, Sylvester C., (Odessa), butcher and dealer in stock and farmer 70.

Snyder, E. Mrs., (Alpine), farmer 23.

Snyder, Geo., (Cayutaville), farmer 63.

Spaulding, G. W., (Odessa), farmer 110.

STANLEY, GEO., (Odessa), boot and shoe maker.

Stanley, Wesley, (Odessa), boot and shoe maker.

States, Nathan, (Cayutaville), farmer 100.

Stoughton, Ada, (Alpine), milliner.

STOUT, FRANCIS, (Odessa), farmer 209.

STOUTON, FRANCIS, (Alpine), farmer 100.

Strang, Daniel, (Cayutaville), farmer 20.

Strang, John, (Alpine), farmer 3.

Swan, H. I., (Alpine), farmer 177.

SWAN, ROBERT B., (Alpine), justice of the peace and farmer 107.

SYDNEY, WM., (Cayutaville), farmer 223.

Taber, Curtis, (Cayutaville), lumberman, and prop. of steam saw mill.

Taber, David, (Cayutaville), farmer 19.

Taber, Geo., (Cayutaville), farmer 40.

THATCHER, DAVID, (Cayutaville), farmer 150.

Thomas, Edwin, (Alpine), cooper and farmer 60.

THOMAS, GEO. W., (Alpine), farmer leases 140.

Thompson, A. M., (Odessa), farmer leases 70.

Thompson, A. R., (Odessa), farmer 60.

Thompson, Guy, (Alpine), commissioner of highways and farmer 100.

THOMPSON, MARTIN V., (Odessa), farmer.

TICE, A., (Odessa), foreman in Brown’s carriage shop.

Tice, Francis, (Alpine), farmer 66.

Tidd, John, (Odessa), farmer 118.

TODD, DANIEL, (Cayutaville), town assessor and farmer 163.

TRACY, JAMES, (Cayutaville), merchant and deputy post master.

TRACY, NATHANIEL, (Cayutaville), justice of the peace and farmer 90.

TUM, GEORGE, (Catharine), nurseryman, gardener and farmer 32.

UPDIKE, LEWIS, (Catharine), farmer.

Vail, Harry, (Alpine), farmer 70.

Vanloon, John, (Alpine), farmer 75.

VANLOON, MILLARD F., (Alpine), farmer.

Vanloon, Richard, (Alpine), farmer 73.

Vanloon, Samuel, (Alpine), farmer 28.

Vanloon, Thomas, (Alpine), farmer 51.

VANVECHTEN, C. B., (Lawrence), hotel proprietor and farmer 100.

WAIT, LEWIS, (Odessa), thresher.

WALKER, SAMUEL, (Lawrence), agent for the Lawrence estate.

Wasbern, McKinney, (Alpine), farmer 30.

WASHBURN, SHERMAN, (Cayutaville), farmer 75.

Wells, Mary, (Odessa), farmer 26.

White, John, (Cayutaville), farmer 50.

Whitney, Ezra, (Alpine), farmer 31.

Williams, Alanson, (Alpine), farmer 50.

Winton, Geo., (Catharine), farmer 60.

Wolcott, Cortes, (Alpine), farmer.

WOODARD, GILBERT, (Odessa), farmer 110.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Adams, Caroline Mrs., (Cayuta), farmer 100.

Akerey, Issac P., (Cayuta), farmer 50.

ALEXANDER, JOHN S., (Cayuta), farmer 90.

Andrews, James, (Cayuta), farmer 5.

Archibald, Andrew, (Alpine), farmer 117 ½.

Archibald, Walter, (Alpine), farmer 117.

Ayres, Elson A., (Cayuta), farmer 130.

Bacon, Joel, (Alpine), (with Nelson), farmer 123.

Bacon, Nelson, (Alpine), (with Joel), farmer 123.

Baker, James, (Cayuta), farmer 60.

BANDFIELD, IRA, (Cayuta), farmer leases of D. Norris, 220.

Barnes, Ira B., (Cayuta), farmer 117.

Barr, Nicholas, (Cayuta), supervisor and farmer 100.

Bates, Warren, (Cayuta), farmer 107.

BEARDSLEY, CURTIS, (Cayuta), farmer 128 ¾.

Botsford, Isaac, (Cayuta), assessor and farmer 80.

Bovier, Betsy Mrs., (Cayuta), farmer 4.

Browin, Samuel S., (Cayuta), prop. of saw mill and farmer 148.

Brown, James K., (Cayuta), farmer 200.

Buckley, Bergela, (Alpine), carpenter and farmer leases of G. Markel, 3.

Canfield, Enos, (Cayuta), allopathic physician.

Casterine, Eri, (Cayuta), (with Henry), farmer 111.

Casterine, Henry, (Cayuta), (with Eri), farmer 111.

Collin, James, (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 75.

Cooper, Abel, (Cayuta), farmer 148.

Cooper, Ira, (Cayuta), farmer 50.

Cooper, Stephen S., (Cayuta), farmer.

Cronkright, James, (Cayuta), farmer 75.

DAKIN, EDGAR, (Alpine), (with Edward Lyon), farmer 180.

Dean, Erastus, (Cayuta), farmer 18.

Decker, Benjamin, (Alpine), farmer 70.

Decker, John, (Alpine), farmer 100.

Degraw, Betsy M. Mrs., (Cayuta), farmer 94.

Devine, Luke, (Cayuta), farmer 140.

Durbon, James G., (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 25.

Ennis, Benjamin, (Cayuta), proprietor of inn and farmer 97.

Ennis, Benjamin L., (Cayuta), farmer leases of Mrs. C. Vanzail 44.

Ennis, Charles, (Cayuta), farmer 1.

Ennis, Daniel, (Cayuta), saw-mill and farmer 500.

Ennis, James, (Cayuta), farmer 130.

Ennis, John, (Cayuta), proprietor of grist, saw and shingle mill, and farmer 84.

Ennis, Leroy, (Cayuta), proprietor of shingle mill and farmer 102.

Ennis, Maria Mrs., (Cayuta), farmer 140.

FITZGERALD, JACOB, (Cayuta), farmer 300.

Flanders, William, (Cayuta), farmer 53.

Forey, John, (Cayuta), farmer 122.

Gregory, Mathew B., (Cayuga), blacksmith.

Groon, Bradley, (Cayuga), farmer 70.

Hall, Elizabeth Mrs., (Alpine), farmer 1.

HALL, MARTIN D., (Alpine), farmer 708.

Hammond, William, (Cayuga), wagon maker and farmer 1.

HARDING, CHARLES L., (Alpine), tanner.

Harding, Elisha C., (Alpine), blacksmith.

Harding, Thomas A., (Alpine), farmer 1.

Herrick, Loyal B., (Alpine), shoemaker.

Hicks, John Jr., (Cayuga), farmer 85.

Hinman, Elijah S., (Cayuga), farmer 97.

Hoxsie, Joseph, (Cayuga), farmer 1.

Hoyt, Manuel, (Cayuta), farmer leases of M. Ennis 50.

Hoyt, Moses, (Cayuta), blacksmith, carpenter, farrier and farmer 12.

Jackson, William, (Alpine), farmer 1.

JAYNE, DAVID D., (Cayuta), farmer 124 ½.

JAYNE, EZRA C., (Cayuta), manufacturer of fencing and shingle machines, shingles and farmer 180.

Jaynes, Harmon, (Cayuta), farmer 130.

Jones, George Rev., (Cayuta), M. E. clergyman and farmer 45.

Kellogg, Chauncey, (Cayuta), farmer leases of J. V. White 159.

Lambert, Sarah Mrs., (Cayuta), farmer 15.

Lattin, Amos, (Cayuta), farmer leases of P. Zimmer 11 ½.

Lawhead Estate, (Cayuta), 147.

Lewis, Catharine Miss, (Cayuta), farmer 18.

Lewis, Charles, (Alpine), justice of the peace.

Lewis, Cyrus, (Alpine), farmer 10.

Linabery, Arvela Mrs., (Cayuta), farmer 25.

Linderberg, Henry, (Cayuta), farmer 162.

Linderman, Cornelius, (Cayuta), farmer 70.

Linderman, James, (Cayuta), farmer 10.

Lockeby, John, (Alpine), farmer 157 ½.

LOCKERBY, BURR, (Alpine), farmer 50.

LOCKERBY, LEMUEL, (Alpine), farmer 50 and leases of P. Lewis 113.

Lounsbury, William, (Cayuta), farmer 105.

LYON, EDWARD, (Alpine), (with Edgar Dakin), farmer 180.

Lyon, Henry, (Alpine), peddler.

Mallory, William P., (Alpine), merchant.

Marian, Daniel, (Cayuta), farmer 100.

Markel, George, (Alpine), farmer 2 ½.

McClary, Edward, (Cayuta), (with Miles), prop. of shingle mill and farmer 110.

McClary, Miles, (Cayuta), (with Edward), prop. of shingle mill and farmer 110.

McDuffee, John S., (Cayuta), farmer 40.

Merical, Lewis, (Cayuta), farmer 115.

Miller, Theodore, (Cayuta), farmer leases of D. Minturn, 28.

Minturn, Daniel, (Cayuta), farmer 29.

Moor, Lewis W., (Alpine), tanner and farmer 3.

Osborn, Sylvester, (Cayuta), cabinet maker and undertaker.

PAGE, SAMUEL, (Cayuta), farmer 20.

Picket, William, (Cayuta), farmer leases of J. Roper, 200.

Rea, Thomas, (Alpine), farmer 75.

REYNOLDS, J. G. & J., (Cayuta), prop. of saw and shingle mill and farmer 326.

Reynolds, Merrit, (Cayuta), shingle mill.

Reynolds, Thomas, (Cayuta), farmer 259.

Richards, Jeduthan, (Cayuta), blacksmith.

RICHARDS, JOHN S., (Cayuta), blacksmith and farmer 1 ¾.

Roberts, Daniel, (Cayuta), justice of the peace and farmer 100.

Roberts, Samuel, (Cayuta), farmer 160.

ROOT, WILLIAM J., (Cayuta), farmer 89.

Rosebrook, David B., (Alpine), farmer 1 ½.

Rosebrook, Lorenzo R., (Alpine), grocer.

Ross, Squire, (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 155.

Scott, Ambrose L., (Cayuta), farmer 49.

Seeley, Sarah A. Mrs., (Cayuta), farmer 95.

Silver, Solomon, (Cayuta), shoemaker.

Smith, Albert, (Alpine), stone mason and farmer 1.

Smith, Edward Y., (Cayuta), farmer 1.

SMITH, ENOS, (Cayuta), farmer 75.

Smith, Job, (Cayuta), farmer 90.

Smith, Richmond, (Cayuta), farmer 181.

Smith, Samuel, (Cayuta), farmer 1.

Smith, Simone S., (Alpine), proprietor of the Alpine House.

Starkes, James, (Cayuta), farmer 57.

STARKS, DANIEL, (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 212.

Starks, James, (Cayuta), farmer leases of O. H. Teed 106.

Stebbens, William, (Alpine), farmer leases of J. Rey 35.

Strang, Amos, (Alpine), proprietor of saw mill.

Strang, John, (Alpine), farmer 3.

Swartwood, Bur, (Cayuta), farmer 74 ½.

Swartwood, Charles R., (Cayuta), inn keeper and farmer 73.

Swartwood, John, (Cayuta), prop. of saw mill and farmer 20.

Swartwood, William, (Cayuta), farmer 216.

Tompkins, Mires, (Cayuta), farmer 45.

Tunis, Daniel R., (Cayuta), justice of the peace and farmer 107.

VanEtten, Armena Mrs., (Alpine), tailoress.

VanEtten, Daniel C., (Alpine), cabinet maker.

Vankuren, Jacob, (Cayuta), farmer 35.

VANZILE, GEORGE N., (Cayuta), farmer 116 ½.


Vanzile, Maria Mrs., (Cayuta), farmer 68 ½.

Vreeland, Richard, (Cayuta), farmer 68 ½.

WAGER, GEORGE N., (Alpine), superintendent of the poor and farmer 1.

WASHBURN, HENRY, (Alpine), tanner and farmer 1.

WHITE, WILLIAM B., (Cayuta), town clerk and farmer 100.

Wightman, George, (Cayuta), farmer 42.

Williams, George, (Cayuta), farmer 80.

WOOD, JOHN, (Cayuta), farmer.

Wood, Leroy, (Cayuta), post master and merchant.

Woolever, Joseph, (Cayuta), justice of the peace, carpenter and joiner and farmer 22.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Abbey,Tyler H., (Watkins), general merchant.

Abbott, Wm. D., (Watkins), dealer in boots and shoes, Franklin.

Abers, Sydney, (Havana), farmer 49.

ACKLEY, ANSON N., (Watkins), general dealer in hardware, Franklin.

Adams, William, (Moreland, farmer leases 100.

Adamy, Peter, (Watkins), shoemaker.

Allen, Eugene, (Watkins), (Frost & Allen).

AMES & BUDD, (Watkins), (Howard Ames and John S. Budd), general merchants, 4 Shelton Block, Washington.

AMES, HOWARD, (Watkins), (Ames & Budd).

Andress, Andrew, (Townsend), (H. & A. Andress).

Andress, Hiram, (Townsend), (H. & A. Andress).

Andress, H. & A., (Townsend), (Hiram and Andrew), wagon makers.

ANDREWS, CHARLES, (Watkins), (Herald & Andrews).

Anthony, John, (Beaver Dams), farmer 100.

AUBLE, KATE MISS, (Watkins), cloak and dress maker, Franklin.

Austin, Joel H. Rev., (Beaver Dams), Methodist clergyman.

Backer, Jacob, (Moreland), farmer 180.

Backer, Morgan, (Townsend), farmer leases 75.

Baker, ----Mrs., (Townsend), farmer 75.

BADGLEY, HARRIET E. MISS., (Watkins), dress maker, Franklin.

Bailey, John, (Moreland), farmer leases 17.

Bailey, Wilson, (Moreland), farmer 60.

Baker, A. J., (Townsend), farmer 30.

Baker, Daniel, (Townsend), retired farmer.

Baker, Wesley, (Townsend), farmer 150.

*BAKER, WILLIAM H., (Watkins), dealer in clocks, watches and jewelry, agent for the Grover and Baker sewing machine, W. side Franklin.

*BALDWIN, W. H., (Watkins), editor and proprietor of Schuyler County Democrat.

Bambergu, Issac, (Watkins), (Shulman & Co.).

BANKER, ISAAC, (Watkins), baker, grocer and farmer 60.

Banker, Martin B., (Havana), farmer 157.

Barnum, Warren, (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law, W. side Franklin.

Barrett, Mary W., (Watkins), proprietor of Seneca House, W. side Franklin.

Bartholomew, Ira, (Watkins), farmer 97.

Barlett, Collins, (Moreland), farmer 140.

Barton, Albert R., (Watkins), physician and surgeon, office Franklin.

Beach, Daniel, (Watkins), lawyer.

BEACH, JOHN N., (Watkins), produce and commission merchant, W. side Franklin.

Beals, Abram, (Watkins), book store and news room, Franklin.

Bebee, Wallace W., (Moreland), farmer 84.

BECKWITH, ALBERT S., (Watkins), farmer leases 100.

Beebe, ----Mrs., (Beaver Dams), farmer 10.

Beebe, William T., (Beaver Dams), shoemaker.

Beecher, Almon, (Beaver Dams), postmaster and farmer 50.

Beecher, Truman G., (Beaver Dams), farmer 25.

BEERS, WILLIAM C., (Beaver Dams), tanner and farmer 120.

Benham, ----, (Watkins), (Johnson & Benham).

Bennett, Albert, (Havana), farmer 40.

Bennett, George W., (Beaver Dams), blacksmith.

Bennett, William, (Moreland), farmer 14.

Bennett, William J., (Havana), farmer 65 ½.

BENNITT, GREEN, (Moreland), (with John M.), farmer 400.

BENNITT, JOHN M., (Moreland), (with Green), farmer 400.

Berry, John D., (Watkins), hair dresser, Franklin.

Bird, Orson E., (Watkins), cartman.

BIRDSALL, JAMES E., (Watkins), maltster, manuf. barley and rye malt, prop. of Old Malt House.

Blatt, Bester, (Townsend), farmer 75.

Bliss, Chester T., (Watkins), allopathic physician and surgeon.

Blodget, Frink L., (Townsend), farmer 55.

Bogart, Adam W., (Watkins), prop. Jefferson House, cor. Franklin and Washington Sts., also prop. of livery stable, restaurant, billiard rooms, hack, &c.

Bolt, Daniel H., (Watkins), farmer 30.

Bolt, Martin V., (Watkins), farmer 139 ½.

Booth, Winthrop E., (Watkins), retired farmer 180.

Bower, Luther, (Watkins), hardware merchant.

Brigham, Eliza Mrs., (Watkins), millinery store, Franklin.

Bristwise, John, (Townsend), blacksmith.

Bronson, S. C., (Watkins), manufacturer and dealer in boots, shoes and leather, west side Franklin.

Bronson, Sylvester, (Havana), carpenter and joiner and farmer 56.

BROOKS, JOHN, (Watkins), proprietor of hotel and grocery.

BROSSINGTON, WM. P., (Watkins), sign, ornamental and house painter and paper hanger, shop in Democrat office.

Brown, Charles, (Watkins), proprietor of livery stable, Epomenondas st.

Brush, Lockwood B., (Townsend), farmer 60.

Buck, Benjamin F., (Watkins), dry goods, boots and shoes, yankee notions &c., W. side Franklin.

Buck, Ebenezer, (Beaver Dams), shoemaker.

Buck, John W., (Townsend), lumberman and farmer 142.

BUDD, JOHN S., (Watkins), (Ames & Budd).

Bulkey, Joseph D., (Townsend), farmer 55.

Bump, Daniel, (Moreland), farmer 100.

Burns, Horace, (Moreland), merchant.

Butters, Guy, (Townsend), farmer 68.

CALL, CHAUNCEY L., (Watkins), blacksmith and owner of Hambletonian and Black Hawk Chief horses.

CAMPBELL, ISAIAH A., (Beaver Dams), wagon maker.

Cass, Samuel W., (Watkins), (Freer & Cass).

Catlin, John H., (Havana), farmer 90.

Chapman, Leander S., (Watkins), farmer 41.

Chase, Edward, (Watkins), telegraph operator and ticket agent.

Christian, Wilson, (Moreland), farmer 60.

Churchill, John, (Watkins), (Churchill & McCoy).

Churchill & McCoy, (Watkins), (John Churchill and Charles F. McCoy), blacksmiths.

CLARK, BENJAMIN, (Moreland), carriage maker, undertaker and post master.

CLARK, JOHN, (Moreland), blacksmith.

Clark, Smith, (Moreland), farmer 58.

Clawson, Firman W., (Watkins), (Firman & Clawson).

Clawson, V., (Watkins), (Curry & Clawson).

Cleaveland, Noble, (Moreland), farmer 260.

CLEVELAND, NATHAN B., (Havana), farmer 56.

Cline, Elisha, (Watkins), (Cline & Rockwell).

Cline & Rockwell, (Watkins), (Elisha Cline and Byron B. Rockwell), wholesale and retail liquor dealers, Franklin.

Cline, ----, (Watkins), (Thurston & Cline).

*CLIZBE, S. C., (Watkins), editor of Watkins Independent.

COATS, JOSEPH B., (Watkins), farmer 140.

Coger, Henry, (Watkins), prop. lime kiln.

*COGSWELL & FROST, (Watkins), (Geo. W. Cogswell and Charles S. Frost), props. of Schuyler Marble Works, Franklin, near depot.

Cole, Harlem, (Watkins), soda manufacturer.

Cole, Watson, (Moreland), farmer 7.

Collins, Barnette C., (Havana), farmer 46.

CONOVER, SARAH J. MISS, (Watkins), fashionable millinery, Franklin.

Cooley, White, (Beaver Dams), farmer 81.

Cornell, John H., (Moreland), farmer 40.

Corwin, David B., (Havana), carpenter and joiner.

Corwin, Noah, (Townsend), farmer 53.

Corwin, William G., (Havana), farmer 216.

COWING, ALBERT A., (Watkins), (Cowing & Edgett).

COWING & EDGETT, (Watkins), (Albert A. Cowing and Martin L. Edgett), dealers in clocks, watches, jewelry, silver and plated ware, Franklin.

CRAWFORD, JOHN, (Havana), farmer 289.

Crippen, James, (Watkins), farmer 114.

Cronk, Henry, (Havana), farmer 61.

CROUT, ABRAHAM P., (Beaver Dams), shoemaker.

Crout, Abram T., (Beaver Dams), shoemaker.

Culver, Samuel N., (Havana), farmer 56.

Curry & Clawson, (Watkins), (Robert Curry and V. Clawson), architects and builders.

CURRY, E. L. & SON, (Watkins), (Robert Curry), dealers in all kinds of coal, wood, Cayuga plaster, lime, &c.

Curry, Henry, (Beaver Dams), farmer 2.

CURRY, ROBERT, (Watkins), (E. L. Curry & Son), (Curry & Clawson).

Dalrymple, Abram W., (Beaver Dams), farmer 117.

David, Joseph H., (Beaver Dams), farmer 38 ½.

Davis, Abram G., (Watkins), boarding house.

DAVIS, F. JR. & CO., (Watkins), maltsters and dealers in grain.

Davis, Heman, (Townsend), farmer 50.

DAVIS, ISAAC W., (Townsend), farmer 51.

DAVIS, JOSIAH, (Watkins), grocer.

Dean, J. N., (Towsend), farmer 32 ½.

Dey, David P., (Watkins), captain steamer D. S. Magee, leaves Geneva 9:20 am, Watkins, 3:30 pm daily.

Disbrow, Nathan, (Havana), farmer 147.

Diven, C. Miss, (Watkins), (with Miss E.), farmer 106.

Diven, E. Miss, (Watkins), (with Miss C.), farmer 106.

Doane, George W., (Watkins), house painting, graining, papering, &c.

Dodson, N. T., (Watkins), (Payne & Co.).

Doherty, Thos., (Watkins), mason.

Dolson, H., (Beaver Dams), farmer 1.

Drake, Alvin B., (Townsend), carriage maker and farmer 75.

DRAKE, JAMES A., (Watkins), (Newman & Co.).

Drake, Judson, (Townsend), farmer 50.

Durkee, A. S. & Son, (Havana), (Wm. L.), tanners and farmers 50.

Durkee, William L., (Havana), (A. S. Durkee & Son).

Dusenbery, Joseph R., (Watkins), proprietor of stone quarry and farmer 42.

Duvall, Cornelius, (Beaver Dams), farmer 122.

Eddy, Thomas, (Townsend), farmer 105.

EDGETT, MARTIN L., (Watkins), (Cowing & Edgett).

Eldred, Samuel L., (Watkins), cartman.

Ellas, Albert, (Townsend), joiner.

ELLAS, B. F., (Watkins), Excelsior cash store, wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, &c.

Ellis, Albert, (Watkins), (A. & J. H. Ellis).

Ellis, A. & J. H., (Watkins), (Albert and Joseph H.), carriage makers, Franklin.

Ellis, Joseph H., (Watkins), (A. & J. H. Ellis).

Ells, Morvaldon, (Watkins), pioneer, proprietor and manager of Freer’s Glen.

Erskine, J. W., (Havana), carpenter and joiner and farmer 5.

Evans, Casper, (Townsend), farmer leases 90.

Everts, Aranthus W., (Havana), farmer 125.

Everts, Charles H., (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law, and farmer 50.

FALL BROOK COAL CO., (Watkins), D. S. Magee, president; Geo. J. Magee, vice-president; John Lang, secretary and treasurer.

Faro, Albert, (Beaver Dams), farmer leases 86.

Fero, John H., (Watkins), farmer 38.

Firman, Charles H., (Watkins), (Firman & Clawson).

Firman & Clawson, (Watkins), (Chas. H. Firman and Firman W. Clawson), dentists.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK, (Watkins), George G. Freer, president; Henry M. Hillerman, cashier.

Ford, E. H. Rev., (Watkins), pastor Baptist Church.

FORDHAM, JOHN, (Watkins), farmer 44.

Fowle, D. R., (Watkins), crockery, glass ware, &c., E. side Franklin.

Fox, James L., (Havana), farmer 56.

FOX, JAMES M., (Moreland), farmer leases 48.

*FRANKLIN, JOHN, (Watkins), prop. of Franklin Iron Foundry and machine shop.

Freer & Cass, (Watkins), (Geo. F. Freer and Samuel W. Cass), tobacconists, Franklin.

Freer, George F., (Watkins), (Freer & Cass).

Freer, Geo. G., (Watkins), farmer 625.

FREER, GEORGE G., (Watkins), President First National Bank.

FRENCH, MARCUS, (Watkins), mason.

Frost & Allen, (Watkins), (George Frost and Eugene Allen), lumber dealers.

Frost, Arzilla Miss, (Watkins), millinery store, Franklin.

Frost, Byron, (Beaver Dams), carpenter.

FROST, CHARLES S., (Watkins), (Cogswell & Frost).

Frost, David W., (Beaver Dams), farmer 105.

FROST, ELI C., (Watkins), president Schuyler Co., agricultural society, nurseryman and farmer 270.

Frost, George, (Watkins), (Frost & Allen).

Gano, James W., (Millport, Chemung Co.), farmer 145.

*GANO, L. M., (Watkins), editor and proprietor of the Watkins Express, Shilton’s Block.

Ganoe, Philip, (Havana), farmer 100.

Ganung, George W., (Watkins), farmer 10.

Ganung, John H., (Estate), (Havana), farmer 90.

GANUNG, SOLOMON, (Havana), farmer 95.

Ganung, William, (Moreland), mason.

GARDINER, GEORGE R., (Watkins), (Rood & Gardiner).

GATES, G. FRANK, (Watkins), photographer, over 2d National Bank.

Gaygen, Patrick, (Watkins), farmer 12.

GIBBS, WM. H., (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law, real estate agent, civil engineer and grape grower, 25.

Gillis, William, (Watkins), farmer 12.

Goodwin, Sylvester H., (Beaver Dams), farmer 80.

GRAHAM, N. R., (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law.

Gray, James, (Watkins), U. S. Ex. agent and station agent N. C. R. R.

Gray, John Rev., (Moreland), clergyman.

GUERNSEY, J. W., (Watkins), wholesale baker and provision dealer, W. side Franklin.

Gurlick, William, (Watkins), homeopathic physician.

GUSTIN, WILLIAM, (Townsend), farmer 1.

Hager, Anna, (Townsend), farmer 27.

Hager, Chester M., (Watkins), sheriff.

HAGER, PETER C., (Watkins), under sheriff.

HAGER, ---, (Watkins), (Huff & Hager).

Halott, William, (Beaver Dams), farmer 18.

Hames, William, (Townsend), farmer 33.

Handenburg, Wm. Mrs., (Townsend), farmer 50.

Handman, David, (Townsend), farmer 70.

HARDENBURG, WILLIAM, (Townsend), farmer 226.

Haring, Charles, (Watkins), (Haring & Ward).

Haring & Ward, (Watkins), (Charles Haring and George S. Ward), props. of brewery, near depot.

Harring, Garrett, (Watkins), farmer 58.

Harrison, William, (Watkins), Yankee notions, dry and fancy goods, cor. Mountgomery and Franklin.

Harvey, William F., (Townsend), farmer 1.

HASBROUCK, JOSEPHUS, (Watkins), (Newman & Co.).

Havens, Geo. E. Rev., (Watkins), pastor M. E. church.

Hebberd, George F., (Watkins), Fulton meat market.

Hedden, Bethuel, (Townsend), (B. & S. Hedden).

HEDDEN, B. & S., (Townsend), (Squire and Bethuel), blacksmiths.

Hedden, Squire, (Townsend), (B. & S. Hedden).

Heist, William H., (Townsend), physician.

HERALD & ANDREWS, (Watkins), (John Herald and Charles Andrews), manufacturers of improved field rollers, plows, and all kinds of agricultural implements, foot of Franklin.

HERALD, JOHN, (Watkins), (Herald & Andrews).

HILLERMAN, DAVID C., (Watkins), (D. C. Hillerman & Co.).

HILLERMAN, D. C. & CO., (Watkins), (David C. and Henry N.), proprietors of coal yard, near Magee’s malt house.

HILLERMAN, HENRY M., (Watkins), cashier First National Bank, and post master.

HILLERMAN, HENRY N., (Watkins), (D. C. Hillerman & Co.).

HITCHCOCK, GEORGE V., (Watkins), general merchant, Franklin.

Hoag, Mary E. Miss, (Watkins), cloak and dress making, Franklin.

Hodson, Joseph T., (Watkins), meat market, Franklin.

Holden, George, (Beaver Dams), farmer 140.

Hough, William, (Watkins), farmer 159.

Howe, F. S. Rev., (Watkins), pastor Presbyterian church.

Hubbell, Arthur Y., (Watkins), patentee of insulated sad iron.

HUDSON, HENRY S., (Watkins), lawyer, fruit grower, vineyard 30 and farmer 90.

Huey, Daniel, (Townsend), farmer 140.

Huey, Robert, (Watkins), farmer 75.

HUFF & HAGER, (Watkins), grocers and commission merchants, Franklin.

Huffman, Samuel, (Watkins), carpenter.

HUGHEY, LYMAN, (Watkins), allopathic physician and farmer 127.

HULETT, CHARLES A., (Townsend), shoemaker and farmer 20.

Hulett, Cyrus S., (Townsend), shoemaker.

Hulett, N. M. Mrs., (Townsend), post mistress.

Huntley, Isaiah, (Watkins), farmer 60.

HURD, BYRON, (Watkins), watch maker and jeweler.

HURD, B. C., (Watkins), cashier 2d National Bank, owns 60 acres.

Hurd, Byrant R., (Watkins), farmer 115.

Hurd, Charles W., (Watkins), farmer 13.

HURD, OLIVER P., (Watkins), (Spicer & Hurd), district attorney.

HURD, ORLANDO, (Watkins), president Second National Bank.

Hurd, Richard, (Watkins), peddler.

Hurd, Roswell, (Watkins), groceries and provisions.

Hutchins, Lester, (Townsend), farmer 56.

Hyatt, Seymour, (Watkins), captain steamer Elmira, plying tri-weekly between Geneva and Watkins.

INGERSOLL, OLIVER H., (Watkins), tailor.

Jackson, Daniel, (Watkins), justice of the peace.

Jackson, George H., (Watkins), (Thompson & Jackson).

Jayne, Timothy, (Townsend), farmer 54.

Johnson & Benham, (Watkins), cloak and dressmaker.

Judson, Charles H., (Watkins), portrait and landscape painter, Franklin.

KENDALL, EDWARD, (Watkins), county clerk.

Kent, Hector S., (Watkins), dairyman and farmer 124.

Kimber, Abraham, (Havana), carpenter and joiner.

King, Charles H., (Watkins), hair dresser, W. side Franklin.

KINGSBURY, ALEXANDER C., (Watkins), (Kingsbury & Speed), lumber dealer.

KINGBURY & SPEED, (Watkins), (Alexander C. Kingsbury and Daniel H. Speed), props. Glen Creek Tannery.

Knox, Baldwin, (Watkins), farmer 100.

Knox, Nelson E., (Havana), farmer 54.

KOONS, ROBERT O., (Watkins), (R. O. Koons & Co.).

KOONS, R. O. & CO., (Watkins), (Robert O. Koons and W. S. Vescelius), groceries, provisions, crockery and glassware, Franklin.

LANG, JOHN, (Watkins), secretary and treasurer Fall Brook Coal Co.

LANGDON HOUSE, (Watkins), Chancy Taylor, prop.

Lapeuer, L., (Beaver Dams), farmer 67.

Lee, David, (Beaver Dams), farmer 3.

Lee, Emery, (Beaver Dams), farmer 150.

Lee, Jesse, (Beaver Dams), farmer leases 75.

LEWIS, EDWIN W., (Watkins), physician, Madison.

Lockwood, George, (Townsend), farmer 120.

Losee, John, (Townsend), general merchant.

Lummis, Edward F., (Watkins), prop. photograph gallery, W. side Franklin.

Lybolt, H. R., (Beaver Dams), farmer 69.

Lyon, John M., (Havana), farmer 160.

Magee, Charles, (Watkins), (Magee & Nichols).

MAGEE, D. S., (Watkins), president Fall Brook Coal Co.

MAGEE, GEO. J., (Watkins), vice president Fall Brook Coal Co., owns farm 60.

Magee & Nichols, (Watkins), (Charles Magee and Daniel Nichols), merchant tailors, Franklin.

Main, George L., (Townsend), wagon maker.

Main, Hial T., (Townsend), farmer 82.

Main, Tracy M., (Townsend), farmer 15.

Malette, G. B., (Watkins), music dealer and agent for sewing machines.

Mallory, Ambrose S., (Moreland), farmer 100.

Mann, D. C. Rev., (Watkins), rector St. Peters church.

Markson, Abram, (Watkins), ready made clothing and gent’s furnishing goods, W. side Franklin.

Marriott, Robert H., (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law, cor. Washington and Franklin.

Marshall, Jefferson, (Watkins), farmer 50.

McCoy, Charles F., (Watkins), (Churchill & McCoy).

McDOWELL, ANDREW, (Watkins), farmer 37 ½.

McLUSKEY, EDWARD, (Beaver Dams), blacksmith.

MILLER, CHARLES, (Watkins), dealer in grain and choice liquors.

Miller, Lewis, (Moreland), farmer 44.

Miller, Wallace W., (Moreland), farmer 85.

Mills, Jacob, (Watkins), farmer 150.

MILLS, JOHN L., (Watkins), farmer 28.

MILLS, ROBERT, (Watkins), dealer in all kinds of grain and produce.

Millspauth, Theodore, (Townsend), general merchant.

MOORE, AUGUSTUS H., (Watkins), (Wickes & Moore).

MORRIS, JACOB B., (Watkins), general merchant, W. side Franklin.

MORSE, JOHN R., (Moreland), shoemaker and farmer 50.

Murray, James, (Watkins), farmer 10.

NEWMAN & CO., (Watkins), (William Newman, James A. Drake, and Josephus Hasbrouck), dealers in lumber, props. of planing and saw mill, manufacturers of sash, blinds and doors, n. the depot.

Newman, John H., (Watkins), agent M. U. Express Co. and insurance agent.

NEWMAN, WILLIAM, (Watkins), (Newman & Co.).

Nichols, Daniel, (Watkins), (Magee & Nichols).

Nichols, S. B. H., (Moreland), physician.

Noble, Jane C., (Moreland), home lot.

Northrup, Charles A., (Beaver Dams), general merchant.

Norton, W. LeRoy, (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law, in J. J. VanAllen’s office.

Nye, Ebenezer H., (Watkins), prop. of meat market and dealer in produce, W. side Franklin.

Nye, Ebenezer N., (Beaver Dams), farmer leases 100.

Obert, Peter, (Beaver Dams), hotel proprietor and farmer 100.

Ogden, Horace, (Watkins), harness maker.

ORME, GEORGE A. C., (Watkins), butcher.

Orr & Sherman, (Watkins), harness, saddles, trunks, blankets, &c., Franklin.

Owen, Alanson, (Moreland), farmer 60.

Owen, Madison, (Moreland), farmer 45.

Owens, Henry, (Watkins), farmer 110.

Owens, Thomas, (Watkins), farmer 130.

Palmer, James D., (Watkins), carpenter and joiner and farmer 45.

Palmer, William C., (Watkins), farmer 118.

Pangorn, Alva, (Beaver Dams), farmer 64.

Patchen, Charles H., (Moreland), farmer 60.

Parce, Anthony, (Beaver Dams), farmer 11.

Payne & Co., (Watkins), (J. W. Payne, D. H. Smith and N. T. Dodson), hardware merchants, 1 Shelton Block.

Payne, J. W., (Watkins), (Payne & Co.).

Pearce, Anthony, (Moreland), farmer 11 and leases 50.

Pease, Edward, (Moreland), farmer.

Peck, Benoni, (Beaver Dams), tailor and justice of the peace.

Peck, Norman, (Watkins), farmer 94 and leases 10.

Perry, Harnson, (Watkins), proprietor eating saloon near depot, and chief of police.

Phelps, Joel, (Beaver Dams), blacksmith and farmer 19.

Phelps, Ransom H., (Beaver Dams), joiner and farmer 2.

Phelps, Wallace, (Beaver Dams), farmer 72.

PHILIPS, HENRY, (Watkins), cartman, Franklin.

Phinney, M. S., (Watkins), druggist and dealer in books, stationery, wall paper &c., W. side Franklin.

PIKE, DAVID, (Watkins), farmer 100.

PIKE, HIRAM E., (Watkins), (Williams & Pike).

*PINCH, WILLIAM H., (Watkins), house, sign, and ornamental painter and paper hanger, Franklin.

Pipper, Abner, (Beaver Dams), farmer 96.

POPE, JAMES H., (Watkins), school commissioner for Schuyler Co., general insurance agent and money broker, also grape grower, vineyard 12.

Price, Charles N., (Havana), farmer 56.

PRICE, JOHN N. Rev., (Havana), farmer 91.

Quin, Andrew S., (Watkins), farmer 96.

Randall, W. H. & Co., (Watkins), manufacturers and dealers in boots and shoes, Franklin.

RHODES, JOHN, (Townsend), millwright, prop. grist mill and farmer 201.

Riley, Patrick, (Watkins), umbrella manuf.

Robbins, (Archibald, (Watkins), (A. Robbins & Son).

Robbins, A. & Son, (Watkins), (Archibald and Edwin C.), dealers in dry goods, Franklin.

Robbins, Edwin C., (Watkins), (A. Robbins & Son).

Roberts, James, (Beaver Dams), farmer 100 and leases 70.

Robinson, Geo. W., (Moreland), blacksmith.

ROBINSON, DYER, (Watkins), carpenter and builder.

Roblier, Andrew, (Beaver Dams), farmer 70.

Roblier, James, (Townsend), farmer 50.

ROBLYER, GEORGE, (Moreland), farmer 66.

Robson, David, (Watkins), deputy postmaster.

Rockwell, Byron B., (Watkins), (Cline & Rockwell).

ROGAN, DANIEL E., (Watkins), carpenter and master builder.

Rogers, Richard H., (Beaver Dams), farmer 57.

Rolison, Edward, (Watkins), mason.

Rolloson, Albert, (Havana), farmer 92 ½.

ROOD & GARDINER, (Watkins), (Simeon L. Rood, George R. Gardiner), attorneys and counselors at law.

Rood, Nathan F., (Watkins), cartman.

Rood, Rockwell, (Beaver Dams), retired farmer.

ROOD, SIMEON L., (Watkins), (Rood & Gardiner).

ROSS, ALEX., (Watkins), dairyman and farmer 90.

Ross, J. E., (Watkins), (with Alex. Ross), farmer.

Rumsey, David, (Havana), farmer 147.

RUMSEY, ELNATHAN, (Havana), farmer 147.

Rumsey, Samuel L., (Havana), farmer 15 5/8.

Rumsey, William H., (Watkins), farmer 63.

Russell, Philander, (Beaver Dams), farmer 39.

SANDFORD, BELA (Moreland), farmer 40, also ¾ interest in 58.

Sandford, Myra, (Moreland), farmer 121.

Sanford, Bela, (Beaver Dams), cooper.

*SAWYER, GEORGE E., (Watkins), dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, plated ware &c., Franklin.

Sayler, Henry C., (Moreland), farmer 50.

Sayler, John J., (Watkins), house and sign painter and paper hanger, Franklin.

Sayre, Albert T., (Watkins), farmer 101.

Schofield, John, (Townsend), farmer 23.

SCHOFIELD, JONATHAN, (Townsend), joiner.

*SCHUYLER COUNTY DEMOCRAT, (Watkins), W. H. Baldwin, editor and proprietor.

SCOBY, ANDREW S., (Townsend), justice of peace and farmer 125.

Seabury, Walter C., (Beaver Dams), farmer 93.

SEAMAN, H. D., (Beaver Dams), physician.

SECOND NATIONAL BANK, (Watkins), Orlando Hurd, president; B. C. Hurd, cashier.

Sellen, Alonzo, (Watkins), (A. Sellen & Brother).

Sellen, A. & Brother, (Watkins), (Alonzo and Anthony H.), groceries and provisions.

Sellen, Anthony H., (Watkins), (A. Sellen & Brother).

SELLEN & SPENCE, (Watkins), (Theodore B. Sellen and William A. Spence), surgeon dentists, Franklin.

SELLEN, THEODORE B., (Watkins), (Sellen & Spence), agent for the Dental Vulcanized Rubber Co.

SELLON, CHARLES, (Townsend), farmer 53.

SHANAHAN, MICHAEL, (Watkins), dealer in groceries and provisions, Franklin.

Shear, Hiram, (Watkins), flour and feed, west side Franklin.

Shearer, George E., (Watkins), lawyer and prop. of tannery.

Sheldon, Charles, (Townsend), farmer 97.

Shelton, Burr, (Watkins), dealer in boots, shoes and leather, 2 Shelton Block, Washington.

Shepard, William H., (Havana), farmer 94.

Sherman, ----, (Watkins), (Orr & Sherman).

Shewman, James, (Watkins), farmer 116.

Shewman, William, (Watkins), carpenter and joiner, manufacturer of sash, blinds and doors.

SHUFELT, EDWARD M., (Moreland), farmer 101.

Shulman & Co., (Watkins), (Henry Shulman and Isaac Bambergu), merchant tailors, ready made clothing and gents’ furnishing goods, W. side Franklin.

Shulman, Henry, (Watkins), (Shulman & Co.).

Skinner, William, (Watkins), farmer 54.

SLAGHT, EDGAR L., (Watkins), prop. Seneca Saloon, Franklin.

Slaght, John, (Watkins), Glen Saloon.

SLAUSON, GEO. W., (Watkins), mason.

SMELZER, JOHN M., (Watkins), (Wyckoff & Smelzer).

Smith, Betsy, (Watkins), farmer 25.

Smith, D. H., (Watkins), (Payne & Co.).

Smith, George, (Watkins), manufacturer of boots and shoes, Franklin.

Smith, John J., (Watkins), (Smith & Tompkins).

Smith, Martin T., (Watkins), prop. of Fall Brook House, Franklin.

Smith, Sherman H., (Watkins), farmer 63.

Smith & Tompkins, (Watkins), (John J. Smith and Edwin D. Tompkins), dry goods and crockery merchants, cor. Washington and Franklin.

SMITH, WILLIAM H., (Watkins), farmer 64 and leases 8.

Smith, Wm. V., (Watkins), groceries and provisions, Washington.

*SOUDER, WILLIAM B,. (Watkins), house, sign and ornamental painter and paper hanger.

SPEED, DANIEL H., (Watkins), (Kingsbury & Speed), grape grower.

SPENCE, WILLIAM A., (Watkins), (Sellen & Spence).

SPICER & HURD, (Watkins), (James Spicer and Oliver P. Hurd), attorneys and counselors at law, west side Franklin.

SPICER, JAMES, (Watkins), (Spicer & Hurd).

STAMP, ABNER N., (Watkins), farmer 63.

Stamp, John A., (Watkins), farmer 50.

STANLEY, CHARLES M., (Watkins), boots and shoes, Franklin.

Starring, H. D., (Watkins), proprietor Larmore House, opposite the depot.

STEVENS, E. R., (Beaver Dams), farmer 91.

Stevens, William H., (Beaver Dams), farmer 55.

STEWART, DEWITT C., (Havana), farmer 100.

Stoddard, Jesse, (Townsend), farmer 63.

STOLL, ANDREW, (Watkins), carriage maker and proprietor of livery stable.

Strader, Jacob, (Watkins), farmer 183 ¾.

Sturdevant, Eden, (Moreland), farmer 104.

Sturdevant, Jonathan, (Moreland), farmer 40.

Sturdevant, Jonathan, (Moreland), farmer 30.

Sturdwin, Riley, (Beaver Dams), shoemaker.

Swim, Samuel C., (Watkins), farmer 85.

TAYLOR, CHANCY, (Watkins), prop. of Langdon House, and farmer 60.

Tenbrock, William, (Moreland), farmer 180.

Thompson, Demetrius B., (Watkins), farmer leases 100.

Thompson, Edgar, (Watkins), carpenter and joiner.

Thompson & Jackson, (Watkins), (John W. Thompson and George H. Jackson), druggists, Franklin.

Thompson, John W., (Watkins), (Thompson & Jackson), physician, office, Franklin, h. cor. Decatur and Epamenondas.

Thompson, Lewis, (Havana), farmer 42.

THOMPSON, SAMUEL H., (Watkins), house painter and watchman.

Thurber, Orville, (Havana), farmer leases 147.

Thurston & Cline, (Watkins), hair dressers, Franklin.

Tompkins, Edwin D., (Watkins), (Smith & Tompkins).

Totten, William, (Townsend), farmer 180.

Townsend, Thomas, (Watkins), farmer 42.

Tracey, Elijah, (Townsend), farmer 84.

Tracy, Alford, (Townsend), farmer 167.

Tracy, Daniel, (Beaver Dams), (Tracy, Watkins & Co.).

Tracy, Ebenezer, (Townsend), farmer 157.

Tracy, E. L., (Townsend), constable and shoemaker.

Tracy, Ira, (Townsend), blacksmith.

Tracy, Isaac J., (Townsend), farmer 70.

Tracy, John, (Townsend), farmer 62.

Tracy, Sylvanus H., (Havana), farmer 82.

Tracy, Watkins & Co., (Beaver Dams), (Daniel Tracy and Charles Watkins), merchants.

TRACY, WILLIAM C., (Townsend), farmer 50.

Treeman, Ross, (Townsend), farmer 77.

Tyler, Lorenzo, (Havana), farmer 62.

UPDIKE, ARCHIBALD, (Beaver Dams), farmer 5.

VAN ALLEN, JOHN J., (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law, W. side Franklin.

Vanhorne, Moses, (Townsend), farmer 50.

Vantyl, Isaac, (Townsend), joiner and farmer 16.

VESCELIUS, W. S., (Watkins), (R. O. Koons & Co.).

*VOORHEES & CO., (Watkins), (John R. Voorhees), manufacturers and dealers in hats, caps and furnishing goods, W. side Franklin.

VOORHEES, JOHN R., (Watkins), (Voorhees & Co.).

Waddell, James, (Moreland), farmer 100.

Wait, Samuel W., (Townsend), farmer 50.

Wakely, George, (Moreland), farmer leases 58.

Wakely, Roswell, (Havana), farmer 112.

Wakeman, William, (Moreland), farmer 70.

Wallingback, John, (Havana), farmer 56.

Ward, George S., (Watkins), (Haring & Ward).

WASSON, ANDREW, (Watkins), tree agent for W. & T. Smith and farmer 10.

Wasson, David, (Watkins), farmer 43.

Wasson, James F., (Watkins), farmer 120.

Wasson, Mathew, (Watkins), farmer 60.

Watkins, Charles, (Beaver Dams), (Tracy, Watkins & Co.).

*WATKINS EXPRESS, (Watkins), Shilton’s Block, L. M. Gano, editor and proprietor.

*WATKINS INDEPENDENT, (Watkins), S. C. Clizbe, editor.

Webber, Julius Rev., (Townsend), Baptist clergyman.

Wedgewood, James, (Watkins), farmer 30.

WEDGEWOOD, JAMES Jr., (Watkins), farmer 168.

Wedgewood, William C., (Watkins), farmer 57 ½.

Welch, Joseph, (Watkins), farmer 80.

Wellar, Smith A., (Townsend), joiner and farmer 59.

WENTZ, EPHRAIM J., (Havana), moulder.

Wentz, Justus, (Havana), farmer 120.

West, Anson, (Watkins), harness maker and veterinary surgeon, Washington.

Westbrook, John Mrs., (Watkins), millinery store, Franklin.

Wetherall, James, (Townsend), cooper.

WHEAT, IRA G., (Townsend), farmer leases 125.

WHITCOMB, THEOPHILUS T., (Watkins), dealer in groceries, provisions, flour and feed, Franklin.

White, William E., (Watkins), (W. E. White & Son).

White, W. E. & Son, (Watkins), (William E. and William R.), carpenters, joiners and builders.

White, William R., (Watkins), (W. E. White & Son).

WICKES, GEORGE A., (Watkins), (Wickes & Moore).

*WICKES & MOORE, (Watkins), (George A. Wickes and Augustus H. Moore), undertakers and manufacturers and dealers in furniture, opposite Jefferson House, Franklin.

Wiedman, Miles, (Townsend), farmer 26.

Wilbur, Lyman, (Havana), farmer 101.

Wilbur, Owen H., (Watkins), farmer 62 ½.

WILLIAMS, LEWIS T., (Watkins), (Williams & Pike).

*WILLIAMS & PIKE, (Watkins), (Lewis T. Williams and Hiram E. Pike), proprietors of livery and exchange stables, corner Franklin and Montgomery.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM R., (Watkins), wagon maker.

Willower, George W., (Townsend), farmer 75.

WISNER, HENRY A., (Watkins), captain steamer Langdon, leaves Watkins 7:30 am, Geneva 4 pm.

WIXSON, REUBEN, (Moreland), farmer 105.

WOOD, SOLOMON F., (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law, Franklin.

Woodard, Haskel, (Townsend), retired farmer.

Woodard, Willard, (Beaver Dams), farmer 25.

WOODRUFF, WM. G., (Moreland), farmer leases 94.

Woodward, Benjamin W., (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law, county judge and surrogate.

Woodward, Charles M., (Watkins), attorney and counselor at law.

Woodward, Hiram, (Beaver Dams), farmer 33.

Woodward, William E., (Watkins), books, stationery and news room.

Woodworth, Jas. M., (Moreland), farmer 34 ½.

WYCKOFF, PETER, (Watkins), (Wyckoff & Smelzer).

WYCKOFF & SMELZER, (Watkins), (Peter Wyckoff and John M. Smelzer), general merchants, 5 Shelton Block, Washington.