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Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY

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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records were typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
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Surname Name Status Death Date Age Parents Birth place Place of Death Occupation Burial Place
Williams William married Aug. 25, 1867 45y Unknown Wales 5th Ward Tailor Woodlawn
Williams Caroline M. married Dec. 20, 1868 54y 2m Benjamin F. & Hannah Cook New York Rathbun House, Water St.
Williams Infant male b. & d. Feb.22, 1869
Thomas & Mariette Elmira, N.Y. 62 Factory St.
2nd St. Cem.
Williams Joshua V. M.
Aug. 26, 1869 4m 14d Joshua V. M. & Rose Elmira, N.Y. 93 Clinton St.
Binghamton, N.Y.
Williams Rose R. married Sept 3, 1869 24y 3m 19d Henry & Rosanna Raught Pennsylvania 93 Clinton St.
Binghamton, N.Y.
Williams Henry W. black Dec. 23, 1870 11m Henry & Anna B. Elmira, N.Y. Fourth St.
Williams Mary Ann married May 5, 1871 55y 6m 5d Thomas & Jane Morgan England 225 Railroad Ave. Housewife Woodlawn
Williams Elmer N.
Sept. 21, 1871 3y 8m R. P. & Liddy M. Elmira, N.Y. 27 Market St.
2nd St. Cem.
Williams Moses black Nov. 9, 1872 1y 3m Samuel & Sophia Big Flats, N.Y. Washington Ave.
Big Flats, N.Y.
Williams John W. single/black Dec. 14, 1872 50y Unknown Virginia Conongue St. Laborer Woodlawn
Williams Ann married March 19, 1873 52y John & Ann Bengough? England 77 Third St. Housewife Woodlawn
Williams Levi single/black Oct. 14, 1873 20y 3m 16d Samuel & Ann Pennsylvania 37 Dickinson Waiter Woodlawn
Williams Maria married/black Dec. 25, 1873 29y 2m 21d William & Isabel Elmira, N.Y. 9 Dickinson St. Housewife Woodlawn
Williams Alonzo
July 3, 1874 1y 9m 23d Lewellyn & Mary U. S. 410 Fifth St.
Williams John black Sept. 27, 1874 1y 7m 17d John & Maria Williams U. S. 611 Dickinson St.
Williams Mary E. black Oct. 1, 1874 5d William Jacobs & Ada Williams Elmira, N.Y. Dickinson St.
Williams Ellen
Nov. 9, 1874 1y James & Helen Williams U. S. Stowell St.
Williams Elizabeth married/black May 24, 1875 36y Buckins & Susan B. U. S. Dickinson St.
Williams Samuel married/black Aug. 3, 1875 57y Unknown U. S. old number #57 Clinton St. Laborer Woodlawn
Williams Sarah E. single/black Oct. 6, 1875 21y John & Dorthia Ann U. S. 212 Mount Zoar St.
Franklin St. Cem.
Williams Sophia widow Nov. 24, 1875 76y Peter & Rebecca Sturnes? U. S. 524 Baldwin St.
Williams Thos. H. B. married Jan. 18, 1876 37y 2m 8d James & Caroline Scipio, N.Y. 8 Benjamin St. Railroad Conductor 5th Ward Cem.
Williams Fredric N.
June 5, 1876 11y 7m Thomas B. & Carrie E. Elmira, N.Y. 655 College Ave.
Southport Cem.
Williams Elizabeth A. married Feb. 3, 1877 38y John & Elizabeth Hawthorn England 368 Fifth St. Housewife Woodlawn
Williams Isaac Amos black July 16, 1877 15y 4m Sarah Williams U. S. Baldwin
Williams William
July 29, 1877 3m 9d Thomas & Mary Elmira, N.Y. Factory St.
Williams Elias C.
Dec. 22, 1878 9y 5m 23d J.O. & Ellen New Haven 506 W. Clinton St.
Williams Robert
Dec. 23, 1878 3y 10m 28d J.O. & Ellen Elmira, N.Y. 506 W. Clinton St.
Williams Ellen A.
Dec. 25, 1878 2y 10m 20d J.O. & Ellen Elmira, N.Y. 506 W. Clinton St.
Williams John
Dec. 28, 1878 11m J.O. & Ellen Elmira, N.Y. 506 W. Clinton St.
Williams Chas. Fredrick
July 24, 1880 9m 11d Joseph Henry & Mary Ann Elmira, N.Y. 518 Fulton St.
Canton, Bradford Co. Pa.
Williams Nellie black Feb. 15, 1881 14y 10m 22d John & Maria Elmira, N.Y. Madison Ave.
Williams Peter black Feb. 4, 1881 10y John & Maria Elmira, N.Y. Madison Ave.
Williams Zoie
July 20, 1881 3m 22d R. P. & Lydia Elmira, N.Y. 856 E. Market St.
Williams Rose married/black Sept. 11, 1881 27y Eliza Chaple Green Co., N.Y. 514 High St.
Williams Benjamin
March 4, 1880 1m 10d Benjamin & Louisa Elmira, N.Y. 701 Davis St.
Willsey Daniel married Feb. 17, 1876 32y 11m 4d Judson & Amanada Otsego Co., N.Y. Baldwin Laborer Woodlawn
Willson Catherina single April 22, 1876 77y Richard & Ann Novia Scotia 214 W. Henry St.
Litchfield, Pa.
Willson Robert married/black Dec. 3, 1876 38y Unknown South Carolina Dickinson St.
Willson Nancy
Feb. 10, 1877 1y 3m George & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 416 Perry St.
Willson Geo. D. married April 5, 1877 44y 6m 20d Chas. & Ester Elmira, N.Y. Southport Merchant Woodlawn
Willson James D. widower Jan. 4, 1879 51y Unknown U. S. 522 Hudson St. Merchant Woodlawn
Willson Robert black March 5, 1880 8y 2m 4d Robert & Jennie Wilson Elmira, N.Y. 612 Dickinson St.
Wilmont Henry
July 1, 1871 1y 10m Thomas & Elizabeth A. Elmira, N.Y. 64 Washington Ave.
Wilmot Elizabeth A. married June 15, 1874 39y Wm. & Elizabeth Morgan England 1 Stowell St. Housewife Woodlawn
Wilsey L.A. widow Aug. 23, 1878 38y Unknown Ohio 1105 Davis St.
Wilson Henry single May 2 1868 33y 5m 25d Chas. & Esther H. Wilson Southport, N.Y. Southport Merchant Woodlawn
Wilson Chas. F. married April 17, 1870 54y Nehimiah & Polly Unknown Rathbun House, Water St. Gentleman Woodlawn
Wilson Margret married June 13, 1873 45y Peter Ragan England Unknown Housekeeper S.S. Peter & Paul
Wilson Jane widow/black Sept. 4, 1879 83y 11m 11d Unknown Schoharie Co., N.Y. 522 Baldwin St.
Wilson Geo. Franklin black Feb. 5, 1880 5y 4m 24d Robert & Jenney Elmira, N.Y. 612 Dickinson St.
Wilson Clara black April 6, 1880 8m Jeff & Rose Elmira, N.Y. 600 Baldwin St.
Wilson Charles married April 25, 1880 36y 6m 10d George & Mary U. S. 111 Madison Ave. Clerk Woodlawn
Winecke Emma Maria
Feb. 18, 1871 4m 14d Ferdinand & Maria Elmira, N.Y. Old Oak
2nd St. Cem.
Wing B. Edson male Sept. 5, 1872 4m 27d Hudson & Jennie Elmira, N.Y. 68 Baldwin St.
Wing John
March 9, 1874 3y 3m 3d John & Rose Elmira, N.Y. 37 Canal St.
Catholic Cem.
Winkler F. widower/male Aug. 20, 1880 77y Unknown Saxony 7 Fifth St. Soap maker Southport Cem.
Winn Mary
Sept. 7, 1878 5y 4m Thomas & Mary Elmira, N.Y. Hatch St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Winn William single Nov. 3, 1872 24y Unknown Virginia 38 Conongue St. Laborer Woodlawn
Winnecke Arthur A.
July 11, 1872 4m 2d Ferdinand & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 3 Oak St.
Winnecke William
July 9, 1873 2m 9d Ferdinand & Mary Elmira, N.Y. Jay, corner of High St.
Winters Harriet
March 20, 1869 1y 10m George & Julia Elmira, N.Y. Williamsport, Pa.
2nd St. Cem.
Winters Ella
Aug. 16, 1872 20m George & Julia Elmira, N.Y. 4 Standish St.
2nd St. Cem.
Wintersteen Infant male b. & d. Dec. 24, 1880
Dennis & Ella Elmira, N.Y. 426 Herrick St.
Private Grounds
Wise Caroline S. married Aug. 17, 1868 39y 2m 7d Peter & Mary M. Dey Geneva, N.Y. 5 Conongue St. Housewife Woodlawn
Wiseman Hattie Blanch
July 16 1874 7m 10d E. & H.B. Wiseman U. S. Columbia, St.
Wisner Mamie E. married March 21, 1880 25y 7m 13d John G. & Ellen Babcock New Jersey 651 Lake St.
Pine Valley
Witeman Sophia married April 14, 1879 57y 1m 6d Unknown Unknown 700 Jay St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Witkoski Frank
Sept. 10, 1878 3y 1m Michael & Cathrine Elmira, N.Y. 708 Dey St.
Southport Cem.
Witkoski Catherine
Sept. 10, 1878 9m 9d Michael & Cathrine Elmira, N.Y. 708 Dey St.
Southport Cem.
Witt Infant male b. & d. Jan. 28, 1869
John & Eliza Witt. Elmira, N.Y. 7 Davis
Wittman Anna married May 17, 1875 34y Martin Beumler & Cunneytle? Germany Sullivan St. Housewife Southport Cem.
Wolcott Elvina widow Nov. 4, 1880 79y 1m 2d Michael & Mary Gates U. S. 211 Ann St.
Wolf Ella M.
Dec. 19, 1878 7y 3m E.J. & Ida Big Flats, N.Y. 805 Davis St.
Wolff Edna May
April 21, 1881 6m 8d Harry F. & Fanny E. Elmira, N.Y. 372 W. Fourth St.
Lewisburg, Pa.
Wollhiem Esther married April 20, 1877 72y Unknown Prussia 117 Orchard St. Housewife Jewish Cem.
Wollhine Asher
April 24, 1879 1y 8m 25d Aaron & Bertie Elmira, N.Y. 1 Orchard St.
Jewish Cem.
Wolverton Wm. G. married Jan. 21, 1881 63y 10m 6d John & R. Wolverton New Jersey 306 W. Fourth St. Market Woodlawn
Wood William C.
Feb. 27, 1868 8m 22d Gilbert E. & Alma I. Wood Elmira, N.Y. 10 Orchard St.
2nd St. Cem.
Wood Elizabeth married March 28, 1869 37y 2m Samuel & Catharine Rose Orange Co., N.Y. 76 Church St. Housewife 2nd St. Cem.
Wood Infant male/black b. & d. Dec. 26, 1871
George & Emma Elmira, N.Y. 109 Baldwin St.
Wood Florence S. female Jan. 10, 1873 4m Albert & Florence Elmira, N.Y. cor. Lake & Washington Ave.
Wood Alfred S. married June 10, 1874 59y Johnathan & Sarah Wood U. S. Horseheads, N.Y. Farmer 2nd St. Cem.
Wood Calista single/female May 18, 1875 22y Farng? U. S. 374 First St. Servant Woodlawn
Wood Ruth
Aug. 2, 1877 2y 10m Charles & Elizabeth Big Flats, N.Y. Big Flats, N.Y.
2nd St. Cem.
Wood Morgan Henry
July 27, 1880 3m 13d Chas. M. & Viola May Elmira, N.Y. 313 W. Fourth St.
Wood John B. married/black Oct. 9, 1880 62y Unknown Maryland 618 Dickinson St. Laborer Woodlawn
Wood Mable E. black May 4, 1881 3y 3m 14d Enock & Viola Corning, N.Y. 611 Dickinson St.
Wood William single/black May 9, 1881 18y 2m William & Charlotte U. S. 667 Dickinson St. Printer Woodlawn
Woodard William married May 16,1869 64y 6m 18d Samuel Sullivan Co. Niles Valley, Pa Lumberman 2nd St. Cem.
Woodcock Sarah widow Aug. 27, 1875 57y 5m 7d Albert & Hannah Mead U. S. 505 Sullivan St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Woodford Squire Erwin
Aug. 15, 1869 1y 6m 24d Joseph & Caroline Elmira, N.Y. 16 Hudson St.
Woodford Cathrine widow Sept. 10, 1876 78y 2m 17d Nathaniel & Huldah Clark U. S. Newark Valley, N.Y.
2nd St. Cem.
Woodford Nellie May
Aug. 12, 1880 3y James & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 129 E. Hudson St.
Woodruff Infant male b. & d. Dec. 18, 1869
A. & A. Woodruff Elmira, N.Y. Water St.
2nd St. Cem.
Woodruff Infant female b. & d. Feb. 10, 1872
Albert & Abagail Elmira, N.Y. 10 College Ave.
2nd St. Cem.
Woodruff Albert married Jan. 7, 1875 56y 2d Roger Woodruff & Hannah Shrever U. S. 118 College Ave. Carpenter Woodlawn
Woods Fremont single Nov. 12, 1869 17y 9m Henry & Priscilla Tompkins Co., N.Y. American Hotel Laborer Big Flats, N.Y.
Woods David single June 6, 1875 25y 2m 29d James l. & Susan V.D. U. S. West Water St. Student Woodlawn
Wooley Ruben H.
Dec. 20, 1879 7y 4m Charles A. & R. H. C. Elmira, N.Y. 133 W. Water St.
Woolverton Ellen single Jan. 22, 1871 24y 11m 9d Wm. G. & Betsey Dix, Schuyler Co., N.Y. Leroy, N.Y.
Worden Sarah Ann married July 22, 1871 32y 2m 26d Daniel S. & Sally Buck Catlin, N.Y. 44 First St.
Worden Arthur B.
Dec. 26, 1880 3m 2d Lenord B. & Lydia Town of Milo, Yates Co, N.Y. 207 Chestnut St.
Penr. Yates Co., N.Y.
Worrall James
b. & d. July 22, 1881
James & Helen M. Elmira, N.Y. 217 W. Hudson St.
Worrell William J.
March 11, 1868 17y 8m 27d William & Elsie Worrell Newburgh, Orange Co,. N.Y. Maryland
2nd St. Cem.
Worth Clara
Oct. 9, 1870 1y 1m William & Ermina Maryland 1 DeWitt St.
Worthington Clarrisa widow Dec. 20, 1871 87y 6m 24d Jerome & Anna Clark Connecticutt 86 Lake St.
Cooperstown, N.Y.
Wright Infant female b. & d. Nov. 8, 1870
Peter & Anna Elmira, N.Y. 329 Water St.
in yard on Lot #329 Water St.
Wright Laura Ann married Dec. 23, 1872 58y 4m 23d Unknown Mass. Water St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Wright Viola black Feb. 22, 1875 9m Eliza C. Johnson U. S. 655 Dickinson St.
Wright Allen M. married April 16, 1875 69y 2m 16d Unknown U. S. 6 East Oak St. Carriage Trimmer Woodlawn
Wright Thomas S. married March 17, 1876 89y 9m 2d Hugh & Mary Rhode Island 381 W. Fourth Hatter Woodlawn
Wright Eliza widow March 9, 1877 70y 10m 4d Gawn & Mary W. Mackinson? Orange Co., N.Y. 516 Lake St. Housekeeper Horseheads, N.Y.
Wright Susan
Jan. 21, 1878 7y 27d Henry Wright & May Townsend Unknown Orphan's Home
Southport Cem.
Wright Walter G. single May 28, 1879 Unknown Unknown U. S. Water St. Clerk not recorded
Wright Gracia May black June 11, 1879 2y 5m John Stephen & Lucy Elmira, N.Y. 504 Perry St.
Wright William H. black May 5, 1880 1y 7m John L. & Lucy Elmira, N.Y. 504 Perry St.
Wright Heneritte C. widow Sept. 9, 1881 84y 7m Joel & Katey McKenn Chittenden Old Gulford, Conn. 381 Fourth St.
Wrigley Jane married Dec. 13, 1875 29y Charles & Jane U. S. cor. Baldwin & Second Sts. Housewife Woodlawn
Wrigley Freddie R.
Sept. 16, 1881 5y 7m 10d Isaac & Mary Little Falls, N.Y. 409 Oak St.
Wulff Robart
Oct. 30, 1878 3y 6m Deidrich & Any Wulff Elmira, N.Y. 1000 Oak St.
Wyckoff Elias married Aug. 18, 1872 65y 9m 5d Peter & Elizabeth New Jersey 50 South Water St. Manufacturer 2nd St. Cem.
Wycoff Infant female b. & d. Nov. 19, 1870
Geo. W. & Sybil Elmira, N.Y. 9 South Water St.
2nd St. Cem.
Wyman John G.
July 28, 1870 11m 4d Michael J. & Lydia Elmira, N.Y. 20 Sullivan
Wymans Daisey D.
Dec. 15, 1877 8m J.M. & Lydia Elmira, N.Y. 118 Sullivan St.
Wynans Gertrude
Sept. 10, 1874 2y 2m Chas. E. & Mary Wyans U. S. Ralston, Pa.
Wynant Gilbert W. married Sept. 14, 1870 40y Nickolas & Sarah New Jersey railroad track Farmer Woodlawn; removed to Highttown, N.J. Oct. 14 ______
Wynn William James
Sept. 18, 1869 22d Thomas & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 10 Hatch St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Wynn John Henry
Jan. 8, 1872 4d Thomas & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 10 Hatch St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Wynn Francis single 1875 18y 8m 2d John & Cathrine Canada 910 Maxwell Ave. Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Wynn Cathrine married/widow? Feb. 18, 1878 84y Unknown Ireland Hatch St. Housewife S.S. Peter & Paul

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By Joyce M. Tice