Diaries & Letters of Chemung County
Civil War Era
Chemung County NY
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Diary & Letter Collection of Joyce M. Tice
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This Table of Contents is an abbreviated version of our larger Diaries / Letters Collection page that isolates just those resources in the Civil War time frame.

1850-1875 Marilla Park of Erin NY (diary excerpts)
1864 Letter from Reddin Wilcox, Prisoner at Elmira
1860s Solomon Wood Civil War Letters
1864 Diary of John Beach (died at Salisbury Prison) In Process
1865 Evelina Jane Green of Elmira - Diary Excerpts

Recommended additional reading:
Pub. Date Title Description
Diary of a Southern Woman
1984 Growing Up in the 1850s - Diary of Agnes Lee Daughter of Robert E. Lee growing up at family home -Arlington - and West Point.
1998 Letters of a Civil War Nurse - Cornelia Hancock 1863-1865
1955/1972 Brokenburn - The Journal of Kate Stone 1862-1868
1999 Mammoth Book of War Diaries & Letters
1992 A Grand Army of Black Men
A Diary from Dixie - Mary Chestnut
Chemung County NY
Published 6 APR 2007
By Joyce M. Tice

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