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Chemung County NY
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Helen BARBER "Ellison" of  Elmira NY
Transcribed by Melissa June Merritt 
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Photo Helen BARBER Ellison with husband George Ellison
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Helen Barber Ellison
1954 Diary

Jan 1 Jean Ellison?s birthday gave her two pair nylons black heels & toes. Got up early with Geo. Got his breakfast and took him to work. Went back to bed till ten o?clock. Cleaned upstairs and did a little work downstairs. Made dumplings and took everything out of the refrigerator. Began to rain as I left home for Spencer. Took Marsh Road and it was a little slippery. Had dinner with mother stayed till 4:30. Snowed, very slippery. Started for home then turned around and went to Candor. Dellie there and very ill, had the doctor while there. Stayed for supper and left about eight, very slippery. Drove very slowly around by Cayuta. Got home 9:30. No snow or ice eight mile from Elmira.

Jan 2 Not very cold or slippery around here. Straightened through house. Went over to Jean?s and took her stockings and down town to Alpert?s where he put a guard on my ring, took my birthstone ring to find what it would cost to have the stone put in. Stopped in Toti?s and got picture to paint. Geo got in about three o?clock but never came home till after seven. Had spent a lot of money and was very disagreeable. Got him a cooked supper at 9:30 pm. Had soup when he came and wouldn?t have a cooked meal. Took baths.

Jan 3 Went to church and haven?t done much all day. Can hardly drag. Betty went home. Fred went to Scranton and came home on 3. Did a little painting.

Jan 4 Audrey?s Birthday. Didn?t sent a card. Straightened through. Geo hung around all day sleeping and reading. Guess he?s not feeling so good. Had been some drinking again. Didn?t wash but took a suit of underclothes over to Betty and a dress. Have gotten three big meals today and Geo has made oyster and tomato soup besides. Dolores was over telling me how Steve made her feel New Years. Will men never learn their wives come first. Painted a bit.

Jan 5 Some snow but not very cold. Geo was called for 5:50am got up at 4:20 and didn?t go back to bed but painted till 8. Got a few things done and got ready to go to court. Betty took me and came after me at noon. Got myself a good dinner and Betty took me back. Betty came after me at 5:30. She had been at lodge all the afternoon. I had supper over next door. Macaroni & Cheese. Am really pooped tonight. My back bone is swollen and hurts to move.

Jan 6 Very slippery snow over ice. George took me on to the May fair diner to dinner. Had breaded veal cutlet that was hardly fit to eat. John ate with us hamburger and milk. Geo had roast pork and coffee. Cost nearly four dollars. Was called after recess and Krammer rejected me very definitely with no hesitation. Called home & Geo came after me. Fred worked a yard job. They put their TV in the middle room. Got supper for them all roast beef the Geo & I went to the Auxiliary Police meeting. Think Geo was bored but I enjoyed it. Came home and watched TV for an hour. Geo got this little book for me this afternoon.

Jan 7 Snow flurries and cold sunshine part of time. Geo called for 8:20 am. Dolores had to take lesson on Sewing Machine care so Betty is caring for Stephan. Cleaned house all the way through. Had supper at Betty?s. There radio went on the blink. Kenny came over here to watch. Betty & I went to Home Bureau meeting. Very interesting lesson on cleaning sewing machine. The girls had called the meeting. Gave us a good rap. Meeting must start by 8 and luncheon served at ten. Got home about 12:30. Very cold. Guess things had been well talked over before we got there. Dolores sore as can be. They seem to be nice girls each alone. Jerry is the peculiar one I think.

Jan 8 Sun is shinning but is very cold. Got up late. Dot here before we were out of bed. Fred called for seven to go on local to Buffalo. Betty went down town finished paying for coal and after groceries. We went after meal. A big mob there. Got some for Dot & Betty. Couldn?t get all I wanted as the man waiting on us waited on all the other clerks. Dot came and couldn?t make ends meet but come to find out she thought Steve had given her less than she thought. Betty thought Fred was coming in tonight but hasn?t showed up. Got supper and George went to bed about 7:30. They fixed Betty?s TV this afternoon. Pay day Geo gave me $13.00.

Jan 9 Very cloudy and cold. Lost the sewing machine needles she gave me and Dot doesn?t have. Geo called for 6:45. Betty came over about 7:30. Fred hasn?t come home. Feed her breakfast and in our conversation found he wasn?t suppose to till tonight. Straightened house through. Cleaned and oiled my sewing machine. Took nearly six hours. What a job but works fine now. Washed hair and took bath. Had bad time going to sleep. Guess I am too tired. Helmi and Bobby over to Fred?s.

Jan 10 Cloudy and much warmer. Did not go to church. Geo slept most of day. Had Fred & family here for dinner. Got supper and Geo left before eating to go to round house at 10:30 took Fred?s care to see what had become of him. Found him at park view. He was gambling.  Won over thirty dollars. A Mr. & Mrs. Coleman were playing shuffle board against Lew Baker (a brakeman) who lost about $75.00. Bet Geo lost a friend.

Jan 11 Geo called for 5:45. Went back to bed. Fred called for seven on local. Betty got up. He?s in a mood again. The baby got up so Betty couldn?t go to sleep after she went back to bed. Got up a little after ten. Changed beds. Washed did some for Betty as Fred didn?t get hers fixed. Finished the picture of the light house. Made a batch of Swedish pastry. Put too much jam so it ran and burned. Taking care of Betty?s kids so she can go to a lingerie Party with Dot. My head and ear feel badly tonight. Very cold. John came over and took battery out of motor cycle. Hope Fred?s doesn?t freeze up. John?s was dead. He hopes its not spoiled.

Jan 12 Very cold. Haven?t felt so good today. Geo took down my clothes and I sprinkled them. Betty went down to her sisters and got me 4 doz. Eggs. Fred came in about six off the road. Wouldn?t go with the rest over to Dots for supper but took a bath and stopped and got car and went out. Betty came for me to take her to find him about eleven. He was at Franklin?s Hotel. She brought him home and about 12:30 and he hit her a couple times in the side because she wouldn?t give him the keys when his were in his pocket. Don?t see what is the matter with him. Geo laid off. Hopes to mark on temporary job Thursday. Had David & Kenny for lunch gave them hamburgers.

Jan 13 Very cold. Geo left about eleven to go after cigarettes. I caught up with him at Park View. He had made his rounds. Did my ironing and made a lemon pie. The Horton boy was taken sick today. May God be with him and in his great scheme of things recompense his mother and he himself. Guess Fred and Betty have made up. John was here and borrowed 15.00 his water pump broke and he lost his alcohol. Geo mark on HB1 and went to bed early got up at nine and watched TV till ten. Got everything ready so I wouldn?t have to get up. George hollered and found fault at 11:20 because I hadn?t come to bed. Delores came last night about 5 and wanted to change knife boxes. Think I got the best of it.

Jan 14 Very cold. My ear is still bothering. Its been over a month closer to two and seems to get worse. They took Betty?s washer down to Sears this morning. Have cleaned down stairs. Mad a sandwich spread of eggs and ham. Geo was called for 6:55 am. Got caught up on a few things. Jean called Betty and told her Dad called her and started a quarrel over Christmas. He never can let well enough alone. This was last night. Every day when he does those things he shows he?s his mothers son. Dolores went over to Barbara?s for lunch and Betty had Kevy.

Jan 15 Very cold. Haven?t done much of anything today except get meals and necessary work. Dolores over for a while. Had them for dinner. Hot sandwiches. She had been downtown and over to Barbara?s. Gave her cabbage & pork left from our dinner. Got 12.00 check from county for the two days I acted as juror. Am going to use it to pay for resetting my birthstone ring which I lost. It will cost 13.50. Want a pair of topaz earrings. Lost my others some time ago also small pearl earrings. Dolores gave me.

Jan 16 Very cold and a little snow this morning. Cleaned thro of rather touched up. Dolores over. Brought some dresses from Mrs. Owens but we couldn?t wear them. Geo called 5:25 for Buffalo. Steve?s car lost oil out of transmission. Is to take it Monday to Pontiac place. Fred has laid in a whole week. Took bath. Put my hair up. Bobbie Surdam didn?t come to Fred?s. His girl is moving to Waverly and leaving her husband. Steve called to Owego on a wreck.

Jan 17 Coldest night of the year 6 below. Very, very cold. Did not go to church. Had Steve and Dotty both for dinner and supper. Betty had John and Jean there for dinner and John covered her chair. Steve sick tonight. Geo took off his long underwear and I?m scared he?ll catch cold. Geo got bumped off both temporary vacancy and regular job so has to place himself again.

Jan 18 Very, very cold last night. Geo nearly froze when I turned off the blanket. Was thoroughly disgusted with me but I was wet with perspiration and didn?t mean to freeze him. Got up and his leg bothering him. Probably cold settled in that nerve and he seems filled with gas. Decided to move in middle room. Had to change all the mattresses as Geo wouldn?t sleep on one the roomers had slept on and I had to put away the rollaway. So I got the beds fixed and part of the things moved and middle room cleaned. Started washing about 2:30 and got through at six. John came and got chair to recover. Lack a yard to complete job. Betty went down town to get some for hers but didn?t dare get mine without sample.

Jan 19 Sunny and warm very slippery. Baked apple pie for ourselves and shell. Made lemon pie for church. Went to lodge where I was given the oath of office. Two deaths in lodge so can have nothing going on till after Feb 16 when the charter will be undraped. Fred got the parts for his washing machine and they didn?t find anything wrong but charged him seven fifty for labor. He put it together half a dozen times, then found it wouldn?t stay in gear and when he took it apart found it needed a new gear and dog. Steve and Dotty got their car $32.00 ten for parts. Rest labor. Oil leak in transmission. Finished cleaning upstairs sprinkled clothes. Geo paid bred bill 5.20.

Jan 20 Not very cold cloudy. Sun shone a few minutes at noon it seems as thou it might rain. Pay day. George paid the taxes $40.98 part of the insurance on car and the light bill. It did rain. George marked up on Parkinson?s job to Scranton BH4 and #7. Called for 2:00 pm. Took him to the station. Then did the ironing. Went over to John?s about 4:30 after a piece of the plastic. Had thrown pieces away. When he came cut a piece from chair. Stayed to supper and took care of the kids while they went to CD meeting. Got home about 10:30 pm. Fred had gear built up and Betty did her washing. So warm the snow has disappeared tonight. Ordered Alpert?s to replace stone in birthstone ring. $13.50.

Jan 21 Sunny not too cold. Cleaned up stairs and puttered around. Geo called for two o?clock. About 4:30 decided to go to John?s and get a sample of plastic he?s using on chair. Thrown all pieces away so stayed till he came. Had supper then stayed with kids while they went to CD meeting. They came about ten thirty and I came home.

Jan 22 Sunny. Got up late. Cleaned down stairs dust mopping up. Geo left about twelve o?clock and when I went over to ask for the car George had telephoned that he was with the couple boys and would be home in a couple of hours. I knew what that meant so asked Betty to take me. She said she didn?t know where he was but he told me he told her. Took me around here then I wanted her to take me on south side and to Green Lantern. Put a dollars worth of gas in for her. Went up there but he wasn?t there so she took me to Willow Grove where she knew he?d be. Went in. Stayed there till 11:00 then went to Green Lantern Woodhull was there. Had a good time. His brother was stopped by police. Got home 1:15 got supper for Geo. Frank Dombroski 2-2742. Has 48 Buick. Carpenter.

Jan 23 Sunny and cold. Got up late. Didn?t do much of anything all day. Took bath and washed out a few underclothes. Geo slept most of the afternoon. Got bumped off the Scranton job. Watched television. No one around.

Jan 24 Sunny not too cold. Went to Spencer. Got home at 5:00 Geo called for 7:30. John finished Fred?s chair. Dotty & boys had supper here. Fred said Sibley had moved. Worried me so about ten I drove up there. They looked at a farm but don?t think they?ll get it for what he offered. Gave John $20.00 for license. He paid me $15.00 he borrowed.

Jan 25 Cloudy not too cold. Paid paper boy. Fred washed his car and mine. Loaned Dot ten dollars and Fred five. Went down town with Dolores. Got birthstone ear rings and two drawing pad. Fred is taking Kenny with boy scouts to receive metal on TV 18. Could not get plastic for chair so will have to send for it. Fred called for six o?clock for Waverly job so Betty had to go with Kenneth. I stayed with kids. Came home after she came and finished vacuuming the floors and mopped then stayed with kids while she and Dot went to Mrs. Marcy?s plastic party where they were going to order a yd of brown plastic for chair. All the work caught up. Could not wash because Geo didn?t change.

Jan 26 Nice day. Geo took care and made a day of it. John came & said the fellows yard we drove through last Friday was swearing out a warrant for him. Found him at Park View. Came home and I was washing out his underwear Said nothing and in a few minutes left. Had supper in the oven. Raining hard tonight. Came about ten. Dennis Hayward was here. Hayward said to take up his railroad case with Rose. At twelve took him to his boarding place.

Jan 27 Rain not very cold. Geo marked on HB1 and went to Buffalo at 5 am. Took him over. Haven?t done much of anything. Went downtown. Found a coat but didn?t buy it. Bought a nylon black all occasion dress. Stopped to Dots and we decided to go to Candor. Had supper there and I paid my share of the taxes. Started home about eight and the rain had frozen and there was snow. Drove very carefully and arrived alright. Stopped at Dots. Steve had just gotten home from bowling and had Kevy to bed. Geo came in about 11:20. Brought the canary Dot had home.

Jan 28 Very cold especially tonight. Geo slept till about three. Had dinner. Fred was supposed to take book of rules but instead took last two dollars out of Betty?s pocket book and went to Griska?s. He sure is a peach the way he?s acting. After dinner George made the rounds and got a couple of books. Steve sprained his ankle this morning and worked on it. Dolores came over and I gave her Hut and the rest of the Scotch I had. Made a batch of molasses or ginger cookies. Betty made chocolate. Finished bonnet and on bootie. Wayne feeling better.

Jan 29 Much warmer today. Geo went out at 5:30. Went over to Dots and worked on Steve?s sweater. She has sleeves about twice the size they should be. Steve?s ankle very swollen. Brought the parakeets home and put blue with blue and green with green. Kenny was sent home from school yesterday. Wayne far from well came down with cold in his head. Stephan also sick.

Jan 30 Warm but turned colder tonight. Geo wanted money and when I gave him the two dollars I had he was mad and threw it on the table. Changed the beds and washed. Took bath this morning. He borrowed money some where and visited all the spots. Wrote check $25.00. Got cigarettes and oysters and crackers. Went to bed but didn?t go to sleep. Got called for 12:15 said he tried to get crutches for Steve. My ear hurts badly tonight. Wish I know what is wrong. Richard took too many sleeping pills and went home today from St Josephs where he had been for a week.

Jan 31 Very cold. John put spring in oven door. Cleaned stove thoroughly. Bound spring in dial broken and spring gone in broiler door and other  spring weak. Cleaned refrigerator and did ironing thro at nine o?clock tonight. Had dinner at Fred?s. Finished booties and did most of mending. Am going over to Dots. She asked me to dinner. Had too much to do so ate at Fred?s

Feb 1 Dolores paid up. Cold and cloudy. Pay day. Geo left about 11:30> I feel badly today. My hips are so lame I can hardly sit down. Came back and ate dinner about three and we went again. Haven?t done much of anything today. John over and had his teeth out. Thinks this dentist good. Is dentist for reformatory. Jean was with him. Gave then my check for jury duty to get my birthstone ring from Alpert?s 13.50. Stone isn?t like other but looks like new. Went to market got 8.00 of meat. Gave John 2 lb hamburg. Got $30.00 of groceries. Had three drinks. I was burned up in Griska?s because tells me to shake hands acting as thou I didn?t have any manners and was about 3 yrs old. I got disgusted again when he turned off every program on TV either on or off in the middle. Saw just on story thro all evening & that after I got sore.

Feb 2 Lodge. Mostly cloudy. Fred & Betty still having trouble. Geo let Fred have ten dollars. He got his car license. John didn?t work. We went down town looking for a winter coat but didn?t find one. Betty and I went to lodge. George was bumped off H B 1 last night too late to go on H B 7 so won?t go out till Wed. night. Came home and then went to see if I could get catch for stove. Said I?d have to get entire unit cost about 4.00. Can?t see why when I only need catch. Ordered boiler spring cost in book. .25 apiece. Took catch to Tressler?s said if his service man didn?t have it he?d send it in and see if he could get it. When I got home Geo had sandwiches & beer so didn?t get any supper. John $15.00 yesterday.

Feb 3 Geo called his mother and she is as usual. John wants me to take care of his kids while they go to C D party. Called off. No one had money. Sunny and warm. George took Wayne at 10:30 and went down town. Came back in a little over an hour and immediately went again taking in the beer joints when he came at three ate dinner then went down town. Wrote check for rest of insurance which I dated wrong and bought me a coat 30.95 another check at Cameo Shop. Took my onyx necklace to have chain lengthened. Got a few things in ten cent store and drug store. Went to Park View I had two drinks and he had a bottle of beer. Played pin ball machine & lost. Said Frank Dombraski won him 3.00 in morning. Called for 6:45. I went over to Dots a while in evening.

Feb 4 Snow on ground not very cold. Washed baby things I knit for Betty. Cleaned house down stairs. Very dusty. Fred came in about 6:30 AM. Went to see Bryan. Got home a little after eight and went to Dots to Home Bureau. Every one there. Mrs. Storch our sponsor there. Had a very nice meeting. Rose and Betty are having baby?s in June. Elaine in September and Edna in April or May. Served cookies, coffee, pickles, of olives, potato chips and buns with tomato and hamburger sauce Barbara made a mistake and sent Betty an invitation to her surprise baby shower. Dotty told her the girls were coming to her house Monday and it was all a joke. Watched TV till nearly one and turned out light when I heard Geo come. Brought a couple of bill folds home with me but haven?t been able to see them $6.00 a piece.

Feb 5 Not too cold sunny. Did general work. Geo went down town and got a pale blue baby parakeet. He flew and hit the window. Think he hurt is leg. Jean?s mother was operated on this morning. I went over and took care of the baby. Took her to hospital. She came at 2:30. They told them to leave and let her mother rest. Her blood pressure 220. Got back home at three. Put macaroni and cheese in oven and then went after George at Park View. There was a crowd there. Mrs. Coleman and her friend Ted Miller & Burny also Newman and a couple of others also Frank & Mary Birds husband and he informed me all Dolores trouble started when she sat down on his lap one time when they were raising the devil. He is really fed up over there. Has agreed to pay Mary twenty five a week for him and Joey the rest goes in bonds. Geo called for 8:30. Got his check today.

Feb 6 Steve called on wreck above Bath 1800 rails torn up. Sunny snow flurries. Cleaned house down stairs. Dottie came over and stayed a couple of hours. Told her about seeing Ambrose in Park View and Mary?s jealousy. Went down to Dora?s she didn?t want the stole. Put in $2.00 gas and bought a dozen eggs. Got home at 9:30. They have taken wrestling off and it makes me tied, best program of all. Been taking off all the late shows. Dora doesn?t want to go to New York Friday as she wishes to announce on Lion?s show in Owego that date.

Feb 7 Sunny not very cold. Did not go to church. Have felt bad all day. Back very bad and stomach pains bowels ran off. Geo made round of joints but came home in a couple hours. Had chicken fried & French fries. Geo called 6:30. Made cake & cookies

Feb 8 Cold sunny. Got up at nine. Betty came over when I was doing up her package for the shower tonight. Think she knows something is up. Shower came off with a bang fifteen came although it snowed and was very slippery. Fred got called for the Waverly local. Betty got some nice gifts two blankets, a number of receiving blankets, shirts, dress booties, diapers, rattle, bottles, things for baby, sweater set. Most of the things were pink or yellow. I furnished coffee, buns and salad. We thought Fred knew about it but he didn?t. Guess they all had a good time any way they ate a lot. Geo came about one thirty. Loaned Fred ten to pay milk bill.

Feb 9 Not very cold. Snow is melting. Geo was so disgusted with his engineer he couldn?t got to sleep last night so didn?t get up till nearly noon. John is having a hard time with his teeth. Geo and I went over to John?s and Geo took her to pay bills and get groceries he also went to Gulka?s and borrowed $5.00. I knew he had only 3.00 in his pocket and John gave him 3.00 for film. We went to De Donna?s and he used at least 2.00 in pin ball machine. Had a couple of drinks then down to Gulka?s, then over to Collins and up on Oak St. Geo put 3.50 in gas in the car and we came home. Snowing and beginning to get slippery much colder. John paid what he borrowed.
Feb 10 Sunny and cloudy. Not very cold. Went with Geo after check and then downtown. Geo paid 48 on Collision insurance. I got myself a black pocket book 6.00 all leather was eight without tax. Then we went after groceries. Got up about $11.00. Stopped at Park view and then went to Gulka?s. Mariam wants me to come to a Uker party tonight. Geo gave me $25.00 plus 15.00 gave me pocket book. Want shoes & hat yet and some dresses wash. Came home and Geo beat it again but came back in about half hour. Said he was at Griska?s. Dottie stayed to dinner. She came and got dinner for Betty?s kids. They came about 12:30 had been after groceries. Dottie stayed all afternoon. Finished green sweater. Geo was called for 6:30. I watched T V. Dotty took Geo?s baby parakeet home with her.

Feb 11 Cloudy and thawing. Didn?t get up till 9:30. Watched TV for an hour. Unraveled the stole I made for Dora. Very cold tonight almost zero. Fred & Betty went to see Jack & Alma. They found out as I suspected that mother loaned Lalie $1800.00 to buy her house to be paid at the rate of 20.00 a mo. They have been out of work and couldn?t make a payment. Mother E. very sore. Fred paid Geo the ten he owed him but couldn?t pay me. Haven?t been away from the house today. Started another stole will do for a baby blanket if I don?t care for it. Ripped it out & Dottie making sweater. Lalie or John can kick Mother E. and yet she?ll do more for them than anyone and they?ll do less. School held but banks closed. Had their Valentine?s parties. Planned to got to New York to see Mary about signing off. Dora called it off as she wants to work on the Lion show in Owego.

Feb 12 Very, very cold. Fred?s car wouldn?t start this morning. Called to go BH 2 at seven. Said he thought our car frozen. Geo put 2 qt Zeax(???) hope it?s the right thing and a qt in Fred?s car. When he came home had met some of the fellows he said. Took Fred?s car & went again for 45 min. He was supposed to help me wash. Brought the washer in and took part of a batch down cellar. Had Betty over for supper. Saw the blue parakeets in the act. She has been busy in her nest box. The green hen has also but the male doesn?t seem to pay any attention to her. Geo called his mother, John & Dot. Called for 7 o?clock. It is about zero now. 8 PM.

Feb 13 Had Valentine card from Dora. Not so cold but still very cold. Got up 8:30. Took bath and monkeyed around till. Took down clothes, sprinkled, feed birds and ran vacuum down stairs. Went to Dot?s then down got slip  & plastic for chair. Stopped and went thro art gallery and to library and got books on water color. Betty had Dot for supper and I ate with them. Unraveled stole and dot wants yarn for sweater. Doing the ironing tonight. Fred got in this morning at seven.

Feb 14 Not very cold. Went to church. John brought leather chair. Geo gave him $5 and $1 in old bills and $2 in regular. Had dinner went to round house Griska?s didn?t get out then for a ride to airport. Stopped and had a drink to meat market. Got six lbs. hamburg gave Betty 3 lb. He stopped near park and had another then home. While I was getting supper. Hamilton came and wanted a room. George went to bed about six but wasn?t called till 11 PM. John ran over Kevy?s bicycle and never said anything about it.

Feb 15 Very warm for this time of year. Snow all melted and mud every where. Straightened thro and watered plants cleaning birds. Wish they would get busy. Cooked bones we got for the dog. Betty is making Fred?s birthday tonight went downtown and got him a sweater 7.00. Dot paid 2.00 on it and cards. Got myself two cotton dresses 4.00 & 5.00. Eating over to Fred?s. Betty has to got to school at 7:30 and then we are going to Barbara Conklin?s to a plastic party. I also got more than a dollars worth in ten cent store, adhesive tape etc. Bought about four dollars of plastic dishes.

Feb 16 Fred?s Birthday born 1922. Lodge and supper for which I?m to furnish scalloped potatoes. Supper at church  I?m suppose to furnish potato salad. Went to lodge rain. Geo washed car took bath and went out to have fun. Had trouble over car as he didn?t want me to have it to go to lodge supper. Took it any way and of course I had real trouble. Played cards till ten then went to Gulka?s and picked Geo up. Am latterly exhausted tonight. Raining very hard tonight.

Feb 17 Rain early this morning got up late. Haven?t done much of anything all day but mend. Laid down a while this afternoon. Geo slept most of day. Can not eat. Feel like throwing up. Geo wasn?t called till 8:15. Fred went on 15. Betty went down town changed the sweater and three blankets but they wouldn?t change any more. She took the car and left the car for Fred?s use, then she took Geo to work. Snowed part of the day and tonight is very nasty.

Feb 18 Beautiful day. Have cleaned all the way through. Got the trouble settled and surely hope that it will won?t ever be found but I?ll never forget and hope it will be a lesson to me. I went to Betty?s for supper and then I went to Dot?s. in the meantime Fred got a call to go to Griska?s to meet Park?s. Fred was there alright but not with Park?s. Betty was sure that he was lying. I went over there at 12:30 and he came out and told me off. I came home and got Betty but he was not there and we didn?t find the car. Said he took a girl to Waverly. An way didn?t come in till nearly three.

Feb 19 An ideal neither to hot or too cold and sunny. Pay day. Finished paying the insurance on the car. 40. Paid milk bill 6.00 and lights 8.25. got a few groceries 6.00 and gave me 20.00. Paid Berny. Put 3.50 in gas. Had four drinks and he had the same and put about 2.00 in pin ball machine. He gave me a good time. Was called for 5:15. Had Betty and kids here for supper also Stevy Zacko. Geo said if it was nice to got to Spencer which I may do. Of course will have to straighten thro. Put nests in canary cages and they have been playing with them. The parakeets haven?t done a thing yet. Wrote letter to Dellie and Dora called form Mark Twain and listed place with Goodrich, Ellistown for $5,000.00. Sibley & Leona were down home when they Dora & Goodrich charges 3% to look over place.

Feb 20 Dark not very cold windy. Took a bath and felt like devil ever since. Guess it was too hot. Straightened thro. Sent entry blank 573-26-968 to Lever Bro Sweepstakes. Sent letter to Dellie. Put up hair but didn?t wash it as my  throat was too sore and feel as tho? I may be coming down with a cold. Raining and warm tonight.

Feb 21 Did not got to church raining hard. Got dinner for breakfast. Back hurt so went upstairs and rested. Geo took bath and didn?t dress till called for 7:15. Jack and Alma here. Geo gave J a couple pk cigarettes. Went to bed early.

Feb 22 Extra home bureau meeting and Dolores and I furnished the refreshments. Dark and dreary today. Straightened thro. Mad cream puffs for home bureau and 51 cup cakes for Dolores. She gave me what it cost for materials $2.00. Haven?t? felt so good. My back hurts me. Hamilton in. Paid me $5.00 Paid till Mar 14. Betty and I went to home bureau t Rena ________. She has a lovely home. Suggested that I would baby sit. Don?t know weather I want to be tied down or not. The cream puffs seemed to go over big. Cold tonight. Dolores didn?t go as Steve worked form 3-11. She had Joyce and Barbara over.

Feb 23 Lodge supper at New England kitchen $1.80 which included the tip. Am not planning to go as Geo won?t want to and Betty has a boy scout supper. A beautiful day. Geo went to Binghamton with Eddie Brazel and I am mad all over. There was no reason I shouldn?t go unless they had some thing in the wind and to my dying day will think they did. Geo came at eight o?clock pretty well lit and demanded supper. He was ready for a good argument but for once I wouldn?t answer but if he thinks I?ll ever forget this day he?s nuts. Couldn?t set myself to do a thing. Betty went to Dr?s and to Scout banquet. Fed went on 2 and back on freight about 4:30.

Feb 24 Rain. Geo went to Scranton to try for characteristics of road which he flunked. I am sorry he didn?t pass but only got what he deserved for being rotten yesterday. Worked very hard today. Made three pies and a batch of cookies. Dot furnished cherries for her a large one. Had her here for supper. Geo didn?t get home till after eight, missed his job, so lost out all the way around. Brazel passed. Steve went bowling. I took Dot & kids home as Barbara and Joyce were coming Betty didn?t go. Gave Betty eight large cookies & Dot 15. She gave me two qts. of milk.

Feb 25 Dark & gloomy. Real warm. We went over to Mothers taking Mrs. Hunt with us. Had dinner which I prepared before we left. Geo got a hair cut and made his morning calls. Got started 12:30. After dinner went to Slaterville to see Uncle Ed then to Ithaca where mother shopped. Geo saw some parakeets in Kresge and we bought a Char tense male and aqua female which I think as opposite sex. Got home about 6:30. Fred got a yard job. The sun shone. Mother was in a very good humor for her.

Feb 26 Raining very dark and gloomy and chilly. Guess I?m coming down with a head cold. Can?t imagine where I caught it. Bryan was supposed to go home yesterday for four days. He?s getting along fine and should be able to leave in spring if nothing happens. Geo left at 11 AM and I found him at Park View when he was called for 4:15 PM. Had him to work and watched TV the rest of the evening. Sure have one good head cold.

Feb 27 A beautiful sunny day. Went and looked at bedroom suit but its not what I want. Had some very good programs on TV this morning. Took a bath and washed my hair, hope it doesn?t make me have more cold. Betty went home and Fred on 15. Cleaned thro down stairs and birds. Take care of Dots kids so they can go to dance at Lenox school. Took library books back. Dolores came home at 2:30. Had been to Louise Smith?s for coffee. Althea husband acts like Fred. Spoiled & mean when he?s had a few drinks. Steve was hit by car backing away from Skalko?s.

Feb 28 Dark & gloomy, windy. Did not go to church. Felt badly all day. Had Fred & Betty to chicken dinner. Geo called for 6 PM. TV acts like the devil F & B went to see her sister. Got me 1 ½ doz. Eggs. Geo cut Kenny and Wayne?s hair.

March 1 Very strong wind and rain this afternoon. Hamilton came in at eight this morning. Did a big wash was through at eleven. Delores came over and I paid her for the Tupperware got at Barbara?s party $4.67. It was pay day for us. Fred & Betty went down town and after groceries. She is washing this afternoon. I can hardly make myself go and there?s so much to be done yet. Got the birds taken car of and straightened thro. Had supper at Betty?s. Fred got a four o?clock yard job and tied on a good one. Betty had Joyce, Dot and Barbara there. Fred came about eleven then went and got a pizza. They came after me to play scrambled words as Dot wouldn?t play. Geo came about one just gotten to sleep.

Mar 2 Mr. Harker?s Birthday. A lovely sunny day. George got his check. Went down town and he put 50.00 in bank from check of 167.00. Got 35.00 meat and groceries. Went to lodge and George to beer joint. After lodge went to Park View and about 5:30 got him started. Had a blubbering session at supper table then at 7:30 he walks out after he said we?d stay in. Took on about his leg hurting guess he thought I could stop it couldn?t give him anything because he already had too much alcohol. Caught up again at Park View where he was really and he was drinking liquor. Told them he?d had enough. He was mad. He sneaked out the door and was going to leave me but I had taken them. Again he blew up. Drove sixty & seventy up to Hickory House where he ordered a bottle of beer and a turkey sandwich. Left there with me driving then he had to go to Red Drive Inn. It was about eleven. I didn?t want to go in for I was so sick and ashamed of him. All he could do was find fault. Came out and insisted I come in. Had a man and woman playing platters and if you knew the song gave a silver dollar said they were on radio but they weren?t. Stayed about half and thought I?d throw up or cry. He told me if I didn?t like it to go to car he?d come in a few min. I stayed 1 ½ hrs.  Place had closed 20 min. Platter man gone and went where he was drinking liquor and buying it for the help. He was mad when I asked why he didn?t come as he said he would and began his old line about being congealing etc. etc. and walked out. Then waited till after 2 which I?ll never do again for I?ll leave him right there. After getting to bed he bathed and argued till I put my fingers in my ears, could hear his voice but not his words. Some night.

Mar 3 I got up at 8 AM. George went to bathroom and then deliberately talked low to annoy me so got up. Rainy and cold. Dot came and wanted me to go down town but had no money. Ironed. Made out income tax. Geo got up 1:30 got dinner. Harold H. Came about 2. Geo had gone to bed. Called for 7. Took care of John?s kids. Stopped to Mrs. Owen?s. Alma over did and has to stay in bed or she may lose baby.

Mar 4 Cold & snowing. Straightened thro. Made kettle vegetable soup to take up to Jack?s but weather so bad did not go. Dot came for dinner, Fred & Betty both had some. Gave rest to Dot for Steve?s supper. Cleared up in afternoon. Went to home bureau for 4 girls baby shower. Gave carriage robe and pillow case. Home 11:30.

Mar 5 Didn?t do much of anything. Very cold. Got meals & played dominoes and I got beat. Made two batches of cookies sent half to church. George & Harold called for 5:45. Waited till 9 for girl to come after cookies then went over to Dot?s till after eleven.

Mar 6 Sunny and not to cold. Took bath straightened thro. Did some mending. At three drove up to Jack?s. Alma had miscarriage about two last night. Went in hospital at four Friday afternoon. Took them a bowl of chicken soup and a couple pound of steak. Came home and watched TV till 12:20. Geo came about one and got a breakfast which made both Betty and I sick from the smoke. Harold came in about three. Took my watch to Alpert?s needs cleaning 5.50. Fred got hostling job.

Mar 7 Sunny did not go to church. Geo & Harold and Betty went to Harker?s. At 5:20 left for Ithaca. Saw Dellie and Dora both there. Had nice visit. When I got back went to Dots till eleven. Cut parakeets wings.

Mar 8 Our Wedding Anniversary. A nice day. Fred got called for Ithaca job went on 8. Haven?t done anything today. Went to John?s after he came up and put license on motorcycle. At 2 o?clock went down town with Dolores. She got me a glass dish to match the glasses. It is lovely. Its an anniversary present. Thirty five years. It?s a long time and makes me feel old. Thought Geo would ask me to go to Buffalo but he didn?t so I stayed home. I got a house dress 4.00 and yarn to finish sweater for Dolores. Dolores had Betty and kids over and me. Had a lovely supper. Baked ham, Baked potatoes, cottage cheese, baked beans & bean green salad, hot biscuits, cauliflower with cheese sauce & strawberry shortcake & ice cream.

Mar 9 Very lovely day. Geo took the car at eleven and when I asked him he said he?d be back in a little while. Waited all day and he never showed up. At ten o?clock took Betty?s car and he was at Park View. Couldn?t sleep and at 4:10 took car again. Saw the car coming down Lackawanna Ave. Had Fred with him. Then he raved at me until after six. Of course I couldn?t sleep then because of nerves. Both had plenty. Dot said the car was in front of Gulka?s at eight and at Y at 2.

Mar 10 A lovely sunny day. Pay day. Went with Geo to cash check. Got 7.00 groceries and 8.00 meat. He put in 5.25 gas. Gave me $40 check 96 and he had 40. He laid off. Harold came down on 6 and was thoroughly disgusted because he asked him and he (Geo) told him he was going to work. After dinner he slept recuperating. Got up about ten. Harold was called for 4:30. Have been sick all day.

Mar 11 A nice day. Geo stormed out this morning because I wanted to go to roundhouse and Peter?s with him. Went and took meat to Dot 5.10. Went thro my house. At three o?clock went Gulka?s and he was there. Then had more than he needed wouldn?t ride with me & stopped at Griska?s. Drank liquor and attacked Red Miller who acted like a gentleman. Geo acted like a spoiled child he is and I was thoroughly ashamed. Kept drinking whiskey mixed with beer. Tried to get him to come home. Denny Hayward talks the rottenest of any man I ever heard. I?m going to tell him off. Came home at eight, ate supper then went over to John?s and stayed till 12:30. Geo had come home in the mean time and was asleep so I slept on couch. I couldn?t stand another night of his raving.

Mar 12 Another nice sunny day. Geo said he was going to round house to mark up but bet he?s going to Horseheads. Came back and I had dinner ready. Had car washed. Called for 5:45. I just rested it seemed so good to be alone and relax. Finished Dot?s sweater and did some sewing on it to put it together. My nerves are so on edge seems as tho I can?t stand the children?s play next door. Dot over and I gave her a batch of soup and a pumpkin pie. Made 2 and a custard pie also date cake. Froze m pumpkin pie.

Mar 13 Very dark & dreary. Had thunderstorm and hale. Sold two female canaries for $3. Dot sold blue parakeet to Joe Wing for $5.00, $2.50 down. Got it in Ithaca. Finished her sweater & took it to her. Came home cleaned upstairs, changing beds, did my washing and cleaned downstairs. Cleaned birds washed my hair. Hayward came over and I jumped him for talking so rotten. Don?t think he liked it. George came about 12:45 just after I?d gone to sleep. Took a bath. He must of felt real dirty or else wanted to be aggravating. I shall never be so careful of his feeling again.

Mar 14 Rain growing colder with snow flurries. George called for 6:30. Did my ironing in sitting room and burned carpet in two places. Made me just sick. Hope I can fix it. Fred washing 4 o?clock yard, wanted Mrs. Snyder buried today. Howard?s mother. Fred worked hostling job. Steve?s house broke ground for cellar today. Geo to but said he wasn?t home. Fred went to Griska?s after working a 4 o?clock yard home 1:30.

Mar 15 Snow flurries this morning then sun shone. Fixed rug and straightened. Glad I telephoned Henbest about insurance for Geo had everything sent to General Delivery changing address shortly after getting new car. He was a little put out when he told me. Wonder what next Geo will have done to discredit me & hurt himself. Fred got #15 this morning. Dot called and asked me to take her & kids to dentist. Got out at 2 & went down then to her house. Had lunch and when Kevy came went to Hghts. & got a pr of shoes & my watch, then after eggs on Corning road .55 cents. 2 doz. Then looked at African violets. Ate at Dots & ironed her white wool dress. Betty washed & went up to Jack?s. Alma not well at all. Did the mending. Started afghan got 2 skeins black yarn 1.09 apiece.

Mar 16 Sunny with cold wind. Geo polished car without coat & worried he may catch cold. Betty & I went to lodge. Came home & got supper. Watched TV and knitted.

Mar 17 John wants me to take care of kids. Jean called & said I needn?t come she wasn?t going. Sunny and warm. Some wind. Betty & Fred gave me butter dish for anniversary. What I wanted so was very pleased. George?s leg bothering him. Fred got #2 this morning. Came in 2:30 AM drunk. Geo & Harold called for 6:30. After taking them washed read paper & then went over to Dot?s made flowers. Barbara Conklin came at ten and Joyce at 11:30. Stayed and talked till 1:30 AM. After Fred came turned out light & never heard Fred & Betty fight guess they had a good. Betty?s says Fred says he don?t remember what he does but I don?t believe him. Seems as tho he can?t come home without stopping & getting filled up.

Mar 18 A bright sunny spring day. Have straightened thro & it?s now noon. Yesterday made out a check for 15.00 worth of wool. I must get some money in the bank or it may get low. Dolores and I left at 1:30 and went up to Dellie?s got there at 3. Stayed until after nine and got back at 10:45. Dellie kept Stephan ready to bowl(???) all the time. As usual she was full of complaints about every body and how hard she has it. No one has any consideration for her. She sure worries over money. Mother sure marked us all so that the feeling of insecurity is a continual bug bear. Send for $15.00 of wool today. A big saving we figure.

Mar 19 Sunny much colder but a feeling of spring in the air. Harold & Geo called for 6:30. Haven?t done much today. Pay day. Got me 3 pr stockings pants for Diane 1.37 1 skein yarn didn?t have any more. Geo gave me 50.00 check 127.00 put 25.00 in bank. Paid telephone and milk bill 12.00 so he had about 29.00 after putting in 5.25 high test gas. Drove after meal. Two many in there stopped at De Mann?s drove to Pin City got 2 ½ lbs hamburg. Came home after Geo 5.00 to Red Cross. Got dinner & he went to bed. Fred came in at three & stopped to Griska?s. Betty went & got him. Telephoned to me to come home from Dot?s where I stopped after taking Geo to work. Stayed with kids. They went to Waverly to show & got groceries there Home at 11:30.

Mar 20 Poured the cement for Steve?s cellar. Rain this morning and much colder. Straightened thro but took me all day. Haven?t been out of the house. Took bath and did up my hair this morning. Fred called at 10:45 for B H 4. Betty went downtown, got me angle food cake ,39. Cooked a chicken & fussed around. Bobbie & Helmi over to Betty?s tonight.

Mar 21 Cloudy, windy cold. Did not go to church. Dot called at 8:30 Stephan had been hit in eye by Kevin, lower lid cut. Geo went up to Steve?s lot. Had Betty & kids to dinner. Fred came at 3 and they went to Harker?s their 38 anniversary. Geo wasn?t called till 11:30 & when he telephoned at 9:30 they said he wouldn?t get. He was sore when he was called. Fred & Betty got home about 10:30.

Mar 22 Sunny warmer no wind. Haven?t done much of anything except straighten. Church called and I?m to make baked beans for church supper tomorrow night. Betty washing and goes to doctors at 2:00. Fred got eight o?clock yard job so I have Wayne to look after. Betty back at 3, brought me an ice cream cone. Had supper at Fred?s. Kenny was sore tonight when I sent the Bixby?s home after supper and disappeared 9:50. Hope Fred & Betty really sits on him. Baked the beans but didn?t bake as I planned. Dragged all day. Have had a lot of pain, am terribly lame. Dot came over a few minutes. Much warmer tonight.

Mar 23 Cloudy some rain not very cold. George and I went to Spencer and he went to Charley Jones funeral. Stayed till 5 PM. Stopped in Van Etten. Meet Lawrence Riker and his girl friend. Came home and went to Coppola?s for dinner. Had an Italian steak was very good. The Geo drove to Wellsburg and then to Red Lantern Inn. Got home at 9. Watched Amos and Andy and Geo went to bed. I watched another story before I went. Geo was called for 3:45 but I didn?t get up.

Mar 24 Beautiful sunny spring day. Geo marked on H B ! bumping Ed Miller who then took a hostling job. Fred got #2 came in at 7 PM but couldn?t get past Griska?s. Dot and I left at 3 PM and went to Ithaca bought a female canary 1.19 and got the rest of yarn for Dot?s afghan. Went up to see Bryan then to Candor. Got home about 11:30. A man will connect up Fred?s lavatory for $15.00 to sewer. Tried to get a parakeet but they were 5.00 and too well picked over.

Mar 25 Rain with thunder. Fred called for 15. Betty went down town to see about jackets for David and Kenneth, we kept Wayne. Made bird nest for canary?s. Didn?t do much of any thing all day. Guess they are not going to do anything this year. Just have to get some females.

Mar 26 A nice day although it rained tonight. Cleaned upstairs and then went to Owego to see Aunt Hallie. Her legs were still very swollen. Took her a dozen daffodils. It was late but I stayed till nearly 5 PM. Stopped in Waverly and got some cards, then in Elmira but didn?t find what I was looking for. Came home & went over to Dot?s till 9:30. Fred caught his fathers job for six tonight. Betty burned up because caller wouldn?t give her the call. Mr. James Baker died this morning at Arnot Hospital. 72 years. Had been sick for more that 2 years. Ann took most of his care.

Mar 27 Nice sunny spring day. Haven?t done much of anything. Harold in, played games of dominoes and I won 3 of them. Harold 1. Geo went to bed. Harold called for 11. Never heard anyone feel so miserable except Dellie. Think they would tie. Washed my hair and watched TV baked macaroni & cheese for Ann but she wasn?t home so we ate it. Made a cake & 6 cupcakes. Took cake to Ann.

Mar 28 Diane?s birthday. Gave her 3 pr panties 2 pr socks. They had a party for her. Got up at 7. Changed beds & had my washing out at 9:30. Went to church. Cleaned downstairs and did the ironing. Was really tired. Took bath went to bed at 10 PM. James Baker buried today also. Westervelt?s father in law. Herrick Smith. Betty sent Ann salad & bake beans.

Mar 29 Rain, chilly dark 7 dreary. Went over to Dot?s. Steve got sand & cinder blocks. Went up to his lot & saw the cement. Coming over John saw us & followed us home. Dot came in a few min. They argued over house. Geo wanted to eat so I went & got dinner. Just as I was putting it on table. John left & he did to. I tried to tell him but he drove away. I was really mad. He came in about 15 min & started an argument. I tried to tell him to leave me alone but he wouldn?t. He then went to be I didn?t dare eat but after awhile ate the eggs & turnips but ate supper.
Mar 30 Not very cold but about 4 in of snow. Fred got in from Buffalo this morning at five said there was about 2 ft of snow there. Geo left about and got back 3:30. Had a few groceries.  I made 2 batches of cookies and blueberry muffins. Straightened thro.

Mar 31 Dolores birthday born 1926. Sunny & growing warmer. My baby is twenty ? eight today and I can still feel the wonder of having a baby girl. To me it was a prayer answered. As I go over my memories I think I never felt so close to God as at that time. As I look at other girls and the trouble they have given I truly feel she was given me as my greatest blessing and even thou I do not thank Got every day it?s in my heart. Betty had Dolores to a spaghetti dinner and gave her two brassieres. I  gave her a hand knitted nightdress besides a hand knitted sweater. Went down town got a dress and then went up to Alma?s. Got mattress for Betty. Took of John?s kids from seven till 10:45.

Apr. 1 A very nice day. Pay day. Went down town and I got two pr. Shoes $12.00 for dress & eight for house red. Geo got black 8.00 and brown at Burt?s for 16.00. 2.00 tie. We went meat market and got meat 10.02 Dots. 10.19 mine & 6.05 Betty?s. 80 John and 30.00 of groceries thought Geo would buy everything he saw. Got John a green sport shirt 6.00. Geo left after we got home & called me to come after him. He?d spent all his money about 8 or 10 and was mad at me because he said I went out to break him. Felt badly because I tried to buy right but he spent like a drinking sailor. Went to home bureau got in 12.20 & he was mad & you?d have thought I was drinking and was keeping him awake.

Apr 2 Sunny windy. Rain in evening. Fred worked work train in yards. Betty shopped both morning & afternoon went down to Tioga General Hospital and saw aunt Hallie. Dora was there yesterday and took her daffodils. Rose and Arthur?s wife there. Stopped & went thro art gallery pictures by local artists and they are really good. Went to Dots had a boiled dinner there. Came home and had desert with Betty. Angel food cake, strawberries & cream. Geo came a few minutes after eleven.

Apr 3 Very cold. Geo monkeyed  around till noon and has gone. Planned to lay blocks for Steve but it?s too cold. Stayed until after five ate supper and went to bed. Fed Wayne & Betty. Had roast veal. At six went to Dots & took care of the kids. Kevy, David & Kenny went to show & didn?t get back till nine o?clock. They came about 11:30 but I didn?t got home till after wrestling was over. Put up Geo a lunch before going to bed.

Apr 4 Not so cold windy & sunny. Went to church. Came home and did the washing. Had pork dinner with Betty, Steve & Dot also Steve went fishing no luck. Straightened thro? & did the ironing. Geo came in late but was careful to wake me turning radio on.

April 5 A beautiful mild sunny day. Geo got up before seven turning on radio etc. Tried to got to sleep but couldn?t, left before eight but soon came back in a few minutes and took car. Came again 11:30 got five dollars to buy a couple of trowels. Came after six tired out. Gave him a good supper, he took a bath & went to bed. Haven?t done much all day. Some mending. John came about 8:30. I was to take care of his baby but they didn?t bring her. Jean called at 11:30 & John hadn?t come home & she was worried. John was going to dentist.

Apr 6 Cloudy and warm with a little rain. Geo?s back is very bad. Harold Hamilton came in about 10 AM. I went to lodge. Betty washed and said she didn?t feel like it. Went with Dot to Hghts. Fred came at 2:30 had work train, and went right to Griska?s. Didn?t do much of anything all day.

Apr 7 John?s birthday born 1920. Sunny just as warm as summer. Geo went to work at 8 AM on Binghamton job. My pen has disappeared hope Geo has taken it and not lost it. John took it yesterday. George came in about three and we went to John?s for dinner. Gave him a sport jacket 5.98. He got his teeth today. He had to go to a CD meeting and we left a little after seven. Geo complains of his back.

Apr 8 A nice sunny day. Dot came over for Betty to give her a hair cut & permanent. Fred raked yard and at noon left to get a case of beer. Never showed up till ten. Stayed at Sibley?s and they both helped him consume it. Got called NE6 at 1 AM. Betty had Mary Bird cut her hair & then she gave herself a permanent. Geo came in at five & was sick. Went right to bed. Fed him at 7 and his tempt. Was 1.02. Slept good night. Laid him off. Baked cookies & a cake. Took all day to get work done up.

Apr 9 A lovely sunny day. Pay day. Geo put 75.00 in my checking account. Gave me 60.00 and kept 53 for himself. I bought a few groceries. Betty got for me. He put 3.63 gas and .60 for paper. Spent a couple of dollars in De Dona?s. Came home had dinner and he went to bed. Temp 100. Watched boxing. I got most finished copying cross stitch pattern for afghan. Fred came in on five. Came home changed his clothes and went to Griska?s. Came home with a pizza pie at 1:10. Had Betty & kids to supper. She furnished bread for French toast. Fred check $233.00 earned 276.

Apr 10 Sunny colder, windy, cloudy in afternoon. Geo drew out most of ashes. Fred had Kenny get a hair cut. Geo hurt and lit on Betty also tired. She hurt and went home & cried. Geo cut Kevin & Stephen hair. Cleaned thro?. Jack here for awhile. Won a case of drunken driving yesterday. Fred called for a yard job. Geo got up before 7. Played dominoes with Harold H and took a bath. Finished copying cross stitch.

Apr 11 Rainy. Geo went to church with me. Came home and was sick. Had Betty here for dinner and I went there to chicken supper. Fred had 8 o? yard job.

Apr 12 Cloudy, chilly & windy. Geo got ready and left came home about 1:30 and wanted to go to Ithaca. Laid down with Wayne took a short nap sneaked away from Wayne and was gone to 6:30. he sure gets your goat. Stayed home all day. Haven?t done much of anything. Got letter from Kenny asking me to get his mother an Easter lily with five dollar check enclosed. John here and borrowed 20.00 to be paid Apr 22. Fred got yard job. Betty went to doctor?s.

Apr 13 A lovely windy sunny day. Did a big washing. Geo marked up and called for 8. Went down town and got income tax made out and walked to 10 cent store. No yarn or flowers. Took clothes down and sprinkled. Felt so tired just couldn?t do any more. Geo late on way. Fred got yard job. Income tax 48.28. Steve had his tax 34.00. Didn?t work on his lot. Had car greased by it didn?t take rattle out.

Apr 14 Cloudy and mild. Sent out income tax, sent card to Dora & Dellie. Card to Mrs. Petty in which I enclosed 2.00. Took me all the morning also sent letter to Gregory thanking him for picture of his baby.  Betty went down town. Fred had his income tax made out almost 13.00. Did my ironing. Geo was late 5:30. Had stopped. Fred got 4 o?clock yard. After he left went to Heights and took George?s watch then to Mohigan for cookies. Fred took the car about and never came back till about four. Had driven it about 15 miles. Fred found rattle was exhaust pipe had been pushed up. Fixed it and checked things. Put in about 4 qts. Of water in radiator altho? checked when greased.

Apr 15 Dark & dreary. Rain in afternoon. George called for B3 at 8:30. When I came from taking him to work stopped at Dots. She was putting up lunch for Kevin who was going fishing with Kenny. They took enough for a dozen people. Betty took them to Brick Pond. Betty gave me a permanent. Borrowed some curlers of Mary which we didn?t use. Gave her part of cake when I returned them. Geo came in about five. Fred went with Wicks after hub caps to Athens. Dot?s scouts on Rod Lungs show tonight. Had temp of 100. Guess I caught cold by wearing my dress wet & wet hair. Feel miserable.

Apr 16 Chilly and cloudy. Fred got passenger extra to Scranton at 2:30. Did up work and Betty and I chased around and got flowers and groceries. Dot gave me African violet. Geneva Lady and another plant for Easter. Betty gave me a lily. Had them here for supper. Macaroni and Cheese. Fred came while we were eating.

Apr 17 Lovely sunny day. Did up work and got started for Spencer. Mother not there. Went to Candor got eggs. Saw Dora and when I got back waited another hour before they came got our supper. Took her down town. She got a couple of parakeets and new cage. Got home at 6:45. Geo taken bath and was at Park View. Stayed there till 8:30. Got supper painted eggs for kids. Fred went out on BH8. Telephoned Betty to wait for him Aunt Hallie still in hospital.

Apr 18 Lovely morning cloudy in afternoon. Had dinner at Dots. Took her up to lot. Elaine came. Stayed all afternoon. When Geo came he brought tulips and azaleas. Opened box of candy he got me.

April 19 Aunt Celia in hospital heart attack. A warm sunny day. Cleaned stove and under sink. George went on lot and got all the water out of cellar. Came home about three. Had dinner ready when Dellie called form Audrey?s. Got dishes done before they got here. Said they didn?t want to stay to supper but Dellie went to see Betty and had some beer there so I came home mopped kitchen and had supper ready when they came over. Alma, Jack and kids were there and of course Dot and later Steve. They all stayed to supper. Betty so tired she was sick. Had done her washing cleaned stove and chased with kids. The started swimming lessons today. Kevy and Kenny went to show. We went to see parade of pioneers down town.

Apr 20 Pay day very foggy warm. Geo gave me the check. I cashed it at the bank. Paid light bill and got a few groceries. Went to lodge. Geo informed me tonight he wanted 50.00 put in bank. He had 10.00 bills 14.00. Guess he thinks I?m a magician. Sent a letter to Kenny with 2.00 in, sent for a dress to Bond Co., card to Hayward. Aunt Celia and Aunt Hallie and a letter to Gregory Barber. Dolores over and said her grocery bill was 60.00. After lodge went up on lot. Had picnic Betty and kids. Fred in Scranton.

Apr 21 Very, very hot 88. Did up the work. Went down town. Couldn?t find place to park. John took 50.00 and put money in Geo?s checking account. Went down to Waverly to see Aunt Hallie and she?d been gone 4 or 5 day. When I got back. Geo was here. Dolores wanted car to go to Corning. I stopped at Mohigan and got 4 doz. cookies and a cake. Geo and I went on lot and Geo plastered till dark. I went and got bag of cement & qt of beer which he didn?t use. It was nearly dark when we got home. Got supper and went to bed early.

Apr 22 Not quit so hot today only 86. Cleaned the pantry and am all in but my shoe laces. Dottie over. Fred came on three. Dot went down town and got 5.21 of yarn and a galvanized pail for me. Geo didn?t get in till 5:45. Had supper waiting. Came about 10:45 and wanted Geo to fire a midnight job and said he was bumped. Got the work train Friday. Sure was sore. Rained & thunder storms tonight.

Apr 23 Geo marked on his own job. Dennis Hayward?s birthday will be 69. one more year to go on road. Rain and lots of it. Dora came about eleven. Talked awhile then went to Bond Paper Co. where she got table supplies for her church then over to John?s, then she brought me to Voorhees and in a little while Geo came in. Paid till firs of May. Casaday was here. Geo went to bed. I ran vacuum and Dora came got another supper. Geo called for 7:15. Dora left a little after five. Got Geo off. Went over to Jean?s to take care of kids while they went to Police man?s Ball. Both had had plenty to drink when they came at 3. John was even mean to me over money Jean paid me. Jean hurt because John interested in 19 year old girl by name of Jane ___ and let her drive his car etc. etc. Couldn?t get to sleep after I got home till after four and woke up every hour all night.

Apr 24 sunny and not so hot. Got up feeling badly. Took a bath and read in bed. Did a two weeks washing. My head just swims. The government tax return came today. Fred dead headed to Binghamton last #8 night to take Spins machine. Got back about 8 some workman brought them. Took care of kids they went out. Did all my ironing tonight.

Apr 25 Clocks turned ahead 1 hr. Lovely sunny day. Did not go to church as Geo was called for eleven thirty. Did up my work and decided to go to Spencer to take her. She wasn?t home so went to H V Cemetery. Tore my stocking. Came back and she wasn?t there so went to Dora?s. she was home. We went to see Howard and Martha Buck Mother?s cousins in Nichols. Came back but Aunt Hallie still wasn?t home so drove to Arthur?s. Alice had her there for dinner. Stayed till nine. Came home and got supper. At 11:30 decided to stay.

Apr 26 Got up to Mother?s about ten and stayed till 5:20 just couldn?t get away. Wanted to go to Ithaca and see Bryan Said she?d put in big window in house and give her grandma living room suit. Got home about six and went to Dots for supper. Elaine and Tommy there. Terribly tired. Geo came in and had a quarrel with engineer and acted sore at me. I don?t know for what.

Apr 27 Rain. Washed paint in kitchen and didn?t get half thro? Geo took his check book and went down town. See he had written a check. I gave him 10.00 when he left Sunday. Must have been an expensive day. Got called for 5:30. He had visited all the places before he came home. Didn?t say he had marked on other side of his job. Bernie Guklus very bad has been in hospital for a week. Feel sorry for he?s too young a man to die. I think he has cancer of the kidney. Fred got 15. Betty had to go to school with Kenny, David, and Wayne stayed with me. Am so tired I can hardly move.

Apr 28 Cooler and cloudy. Washed a little paint and straightened thro am too tired to work so am going to grade. Dress came I sent to New York for. Not too bad guess it was worth 4.25. Got George?s watch 6.00. Then drove mixed up but got there just as they were eating supper. Ate and then went to see Aunt Celia at City hospital. Has been there about six weeks. Going home Friday she hopes. Got home about 11:30 D S. Did not leave home until 3 PM for Binghamton.

Apr 29 Cloudy & cool. Haven?t done much today except wash paint. Cleaned all the cub boards. Washed dishes. Get meals etc. etc. Geo thought he?d be called on carpet with Paul Scanlon but haven?t heard from office. Was called for 7:30. Went up on lot for awhile. Paul & Fred came up there to see him. He was sore for they both had been drinking. Fred got #5 and had only an 1 ½ hr sleep. Took care of Dot?s kids till 11 when Steve came. Just so good as gold. John called and wanted me to come down and take care of his while he took Jean to the doctors. Dr says she has inflammation of the bladder. She?s all raw.

Apr 30 Lovely sunny day. Got up and made two caked and a batch of cookies. Took chocolate cake and half cookies to Dot then came home and started on kitchen. Got every thing done now but refrigerator floor and furniture. Some job. Fred went to Elwyn?s and got garden tractor & plows missed out. Rossi blew up at Betty and she blew back. Had super over there helped with dishes came home washed hair and took bath. Too tired to even sleep. Fred got out at 3:30 to Buffalo. Geo got in about 12:45. Pay day but Geo didn?t tell Fred to get his check for me as Fred does for Betty.

May 1 5 mo. The 5 of May since car was repaired at Gerard?s 11/5/53. Geo says broken universal joint. Sibley?s birthday 54 today also Karin Lee White ? Donald White?s oldest. Didn?t send card or anything. They never think. Went with Geo on lot and he got a little meat. Stopped at Park View. Had a couple of drinks. Betty & kids had supper with us. Terrible thunder showers two tonight. Geo went out picked up Hayward & Ross had supper at Mustico?s and a drink. Geo footed bills, went to Arlington hotel. Car went blewy when under red light. John pushed us home. Guess it?s the drive shaft or universal joint disconnected or broken. Think it did it damage pushing it home.

May 2 Sunny very muggy & warm. Ferns broke through last night. Fred plond garden??
John over. They went to Park View. Geo wanted to go get John?s motorcycle and he doesn?t want him to have it but doesn?t want to say so. Fred and Geo went on his cycle. Geo came and went to bed. Called to run in yards for midnight. Fred dressed up and didn?t came in till 3 this morning. Sunday very hot & muggy. Jean has the burning urine again Dr. took blood test.

May 3 Showers and cloudy very muggy. John told me he had the same trouble as Jean. Came to take the car at nine. Father had just gone to bed. Audrey here twice. Let me drive his new Chevy. Geo got the yard about noon. At six tonight I went to Gulka?s after Geo to have supper with Betty but he just misused me. Took keys of car after telling me to take it home. I had Betty?s car so came home got Betty and my keys. Walked home in rain after stopping went to bed asked him if he want me to get him some supper said if he?d  wanted some supper he?d gone to Mark Twain. He can sure take his sweet time getting over his pet. Went up to Sibley?s got new car Saturday. Had two electric storms. Rained all night.

May 4 Sunny and cool. Park flooded. Geo got up about noon. Went on lot said he finished west side. Came home about four. Cleaned bureau in front room and wardrobe to suits. Geo didn?t get back till about 7:30. Lew called and wanted him to call back. Fred went out when he came in tonight.

May 5 Cloudy and chilly. Thought I was going to have John?s baby but Jean?s mother took both children thinking they would get along better. Think it a good idea. Cleaned bureau in hall and middle room all three closets. Dolores helped me put things in attic. Probably to be taken out and burned sometime. Dottie took a lot of things to Mrs. Owens. Geo went to lot and finished cellar wall. Betty asked also Dottie to come for supper said they could and I?d have pancakes used a dozen eggs. Steve worked overtime and then went bowling. Came after her a little after nine. So tired I couldn?t sleep. Check came from Albert?s insurance.

May 6 Cool and cloudy. Ironed ten shirts for John five white three good ones. Cleaned drawer in china closet. Fixed bear hide kids tore with gasoline garden tractor. Geo has been drinking all day. Came home and was mad because I was going to supper. Dressed up took Wayne and 24.50 check and was going to pay Mrs. Gulka because he was mad. They were still there. I wouldn?t go in after Wayne so Betty did 9:30. She stayed with them till 12:30 when she came. Looked a little for Geo. Fred in Griska?s. Geo came in at 4 AM really polluted. Told Hamilton he was on East Water St. with a hag.

May 7 Sunny clod. Had dinner and supper both over to Betty?s. She and I went to see Jean. Thinks she is getting and Dr. says she can go home tomorrow and take treatments in his office after inflammation goes down. Geo worked in garden. Went to bed about one. Marked up and was called for 5:30. Seems good to be alone and quiet and not have to worry. He didn?t give me any money. Raining when he went to work. Done pretty good for himself $70.00 for himself. Bought 2 bags cement and tar also 3 books & 2 Sundays about 10.00 rest gone for him a good time. Wish I cold have that much to throw away.

May 8 Rain and very cloudy. Got up very late. Did up work then went to Ithaca got a blue parakeet 2.50 and mother?s parakeet kit she left in store. Saw Bryan for a couple of hours. Left at 7 as it was very foggy. Went to Dot?s and had supper. Came home about 9:30 Betty & Fred went to Waverly to sale. Fred bought a broken vise 5.00 & potato digger 20.00. John says Jean worse. Hope it?s the climax before she gets better.

May 9 Mother?s Day Betty went home gave her mother a permanent. Cloudy Betty & Fred gave me 2 pr panties and a lovely card. Dot a basket of pansy?s. Geo planted them. Didn?t go to church. Ask Geo what he intended to do for his mother and he said he?d take care of her and to mind my own business I blew up and he was going to slap me but thought better. Don?t know why I do. Geo worked a little in garden. Washed car. Called for 5:30.

May 10 Cloudy windy not too cold. Pay day. Washed five hrs. Regular emptied water got fresh. Did the curtains all thro. Upstairs. Hamilton?s spread, Geo?s and mine rugs in front room and ours also rug in dining room. Fred went after pay at eleven and when Betty called him at 5:30 to come home she knew he was awful drunk. I took her to Griska?s came home and fed kids. Mangled for more than 3 hrs. John over going to paint. Is taking a weeks vacation. Am terribly tired tonight. Next door have two puppies and an older dog they got yesterday after building a dog yard.

May 11 nice day. Geo went and got his check and didn?t show up till after four.  He had gone and gotten meat. We went and got groceries. He had had plenty to drink. Wanted to go home but I was too tired. Did the hand ironing. We went and got groceries just about out of everything. Geo had to get some too. We didn?t duplicate very much. Guess he about bought out the chicken counter. His came to 14 and mine to 18 then for got some things.

May 12 Nice day Geo marked off in order to mark on Binghamton job in the morning. Is so lame he can hardly go set. Went down town and got pansy?s, chickens 6 gave to Wayne & feed. Geo didn?t feel like doing anything.

Cloudy & cool. Geo went to Binghamton. Dolores came over and washed paint in front bedroom and in bath room. Feed Dottie & kids. Gave Steve his supper and sent a kettle of soup which Steve didn?t put in freezer so it all spoiled. Betty and Dolores went to home bureau. Betty & Elaine furnished salad sandwiches cake coffee. Geo planted beets glads 3 doz and pansy?s. Am terribly tired.

May 14 Geo got in about 4:30. I was upstairs changing my dress. Washed & beat it up to Park View. Had more than he should have. Came home had supper, took bath & was going but then said he wouldn?t. Were in bed when caller said he was bumped. Got up put all his good clothes on said he was going to Round House. Put on house coat and coat and went right along. Marked on BH2 came home and went back to bed. Dora came after her glasses. Dolores and she went shopping she got a couple of dresses. My house looked terrible. Got it straightened before they got back but she wouldn?t stay for dinner.

May 15 Nice day. Took Geo to work and came home baked molasses cookies cake and three pies. Gave Dolores half of cookies cherry pie and cake. Went over to Mother E. Took Lemon pie mother Days cake and pansy?s also owe dinner. Kinney gave her electric blanket for birthday & Mother?s Day. Seemed pleased. Went over to Blanche House. Am terribly tired got home about ten. Washed my hair.

May 16 Nice day cloudy in late afternoon few sprinkles. Felt bad all day. Geo has a bad cold. Been in bed nearly all day. Talked with Mrs. Scanlon on Betty?s porch. Went up to Steve?s in afternoon. Fred got BH4. John worked at O?Neil Park.

May 17 Warm sunny day. Geo called for 7 AM. Took him to work stopped at Dots. Gave me some canned beans for the church. Did the washing. Finished all the rugs upstairs. Did a lot of Betty?s washing. Dolores came and about three o?clock began cleaning my room. Except for going after shoes for the kids she washed paint till nearly 8 o?clock. Upstairs all done. Even the hall way. Had then here for supper. Had cooled a chicken for her but all the rest on us. Betty ate with us furnishing the bread. Fred has been on drunk all day. Took trailer and took tractor to Paul Scanlon left it.

May 18 Mother Ellison?s birthday will be 84. She says its 86. Lovely day. Did the mangling before Geo got up. He brought home tomato plants. Got them all set out. Gave some to Billy next door. Fred got 15. John went with him on the engine to pick up a car for Gerard. We went over to Mothers. Geo feels badly tonight. Cold seems better but leg hurting him probably from bending. They had just gotten thro? dinner when we got there. The old ladies club were there. Sunday mother gave permission for Hodges son and Howard Snyder to straightened bend in creek. Geo didn?t like it and of course she was ready to battle. Thought there?d be trouble but managed to avoid it. Didn?t take her anything.

May 19 Cloudy this morning sun coming out about noon. Geo called for 5:30 and after taking him to work went back to bed. Steve came about 11 with a load of wood for kindling and waited for Dotty. Got dinner for them ready at twelve as they were going after doors and shingles they stopped home and ate but gave it to them for supper. Fred helped Steve till 9. Bought a load of kindling down. Dot took all the kids up. They drove Steve about wild. Bud Ketter helped also. Did my ironing and straightened thro?. Didn?t get done till after 10. Seems as thou it took me forever. Felt so bad just made myself. Dolores brought me 3 dresses of Helen Reynolds. 1.50 and a house coat. They fit just right.

May 20 Nice clear day but not too warm. Geo got in late 6:30 D.L. Dot came at nine and ask me to hang up her clothes. I got up at nine and they were sprinkled so I ironed them. Pay day. Geo hasn?t given me any. Betty paid bills. Fred got 15 this morning. Made macaroni & Cheese. Feed everyone but David. Geo got up 11:45 and when I wanted him to wait drew a long face so I gave him bacon & eggs, toast & coffee. Said he was going to Steve?s so sent rest of macaroni, potato salad, coffee & cookies. Have made soup, Hot rolls & cake for supper. Geo went to sleep in Steve?s car waiting for Dot who had his and was supposed to come at  and never came till 8. He was chilled and running a fever. Doctored him good. Had all the dishes to do.

May 21 Nice day wind a little cold. Geo is staying in bed. After serving him his supper he got up shaved took a bath. I was sore. They sold about everything out after I left at 4. Got about 8.00 of groceries 4.00 of gas. Old woman came around and I bought dusting cloth 1.00. Got supper for Steve & Dot. She went home and got clothes for kids. Steve begins bowling about 9 tomorrow in Buffalo. They were to start this morning at 4 AM. Elaine & Tommy are going to the falls and stay all night tomorrow. Am sick tonight my throat is so sore. Have temperature. Dot gave George a suit. Good enough for the road. Dot brought over some bread and 2 qt milk.

May 22 Sunny & warmer. Geo set out some cabbage plants. Got upstairs dust mopped and dinner. Feel badly. Betty ate dinner with us. Cabbage and pork chops. Fred got yard job. Paid bread man 4.40. Dot & Steve started for Buffalo at three AM with Bill & Louise. Done just what I had to all day. Geo is better. Has set out cabbage plants. He can sleep the most of anyone I know perhaps Fred can do better sure a toss up.

May 23 lovely day. Have felt badly all day. Laid down most of the time. Did not got to church. Steve and Dot came about 10 PM. Stayed with Dorothy Hamilton. Went to Rochester for Lilac Sunday were disappointed. Won trophy gave Steve or winning player pencil & cigarette lighter.

May 24 Lovely day. Got up and cleaned birds haven?t feed since Friday. Fred got 5 last night. Took Kenny out of school and went to Waverly to plant potatoes. Did the washing. Washed curtains down stairs. Geo cleaned all up and left 11:45 and came home 5:20 AM. The stink he brought with him was almost unbelievable. Fred got home a little after six washed up and left about seven to take motor to Paul Scanlon. Came in at 7:45 AM. Betty became so nerved up that she called the Y and he was there. Cleaned the house all the way thro?. Am all in.

May 25 Rain early, cloudy sun coming out about noon. I blew up this morning then went to Dots and stayed till about 2. Betty went down town and stopped at Dots but went home about 13:30. Fred called for BH4. Betty stopped at Dots and stayed till after four. I did my ironing. My hands are so lame. I can hardly use them. Betty and Dottie went to Scout picnic at the park. All rides were 3 cent. Guess kids had a good time. Think Geo marked on Scranton job tonight. Have a lot of mending to do. Geo drunk cost him 35.00 Paid milk bill. Sent card to De Young to come adjust TV. Does a lot of flopping. Got bread & Brownies .79.

May 26 Invited to other lodge for dinner at 6:30 and entertainment nine invited. Everything free. Lovely sunny day. Betty washed I straightened thro?. Geo too Wayne and went on lot. When he came about one he had Steve?s car. Dot has the mother daughter banquet tonight and had to work at church. Geo didn?t come back. Called Griska?s & he was there. Must have furrowed money. How do they do it. Betty feed Geo his supper. I went to PA Y. Had ham dinner. A girl danced a couple of times then we played cards. Got home at 11. De Young had been here and taken the TV. Donald White also and Geo loaned him $300.00 for three weeks. As usual had himself in a mess by signing a check with no money in the bank. Hope Geo gets it.

May 27 Cold & Cloudy. Betty went to doctors. Said she was dilated and if she hadn?t such a cold would have started her. Gave her a prescription 4.25 for 8 pills. I did all her ironing I could. Went to Hgts. With Steve. Took ring I got from Isa to reset. Am replacing small diamond. Steve & Dot were going over to Dora?s for estimations but Dora had gone to Binghamton and Lee had a lodge meeting, so thought they?d go tomorrow. Ate supper over to Betty?s she?s miserable then went over to John?s and stayed till one o?clock. Fred got a midnight yard job. Have sewed all day. Got both dresses fixed I bought at rummage and part of the mending. Geo at last marked up and was called for 8:15 AM.

May 28 Lovely sunny day. Geo didn?t get home till 6:30 this morning. Washed out one of the dresses. I fixed and taken care of birds. Feel so badly I can hardly sit up. Betty feels much better. Have mended all day. George was called for 6:15. Mended some more and finished. Heard some one taking a bath about midnight. Went over. Betty having pains about 10 ? 15 min. They went to bed and she slept. Casady over. George didn?t get up till 12, then had a fit because I didn?t have a cooked meal ready so I fried chicken and potatoes boiled peas. If I?d had it ready he?d run to a beer joint as soon as he saw it on the stove. Steve & Dot went to Candor, no satisfaction form Leo. Dellie there. Bryan leave Ithaca June 1.

May 29 Very warm and muggy. Betty went this morning at 4 AM. Baby born between 6 and 6:30. Fred came at 7:20. Another boy. Am not disappointed as I was with Wayne. God knows best. Hope Betty doesn?t feel it?s a lost cause. Fred didn?t come home from seeing Betty so he must have gone on a drunk. Straightened thro? baked a batch of cookies and a cake and straightened Betty?s house, washed hair took bath. Wayne home sick for his mother. Sat on porch saying I want my mommy and daddy inn the most forlorn way. Tried to get him in house but he wouldn?t come. Dottie came with Kenny and took him. Said he was alright then.

May 30 Lovely day. Am feeling so badly can hardly sit up. Done a little over to Betty?s got meals & laid down. Fred went to see Betty both hrs. Called for #5. Had Kenny and Wayne. George called for 8:30. Dot taking kids to outdoor theater borrowed 5.00 so she wouldn?t have to go home then went anyway.

May 31 Lovely day, but feel so badly I?m not washing by the time I get meals and do a little work I?m all in. Fred coming down with a bad cold. Stayed with kids last night, did the dishes so I went to see Betty. She looks good. Breasts are full and they have ordered ice packs. The baby is lovely. Have named him Robert Bruce. Lost a few ounces but has started to fill. They think he?s homely but he looks good to me. When I got back Fred had run the vacuum and straightened things up. I finished slicking thro? my house and went to bed at nine. Kenny and Wayne slept in George?s bed last night. Kenny coughs badly.

June 1 Anniversary dinner at New England Kitchen. Instillation of new member. Guess we have two only one showed up. Pay day. Geo gave me 61.00 had 42 left drew 128. Got lumber and were for chicken pen about 9.00. Put gas in car got some feed for chickens. Fred got advanced BH4. I dressed early to go to see Betty before lodge. Geo had backed car in Fred?s driveway. Went to drive out and his motorcycle was by the fence and I was afraid of hitting it and had head out window and hit my porch taking right front handle off and marring & denting car and door. I was just sick and George was mad. Don?t blame for I should have been more careful. Seems as thou I?m being careful I?m careless. Thunderstorms tonight & cooler. Fred got groceries. Paid bills.

June 2 Cooler and cloudy. Stayed all night with kids because Kenny is afraid. Wayne slept with Kenny. Fred came in on 15. Had been drinking. Called Dora and I went with him up to Steve?s. Steve and he got trailer and went to Candor after an automatic washer. Betty called at noon. Dusted a little over to Betty?s. Got himself toast & coffee and when I went over to Betty?s left a little after ten and isn?t back at five. Fred went to see Betty came home and went to bed. John wants me to take care of his baby June 12. Geo came home about 6 had been drinking had marked off his job I was sore but had marked on another. De Young came with TV had it working fine when he left. Blanche & Elwyn came and took tractor & tools back home as he couldn?t get it working as it should.

June 3 Nice day a little cloudy. Did Betty?s washing as well as my own. Dolores came about noon. Had her eyes fitted and they had used drops. She straightened thou?. Fred hooked up the washer. He took our car after Betty. They came about three. I got dinner for them. Made Betty?s beds. Straightened up stairs. Took down clothes and sprinkled. Made jell-o. At 6:30 went on Harris Hill for Home Bureau picnic, then Louise Smith?s. Left at tem thirty. Turned TV on just as De Young left it and picture is terribly snowy. Fred?s is alright. Seems to be a good picture but snow is first. Am all in. Harriet brought 2 doz. pear tomato plants $1.20.

June 4 A lovely sunny day with thunder showers at night. Geo worked a lot in garden. I got up at eight and started mangling. Got through about twelve. Geo disappeared with car. Got him a lunch when he came after three then went groceries. Had a lot to do for Betty. Fred got a rounds job tonight. George called for 7:30. Took him to work & stopped at Dot?s. Picked up my pot roast. Stayed for a while. Didn?t get home from groceries till 6:45. Got a cooked supper. Washed dishes after I came from Dot?s. TV just no good. Fred?s good. Can?t understand it. Dot?s eyes still giving her a lot of headache she hasn?t been able to do much of anything today.

June 5 Insurance check came. Cold rain. Fred took David & Wayne & went to Waverly. Elwyn not there so went to Harker?s about 7:30 came with Mrs. Harker. Didn?t get up till late, took a bath. About one started making cookies. Made cinnamon jumbles, molasses & chocolate. Divided with Betty. She iced the chocolate. Straightened through and took care of birds. Have dragged all day. TV is so snowy am so disappointed in it. Asked Fred to change aerial but he had dragged all day. Called for 11:30 for round job to Scranton.

June 6 Cool but sunny. Haven?t done anything but meals. Got up about 11. still can hardly make myself go. Dot here for dinner and sent Steve?s. Geo visited the beer joints and cashed 24.50 check spending 4.50 called for 8:45. John came tonight & got Betty?s kitchen stool & my card table.

June 7 Casady?s Birthday. A very lovely sunny day. Got up about 8. Called Gerard?s about 9 and took car down about 10. Got home a little after. Went Hghts. And got 3.00 of groceries. Called Dr. Wladis 523 W. Church St. Appointment for 3. Didn?t take me till 4:30. Found my blood pressure way up. Didn?t say how high. Said I should lose weight but couldn?t give me anything to curb my appetite because of the hyper tension. Gave me a shot in hip for hot flashed and a prescription for a new drug to reduce pressure quickly. Prescription 3.00. Call 4.00. Gerard?s 8.00. Wayne fell & hurt his left wrist makes an awful fuss. Elaine came tonight and got Betty?s maternity clothes. She didn?t think Wayne?s wrist broken either. Mrs. Harker hung up a couple of rubber of clothes. Fred called for 4 o?clock yard.

June 8 Began reducing diet today. Lovely sunny day. Haven?t done much all day. George went away early but came back about 10:30. He was going to take some saws down to Cory?s on Maple Ave. so Wayne and I went along. He stopped & got varnish then down there stopping at John?s. Went down town & saw John. He got us a Coleman Stove for $13.00. George had five and John owed me 10.00. George got 5# canary seed. We then went over on Main St. and got pepper half dozen zinnia & asters. $1.00. George got Wayne a ball bat. Mr. Harker came after Mrs. Harker. Fred went to Elwyn?s to plant potatoes and worked so late couldn?t ride his motorcycle and Elwyn brought. Dot brought her birds over here. Steve got his money and they sign tomorrow. Dot got her glasses today eyes very bad and she?s to wear them all the time. TV no better sent card to De Young tonight.

June 9 Lovely sunny day rather warm. Fred got #2 but didn?t get home till nearly 9. Haven?t done much today. Have felt rotten. As soon as I stir around am so dizzy feels as thou? I might fall. My bowls have run off a lot. George worked hard around the yard this morning then left about one. He had one $ guess he must have borrowed more for he had a lot of change. The caller came for him for 5 and I couldn?t find him. Took Betty?s car and drove up to Dot?s had been gone half hour. He?d been drinking and of course (the world was going to have a depression and Steve was going to lose everything) might just as well forget ever having a home except here for he would rather see it go other ways than feel obligated or give up his little good times.

June 10 Lovely June day bright with sunshine. Think I feel a little better but eyes still blur and can hardly read. Fred went out and had a time for himself and then was called. Got down stairs straightened up but could only work a few minutes at a time because my arms & legs are so weak. The perspiration rolls off me in streams. Dot came in afternoon and washed their car. Hope I feel better soon. Went over to Betty?s & watched TV. Hers came in swell. Story off at 12.20 and I didn?t try to read. Said it was 89. A lot of thunder but no rain except a few drops. Kids watered garden.

June 11 Another nice day. Lalie came before we were out of bed this morning. Joe is on a tear and she had to get away. George got up & went after his pay. Paid Suskind?s 19.00 and beer bill 12.00 also 5.00 gas. Drew 107.00 gave me 50.00 so he must have had 21.00 or over. Had lunch and decided to go to Lalie?s. George came about 2:30, then Steve of course Steve needed their car and Betty went down town with theirs, then Geo was sore because there wasn?t a car here went any way got back at 6:45 and George had been called for six. Had car from De Young. Came about 7:30 with wife & daughter also Don. A tube was blown in TV. Tested for Binghamton. Mr. Bixby came over & said he got picture from Buffalo on his & we got a fair one with aerial. He?s going to bring an all channel aerial and try for Buffalo & Syracuse also Rochester probably next Monday.

June 12 Very warm. Cleaned birds and dust mopped upstairs. Am just miserable. Did get vacuum run and kitchen mopped. All day doing it. My legs don?t want to hold me up and arms so weak can?t hold broom. Hope it?s not the diet. Took care of Debbie from 8 till 8 and Dot told Jean I was all in, so she came. Gave the 2 complimentary tickets to Fred and stayed over there while they went. Betty got me some groceries and left baby with me. Every time Bobby cried and I took him Debbie cried. Bobby was hungry.

June 13 Very warm. Can hardly sit up manage to get us something to eat. Geo went to Park View for a little while. Called for 6:45. I took him to work. Betty did my washing and Dot straightened down stairs for me feed birds.

June 14 Dr. Wladis wished me to call again on this date at 3:15. Feel very badly. A very hot day. My ring had not come back after they had to send it back because the stones were set in white gold. I had lost 2 ½ lbs. Reduced my medicine. Said I was allergic to the drug and the weakness was because pressure came down so fast. Wanted George to call him tomorrow. Dora called and thinks she may have buyer for mother?s place. I hate to see it sold. All the old ties gone. Guess I?m weak for when things got to much for me I could go home & mother seemed to straighten me out, but she?s gone. The longer the time the more difficult it seems. Ben DeYoung came tonight & put up all purpose aerial got Syracuse #3 pretty good. Is going to bring over an interference buster of some kind so far 40.00.

June 15 A lovely summer day. Dolores moved everything but her clothes washer & TV up to their new home. Those she brought here and are going to stay until their house is ready. I am still as weak as a cat. Made soup for their suppers. Barbara stayed until they left for the outdoor theater. Geo went to beer joint & picked up five men all in same condition he was & they did most of lifting. After they left we decided to got there too. Picture was good but I wished I hadn?t gone. I was so all in I was sick to my stomach. Dora called and told me Wealthy Stong?s husband died this morning and the people had not come to look at the place. She thought perhaps because it was raining for the last 4 hrs.

June 16 Much cooler neither cloudy or sunny. Dot got up early as soon as breakfast was over went and thoroughly cleaned the apartment. I didn?t get up till after ten put dinner over. Steve & Dot went to pick out their electric fixtures. I am terribly weak & shaky. Feel as thou? I?d collapse any minute but managed to get a roast beef dinner. George called for 8:15 Dotty straightened up house & feed birds.

June 17 A very warm day. Dolores did her moving wash along with Betty?s. I?m just no any good. Baked a chocolate cake.

June 18 A very warm day. Fred and Betty went and paid bills. Pay day. Geo took bath dressed all up and was gone till nearly 2. Said he was to garage bought tire 28.00 and 5.00 of gas which I don?t think it would take. Gave me 90.00. We had to take Steve some dinner so got his which he wouldn?t eat because he wanted a beer at Griska?s. said he?d come home & go to bed as he was going to work, so put his lunch up also. Got my ring paid lights and got him a catch chain. Got back at 4:30 no George. At 6 went to see if I could find him they said no George. He wasn?t in at 2:30. Fred got #5. Moved birds in front room.

June 19 Very warm. Dot went on lot for a while. Don?t know what time Geo came in, marked off and has been sleeping most of the day. Big day for Ringling circus a perfect day. Have had to lay most of day. Had ham & cabbage for dinner. Dolores plastic samples came today. Fred disgusted because he tried to get his father to take BH1 and he wouldn?t so he caught it for four this afternoon. Finished knitting black afghan.

June 20 Very, very hot. Put turkey over and rest of dinner. Fred got in about two thirty. Dolores washed over to Betty?s along with hers. Washed cars. Fred just plain cross. Went to Harker?s late. Steve went for ride & to drive in. Geo called for 10:30. I?m on couch.

June 21 Got to Dr Wladis off 3:30. A very, very hot day yesterday and today over 90. Fred went out for a time for himself and caught Ithaca job. Came home & misused Betty took car good clothes and drove to Binghamton. I did the ironing mostly on mangle feel just miserable. Dr thinks its my nerves. I?m so weak legs and arms just don?t want to work. Dot went this morning to lot to see about cupboards. Dolores cleaned thro? and tonight went with Ann district manager to Watkin?s for a party. Dr. doesn?t know what is really wrong. If this shot doesn?t put me on my feet wants me to got to Sayre for a general check.

June 22 Very hot. Am all in today. Laid around nearly all day. Steve got up five and went to lot. Geo left about 11. Dotty took him up and then in after we took lunch up and I went to. Came home with Geo & he stopped at Park View said he had two bottles. Took bartender home. Steve & Dot came had supper & George went to be early.

June 23 Much cooler so good up & I started to bake. Made doughnuts, spice cake, ginger & cinnamon jumbles cookies. Dolores cleaned upstairs. Steve left about five this morning. Geo took him coffee & doughnuts and he never came till 9:30. Cooked beans with ham left. Geo went up about 11:00 and came back about  3. Called for 6:30. Have lopped around since noon. Betty washed. Geo was in misery with his leg.

June 24 Lovely cool day. Dolores cleaned downstairs and I washed dishes and paint in kitchen. She delivered some Tupperware then Betty 7 she took sandwiches on lot then looked at dishwashers. When she came went to Candor. Dora not home, had gone to Nichols. Had supper, Dolores ordered bathroom outfit. I looked at washers said I could have one for 180.00 or larger one for 215.00. Went up & looked at their farm. 40 acres, house really bad but good solid frame work, barn ready to fall in 1000.00. Dolores drove both ways. Bought 15 doz .40 eggs. 4 qt strawberries .35. Dora gave me some zinnia?s. she hasn?t any garden. She had new pea?s. Think selling the farm fell thro?. Sibley would like us all to meet for picnic supper at the old home.

June 25 Another very warm day. Feel badly but made a short cake & hulled berries also made sandwich material from ham, eggs, pickle & onion. Just found out Mrs. Dombroski had to go to san. For TB poor girl, baby about a year old. Steve took measurements to put Dot?s washer in.

June 26 Dot made the kids a lunch put up Steve?s but when we got here Steve gone. Came home & he wasn?t here went back still not there so took kids with us to sale at Millport. I got kitchen utensils & 2 brownie cameras 1.75. Dot got a lot of toys. Came home about 5. Laid down then took Mrs. Stermer & went to Corning for a picnic supper. Had loads to eat. Got back about 8:30. The girls taken kids & gone to outdoor theater. Talked with girl next door. Watered garden. Watched TV. Vern Garn nearly lost his belt to Mc Claire of Canada. Very warm. A lot of thunder & lightning tonight but not much rain.

June 27 Kenneth?s Birthday will be ten. Alma & Jack here to parakeet but didn?t pay for it. $4.00. Bought house. Much cooler today. Dellie & Bryan came here for dinner. She feels as badly as I do and Bryan is on her nerves until they are raw. Dot gave her a no. of violets. Had fried chicken, green peas and french fries. Betty & kids gave Kenny $2.00. Fred still pouting and feeling sorry for himself. Dot did some washing & I did the mangling also some mending.

June 28 Got to Dr. Wladis at 3:15. Cool & cloudy. Washed out a couple of dresses &I ironed them. Dolores got early did the ironing. I took a bath. She cleaned upstairs. I got dinner ready to be cooked. Did a little mending. Went down town changed Geo?s shirt. Went to doctor. Gave me two shots. Said I should take a tablet a day. Said he?d tell me Saturday whether I could go on trip. Said I had been very ill & could not expect to get well in a minute. John there has dermitis on his ankle & leg. Went down town got pattern, cards. All in when I got home. Betty had dinner with us. I helped Dot do dishes. She then washed kitchen floor scouring it with brillo then waxed it. Steve took all the kids on hill where they were cutting brush & burning it for new road.
June 29 Very warm. Steve called for wreck about 3 last night. Geo went on a tear. Went up to Sibley?s and in the end Sibley gave him check for &300 for money Donald White borrowed then came home and raved. Jack & Alma here. Hack planning to buy house outside Corning and of course Geo had to tell them it was too much, undesirable locality etc, etc. Jack got disgusted & went upstairs. Geo started to eat got sick then went to sleep. We then had a nice visit. Alma?s mother taken to hospital. Started to have sistitus  today. Took some medicine but didn?t help.

June 30 My Mother?s birthday. She would have been 78. Died Oct 1, 1952. Born 1875, oldest of four children and first to go. Birth place Sulphur Springs near Owego. Very, very warm. Steve still out. Geo put the money in travelers checks 570 cost .75. a hundred 4.75. Cut out shorts, blouse & skirt. Got shorts & skirt stitched. Am feeling miserable. Girls took kids & went to show. I stayed home. Geo called for 6:30.

July 1 Very, very warm. Pay day. Fred & Betty went after groceries. Fred got Kenny a fish pole for his birthday. Tried to make button holes tonight but can?t see to thread needle. Did get blouse stitched up and most of button holes on skirt. The bladder trouble is bad. Been taking medicine Hamilton brought but doesn?t give to much relief. Got letter from Kinney and he sent a lot of papers and wants Bartow to see if he can take Mrs. Drew for fraud as she drew a check to pay him from the children?s fund.

July 2 Very warm. Didn?t get up till nearly noon. Got dinner. Casady over. Geo and I went down town. Went after meat 13.72. Then home and after groceries. Geo is going to do things to Fred. Think he?s sore because Fred earned more money than he. Groceries 23 & 5 gas 6.00 check 120.00. Cashed income tax return 196.00. Geo called for 7:30. Betty & kids ate here. Fred came ate also and Geo began on him. He had had a few bottles of beer and of course wanted to show who?s boss. Don?t know what will become of him if he doesn?t stop his quarrelling with every one. Fred & Betty went up to Audrey?s and Dot to Barbara?s leaving kids. Kevy and Kenny stayed in tent.

July 3 See Dr at 12:15. Cooler cloudy, rain last night Dr said my blood pressure is 170 just what Dellie?s was when they told her it was Sistitus is caused by a kidney infection. Steve came in about 5:30 this afternoon. Fred went to Scranton. Got Betty a deep fryer from Audrey.

July 4 A nice day Dolores & Steve went to Dora?s on picnic. Brought home the auto washer 189.00. Geo went & got feeling good then came home & raved at me for more than two hours. Just thought I couldn?t stand it. Went to work at 11:00.

July 5 George?s vacation begins. Lovely cool day. Have been sick all day. Could hardly sit up. Steve installed washer. It makes a lot of noise. Have to get an 8 ft hose to lead to sink.

July 6 Wayne?s birthday gave him a two dollars almost forgot it. Dot happened to mention it. Geo went to visit all his friends and then said we?d start tomorrow. I got every thing ready. Feel like the devil. Went down town and got hose for washer. Steve finished installing it.

July 7 17,600. Got started at 7:30 S T on a muggy cloudy morning with ¾ tank gas $2.00. gas & oil 4#7 1 qt oil .47. 13 8/10 4.00. Stopped tonight at 8:30. Had a very good day. Rained part of the afternoon. I laid in the back at least half the time. Nothing of much interest to see.

July 8 Started at 8:30. D S mi 18026. Cool but sunny. Stayed at ?The Hedges? near Bellevue $5.00 gas at Napoleon 14.2 gal 4.00. Got film for moore camera. Sent card to Delores. Ate dinner in a lovely park. Got gas 13 gal 4.00 30 at Elgin. David struck by car and they didn?t try to get in touch with us. He nearly died. Broken right elbow and shoulder. Concussion which is more dangerous than a fracture, stitches around eye afraid he might loose it, brush burns, lacerations of head.

July 9 Started at 8:15 C D T 19419 from Old fashioned cabins at Belvedere. Had no water or toilet. Had a very good bed and we slept very well altho? close to road #20 and traffic is heavy. Guess we were nearer Rockford. At E Dubugin gas 10.1 gal .29 3.0. Crossed Mississippi river here over very long toll bridge .20 toll. Ate dinner at Earlville on a lovely little park. Pork chops.

July 10 Started at 10:15 D S T from Kosy Corners at Sac City mi 18767. A wonderful place quiet and eating privileges. Gas at Jefferson S D 11.9 @ 27.2 $3.00 At Mitchell
$ 3.00. Today they were almost sure David would live. He is taken off critical list as the crisis was today.

July 11 Very hot. Got started about 7:00 M T Dag. With mi 19194. Stay Kadoka $4.00 nice cabin. Today we went thro the Bad Lands to Mt. Rushmore & Cluster Park. All very wonderful. Saw some real buffalo. Geo got a number of things got five dollars of gas yesterday got some poor somewheres car is skipping.

July 12 Very warm. Got started from Pine Crest motel about six miles out of Deadwood for the city a little after ten M D L S time which is 2 hrs earlier than E S time mi at Deadwood 19463. Paid 6.00. Had cooking privileges. Large cabin called Illinois. Geo went out to see the town. Gas .31 a gal 3.00. Got 3.00 of gas and change of oil at Gillette total 6.43. Saw the Devil?s tower. In the park Geo caught a gopher. Very, very hot temp 108.

July 13 Started from Sheridan 19725 mi with nearly full tank. Had a lovely cabin last night really the nicest year for 5.00. 9:00 Mt time 12:30 ours. Have been going thro the Big Horn Mts. They are very wonderful and beautiful with snow covered peaks. At Ranch crater we got 3.00gas. Went over Big Horn through pass very beautiful and awe inspiring. Mountains looked as though of rock with deep ravines hundreds of feet deep of solid rock and a small stream at bottom temp out of mts. 105 gas at Cody .33 gal 3.00 9.1. Entered yellow Stone about 7:30 PM mi 19940 Mt. Time 9:30 ES.

July 14 Bright clear sunny day. Stayed in car last night. No lodging available. Up at 7 and on our way. Saw Lower Falls which are 109 ft. Took picture of bear itching its back on pine tree went back where we slept and filled up with gas 4.00 high test 36 ½ a gal. Saw a number of hot springs a geyser erupting. Got to Old Faithful at 5 PM MT and people standing around waiting for it to erupt. Old Faithful just erupted lasts about 2 min goes up well over a hundred feet. Erupts every 65 min. Geo didn?t want to drive to Teton Park so we left park about 7 with 20151. Got gas at Cesy 33 ½ 4.00 and continued on was 10:30 there Mt T 211 mi driving in park.

July 15 mi 20277 from basin where Geo had breakfast. Stayed here all night after not being able to get lodging at Cory or Grey bull. Never stopped till after midnight. MT. Stayed in car. I am all in. Geo went prospecting for stones. We got in Sheridan about two thirty found a cabin housekeeping for 5:30. George went down town and we had supper about 7. Had a bad storm. Great big hail stones. Geo said there was no hail where he was.

July 16 A sunny day. We decided to stay another night here. The big rodeo begins today. We went to the parade then to the rodeo grounds. Came home and had dinner and Geo went to rodeo while I stayed and went thro the things he had bought and did up the work. He never came till after 7. I was fit to be tied. Got him something to eat and we went to the rodeo. It was just four Mandeville acts. Dancing, skating roller, dummies and Eddie Peabody with his banjo. We saw a few Indians dancing around camp fire. Geo put in 3.00 of gas.

July 17 Mi leaving Sheridan for Billings 20470 with a full tank of gas. Started at 6:30 MT. Put 3.00 of gas at Baker where we think we were jipped. Got 2.00 in Miles City where we had dinner & stayed three hrs. Geo put in 4.00 gas at Hettinger. There they had a band concert in the center of street. It was very, very hot today. The temp at Miles City where we ate dinner and rested for 3 hrs was 112. They have had temp over a 100 since July 4.

July 18 mi 20867 from Ray?s Cabins a very fine place to stay at Hettinger had kitchenette for 5.50 and a very fine bed. Started at 9:15. Put in 4.00 gas at Aberdeen.

July 19 Mi 21225. Stayed at Johnson Motel 6.00 electricity for cooking nice clean place at Benson Minn. About ½ tank of gas time 9:20. At Cobaks 3.00 gas 28.3 10.4 gal. Went to Northfield Mont. Where we had dinner at Jessie James Café where Jessie James gang was shot up when he tried to rob bank. Got the kids cowboy shirt 2.95 & girls aprons. Geo got hair cut in Jessie James barber shop. Are on our way to Preston. Heat bad.

July 20 Spent the day in Preston. Had breakfast and grandpa picked a pail of cucumbers and a large pail of beans. I fixed the beans for freezing. Leona got dinner. She is miserable with Calsirim of the bone of left shoulder & nerves. We had string beans, cucumbers in sour cream, chicken baked in milk & potatoes.

July 21 Preston 21520 at 9:30 with nearly a full tank. Gas at Freeport $4.00 12 gal Had a flat tire at 9:30 not too far from a gas station. Had gone about 400 mi from Preston. Stayed at Cabins where two cabins shared same bathroom. Charged 4.50 for cabin and 1.50 for changing tire. I was so tired I could hardly stand it. George grumped because of the price. Started with a bad head yesterday and it was mean all day.

July 22 Starting out mi 21929 at 10:15. Have got a bad head again this morning. Stayed 23 mi west of Plymouth. At Lindlay got gas 15 gal 4.10 26 ½ and Geo ran over stones on corner and took chrome off underside of right side. In Fort Wayne took right turn and should have taken left so went down into Indiana instead of out. Taking us 25 mi out our way about 50 in all. Tried to get Marshall Strong or James Stone but could not find him in telephone book. Did not go out of our way. David was operated on and bones set.

July 23 Got started at 10:15 mi 22340 stayed at Tip Top Motel. 6.00 and could not sleep because of the traffic steady all night. Geo drove until after 10 last night in order to get on route 20 gas at Astabul 4.00 and ate breakfast there also. At Buffalo at 7:30 and got home 11:30. uncle Ed dead & buried while we were gone. Bernard Gulka also died weighed only about 90 lbs. cancer of the kidney. David struck by car and nearly died. Lady Dottie?s pup got tail caught in Kevy?s bicycle wheel and had to be taken to dog hospital and have it cut off. Dot had things neat as a pin. Cleaned front room and changed kitchen all around in kitchen.

July 24 Cloudy and not so warm. Dot did our big washing. George had to have his time and really did it up brawn spent about 24.00 I sewed nearly all day then Geo came about 8 house all upset & ask the neighbors next door over before they had gone John & Jean came before they left Mildred & David Higby came & stayed till 12:45 then Geo had to go to Griska?s while we were gone Steve & Dot came from drive in. Had an awful time going to sleep.

July 25 Geo left on John?s motorcycle about 10:00 for his mothers and it threw him at Breeseport. Took him in ambulance to Arnot. He had brush burns &I shaking up. Did some damage to cycle and ruined his red shirt. Lost 18 dark glasses & f hat. Discharged at 5 PM. The Lett?s from Binghamton came about 4 stayed till 7:30.

July 26 Sunny and real warm. Got up late took a bath made our beds & washed the dishes. Lost 2 birds male & female also one female yesterday. Dolores took Key at 1:30 to see about giving him accordion lessons. Geo cut the kids hair & then made his rounds. Came back at 2 and gone again down to historical society. He just can?t seem to settle down when he gets back or understand other people don?t care what he?s done. Dolores did the washing.

July 27 Very, very warm. Dot decided to clean living room so I called Patterson to get rug. George is still going in circles. Dolores did the ironing.

July 28 Very, very hot. Patterson was to come after living room rug but didn?t show up. Called and he said driver said we weren?t at home but would pick it next morning. Dolores worked hard cleaning living room. Got up early and had front hall all done before I got up.
 July 29 Still very warm. Dolores and I went shopping. She went to Sullivan?s then we went to Southport and I got studio couch and she a sun couch the man delivered them for us. Fred wanted couch for David. He?s still very weak.

July 30 Very warm. Dot cleaned upstairs and did a washing. I wrote letter to Kinney and got his papers on the way back. Geo drives any one frantic. Thinks someone must wait on him all the time. Pay day. He drew 96.00. Went and got some meat and a few groceries. Dolores had some bills to pay then gave me 36.00 for groceries. Paid for meat and groceries and had 14.00 left.

July 31 Very, very hot. Bad windstorm. Went after groceries. Rug came this morning and we finished the room. Geo took me downtown and bought two brown studio couch covers. Cheaper than as if I made them. Gave me 5.00. Paid bread bill 1.80. Fred hitched trailer to his car and Dot took it to her house after her studio couch. The trailer came loose & she had a hard as car stalled. Steve drove Fred?s car home.

Aug 1 Cooler sunny. Geo left about 1 for his mothers and never came home till 1 in the morning. Brought a whit cat & had been drinking. Cat cried so I put in cellar. Dot and Steve went for a ride. I stayed home & straightened up house.

Aug 2 Still cool & sunny. Dolores did the washing early and we went to Odessa to look at new breakfast sets. Nothing there then went down to Dora?s. She was cleaning her kitchen and didn?t offer us any lunch. Got six dozen eggs then to Waverly to see Frank Barber. They had put in the same officers as last year and I wasn?t told. Minnie looks bad. She has sugar and a very bad heart. Got home about 5:30. Geo took car to Gerard?s and all three universals gone because strap came loose and let them whip. Steve had the Hudson. Came home early. I got supper as soon as we got home. Bought corn outside Owego and Geo had bought 2 doz. from Gulka. Geo got in about one last night. Steve let Mary have 150.00 for his mother?s hospital bill.

Aug 3 Rain nearly all day. Much cooler. Dolores did the ironing. I did the mending. Hardly dared to move. Geo went out on five last night and slept till one. Ate and went back to bed. Wrote all the cards for the Reunion tonight and Steve took them to station  so they would go out. Lalie & her man here all afternoon. Gave her brown shorts, blouse and skirt I made to go on trip. Cost me 4.00 for material. Bradley Hamilton stopped in. He is qualifying over the road. Told Dot his first wife ran away with his best friend.

Aug 4 Cloudy with some rain in the morning. John over and stayed three hours. I did my room and Dot finished while I got dinner. She did down stairs and I did dishes. The house looks so nice wish we could keep it like this all the time. Fred got his license for his motorcycle. Betty did a wash. Had a torn sheet which I turned. I made two pies & a chocolate cake.

Aug 5 Cool and sunny. Steve called to a wreck at Big Flats about 2:30 this morning. We did the washing went on the hill a couple of times and to big Flats to see wreck. Dolores left about 1:45 to have a permanent at the Ritz and  do a little shopping. Took care of Betty?s baby for three hours. He coughs as thou he has the whooping cough. Geo?s insurance check came today. Rain last night. A man from the bank is supposed to go up and see if he?s spent the money as he should and release the rest of the loan.

Aug 6 Steve still at

Aug 7 David?s Birthday gave him two silver dollars he got a lot of cards and his parents gave him a wrist watch. The baby is really miserable. Am sure he has the whooping cough so Betty called doctor and he told her yes but nothing can be done till he begins to throw up his food.

Aug 8 Barber Reunion at Waverly Glen. I went alone. Had a good time went alone nobody would go with me. Steve still working on wreck.

Aug 9 Appointment at Dr?s 3:15. Said my blood pressure much better only 166. Gave me a shot $4.00 and a prescription. 3.00. Washed this morning. Dot straightened upstairs. Seems as though we can?t keep thing straight. When she first came guess I was too sick to care but now I can help it irritates me to have things upset. Steve was to come home tonight but couldn?t make it.

Aug 10 Appointment at Voorhees 10:00. Found my far away vision needed straightening. Left eye very bad and blood pressure doesn?t help it any. Geo went to work tonight. This job drives me frantic. Not an hour to myself and most of his time in bed. Can?t get your work done. Dolores ironed.

Aug 11 Dolores and I spent most of the day chasing. Had to go on lot to see what kind of  ceilings she wanted. Then we went after meat and home after Stephen then after more groceries. Took us the biggest part of the day.

Aug 12 Robby Hobby Barber born 1871 fifth child of family of six. Washed and I got most of the ironing done by mangling. Dolores gave upstairs a very good cleaning. Washed down stairs mopped kitchen and by the time we got meals were very tired. I watched wrestling. Hayward here and we looked all over for George except to the Green Lantern where he was. Spent 50.00 on this drunk. Hayward wanted him to sign before a notary that we were with him when he had the wreck when we came home July 23.

Aug 13 Cool and sunny. Dolores took their car to garage to have valves ground. I went and got my glasses. They are a great relief. At least I can reed. Lalie came for me to shorten a coat and see if I could fix her sewing machine. She was over to Spencer yesterday.  Dawn there with her two children and a hard luck story. Mike coming after Sunday. Lalie said her stories just don?t jibe. Geo must have been a beaut Any way cost him 50 dollars. Paid Gerards 20.00 and put fifty in bank. Had a $134.56 when he left.

Aug 14 Sunny with a few sprinkles at night. Geo went up to Steve?s and they worked on chimney. When he came home went to round then his usual calls. Dolores has been on hill most of day. They got their car cost $58.00. I shortened Lalie?s coat and fixed her machine. Hayward came after Geo?s affidavit. Had corn beef and cabbage for supper. Cooked it all day. Geo went to work tonight. Mrs. Scanlon called and wants to know if I can take my place in lodge Oct 2 have to put on drills. Geo & Steve worked on chimney.

Aug 15 Dark & Cloudy. Very muggy this morning but sun is coming out. Betty over for dinner. Had a beef roast. I?m so tired of just dragging to do my work. Made a large chocolate cake. Dolores straightened through. Nobody came.

Aug 16 Very warm. Washed Dottie left about 8:30 for plastic ware meeting and it was nearly one when she got back. As soon as Steve she went on lot with him. The plasterers finished and it was over a hundred dollars over estimate. George came he had been up there laying brick and immediately left for beer joint. Have felt awful bad all day. Made an apple joe but none of it hardly eaten. Dot took it over to Betty. Geo went to work. Stayed with the baby while Betty and Fred & kids went to drive in. Blanche brought Kenny home this afternoon.

Aug 17 Cooler. Dot got up early and did the ironing and dusted thro upstairs, then went to help John at stand. I washed dishes and made two batches cookies and then went to lodge. Didn?t get out till 4:45. had supper then George & Steve went to lay chimney. Dora came about 7 with Gerald Meade and Donald. We met Steve in Park and George came home about 11 and went to bed. When Meade came had lunch and it was after twelve when they left. Geo had plenty and got paid for it. Stephan cried in his sleep also so it was after 3 before I slept. In the end Geo got up & went downstairs.

Aug 18 Cool. Dolores had to go to fair from 10 till 2. By Geo?s sleeping on couch Dolores didn?t do anything before she left.

Aug 21 I went with Geo to Spencer picnic had a good time. Got a few groceries in Van Etten. Dot had moved, done the washing and straightened up the house. She was mad because her father makes such a fuss because the kids make noise when he wants to sleep. The parade was very good representing the seasons and their holidays. Got home about seven.

Aug 22 Dark & cloudy but very muggy. Didn?t do anything all day. At night I mangled flat pieces. Geo gave 150.00 to pay taxes & my insurance & get groceries. His pay was only 97.00 so do see where he got the rest unless he saved some when he wouldn?t let me have any.

Aug 23 A very warm nice day. Elaine and Tommy came and stayed for a couple of hours then went on up to Dot?s. John brought us a fish first he ever caught. I paid the bills and got groceries. We went up to Dot?s and then drove up to Lake Keuka where just is staying until Wednesday. John bought a 5 horse motor and is really enjoying himself. Geo ate supper with them. Got home about 10:30.

Aug 24 Very, very warm. Stayed with the kids while Betty took David to have the cast off. His arm is bad. Head better. Fred & Betty went up to the Lake. Guess they had a good time. I cleaned upstairs and mended a sheet. All in. I am so tired and my arms & legs feel like water. F

Aug 26 Rain. Cold & damp clearing some in afternoon. Geo went up to Dot?s about ten and worked putting down flooring till after three. Had supper and went to bed. Fred had been drinking and he and Betty had a real row both slapping & he hit her in the back. Went in her pocket book & took sixty dollars.

Aug 27 Kevin?s Birthday.

Sept 2 Very warm. Mr. Sprague called for me at 8:10 to go to Corning. Freshened up and Mr. Sprague took us to glass center. Meeting didn?t start till ten and was adjourned at 11:45. Rode to hotel with Manion. Had lunch 1.00 Paid dues 3.00 Dorothy not coming back as planned. Changed our dresses. One of Corning brothers took us back to Center. Meeting opened about 1:45. Ours went off very well. I was scared to death.

Sept 3 Cloudy very warm went to church. Geo got up early and went and to mother to Spencer. He makes me so mad. Won?t work himself but sees to it everyone else does. Never got in till 1:45 last night. Stunk worse than a hog. Think I?ll take a vacation by myself if he doesn?t go to work. Two days in a row stinking. If he can?t work don?t see how he feels he can spend the money.

Sept 4 Very warm. Straightened up. Went to Bath in evening after deciding Geo had to make his calls so didn?t get started till after seven. Stopped at Audrey?s. George got eight qts of oil. Got home a little after twelve. Was terribly tired.

Sept 5 Very, Very warm. Got up late and done nothing much all day. Went to outdoor movie. John & Jean here for a while. They took the stove Fred had up in Dolores cellar.

Sept 6 Geo called for 7:45. Washed ironed tonight and straightened thro. Took bath and am sure tired. Anna Baker over for a while wanted red yarn to fix her Aunt Ellen?s shawl she had to be sent to Binghamton. John took Fred motorcycle to put it in the parade at Wellsborro. They have taken C D Wagon there today.

Sept 7 Sunny Went to lodge. Betty went also. Practiced for state meeting. Geo washed the car while I was gone he went to Grisha?s. Took my watch band to Alpert?s. Sent to Ben Russ people. Called Audrey & Sibley & Dora also florist for flowers for Minnie Barber who died Sunday. Geo & I took them down. Geo tied on a few. Sorry for they don?t drink. Dolores down at noon to borrow 5.00.

Sept 8 Rainy ? Bernice Barber Corson and I went to Minnie Barber?s funeral then to Halsey Valley where she was buried. I got a dozen glads for Mother?s grave and she the same for her father. Took Aunt Hattie home and stayed a few minutes then over to mother E?s. She said her eyes were worse. Is having trouble with her furnace. Pat came and left. Got home about 7:30. Very tired read paper & fell asleep & didn?t wake up till 10:30. Went up to Dottie?s and drove around by John?s. George called for 7:25. Straightened thro the house.

Sept 22 Cleaned Fred on drunk. Geo went to work. Peeled a bushel of peaches for Betty. Went over and took care of John?s kids so Jean could go to CD meeting. Didn?t get home till 1 PM.

Sept 23 Dark Cloudy. Went up to Dot?s Haven?t done much of anything all day. Geo laid off. De Young came tonight & put new tube in TV. Did not charge. I paid him 25.00 which finishes paying for aerial.

Sept 24 Did just what was necessary. Have felt badly all day.

Sept 26 Rain. Betty went home. Got a dinner which took me all morning and as I was taking it up Geo went 1:05 and never came back till 4:00 changed his clothes and after eating a bite went again till 7:30. Betty got grapes to can at her mothers.

Sept 27 Lovely fall day. Got up 7:05. Dot called at 8:30 from Abe?s garage to come & get her to go to Tupperware meeting in Breeseport. Got home at 12:45 & George had Fred?s car at Griska?s. Cleaned thro.

Sept 30 Stephen?s birthday. Gave him two silver dollars and made him a birthday cake.

Oct 1 My mother died two years ago. I miss her so much.

Oct 2 New York & New Jersey State meeting of the lodge. Left at 8:10. Had lunch at Baron Steuben. Meeting lasted till about 5:15. Had dinner at 6:00. Got home about 9:30. George had a time for himself. Rained. Wet & came home with Mr. & Mrs. Sprague. Dorothy Hamilton was there dinner cost 2.75.

Oct 3 George went on drunk. Didn?t get in till 2 AM. Got up early & got his mother. Had dinner at John?s. George cut Dot?s kids hair then disappeared. Said he took a guy to Ithaca & Waverly. Came in a little after one Steve took her home.

Oct 4 She gave David $5.00 for the chickens and one laid the next day & the other the next.

Oct 10 Went to church. Moneyed around till 3:00 then went to Dora?s. De Young had accident & broke back depressed and broken vertebra. Went to see him. In cast. Got home about 11:00.

Oct 11 Vonney?s birthday will be 19. Did not send even a card.

Oct 14 Kinney?s Birthday. Sent Kinney a card.

Oct 15 George?s birthday will be 58. Got a big chicken dinner. George left at 12:45 and never came home till after ten. I could not find him. Did not look. Had a terrible storm tail end of Hurricane Hazel. Lights went off at 7:10 and had no lights for 24 hrs. I was very nervous. Geo never came till after storm had about gone. He laid off.

Oct 16 Took Geo?s birthday cake to Dot. She wasn?t there but at rummage sale. Geo wanted tin shears & nails. Gave him 15.00 for shingles. Got two squares and 6 lbs nails .24 1.44. shingles 7.50 a square. Think he borrowed money on his drunk.

Oct 17 Geo worked on the roof. Went to Spencer. Took Dora a sweater for her birthday. Got home about 7 stopped at Dot?s & had supper. They have their furnace going. I washed.

Oct 18 Rained this afternoon. Betty and Fred went to Harker?s after school. Got home about ten. I went to the doctor?s. Cleaned upstairs. Straightened down. Washed one end of kitchen & put up curtains. Did the ironing. Just about dead tonight.

Oct 19 Betty and Dora?s birthday. Sent Dora a card. Gave Betty a jewelry box. We both went to lodge. I got a boiled dinner made a lemon pie & an apple. Took it over to Betty?s. Geo had heels put on and sewed up. 1.00. They are very old. It has been dark and cloudy all day paper says there?s to be a heavy frost.

Oct 23 Herman Harris will be sixty ? two today.

Oct 24 Debra?s Birthday is one year.

Nov 2 Dellie?s birthday,

Nov 14 Blanche?s Birthday.

Dec 7 Donald Yeier?s Birthday.

Dec 16 Father passed away 1914 Age 43.

Dec 25 A very nice day. Dot still sick. Geo went & got his mother. Didn?t get around to make the biscuits till he came back form John?s. Had a very nice dinner and a happy time. I went with Geo. to take mother home. Got her a purple sweater and 2 pr wool & rayon hose 2.00 a pr. Came back & went to Griska?s till 11:00. Gave Geo a shirt. He didn?t get me anything. Dottie gave mother E. two plants. Boy she (Mother) is out for all there?s in it. Kinney gave her a gray sweater. She gave each family a dozen eggs & kids candy bars.

Dec 26 Didn?t go to church. Have lopped around all day. Geo went out early this morning. Got in early tonight. Went right to be after supper. I was up to Dot?s awhile. She feels better. Went to John?s and he tried to teach me chess.

Dec 27 Haven?t done much. George left the house about 2 & never came home till eleven. I had gone to bed and he was mad because after John left I started to get dinner and he wanted to go to beer joint well he went. John, Fred, George and I played dominoes. John tried to teach me to play chess yesterday. He changed Diane?s shoes.

Dec 28 Went downtown. George told me not to get up and get his breakfast for he wouldn?t eat it. I didn?t. Heard him putting up lunch so his money must be gone. Guess there wasn?t gas enough to take him & get to the gas station. Method in his madness. Put in a dollars worth. Had supper and acted just as thou he was alright. Guess he was more under the weather than I thought.

Dec 29 A nice spring day. Cleaned upstairs and then went down town. Got a girdle & dress changed the bathrobe for shirt & socks. Got some brushes and some material for two dresses & table cloth. Sent first two packages to car with John but when I got there dress & girdle gone. Went to Police & waited for him to get out of work. Looked in motorcycle no package. He went to see the manager he said he?d pay. Was terribly bothered. Just won?t leave car again where I can?t lock it. Geo got in about 6:30. Washed the car.

Dec 30 Rained & sleeted all night. Cleaned downstairs then went down town. Woody Williams paid me for the stolen clothes and I tried to find another dress. Got some more material but was too tired to do much so drove to Dottie?s. Geo came in about seven. Stayed with the kids while Fred and Betty went to show. Kenny cleaned the house all up. Bobbie and Helmi came about 9:30 & stayed till 11:30. Said they would be here tomorrow night. Fred came at 11:45

Dec 31 No snow. Pay day. Geo got 124.00. I got Jean a couple pair of stockings dark blue material for dress also 2 dresses of linen brown and raspberry. Went to De Donna and played. Think we won but George bought all the drinks. Came home and ate Geo didn?t eat hardly anything. He then preceded to beat it and went up there again. He asked a woman to go out with him but she refused. It hurt for I like to go as well as he. Came and dressed up. Went to Green Lantern Too crowded so came back to Griska?s. Had a good time. Geo played pin ball machine. Lost a lot of money. Fred came and as usual had more than he could carry. Went and got Betty. Bobbie & Helmi didn?t come. Dot & Steve came about twelve. Got a number of hats and noise makers. Came home about 12:45.

Ryribenzamine         mix together
Cal-ice .59               for skin breaking out

Zetta Roze 87 Lundington St Buffalo

John Polovick 1758 A Cabrillo Ave
                        Torrance, California

J Stone 878 E 15th St N.E.
             Cleveland Ohio

Mrs. Manley St John
 Winona Minn.

Dennis Hayward
  19 Ludington Street Buffalo

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