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Chemung County NY
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Hamilton Childs
Gazetteer & Business Directory
Chemung & Schuyler Counties NY
FOR 1868 - 69.

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(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Acons, George, (Waverly, Tioga Co.,) farmer 89.

Albertson, Andrew, (Waverly, Tioga Co, ) farmer 122.

Albertson, Charles, (Waverly, Tioga Co.,) farmer 130.

Albertson, Daniel, (Waverly, Tioga Co.,) farmer 80.

Albertson, Lewis, (Waverly, Tioga Co., ) farmer 103.

Alexander, Andrew, (Chemung), farmer 46.

Avril, Rhositer, (Waverly, Tioga Co.,) farmer leases 20.

Baker, Henry, (Chemung), cabinet maker and farmer 200.

Baldwin, Mark, (Chemung), farmer 100.

BALDWIN, MILES C., (Chemung), fruit grower and farmer 150.

Baldwin, Robert C., (Chemung), farmer 1.

Ball, James M., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 40.

Bartholomew, Clark, (Chemung Center), carpenter and farmer 50.

Bartholomew, S. P., (Chemung), dairyman and farmer 114.

Bassett, Wm. H., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), carpenter, wagon maker and farmer 20.

Batterson, Jacob, (Wellsburgh), farmer 136.

BEAN, DANIEL, (Chemung Center), farmer 50.

Bean, James, (Chemung Center), farmer leases 50.

Becker, Philip E., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 50.

Beckwith, Matthias, (Chemung), farmer 58.

Beckwith, Timothy, (Wellsburgh), carpenter.

Beebe, Cornelius G., (Chemung), lock tender and foreman on Junction Canal.

Beidelman, George, (Chemung), farmer 71.

Beidelman, George H., (Chemung), farmer 25.

Beidelman, Henry S., (Chemung), farmer 353.

Beidelman, James F., (Chemung), farmer 25.

Benedict, John, (Wellsburgh), justice of the peace and farmer 65.

Bennett, Isaac, (Lowman), farmer 46.

Bennett, Wm. E., (Chemung), dairyman, farmer 105 and leases 225.

Blauvelt, E. R., (Chemung), dairyman and farmer 50.

Blossom, David, (Chemung), stone cutter.

Blossom, Eugene, (Chemung), carpenter.

Blossom, Irene, (Chemung), milliner.

Blossom, Jason, (Chemung), carpenter.

BLOSSOM, SARAH E., (Chemung).

Blyard, Oliver, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 93.

Brow, Edmund, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 80.

Buck, Anna, (Chemung), farmer 75.

Buck, A. H., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), sutler in the regular army and farmer 124.

Buck, George W., (Chemung), banker, supervisor and farmer 175.

Buckley, Daniel R., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), (with Henry Genung), farmer 100.

Burt, George W., (Wellsburgh), prop. grist and saw mills.

Burt, John W., (Wellsburgh), farmer 125, and 100 in Pa.

Burt, Sylvester, (Wellsburgh), farmer 3.

BURT, U. W., (Chemung), farrier, constable and farmer 30.

Bush, Jonathan, (Chemung), farmer 100.

Cain, Charles H., (Chemung), butcher and lock tender.

Carey, Alexander D., (Chemung), carpenter, joiner and farmer 25.

Carey, Fanny Mrs., (Chemung), farmer 98.

CAREY, JOHN A., (Chemung), justice of the peace and school teacher.

Carey, Nathaniel, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 50.

Carey, Wm. J., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 4.

CARPENTER, ANDREW J., (Chemung), wagon maker and farmer 1.

CARPENTER, WM. H., (Chemung), farmer 84.

Case, Henry, (Chemung), mechanic and farmer 86.

Castaline, Wm., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 105.

Clark, Hannah, (Chemung), farmer 30.

Cleveland, Morgan R., (Chemung), farmer leases 100.

Cogan, John, (Chemung).

Cogsshall, Joshua, (Chemung Center), shoemaker.

Combs, Gordon, (Wellsburgh), farmer leases 145.

Cook, Alman, (Chemung), gardener, butcher and farmer leases 3.

Cook, Cornelius, (Chemung), farmer 30.

Cook, Herman F., (Chemung), farmer leases 110.

Cooley, Benjamin, (Chemung), farmer 40.

Cooley, Daniel, (Chemung), farmer 2.

Cooper, George, (Chemung), farmer 63.

Cooper, Miles H., (Chemung Center), farmer 50.

Corbey, Ezekiel, (Chemung), farmer leases 160.

Cornell, Stephen S., (Chemung Center), farmer 52.

CORNWELL, DANIEL, (Chemung), farmer 164.

Crispin, John, (Chemung), gardener and farmer leases 10.

Croly, John, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer 60.

Daly, Ellen, (Factoryville, Tioga Co.), farmer 25.

Daly, Peter, (Chemung), hotel keeper.

Danner, John, (Chemung), farmer 140.

Dean, M. E., (Chemung), pastor M. E. church.

Decker, George, (Wellsburgh), farmer 129.

DECKER, JESSE, (Chemung Center), farmer 114.

Denman, Mary, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 50.

Depew, Benjamin, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 100.

Derby, John M., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer 50.

Dewitt, Andrew, (Chemung), farmer 10.

Dewitt, Daniel D., (Chemung), assessor and farmer 250.

Dewitt, Stephen, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer leases 150.

Dilla, James, (Chemung Center), farmer 104.

Dilly, Alexander, (Chemung Center), farmer leases 1.

Dix, Horace, (Chemung), shoemaker and farmer 1.

Dodge, Ira, (Chemung), proprietor of saw mill, lumberman and farmer 250.

Done, Benjamin, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer 175.

Done, John B., (Chemung), mason and farmer 100.

Done, Joseph, (Chemung), mason and farmer 53.

Drake, Amasa, (Chemung), farmer 58.

DRAKE, ELLSWORTH, (Chemung), dairyman and farmer leases 320.

Drake, Nelson, (Chemung), farmer leases 222.

Drake, Samuel, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer leases 10.

Dresser, Ruth, (Chemung Center), farmer 50.

Dresser, Wm., (Chemung Center), farmer 60.

Dunn, James, (Chemung), farmer 12.

Dunnan, M. Mrs., (Chemung), milliner.

ELLIOTT, JOHN W., (Chemung), farmer 142.

ELLIS, JOHN, (Chemung), laborer.

Ellis, Stephen, (Chemung), blacksmith.

Everett, James B., (Chemung), farmer 123.

Everett, J. C., (Chemung), farmer 360.

Everett, S. F., (Chemung), farmer 40.

EVERITT, SAMUEL E., (Lowman), farmer 150 and 280 and Minnesota.

Field, Albert, (Chemung), brakeman and farmer 21.

FIELD, JOHN R., (Chemung), blacksmith and farmer 3.

Field, Sarah, (Chemung), milliner.

Floyd, Harry N., (Chemung), farmer 100.

Ford, Edward L., (Chemung), physician, surgeon and farmer 17.

GAMAGE, WILSON, (Chemung), farmer 14.

Gardner, Joseph, (Chemung), music teacher.

Genung, Henry, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), (with Daniel R. Buckley), farmer 100.

Gere, Andrus, (Chemung), justice of the peace and shoemaker.

GERE, EBENEZER, (Chemung), physician and surgeon, and farmer 12.

GOODWIN, EGBERT H., (Lowman), farmer leases 300.

GRACE, JAMES U., (Chemung), farmer leases 180.

Griswold, George, (Wellsburgh), farmer 130.

Griswold, Mijamin, (Wellsburgh), tanner, currier and farmer 324.

Gunderman, Wm., (Chemung), carpenter and farmer leases 3.

GUTHRIE, WM., (Chemung), proprietor Junction Hotel.

Hamilton, Alonzo W., (Wellsburgh), carpenter, joiner and constable.

Handerville, Charles H., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 70.

Hanyan, Joshua, (Wellsburgh), farmer 75.

Harding, H. P., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer 162 ½.

Harlon, C. W., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 12.

HARLOW, JAMES, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 110.

Harns, David, (Wellsburgh), farmer leases 100.

HARTT, SMITH, (Chemung), mason and farmer leases 3 ½.

Haskins, Abner, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 35.

Heady, Lewis, (Chemung), farmer leases 1.

Henry, Edward, (Wellsburgh), farmer leases 100.

Herrick, Perlee, (Chemung), farmer 87.

Herrington, David, (Chemung), farmer 260.

HERRINGTON, GORDON, (Lowman), farmer.

Herrington, Martha, (Lowman), farmer 100.

Hewitt, Benjamin B., (Wellsburgh), assessor and farmer 115.

HICKS, GEO. W., (Chemung), music teacher and farmer 111.

HICKS, JOHN H., (Chemung), farmer 60.

Hillman, Augustus H., (Lowman), tobacco grower and farmer 280.

Hills, M. B., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer leases 100.

Holbert, J. E., (Chemung), farmer 148.

HOLBERT, J. S., (Chemung), creamery and farmer 335.

HOLBERT, J. S. & W., (Chemung), (J. S. and William), manufs, butter and cheese.

HOLBERT, WM., (Chemung), (J. S. & W. Holbert), farmer 100.

Hollenbeck, Geo. L., (Factoryville, Tioga Co.), lumberman and farmer 70.

Hopcraft, Thomas (Chemung), night telegraph operator, E. R. W.

Horton, Daniel T., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 100.

Howell, Isaac H., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 100.

Howell, Nickols, (Chemung), farmer 10.

Howell, Nicholas D., (Chemung), farmer 4.

Hoyt, Joseph C., (Chemung), (Owen, Wood & Co.).

Hubell, Isaac, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer leases 8.

Hudson, Frank, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 2 ¾.

Hyatt, Alanson, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 1.

Jackson, N. J., (Chemung), engineer and farmer 10.

JENKINS, DAVIS, (Lowman), carpenter.

Johnson, John, (Chemung Center), proprietor of saw mill, millwright and farmer 180.

Johnson, Jonathan, (Chemung Center), farmer 100.

JOHNSON, WM. W., (Chemung), dairyman and farmer leases 360.

Jones, Charles B., (Chemung), farmer 46.

Jones, Nathaniel C., (Chemung), farmer 40.

Joslin, John, (Chemung), farmer 118.

Joslin, Wm., (Chemung), collector.

JUNCTION HOTEL, (Chemung), Wm. Guthrie, prop.

Lawler, Patrick, (Chemung), lock tender and farmer 2 ½.

Lee, H. B., (Chemung), farmer 100.

LEWIS, WM. E., (Chemung), telegraph operator and agent for the E. R. W.

Libolt, George, (Chemung Center), farmer 30.

Livings, Phebe, (Chemung), farmer 150.

Lowman, George, (Lowman), farmer 320.

LOWMAN, JACOB, (Lowman), farmer 805 in Chemung, 200 in Ashland, 784 in Baldwin, 420 in Elmira, 300 in Erin.

LOWMAN, JOHN, (Lowman), farmer 220.

Lowman, Martin Mrs., (Lowman), farmer 83.

LOWMAN, WM. K., (Wellsburgh), farmer 95.

MANNING, JOHN P., (Chemung), cooper and farmer 161.

Mather, Thorn, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), stamp puller and farmer 95.

McDuffe, Charles D., (Chemung), farmer 133 in Pennsylvania.

McKINNEY, J. J., (Chemung), constable and farmer 1.

McMunn, Thomas E., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 5.

Merrill, Luke T., (Chemung Center), farmer leases 1.

Middaugh, John W., (Chemung), farmer 1.

Miller, Horace, (Factoryville, Tioga Co.), farmer 45.

Miller, Peter, (Factoryville, Tioga Co.), farmer 2.

Moody, Geo. S., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer leases 100.

Mooney, Patrick, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 95.

Morley, D. C., (Chemung), tailor.

MUNSON, JOHN N., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 110.

Nichols, D’Elbert, (Chemung), farmer 25.

Nichols, Edmund, (Chemung), farmer 70.

Nichols, Oliver, (Chemung), general merchant.

Orcutt, Elizabeth H., (Chemung), farmer 95.

Osborne, Silas, (Chemung Center), farmer leases 1.

OWEN, JESSE, (Chemung), (Owen, Wood & Co.), farmer 450.

OWEN, WOOD & CO., (Chemung), (Jesse Owen, John D. Wood and Joseph C. Hoyt), general merchants, proprietors of steam saw and planing mills, and farmer 1250.

PARSHALL, ASA, (Chemung), farmer 243.

Parshall, Lot, (Chemung), proprietor grist mill and farmer 6 ½.

PEPPARD, CHARLES H., (Chemung), road commissioner and farmer 116.

Peppard, Isaac L., (Chemung), dairyman and farmer 120.

Plummer, Amos L., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer 150.

Pratt, Mary E., (Chemung), farmer 1.

Price, Harvey, (Chemung), carpenter and farmer 64.

PRICE, IRA, (Chemung), wagon maker and constable.

Quick, Lewis, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 100.

Quick, Nelson, (Chemung), proprietor saw mill, lumberman and farmer 18.

Rayner, A. B., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer 200.

Rice, Elias, (Chemung), carpenter and farmer 114.

Robbins, M. S., (Chemung), farmer 1.

Roberts, James, (Chemung), farmer 4 ½.

ROBERTS, PHINEAS S., (Wellsburgh), farmer 160.

Rodgers, Wm., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), assessor and farmer 25.

Rogers, Elbert, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer 110.

Rogers, George B., (Chemung), agent Towanda Coal Co.

Rogers, Hawley B., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 50.

Rogers, Irvin, (Chemung), farmer 140.

Rogers, Peter, (Chemung), farmer 30.

Rose, Wm., (Factoryville, Tioga Co.), farmer 50.

Ruggles, Charles, (Chemung), grocer and post master.

Rundles, Charles, (Chemung), blacksmith.

Rundles, Jonathan, (Chemung), blacksmith.

Sain, Wm., (Chemung), carpenter and farmer 14.

Sanders, George, (Chemung), dairyman and farmer 25.

Savine, Abram, (Chemung), farmer leases 1.

Sawyer, James M., (Chemung), general merchant.

Sawyer, Wm., (Chemung), farmer 1.

Sayre, Frank, (Chemung Center), grocer, postmaster and farmer 50.

Sayre, Geo. T., (Chemung Center), mason and farmer 50.

Scott, Jacob V., (Chemung), farmer 25.

Shearer, David, (Chemung), superintendent Junction Canal.

SHEARER, WM., (Chemung), lock tender on Junction Canal.

Shoemaker, Joseph, (Chemung).

Sincoe, Geo. W., (Chemung), farmer 107.

Sincoe, Thomas J., (Chemung), farmer 171.

Slawson, Andrew, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman, farmer 44 and leases 144

Slawson, Nathan, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 144.

SMITH, ELIJAH, (Wellsburgh), farmer 12.

Smith, Lyman, (Chemung), proprietor saw mill, lumber dealer, and farmer 65.

Snell, Geo. B., (Chemung), farmer 140.

SNELL, GORDON, (Chemung), farmer 195.

SNELL, SETH J., (Chemung), farmer 160.

SNELL, WM., (Chemung), farmer.

SQUIRES, MILES E., (Chemung).

Stage, John, (Lowman), farmer 10.

Stebbins, Enos, (Chemung).

Stedge, Robert C., (Chemung), farmer leases 50.

Stewart, Chester C., (Chemung), general merchant.

Straight, Lawrence, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), carpenter and farmer 130.

Swain, Alfred, (Chemung), farmer leases 1.

Swain, Charles, (Chemung), lumber dealer and farmer 100.

SWAIN, HORACE, (Chemung), farmer 86.

Swain, Owen, (Chemung), lumber dealer and farmer 40.

Sweet, Thomas, (Chemung Center), farmer 200.

Tarble, Zachariah, (Chemung Center), farmer 58.

Theetgee, Oliver B., (Chemung), farmer 20 and leases 160.

Thetgee, James W., (Chemung), farmer leases 100.

Thompson, Henry, (Chemung Center), farmer leases 1.

TILLMAN, AARON, (Chemung), shoemaker and farmer 55.

Tillman, James H., (Chemung), farmer 108.

Tillman, Martin, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 200.

Tillman, Wm., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 50.

Utter, Edmund M., (Chemung), carpenter.

Vanbuskirk, Levi, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 108.

VanCampen, John, (Lowman), blacksmith.

Vanderlip, Stephen T., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), dairyman and farmer 53.

Vangaasbeet, Nelson, (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 100.

Vangorden, H. M., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), mason and farmer 1.

Vannorman, Samuel S., (Chemung), farmer 164.

Vaughn, H. P., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer leases 19.

Wage, H. S., (Chemung), shoemaker and farmer 50.

Walker, Thomas C., (Chemung), farmer 36.

WARREN, JAMES, (Chemung), farmer 85 ½.

Warren, Nelson, (Chemung Center), proprietor of saw mill, lumberman and farmer 1200.

Warren, Sands, (Chemung), proprietor of saw mill, lumberman and farmer 1,587.

Warren, Sylvanus, (Chemung), farmer 70.

Weller, Noble, (Chemung), wagon maker and justice of the peace.

Wells, Escourt C., (Chemung), farmer 66.

Wells, John S., (Chemung), farmer 150.

Wells, Martha, (Wellsburgh), farmer 140.

West, Geo. P., (Chemung), dairyman and farmer 180.

Westbrook, Benjamin, (Wellsburgh), farmer 63.

Westbrook, Holley, (Chemung), farmer 50.

White, Nathan Rev., (Chemung), pastor Baptist church.

Wickeizer, Wm., (Wellsburgh), blacksmith and farmer 6.

Wilcox, Asa, (Chemung), shoemaker.

Wilson, R. C., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 220.

Wood, Charles R., (Chemung), grocer and farmer leases 10.

WOOD, EGBERT H., (Chemung), carpenter and farmer.

Wood, John D., (Chemung), (Owen, Wood & Co.).

Wood, John N., (Chemung), farmer 277.

Wood, Joseph N., (Chemung), farmer 100.

Wood, Lewis, (Chemung), farmer leases 166.

Wood, L. G., (Waverly, Tioga Co.), farmer 50.

Wood, Martin V., (Chemung), farmer 1 ¾.

WYNKOOP, ALONZO, (Chemung), loan commissioner and farmer 275, land in Wisconsin 120, in Illinois 820.

Wynkoop, Nile F., (Chemung Center), farmer 185.

Young, Lanson, (Chemung), farmer 22 and leases 112.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Adwater, Daniel, (Elmira), farmer 1.

Adwater, Uriah, (Elmira).

ARMSTRONG, WM. A., (Elmira), dealer in agricultural implements and farmer 180.

Austin, Eli, (Elmira), farmer 30.

Baker, James M., (Elmira), farmer 150.

Baldwin, Henry, (Elmira), farmer 20.

Bancroft, Rulandus, (Elmira), retired physician and farmer 100.

Barton, William, (Elmira), farmer leases of J. Rathbone 180.

Beam, John R., (Elmira), farmer 70.

BEECHER, JAMES F., (Elmira), wool buyer and farmer 90.

Bennitt, Thomas, (Elmira), farmer 240.

BERMINGHAM, JAMES, (Elmira), farmer 103.

BISHOP, JAMES S., (Elmira), farmer leases 6 ½.

Boardman, John, (Elmira), moulder.

BOUNTAIN, JAMES M., (Elmira), farmer 50.

BRIGHT, CHARLES, (Elmira), farmer leases 400.

Brooks, Geo. W., (Elmira), farmer 10.

Brooks, James C., (Elmira), farmer 45.

Browman, Henry, (Elmira), farmer 63.

Brown, David, (Elmira), farmer 94.

Buckbee, Joseph M., (Elmira), hackman and farmer 53.

BUNDY, SIMEON, (Elmira), blacksmith.

BURLINGAME, EGBERT S., (Elmira), farmer 60.

Camfield, Edmund D., (Elmira), lumberman.

Carey, Robert, (Elmira), farmer 120.

Carnrike, John H., (Elmira).

Carpenter, Benjamin C., (Elmira), farmer 350.

Carr, George A., (Elmira), farmer leases 96.

CARR, SAMUEL M., (Elmira), town assessor, blacksmith and farmer 42.

CARRUTHERS, JOHN, (Elmira), farmer.

Carruthers, Robert, (Elmira), farmer 180.

Carruthers, Robert Jr., (Elmira), farmer.

Cary, William, (Elmira), farmer 87.

Casady, George B., (Elmira), blacksmith.

Casson, Martin, (Elmira), farmer 25.

Charles, Andrew J., (Elmira).

Churchill, Leroy W., (Elmira), wagon maker.

Coleman, Alexander K., (Elmira), carpenter and builder.

Compton, Jacob, (Elmira), farmer 86.

Compton, Zera, (Elmira), carriage maker.

CONKLIN, TOWNSEND, (Elmira), farmer 126.

Cooper, James, (Elmira), cooper and farmer 25.

COOPER, WILLIAM R., (Elmira), manufacturer of grain cradles.

Curtin, Patrick, (Elmira), farmer 30.

Dalley, Isaac H., (Elmira), farmer 49.

Davis, Darius G., (Elmira), farmer 120.

Decker, Jesse, (Elmira), farmer.

Decker, Purley, (Elmira), farmer leases 68.

DECKER, WILLIAM, (Elmira), farmer.

DELANY, WILLIAM, (Elmira), town assessor and farmer 100.

Demarest, Woodman, (Elmira), farmer 61 ½.

DENCE, ELIZA MRS., (Elmira), farmer 3.

DIBBLE, HENRY, (Elmira), farmer leases of C. Hewlet, 460.

DOANE, NATHANIEL, (Elmira), farmer leases 200.

DUBOIS, DANIEL, (Elmira), farmer 118.

DUNFEE, CHARLES, (Elmira), farmer 56.

EAMES, EDWARD, (Elmira), farmer.

Eames, Edwin M., (Elmira), carpenter and farmer 70.

Edwards, Asa L., (Elmira).

Elliott, Asa, (Elmira), farmer 75.

Elliot, Isaac, (Elmira), farmer 50.

ELMIRA WATER CURE, address Dr. S. O. Gleason, Mrs. R. B. Gleason, M. D., Elmira, NY.

Elston, Abram, (Elmira), part owner of saw mill and farmer 197.

Elston, Edmond S., (Elmira), farmer.

ELSTON, ELIJAH, (Elmira), part owner of saw mill and farmer 340.

Elston, Jonas C., (Elmira), farmer leases 197.

Fairbanks, Danforth A., (Elmira), farmer leases 100.

Fausnaught, John H., (Elmira), farmer 35.

Fitch, Daniel K., (Elmira), proprietor of saw mill and farmer 130.

Fletcher, Thomas, (Elmira), farmer leases 129.

Garthwait, John S., (Elmira), farmer 68.

Gathwait, Amsa, (Elmira), farmer leases 100.

Georgia, R. S., (Elmira), mason.

GLEASON, R. B. MRS., M. D., (Elmira), (Elmira Water Cure).

GLEASON, S. O. DR., (Elmira), (Elmira Water Cure).

GOLDSMITH, JAMES T., (Elmira), farmer 70.

GOLDSMITH, STEPHEN, (Elmira), prop. saw mill and farmer 335.

Goldsmith, Vincent M., (Elmira), farmer.

Goodwin, C. B., (Elmira), miller.

GRADY, THOMAS, (Elmira), superintendent of Dr. E. Eldridge’s Crystal Lake property and farmer 75.

Gray, Hiram, (Elmira), judge, lawyer and farmer 40.

GREATSINGER, ALMON, (Elmira), farmer 100.

Greatsinger, Christian M., (Elmira), constable and farmer 100.

Greatsinger, John S., (Elmira), prop. saw mill, lumberman, farmer 300 and leases 100.

Greatsinger, William, (Elmira), farmer 125.

Guinnip, A. M., (Elmira), (with R. H.), farmer 38.

Guinnip, R. H., (Elmira), (with A. M.), farmer 38.

HARRINGTON, CHANCY, (Elmira), farmer 200.

Harris, Giles M., (Elmira), carpenter and farmer 10.

Haskell, Perez, (Elmira), dealer in lumber and coal, and farmer 10.

Hathorne, John W., (Elmira), farmer 42.

Heller, Charles, (Elmira), farmer 50.

Herrington, Reuben, (Elmira), teamster.

Hine, Harrison, (Elmira).

HOFFMAN, JOSEPH, (Elmira), farmer 225.

Holbert, George W., (Elmira), farmer 178.

Horning, Rhoda Mrs., (Elmira), farmer 2.

Hubbell, Eli S., (Elmira), dealer in real estate and farmer 10.

Hugg, William, (Elmira), farmer 70.

Hughes, Grandison, (Elmira), farmer 2 ½.

Jenkins, Benjamin, (Elmira), farmer 48.



JENKINS, HENRY B., (Elmira), farmer 160.

Jenkins, James, (Elmira), farmer 45.

Jenkins, Miles W., (Elmira), farmer 30.

Jenkins, Wilkes W., (Elmira), farmer 218.

Johnson, Lafayette, (Elmira), farmer 50.

Johnson, Robert, (Elmira), carpenter.

JORDAN, ERI L., (Elmira), farmer.

Jordan, William J., (Elmira), farmer.

Ketcham, Aaron, (Elmira), farmer 90.

Ketcham, Hiram, (Elmira), dealer in agricultural implements and farmer 80.

Kilmer, Charles, (Elmira), blacksmith.

KINGSBURY, LUCIUS, (Elmira), butcher and farmer 30.

KNAPP, WALTER, (Elmira), farmer leases 40.

Lamunyan, Philip E., (Elmira), farmer leases 140.

LEWIS, ARNOLD, (Elmira), farmer.

Maby, George, (Elmira), commissioner of highways and farmer 150.

MATHEWS, SAMUEL S., (Elmira), farmer 150.

McCANN, GEORGE S., (Elmira), justice of the peace and farmer 259 ½.

McCANN, JAMES, (Elmira), farmer 218.

McCullough, Barton, (Elmira), carpenter.

McInerny, John, (Elmira), farmer 20.

Miller, Balthaser, (Elmira), farmer.

Miller, John, (Elmira), farmer 59.

Millins, Henry E., (Elmira), (Millins & Taylor).

Mills, Henry, (Elmira), farmer 100.

Morgan, Henry E., (Elmira), farmer 112 ½.

Norton, Hiram, (Elmira), farmer 46.

Nurse, John, (Elmira), farmer leases 112.

O’HANLON, GEO., (Elmira), supervisor, supt. Chemung Canal and Feeder and farmer 170.

O’Neill, Michael J., (Elmira).

Osborn, Owen N., (Elmira), miller.

Owen, E. B., (Elmira), farmer 72.

PETERS, GEORGE, (Elmira), engineer.

PIERCE, ROBERT C., (Elmira), blacksmith.

Pierce, R. G. L., (Elmira), farmer 28.

Platt, Hosea L., (Elmira), butcher.

Prichtel, B., (Elmira), farmer 2.

Rady, Patrick, (Elmira), farmer 80.

Randall, Porter, (Elmira), farmer 3.

Reisinger, Andrew, (Elmira), grapery and farmer 22.

RICHARDSON, JACOB M., (Elmira), farmer 100.

ROBINSON, CHAUNCEY N., (Elmira), carpenter and joiner, and farmer 6 ½.

Ronan, William, (Elmira), farmer 50.

Roughan, Michael, (Elmira), farmer 9.

Sagave, Charles, (Elmira), farmer 100.

SATTERLY, JONAS H., (Elmira), farmer 450.

Shornstheimer, Conrad, (Elmira), farmer 3.

Slater, Eliza Mrs., (Elmira), farmer 107.

Smith, Charles, (Elmira), farmer 54.

SMITH, EMILY MRS., (Elmira).

Smith, George W., (Elmira), stock broker and farmer 375.

SMITH, MILTON, (Elmira), farmer 64 ½.

Smith, William, (Elmira), farmer 56.

SPENCER, AARON, (Elmira), farmer 108.

Sprage, Charles, (Elmira), carpenter.

SQUIRE, JAMES, (Elmira), farmer leases 75.

Stage, Isaac H., (Elmira), carpenter.

STAGE, JAMES H., (Elmira), carpenter.


STANNARD, BENJ. S., (Elmira), farmer 130.

STANNARD, GILES, (Elmira), farmer 100.

Star, Leander, (Elmira), farmer.

Sterling, J. M., (Elmira), farmer 100.

STORMES, PETER, (Elmira), blacksmith.

Strader, Alfred, (Elmira), manuf. of grain cradles.

Streeter, Wm., (Elmira), farmer 44.

Sutton, David, (Elmira), carpenter.

TAYLOR, ALEXANDER, (Elmira), tanner.

Taylor, Isaac A., (Elmira), farmer 20.

Terry, Thomas J., (Elmira), farmer leases 10.

Terwilliger, Asa E., (Elmira), farmer 51.

TERWILLIGER, GEO. C., (Elmira), (with James L.), farmer 86.

Terwilliger, Isaac R., (Elmira), farmer 69.

TERWILLIGER, JAMES L., (Elmira), (with Geo. C.), farmer 86.

TERWILLIGER, JOHN, (Elmira), furnisher of curbing and flagging.

Thurston, Michael H., (Elmira), carriage maker.

Tice, Jacob, (Elmira), farmer 100.

TREAT, ANSEL S., (Elmira), laborer.

Treat, Russel, (Elmira), farmer 30.

TREMAIN, JOHN, (Elmira), overseer of highways and farmer 60.

Trumble, Benjamin, (Elmira).

Tubbs, Kelsey, (Elmira), farmer 185.

Vanloon, Christopher, (Elmira), shingle maker.

Ward, Edward, (Elmira), constable and gardener.

WARNER, ROBERT M., (Elmira), farmer 85.

WEST, C. F., (Elmira), town clerk.

Wheat, Eliza L., (Elmira).

Wheat, William, (Elmira), carpenter.

Whittemore, Simon T., (Elmira), farmer 3.

WICKHAM, FRANKLIN, (Elmira), farmer 120.

WICKHAM, HARRIS, (Elmira), dealer in lumber and shingles and farmer 130.

YEISLEY, JOHN, (Elmira), farmer 18.

Youngs, Samuel, (Elmira).


ABBREVIATIONS.--bds., boards; bet., between; cor., corner; E., east; W., west; N., north; S., south; h., house; n., near; opp., opposite; r., rear. The word street is implied.


ABBOT, AARON B., (Beers & Abbot).

Abbot, Charles R., carriage trimmer, 253 Water.

Abbott, Frank B., M. D., physician, 252 Water.

Abt, Joseph, prop. Star Hotel, 157 R. R. Avenue.

Albro, W. H., tobacconist, 25 Lake.

Alden, DeWitt C., revenue inspector, cor. Baldwin and Water.

Amann, Jacob, prop. Third Ward Hotel, Lake.

Amberg, Frederick, hotel and saloon, 105 Lake.

American Hotel, R. R. Avenue, cor. Third, J. M. Miller, prop.

A. M. E. Z. Church, Rev. John Anderson, pastor cor. Fourth and Dickinson.

Anderson, John Rev., pastor of the A. M. E. Z. Church.

Andrews & Burbage, (John Andrews and Joseph Burbage), manuf. of all kinds of saws, 110 Market.

Andrews, John, (Andrews & Burbage).

Anhalt, Abraham, (J. Anhalt & Co.).

Anhalt, Julius, (J. Anhall & Co.).

Anhalt, J. & Co., (Julius and Abraham), auction store, 119 Water.

ARBOUR HOTEL, 173 Water, Chas. DeWitt, prop.

Armitage, Richard, tin, copper and sheet iron manuf. 212 Water.

Arnold, Philip, grocery and provision store, cor. Church and Davis.

Arnot, Jane W. Mrs., grocer, 18 E. 2d.

ARNOT, JOHN, president of Steamboat Co., president of Junction Canal Co., president of Chemung Canal National Bank, prop. Sullivan flouring, grist and plaster mills, also brewery, owns farm 360.

Arnot, John Mrs., owns farm 350.

ARNOT, JOHN JR., cashier of Chemung Canal National Bank and president Elmira Agricultural Works.

Arnot, M. H., cashier 1st National Bank.

Arnot, Stephen T., secretary, treasurer and supt. of Elmira Gas Light Co., secretary, treasurer and agent of Steam Boat Co., secretary, treasurer and supt. of Junction Canal Co.

Atkins, C. C. Jr., (R. T. & C. C. Atkins Jr.).

Atkins, R. T., (R. T. & C. C. Atkins Jr.).

Atkinson, F. H., secretary and treasurer of Pittston and Elmira Coal Co.

ATWATER, DWIGHT, (W. A. Bigelow & Co.).

AVERELL, OSCAR I., U. S. collector internal revenue, cor. Baldwin and Water.

Averill, Levi, lime works, on Church St., residence 50 Market.

*AYERS, ALLEN W., prop. of Elmira Marble Works, dealer in marble and slate mantels, coal grates, granite monuments, &c., 65 Water.

AYRAULT, MILES, (Ayrault, Rose & Co.).

AYRAULT, ROSE & CO., (Miles Ayrault, Stephen Rose and Irving D. Booth), dealers in general hardware and stoves.

*AYERS, JOHN T., blacksmith, wagon and carriage maker, College Avenue, cor. Third.

Ayres, Jehiel T., (D. C. Brown & Co.).

AYRES, SOCRATES, (S. & S. B. Ayres), watch maker and jeweler, 99 Water.

AYRES, STEPHEN B., (S. & S. B. Ayres).

AYRES, S. & S. B., (Socrates and Stephen B.), general insurance agents, 99 Water.


Babcock, Erastus F., lawyer and district attorney.

Babcock, Laymon W., blacksmith, Clinton, n. Conongue.

*BAILEY, FRANCIS J., hair dresser, wig maker and ornamental hair worker, cor. of Baldwin and Cross.

Bailey, James E., carriage trimmer, 251 Water.

*BAILEY, MADAME, hair dresser and wig maker, 72 William.

Baker, C. Hamilton, deputy county clerk.

Baker, Richard, farmer 85, 47 Hudson.

Baldwin, A. F., fancy goods store, 248 Water.

BALDWIN, A. H., (Smith & Baldwin).

BALDWIN, GORDON W., dealer in ice, 127 Water.

BALDWIN JOHN JR., (Brown & Baldwin), architect and builder, also agent for Empire Sash Lock, 17 First.

Baldwin, John S., farmer 60, also contractor for laying the Nicholson pavement and cement sidewalk, Sly.

Barber, Mary Miss, dressmaker, Water, cor. College Avenue.

Barclay Coal Co., office Benjamin, n. Washington Avenue.

Barnes, David, architect builder, cor. College Avenue and Second.

*BARNEY BROS., (Luther L. and Joseph H.,) general insurance agents, 8 Baldwin.

BARNEY, JOSEPH H., (Barney Bros.)

BARNEY, LUTHER, L., (Barney Bros.)

Barrett, W.S., hop grower, 7 acres, Tuttle Avenue.

Barron, Joseph H., (White & Barron.)

Bartholf, Rachel Mrs., tailoress, h. Gray, cor. Elm.

Bartholomew & Brown, (Edward Bartholomew and L.H. Brown.) carpenters and joiners, Gray cor. R.R. Avenue.

Bartholomew, Edmond H., carpenter, joiner and builder, Water.

Bartholomew, Edward, (Bartholomew & Brown.)

Bartholomew, Josiah, carpenter, joiner and house builder, 53 Water.

Bartholomew, O.N., Bartholomew & Co. Patent Roofing, h. 36 S. Lake.

Barthlolmew, Uri, wholesale and retail tobacconist, 5 Baldwin.

Bartlet, John S., ticket agent, E.R.W. Depot.

Barton, R. Walter, (Barton & Wilson.)

Barton & Wilson, (R. Walter Barton and Chas. Wilson,) wholesale and retail dealers in staple and fancy dry goods, 108 Water.

Baskin, R., (Johnson & Baskin.)

Bauer, Charles, grocery, 121 Lake.

BEADLE, CHAUNCEY M., (Rowland & Beadle.)

Beadle, Henry W., (Elmira Edge Tool Co.,) cashier National Bank of Chemung.

Beadle, Tracy, president of National Bank of Chemung.

BEARD, ELI, (H.B. Lamberton & Co.).

Beardsley, B.P., (S. Fancher & Co.).

BEARDSLEY, E.J., principal school No. 2.

Beckwith, James P., dyeing and cleaning, 51 Water.

Bede, Peter Rev., pastor Sts. Peter and Paul church, h. 16 DeWitt.

Bedell, Cook & Co., (D.E. and H. Bedell, George Cook and J. H. Shoemaker,) props. Elmira Oil Refinery.

Bedell, David E., (Bedell, Cook & Co.).

Bedell, H., (Bedell, Cook & Co.).

Beebe, George, lawyer, 17 Lake.

Beecher, Thos. K. Rev., pastor Congregational church, h. Factory, opp. Water Cure.

Beeman, Charles F., restaurant, 27 E. Union.

BEERS & ABBOT, (Ira S. Beers and Aaron B. Abbot,) general western ticket agents, 141 R. R. Avenue.

BEERS, IRA S., (Beers & Abbot).

BEERS, JOHNSON, (Elmendorf & Beers).

Benham, L. H. Mrs., dressmaker, 139 Water, 3d floor.

BENJAMIN, S., vice president Elmira Rolling Mill Co., president of Female College, dealer in real estate, over post office, Baldwin.

Benjamin, Sarah L. Mrs., dress maker, Webber’s Block, cor. Main and Water.

BENN, E. H., attorney at law, 145 Water.

Bennet, E., Brown’s English Elastic Roofing, American House.

BENNETT, SOLOMON, dealer in dressed lumber, lath, shingles, doors, sash and blinds, also coal, cor. Baldwin and 2d, owns farm 18.

Benson, Artemus T., carpenter, h Water cor. Sullivan.

Benton, H. P., surveyor, h 13 Gray.

Berner, Adam, prop. of vinegar works, 30 Water.

Bessel, Frank, butcher, 32 and 34 City Market.

BIGELOW, W. A. & CO., (Dwight Atwater), manufs. and wholesale dealers in boots and shoes, cor. Lake and Market.

BIGGS, MARY MISS, milliner, Holden’s Hall, 136 Water.

Biggs, Peter & Co., (Henry Sayles), wholesale chandlers, cor. Baldwin and Third.

Billette, Joseph, (J. Billette & Co.).

Billette, J. & Co., (Joseph Billette and Lyman C. Brown), groceries and provisions, 188 Water.

Billings, David T., dealer in bees and honey, and farmer 70, cor. Hoffman and Hart.

Billings, John L., saloon, 235 Water.

Bingham, Edwin F., boot and shoe maker, under Delavan House.

Bingham, Leander D., manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, cor. College Avenue and Water.

Bingham, L. W., (E. H. Cook & Co.).

Bishop, Uriah, patent right dealer, h 145 Second.

BIXBY, ELIAKIM D., dealer in ice, 114 Hudson.

Bixby, Lyceum, (Gibson & Bixby).

Bixby, Rufus W., soap factory, Oak cor. Seventh.

Blackman, J. C., agent for Morgan & Son, dealers in silver plated ware, 2 Main.

Blaisdell, S., botanic physician, 174 Church.

Blake, Parthenia Mrs., dress maker, 129 Water, 3d floor.

Blampied, Benj., groceries and provisions, 36 Carroll.

BLAMPIED, JOHN G., manuf. of monuments, head stones, mantel pieces, and dealer in coal grates, Water, n. Main St. bridge.

Blampied, Joshua, groceries and provisions, 218 Water and 109 R. R. Avenue.

Bliven, A. & Sons, (Chas. H., Geo. G. and M. M.), manufs. of steam engines, circular saw mills and all kinds of machinery, corner of Church and R. R. Avenue.

Bliven, Chas. H., (A. Bliven & Sons).

Bliven, Geo. G., (A. Bliven & Sons).

Bliven, M. M., (A. Bliven & Sons).

Blodget, G. A., fruit dealer, 4 and 6 City Market.

Bloos, Frank, boots and shoes, 21 E. Union.

Board of Education, office City Hall.

Boardman, Joseph Mrs., chair bottomer, cor. College Avenue and 3d.

Bochnevetch, Joseph, tailor, cor. Hudson and S. Main.

Boerem, Mrs., dress making and children’s clothing, 38 Hudson.

Bogardus, Hattie Miss, dress maker, 10 College Avenue.

Bolt, M. S., Arcade Dining Rooms, 32 Carroll.

Booth, A. Mrs., dress maker and tailoress, 104 Water, 3d floor.

BOOTH, IRVING G., (Ayrault, Rose & Co.).

Bopp, Jacob, prop. Continental Hotel.

*BORDEN, C. T. MRS., fashionable dress maker and milliner, 156 Water.

Bovier, Mary Miss, milliner and dress maker, 19 Lake.

Bowen, E. S., division superintendent N. C. R. W.

Bower, George, (Bower & Romer).

Bower & Romer, (George Bower and Anthony Romer), fashionable tailors and dealers in ready made clothing, 149 Water.

Bradley & Crans, commission merchants, Carroll.

Bradley, Edwin, farmer and gardener 18 acres, Mt. Zoar.

Bradley, Gustavus, stall 42, City Market.

Bradley, Thos., real estate agent, bds. 345 Water.

Brand, John, groceries, provisions, wines and liquors, 7 S. Lake, owns farm 17.

Bravo, E. S., Miss, teacher, No. 3 school.

BRICKWEDDE, FERDINAND, (H. & F. Brickwedde).

BRICKWEDDE, HENRY, (H. & F. Brickwedde).

BRICKWEDDE, H. & F., (Henry and Ferdinand), dealers in stoves, tin ware and job work, 18 Lake.

Bridgeman, John, farmer 130, milkman, Hoffman, W. end Washington Avenue.

Briesler, Elizabeth Mrs., dress maker, 73 Main.

Briggs, Thos., vice president Elmira Agricultural Works.

Briggs, T. & Co., brewery, 2d n. Canal.

Briggs, Wm., supt. Agricultural Works.

Brink, Daniel H., auctioneer, 206 Church.

Brink, M. A. Miss, news, toys, notions and fancy goods, 120 Water.

Broadman, Charles, prop. Washington Avenue House, cor. Washington Avenue and Canal.

Brockman, Andrew, saloon and grocery, 77 R. R. Avenue.

*BROCKWAY, J. T., grocery and provision store and canal stables, 65 Washington Avenue.

Broder, John, wholesale and retail liquor store, 48 R. R. Avenue.

Bronson, L. H., medical electrician, 34 Baldwin.

Brooks, Elijah P., (Brooks & Spaulding), owns farm 419.

Brooks, Margaret Mrs., dress maker, Monroe n. River.

Brooks & Spaulding, (Elijah P. Brooks and T. S. Spaulding), attorneys and counselors at law, Water.

Brooks, W. A., dealer in butter, office cor. of 2d and Canal.

BROWN & BALDWIN, (David B. Brown and John Baldwin Jr.), life, fire, accident and live stock insurance agents, 18 Lake cor. Carroll.

Brown, C. S., principal Free School.

BROWN, DAVID B., (Brown & Baldwin).

Brown, D. C. & Co., (Jehiel T. Ayres), tobacconists, 27 R. R. Avenue.

Brown, George, (Brown, Osborn & Parmenter).

Brown, Henry A., oil dealer, h. North cor. Davis.

Brown, Horace H., mason and builder, 26 Orchard.

Brown, H. N. Mrs., boarding house, Gorman.

Brown, Israel R., (Kelly & Brown).

Brown, Lyman C., (J. Billette & Co.).

Brown, L. H., (Bartholomew & Brown).

Brown, Osborn & Parmenter, (George Brown, John V. Osborn and Charles H. Parmenter), clothing warehouse, 151 Water.

Brown, Thaddeus R., grocery and provision store, 47 Main.

Brownell, P. T., (D. Higley & Co.), (P. T. Brownell & Co.).

Brownell, P. T., & Co., (F. G. Prall), surgeons and mechanical dentists, 147 Water.

BROWNELL, S. C. & CO., (R. M. Losey), dealer in ladies’ furnishing goods, 123 Water.

Brush, George A., attorney and counselor at law, 125 Water.

Buckbee, Joseph M., farmer, house Carr’s Corners.

Budd, David M., carpenter and joiner, 76 Fourth.

Budd, James H., carpenter and joiner, cor. S. Main and Henry.

Budd, James H. Mrs., (Budd & Tice).

Budd, Joseph, carpenter and master builder, 1st.

Budd & Tice, (Mrs. James H. Budd and Miss S. A. Tice), milliners, cor S. Main and Henry.

Buffalo House, R. R. Avenue, 3d, Wm. Miller, prop.

BULLARD, GEO. A., dealer in dry goods, 244 Water.

Bundy Brothers, (Oscar F. and Jabin A.), groceries and provisions, 27 Lake.

Bundy, Jabin A., (Bundy Brothers).

Bundy, Oscar F., (Bundy Brothers).

Bundy, Wm., blacksmith, Horseheads road.

Bundy, ----, (Frost & Bundy).

Bunnell, David K., boot and shoemaker.

Burbage, Joseph, (Andrews & Burbage).

Burchill, Arthur, farmer, h. Button Woods.

Burke, John, grocery, 60 Washington.

Burley, E. & Co., picture and picture frames, R. R. Avenue cor. 4th.

Burlingame, A. G. Mrs., matron Elmira Orphans Home.

Burlingame, A. G. Rev., supt. Elmira Orphans Home.

Burney, E., pictures and frames, cor. 4th and R. R. Avenue.

Burns, Thomas, groceries and provisions, 95 Water.

Burritt, J. G., agricultural warehouse, Horseheads road.

Burrows, Francis E., lawyer, 145 Water.

BURROWS, J. T., barber, under Delavan House.

Bush, Wolf, prop. of Bush’s Hotel, 191 Water.

Butcher, Edward, dealer in boots and shoes, tobacco and cigars, 236 Water.

*BUTCHER, W. F., practical phrenologist, (from London), 143 Water.

Butcher, William F., house painter, 19 Standish.

Butler, Ann Mrs., groceries and provisions, 20 Water.

Butler, Wm. F., farmer, h 52 Sullivan.

BYRNE, G. W., (John Byrne & Son).

BYRNE, JOHN & SON, (G. W.), coopers, 113 Market.


Cahill, John, prop. saloon, 115 R. R. Avenue.

CALDWELL, LUTHER, (Fairman, Caldwell & Thurston).

Caldwell, Luther Mrs., sec’y Elmira Orphans’ Home.

CAMPBELL, A. & CO., (Arba, Charles and C. S.), pulling and tanning sheep pelts, 52 Factory.

CAMPBELL, CHAS. (A. Campbell & Co.).

CAMPBELL, C. S., (A. Campbell & Co.).

Campbell, Joseph, grocery and provision store, 105 Lake.

Carl, Eliza J. Mrs., prop. boarding house and eating saloon, 116 R. R. Avenue.

Carney, Thomas, shoemaker, Avenue House, cor. R. R. Avenue and Second.

Carpenter, B. C., farmer, Horseheads road.

Carpenter, G. M., hop grower, 5 acres, foot of Factory.

Carpenter & Hitchcock, (Robert T. Carpenter and Harmon Hitchcock), dealers in groceries, crockery and glass ware, 39 Lake.

Carpenter, Robert T., (Carpenter & Hitchcock).

Carpenter, Thomas, farmer, Horseheads road.

Case, Charles Z. Rev., pastor of Hedding M. E. Church, h 212 Church.

Case, Mary Mrs., (with Miss Mary J. Clark), dress maker, 127 Water.

Cass, John, proprietor of Market Hotel, 100 Market.

Cassal, H. M., universal watch maker, 199 Water.

Casterline, Isaac, general gunsmith, R. R. Avenue.

Cavin, Ann Mrs., groceries, 20 Water.

Central Baptist Church, cor. Church and Conongue, Rev. T. S. Harrison, pastor.

Chamberlain, A. B., assistant auditor E. R. W., depot building.

CHAMBERLAIN, HORACE E., bill poster and distributor, Advertiser office.

CHASE, ZALMON F., M. D., physician and surgeon, 73 Church.

Chemung Bark Extract Works, C. A. Miller & Co., props., office 135 Baldwin.

CHEMUNG CANAL NATIONAL BANK, John Arnot, president; John Arnot, Jr., cashier; Water.

Chubbuck, A. E. Rev., retired clergyman, h 84 Church.

Chubbuck, H. S., physician and surgeon, 36 Baldwin.

Clark, Cummings A., cooper and farmer 237, shop 31 Water.

Clark, John, carpenter and joiner, 37 Park Place.

Clark, Mary J., (with Mrs. Mary Case), dress maker, 127 Water.

Clark & Metzger, (Wm. Clark and Xavier Metzger), meat market, 98 R. R. Avenue.

Clark, Samuel W., flour and feed, 11 Carroll.

Clark, William, (Clark & Metzger).

Clatworthy, James, carriage and ornamental painter, 59 Water.

Clavar, Mary Sister, superior of the Sisters of St. Mary (Catholic), branch of Convent at Lockport, h. 66 Market.

Clinton Woolen Mills, foot of Factory, R. Pratt, president; W. Dundas, sec’y and treas.

Close, R. H., fruit and ornamental trees, 40 S. Main.

COBURN, PARLY, principal school No. 3.

Coe, S. N., groceries and drugs, 50 Second.

COKE, LEVI, baker and confectioner, 154 Water.

Coke, William, cabinet maker, 63 First cor. Davis.

Coles, Samuel, joiner and manuf. of picture frames, 26 Baldwin.

Colligan, Ella, 1st assistant, school No. 2.

Collingwood, Francis, (Collingwood & Strang).

Collingwood, Robert, jeweler, watch dealer and sewing machine agent, cor. Main and Water.

Collingwood & Strang, (Francis Collingwood and H. W. Strang), jewelers and silversmiths, 147 Water.

Collins, D., prop. Sherman saloon, cor. R. R. Avenue and Second.

Collins, William, tailor, Market.

Compton, C., wagon maker, Horseheads road.

Comstock, Samuel G., dealer in hats, caps and furs, 2 Brainard Block.

Congdon, George & Co., malsters, 111 Market.

CONKLIN, DAVID, farmer 57, Hoffman, W. end Hart.

Conklin, J. R., farmer 95, Hoffman W. end North.

CONKLIN, W. W. MRS., milliner, 15 Lake.

Connelly, Hugh, prop. rolling mill, h. Canal.

Converse, M. S., A. M., owner and principal of Elmira Select Academy, 17 William.

Cook, Elisha H., (William Nichols & Co.), treasurer Elmira Seamless Keg Co.

COOK, E. H. & CO., (L. W. Bingham), hardware, 101 and 103 Water.

Cook, George, (Bedell, Cook & Co.).

Cook, G. W. & Co., (Lawrence M. Young), manufs. and dealers in boots and shoes, 23 Lake.

Cooley, Jessie L., vegetable garden, 4 ½ acres, Lake n. Washington Avenue.

Cooper, W. R., grain cradle maker, Horseheads road.

Coppins, Reuben, city sealer.

Corbett, William G., (Corbett & Winslow).

Corbett & Winslow, (William G. Corbett and John T. Winslow), props. of Central Hotel.

Corcoran, Thomas, prop. Union House, Canal.

Corey, Wm. F., cashier Second National Bank, and insurance agent.

CORTRIGHT, CARRIE E. MISS, milliner and dress maker, 145 Water.

Cottrell & Hankins, (S. H. Cotrell and Z. T. Hankins), carpenters and builders, r. piano factory, Church.

Cotrell, S. H., (Cottrell & Hankins).

Couch, Kindley & Co., (Stephen Couch, Jacob and Adam Kindley), props. of tannery, Tuttle Avenue.

Couch, Stephen, (Couch, Kindley & Co.).

COVELL, EDWARD, (C. W. Fay & Co.).

Covell, H. C., Secretary Elmira Seamless Keg Co.

Covell, John D., druggist, cor. Lake and Water.

COVELL, ROBERT, (J. Decker & Co.), (C. W. Fay & Co.).

Covell, William D., deputy U. S. marshal, 125 Water.

COWEN, THADDEUS C., auctioneer, commission merchant and wholesale dealer in crockery and glassware, 163 and 165 Water.

Cowles, Augustus W., D. D., president of the Elmira Female College.

Crans, Adolphus W., (Bradley & Crans).

Crapser, E. Mrs., fashionable dress maker, Church n. R. R. Avenue.

Creed, James A., captain night watch, Orchard.

Crockett, Benjamin B., dyer, 303 Water.

CROSS, CHARLES, prop. of livery stables and hack, Cross r. of Chemung House, h. 90 First.

Cross, Elisha R., (Gleason & Cross).

Cross, J. W., grocery, 26 E. Third.

CROSS, SAMUEL, wood merchant, Church n. Canal.

Crow, David, farmer 3.

Crystalized Oil Co., (Wm. R. Loomis and S. G. Striker), cor. Lake and Market.

Cuddington, Sarah Miss, dress maker, 8 Lake.

Culp, James Mrs., saloon, Carroll.

Cummings, Mark, grocery store, cor. of Oak and Jay.

Cummings, Mrs., washing, ironing and house cleaning, 61 R. R. Avenue.

Curtin, William M., groceries and provisions, 9 S. Main.

Curtis, Geo. C. Rev., D. D., pastor First Presbyterian Church, h. 40 William.

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