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Subj:  Re: Death Certificates
Date:  12/15/2002 3:15:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Sherry Vossoughi)
To: JoyceTice

Hi Joyce,
Attached are the Death Certificates that I have gathered over the years from mostly Chemung Co.  Several other researchers have added to this list and the ones I can remember are Katherine Smith, Susan Mathews, Suzanne Dickinson, Jule Hyland, Mary Cheyne, Patrick McInerney and Ellen Bugleweiz.  These DC's are in Excel.  Anything in italics is known information that is not included in the DC.
Reg. # SURNAME Given Name Birthdate or Age Deathdate Death Place Place of Birth Father's name Mother's Name Cause of Death Marital Status Spouse Occupation
Vol2,p22a BROWN John T. 5y 9m 14d August 6, 1911 825 Hatch St. New York Charles E. Brown Catherine Guthrie Diphtheria Single

Vol1,p151 DONAHUE Catherine 54 years 8/25/1895 327 Weber Pl Ireland Michael Guthrie Margaret [Whalen] Pul.Consumption Widow Patrick Donahue Housekeeper
P. 144 BOLTON Bridget 62 years 1/7/1895 326 Weber Pl Ireland James Bolton Bridget Old age/cold Widow [Patrick Bolton] Housewife
S 60 BOLTON Bridget 78y 10m 29d September 19, 1928 326 Weber Pl. Ireland Donald[Michl]Guthrie Margaret Whalen Apoplexy Widow Patrick Bolton Housewife
Vol 1, p52a CAINE Michael 66 years December 12, 1913 903 Main St. Penna. Simon Caine Margaret Bahan Bronchial pneumonia Married Hannah Ryan Gardner (sic)
p. 387 CALLAHAN John 71y 10m 25 d January 13, 1926 109 Franklin Elmira Daniel Callahan Mary Meagher Dhronic Nephritis Widower Margaret Calligan Tailor
Vol 1 p 214 CALLAHAN Margaret L. 36 years Sept. 26, 1900 109 Franklin Elmira Patrick Calligan Catherine Uraemia Nephritis Married John Callahan Housekeepr
Vol 1, p54 CALLAHAN Mary 74 years July 3, 1887 109 Franklin Ireland William Maher Julia Flaherty Chronic Bronchitis Widow Daniel Callahan Housekeeper
446 DEMPSEY Dennis Feb. 8, 1842 June 21, 1917 16th Ward Ireland Patrick Dempsey Julia Boyle Chronic Int. Nephritis Widower
Stone Mason
109 DEMPSEY Julia 82 years February 19, 1954 St. Joseph's
Jeremiah Spillan Mary Barry Cerebral Hemorrhage Widow Michl J Dempsey Housewife
Vol1,p333 DEMPSEY Mary G. 65 years June 20, 1909 265 W.Hudson Ireland James Gallivan Mary Collins Bright's Disease Married
195 DEMPSEY Michael J. 73y 9m 1d March 27, 1944 St. Joseph's Elmira Denis Dempsey Mary Gallavan Cerebral Hemorrhage Married Julia Spillane Own Business
Vol1,p292 DONAHUE Hannah Aug. 31, 1906 658 E. Clinton St. Ireland Patrick Finn Honora Guthrie Dysentery Widow [Thomas Donahue, Sr.] Housekeeper
Vol 1 p 420 FITZGERALD Mary 71 years March 27, 1913 518 Goodwill Place Ireland John Flynn Mary Flynn Pneumonis/hip fracture Widow David Fitzgerald Retired
FLYNN Hannora 85 years May 27, 1883 Oak St. Ireland J. Coply? Flynn Anna Flynn Cerebral Hemorrhage Married [Hanora FINN?] Housewife
Vol1,p109 GALLAVAN Mary 82 years Feb. 19, 1892 262 W. Hudson Ireland Cornelius Collins
Influenza Married

P. 145 GALLIVAN James 81 years Feb. 26, 1895 262 W. Hudson Ireland Mathew Gallivan
Old Age Widower
Vol1,p213 FITZGERALD Frank 42 years Aug. 18, 1900 612 E. Third St. Elmira Frank Fitzgerald Ann Pulmonary Consumption Married [Hannah Hayes?] Cigarmaker
Vol2,p7a GUTHRIE Andrew 78 years June 28, 1910 328 Weber Pl. Ireland Michael Guthrie Margaret Whalen Acute Stenosis Married
471 GUTHRIE Bridget Abt. 60 years Aug. 18, 1915 825 Hatch St. Ireland Patrick Kelly
Apoplexy Widow
Vol1,p277 GUTHRIE John 53 years July 7, 1905 Arnot Ogden Ireland Margaret Guthrie Margaret Whalen RR Accident Married
Vol1, p63 GUTHRIE John 23y 11m April 28, 1888 326 Weber Pl. Ireland Andrew Guthrie Bridget [BEAKY?] Pul. Tuberculosis Single
Vol1,p1 GUTHRY William [10 months] Aug. 20, 1897 328 Weber Pl. New York Thomas Guthry Annie {Hannah Moroney] Cholera Infanturm Single

328 KANE Hannah 65y 7m 15 d May 31, 1924 474 Mt. Zoar Bangor, ME John Ryan Margaret Reidy Obstruction of Bowel Widow Michael Kane At home
p3 Tioga KANE John 63y 8m 14d January 19, 1917 463 Fulton Waverly, NY Waverly, NY Simon Kane (Caine?) Margaret Bayhan(Bahan?) Catarrah of stomach/dropsy Married Anna Hannon Meat Cutter
597 KANE Mary 80 years December 30, 1914 311 W. 6th St. Ireland Martin Cahill Ann Donnalon Cerebral Hemorrhage Married (?) Simon Kane Housewife
Vol 2, p9a KANE Simon 80 years Aug. 31, 1910 1011 N. Main St. Ireland Patrick Kane Bridget Maide (Meade?) Cardiac Dilation Married Mary Cahill Laborer
Vol2,p18a LIDDY Mary 93 years April 29, 1911 458 Franklin St. Ireland James Liddy {READY] Catherine O'Laughlin Exhaustion Widow [Patrick Liddy]
Vol1,p325 LOONEY Jeremiah 59 years Nov. 4, 1908 So Entrance Walnut Bridge Ireland Dennis Looney Julia Corcoran Valvular Insuf. Of Heart Married
22 LOONEY Sarah 90 years Sept. 1, 1915 East Hill Road Ireland Patrick Finn Hannah Haheen [Guthrie] Arterial Sclerosis Widow [Thomas Looney]
10 MANTELL Thomas 78y 0m 22d Jan. 7, 1939 87 Keefe St. Liscannor,Ire. Henry Mantell Mary Reidy Arterial Sclerosis Married Hannah Finn Blacksmith
320 MANTELL Hannah Finn Nov. 14, 1870 June 3, 1939 87 Keefe St. Elmira Daniel Finn Catherine Cusick Cerebral Hemorrhage Widow Thomas Mantell Housework
40267 McINERNEY Patrick Feb. 3, 1866 Sept. 25, 1939 East Hill RD#3 Elmira Mortimer McInerney Mary Danaher (Cullinan?) Cerebral Hemorrhage Married Margaret Looney Farm Work
297 O'DONNELL Maurice Feb. 21, 1859 May 16, 1934 St. Joseph's Elmira Matthew O'Donnell [Prob Ellen Finn] Prostate Cancer opeeration Married Cora Taylor (2nd) Elm.Police Dept
Vol2 p26a O'DONNELL Ellen 70y 0m 2d Dec. 26, 1911 366 Diven Ave. Ireland
Ellen Firin Uraemia Arterio Sclerosis Widow [Matthew O'Donnell] Housekeeper
320 REIDY Bridget 64y 11m 16d June 25, 1921 207 South Ave. Ireland John Culliney Mary Tinney Cancer of liver & bile ducts Widow John Reidy [Boarding House]
198 REIDY Charles Dec. 2, 1856 April 2, 1955 St. Joseph's Erin, NY Patrick Ready Margaret Finn Cerebral Thrombosis Widow Louise Mallory. Farmer
Vol1,p255 REIDY John 81 years Nov. 20, 1903 653 Erie St. Ireland James Reidy Catherine O'Laughlin Old age Widower [Mary Ready]
Vol1,p5 REIDY Louise M. 45y 2m 13d Oct. 11, 1911 Baldwin, Chemung Co. Chemung Co. G. W. Mallory Mary L. Coleman Accidental Death Married [Charles Ready] Housewife
322 REIDY Mary 1836 June 1, 1916 83 Keefe St. Ireland Michael Liddy Not learned Senility Widow [Michael Reidy] Housekeeper
p 140 REIDY Mary F. 60 years Sept. 3, 1894 112 Partridge Ireland James Fernelley[Finnell] Bridget Fernelly [Slattery] Chronic Bronchitis Married [John J. Reidy] Housewife
473 READY Michael 80 years May 18, 1893 City of Elmira Ireland Terrance Ready Ellen Moore Unknown Married [Mgt "Peggy" Cherry] Farmer
Vol2,p35a REIDY Patrick 91y 6m 6d Sept. 26, 1912 822 Lincoln Ireland James Reidy
Cancer of Esophagus Widow [Margaret Finn] Ret. Farmer
Vol 2 p24a REIDY Margaret 91 years Oct. 30, 1911 822 Lincoln Ireland Patrick Flynn [Finn] Nora Guthrie Contusions of hip/fall off chair Married [Patrick Reidy] Housekeeper
REIDY Patrick T. 1839 Jan. 8, 1915 120 W. Miller St. Ireland Timothy Reidy Mary Cherry Arterial Sclerosis Married [Margaret Mantell (2)] Hotel Prop.
REIDY Margaret March 25, 1831 Jan. 7, 1921 116 W. Miller St. Lynch, Ire. Paul Mantell Mary Reidy Apoplexy Widow Patrick T. Reidy Housekeeper
16468 REIDY Terrence 1851 May 17, 1914 221 E. Miller St. Penna. Michael Reidy Catherine Connors Bronchial Pneumonia Married [Catherine Dougherty] Laborer
p 141 REIDY Timothy 40 years Oct. 30, 1894 Washington Ave & Canal St. Ireland John Reidy Anna Typhoid Pneumonia [Married] [Bridget Agnes Dillon] Teamster
Dist#758p6 REIDY Mary not given April 1, 1887 Jones St., Southport Not given

Cancer of Uterus Married


Published On Site On 12/15/2002
By Joyce M. Tice