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Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY

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Unidentified Bodies
Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records were typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
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Surname Name Status Death Date Age Parents Birth place Place of Death Occupation Burial Place
Welch Ellen married Dec. 24, 1867 35y Unknown Ireland Wellsburg, N.Y.
Welch Catharine
Aug. 26, 1868 8m Morris & Ellen Wellsburg, N.Y. Wellsburg, N.Y.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch Michael single Jan. 9, 1869 19y 10m 9d Michael & Mary Ireland Seventh St. Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch William married Feb. 10, 1869 52y Morris & Margaret Ireland Ashland Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch Ann Eliza married April 13, 1872 59y 12d Peter & Phoebe Wager Ludlowville, N.Y. 112 Gray St.
2nd St. Cem.
Welch Joanna single Aug. 2, 1872 20y 4m Michael & Mary Big Flats, N.Y. 79 John St. Clerk S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch Cornelius
Feb. 19, 1873 1m Patrick & Ellen Elmira, N.Y. Penna. Ave.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch John married May 21, 1874 41y Robert & Johanna Ireland Canal Roller in mill S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch Julia married May 7, 1876 69y 3d Levi & Olive Tuttle U. S. 428 W. Fourth St. Wife 2nd St. Cem.
Welch Thomas married Aug. 10, 1976 75y Unknown Ireland 803 John St. Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch Bridget married March 7, 1877 43y 1m Henry & Bridget Clancey Ireland 441 Columbia St. Housekeeper S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch John E.
April 13, 1877 1y 7m Patrick & Ann Elmira, N.Y. Walnut St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch Arraspus widower Sept. 8, 1879 77y 5m Samuel & Sarah Welch Norwich, N.Y. 169 Baldwin St. Cabinetmaker 2nd St. Cem.
Welch George Thomas
Jan. 22, 1881 3y 1m Patrick & Anna Elmira, N.Y. 725 Walnut St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch Harry
Jan. 19, 1881 1y 8m 19d Patrick & Anna Elmira, N.Y. 725 Walnut St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Welch Anna Bell
Feb. 23, 1881 11y 7m Richard & Abby Welch Avon, N.Y. 104 E. Henry St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Weldner Michael married July 26, 1877 50y 1m 16d Unknown Germany Tuthill Ave. Engineer Woodlawn
Weldon James Levi married April 11, 1875 55y 2m 5d David & Malinda Weldon U. S. 106 Water St. Carpenter Woodlawn
Weller Flora H. married April 11, 1879 Unknown Unknown Unknown 401 W. Water St. Housekeeper Trumansburg
Wells Temperance married/female May 12, 1869 66y Smith Orange Co., N.Y. 324 Water St.
2nd St. Cem.
Wells Jno. Calvin married Nov. 6, 1870 67y Abner & Kerwiah Southport, N.Y. 345 Water St.
2nd St. Cem.
Wells Reubin? W. widower June 7, 1873 34y 9m 25d Warren? & Samantha Pennsylvania 108 Clinton St. Merchant Lawrenceville, Pa.
Wells Cassay widow/female Oct. 20, 1874 65y Margaret Stuart U. S. Zumbrota, Minnesota Housekeeper 2nd St. Cem.
Wells Mary E.
Nov. 6, 1874 17y 11m 12d Warren & Fanny H? Wells U. S. College Ave.
Daggets Hollow Cem.
Wells Henry M. single Dec. 18, 1875 22y 3m 12d Warren & Soffona? U. S. 1018 Hoffman St. Laborer Jackson, Pa.
Wells Isaac L. widower Jan. 11, 1876 82y 4m 9d Abner Wells U. S. 470 Water St. Farmer 2nd St. Cem.
Wells Caroline L. single June 14, 1877 19y 5m 5d George H. & Eliza S. Geneva, N.Y. 315 E. Church St.
Athens, Pa.
Wells Henry F. married Oct. 12, 1878 72y 11m 19d John & Polley New York State Town of Southport Farmer Woodlawn
Wells Katie M.
Oct. 20, 1878 10y 9m James & Margret Williamsport, Pa. 209 Park Place
Big Flats
Wells George N.
Feb. 18, 1868 27y 6m 23d Unknown July 26, 1840
info taken from stone by John W. Huston Woodlawn (note in ledger)
Welonsky Ida
Nov. 22, 1876 1y 5m Mandel & Bertha U. S. 206 High St.
Jewish Cem.
Welsey Tunis single Feb. 26, 1879 63y 11m 8d Levi & Cornelia Albany Co. N.Y. Baldwin Laborer Woodlawn
Welsh Mary Jane
Oct. 15, 1869 1y 7m Grafton & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. Benjamin St.
Welsh Margret married Feb. 8, 1873 32y Thomas & Phoebe Orange Co., N.Y. 64 First St. Housewife Catholic Cem.
Welsh Infant male Aug. 14, 1876 1d John & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 217 Franklin St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Welsh Mary Ellen
Jan. 7, 1877 7m Patrick & Annie Elmira, N.Y. 725 Walnut St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Welsh John
July 16, 1877 4y 11m 11d John & Bridget Elmira, N.Y. Penna. Ave.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Welsh Grafton married June 30, 1877 44y 5m 7d William & Nancy Cumberland Co., Pa. 706 Benjamin St. Iron worker Woodlawn
Welsh Louis
April 21, 1878 1y 6m David S. & Ellen U. S. West Water St.
Wencel Herman
July 18, 1875 8m 5d Herman & Julia U. S. 206 Baldwin St.
Town of Southport
Wentz Carrie M.
Dec. 2, 1863 4y 3m 2d Wilbur F. Wentz Unknown Hornellsville
Hornellsville; removed to Woodlawn May, 1868
Wentz Rhoda B. married March 1, 1871 70y 9m John & Lydia Butter Ovid, N.Y. Union, N.Y.
Wentz Grace L.
Jan. 30, 1872 5m Wilbur F. & Cornelia A. Elmira, N.Y. 48 William St.
Werthin? Leonore R.
Sept. 30, 1872 7m Samuel & Rebecca London, England Elmira House
5th Ward Cem.
Wescot Arthur married Sept. 30, 1879 62y 2m 20d Arthur & Nancy Chanango Co., N.Y. 218 William St. Music Dealer Addison, N.Y.
Wesley John single/black Dec. 7, 1868 18y Unknown Alabama 116 Baldwin St. Laborer Woodlawn
West Fred T.
July 23, 1870 3m 9d Thos. D. & Carrie L. Elmira, N.Y. East Third St.
West Alonzo widower March 7, 1876 43y Unknown U. S. Baldwin St., Pattinson House Laborer Woodlawn
Westervelt James C. married Dec. 26, 1877 64y 6m 18d Cornelius & Francis U. S. Town of Elmira Farmer Woodlawn
Westlake Elizabeth married April 27, 1868 70y 7m George & Abigail Wygant Marlborough Ohio
2nd St. Cem.
Westlake Rosamond S. married March 7, 1875 46y Dorus Hatch U. S. Cleveland, Ohio Housewife Woodlawn
Westlake Jesse L. female July 9, 1879 3y Arthur N. & Adella Elmira, N.Y. 455 Gray St.
Wetherell Alice
May 21, 1871 2y 1m 29d James & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. 11 Orchard St.
Whalen John
Oct. 2, 1869 7m 20d John & Margaret Elmira, N.Y. East Third St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Wheadon Cordelia G. married Feb. 26, 1875 56y Hammond Short & Dorcas Weaver U. S. Owego, N.Y. Housewife Woodlawn
Wheat Francis L. female Oct. 5, 1873 8m 6d A. G. & Mary L. Elmira, N.Y. 43 Magee St.
Wheeler Janny male April 30, 1872 1m 4d Wm. & Emeline Elmira, N.Y. 25 Jay St.
Southport Cem.
Wheeler George
Feb. 6. 1874 5y 7m William & Emeline U. S. 159 Second St.
Southport Cem.
Wheeler Francis M.
March 13, 1876 16y 9m 10d O.H. & Olive Elmira, N.Y. 415 W. Church St.
2nd St. Cem.
Wheeler Harry P.
March 1, 1881 4m 11d Shelden S. & Catherine Elmira, N.Y. 361 Davis Place
White Lillian Blanchard
Aug. 3, 1867 1y 1m 28d Chas. W. & Elizabeth H. White Elmira, N.Y. Davis St.
2nd St. Cem.
White Lillian May
July 8, 1868 1m 28d Merritt & Susan White Elmira, N.Y. 10 Lake St.
White Eva C.
Aug. 22, 1870 8m 4d Cyrus W. & Rachael Elmira, N.Y. Dickinson St.
White Johnny
July 18, 1871 1y 2m 21d John & Margaret Elmira, N.Y. Fifth St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
White Michael
April 3, 1874 14y John & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. Washington Ave. School boy Catholic Cem.
White Edward M.
Aug. 17, 1874 8m 12d Merritt P. & Susan U. S. 371 W. Gray St.
White Albie female Dec. 3, 1874 3m Albie & Mary White Unknown Orphan's Home
Orphan's Home Cem.
White John L. black April 1, 1875 15y 4d Peter B. & Mary White U. S. 667 Dickinson St.
White Mary Eliza widow April 25, 1876 54y 8m 3d Wm. & Eliza Gardiner U. S. 537 E. Second St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
White Spencer H. married Aug. 17, 1876 71y 1m 5d Leonard & Lydia U. S. 210 Second St. Shoemaker 2nd St. Cem.
White Margret M.
Feb. 21, 1878 1m 14d John E. & Mary M. Elmira, N.Y. 106 E. Water St.
Ridgebury, Pa.
White James David
Jan. 23, 1880 1y 25d John G. & Mary M. U. S. 308 W. Hudson St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
White Alice
May 23, 1880 18d Frank & Mary J. Elmira, N.Y. 414 Baldwin St.
White Josephine Elizabeth black April 11, 1881 15y 6m Peter D. & Mary L. White Elmira, N.Y. South Clinton Place
Whitford Jno. B. married Sept. 19, 1881 71y Jno. Whitford U. S. Town of Elmira Laborer Woodlawn
Whitlock Laura widow Aug. 22, 1877 86y 3m 20d Samuel & R. Sandford U. S. 751 E. Second St.
Greatsingers Cem.
Whitman Maria married Aug. 29, 1868 41y 7m 6d Harley & Henrietta Knickerbacker Madison Co., N.Y. Rathbonville Housewife Woodlawn
Whitney Benjamin married July 17, 1871 72y 5m 23d Aaron & Judith Elmira, N.Y. Baldwin Farmer Big Flats, N.Y.
Whitney Fanny
Oct. 3, 1879 7m Henry & Sally B. Town of Elmira Factory St.
Whitson Mary married Oct. 20, 1878 50y John & J. Finn Ireland 424 Standish St. Housewife S.S. Peter & Paul
Whitstone Wm. E.
Jan. 28, 1881 1m John & B. Whitstone Elmira, N.Y. 505 Third St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Whitt Daniel
Sept. 24, 1870 2d John G. & Eliza Whitt Elmira, N.Y. 97 davis St.
Whittemore Katurah widow April 8, 1874 66y 6m 2d Abner Wells & Keturah Tracey U. S. 324 Water St. Housekeeper 2nd St. Cem.
Whuler Carrie
Oct. 18, 1875 3d Edward R. & Amelia Elmira, N.Y. 117 W. Market St.
Wickham William
Feb. 17, 1879 1y 6m John & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 329 Broadway
Catholic Cem.
Widman Dora R. female Aug. 6, 1878 3y 5m 2d Frank & Baraba Elmira, N.Y. cor. Franklin & Powell Sts.
Franklin St. Cem.
Widman William
July 18, 1880 4m 5d Frank & Barbara Elmira, N.Y. 120 Jacob St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Wiegarty Heinschi widower Oct. 24, 1875 72y John Germany 220 High St. Millwright Woodlawn
Wigley Minnie
March 5, 1871 10m 5d John & Jane Elmira, N.Y. 52 Fourth St.
Wiland William J.
Aug. 7, 1874 2y John & Emma Wiland U. S. Oak St.
Wilbur Almon J.
Jan. 5, 1870 11y 11m 5d John R. & Sybil Southport, N.Y. Mount Zoar, Southport
5th Ward Cem.
Wilbur De Witt C. married March 13, 1875 37y 7m Stephen & Mary U. S. 1350 Lake St. Stair Builder Woodlawn
Wilcox Abram J. single Feb. 2, 1870 31y Lee & Alma Orange Co., N.Y. 43 Railroad Ave. Tailor Huntsville, Pa.
Wilcox Elizabeth married April 24, 1871 33y 5m John & Ann Jones Wales 66 First St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Wilcox Mary E. widow Oct. 1, 1875 37y Samuel & D. Chalker U. S. Jones Lane
Wilcox Johnson J. married Oct. 14, 1876 66y 1m 16d Unknown U. S. Big Flats, N.Y. Farmer Woodlawn
Wild Edward S. single March 2, 1869 15y Abram & Jane U. S. 100 Market St. Clerk Union
Wilder Kate married May 13, 1875 29y Laughlin & Mary Dowling U. S. Hornellsville, N.Y. Housewife S.S. Peter & Paul
Wilkin Daniel single June 3, 1868 17y 10m 29d Moses & Mary Wilkin Orange Co., N.Y. 90 Second St. Machinest 2nd St. Cem.
Wilkin Harriett widow Jan. 11, 1870 3m 9d John B. & Mehitable Hains Orange Co., N.Y. 56 Magee St.
Hamptonburg, Orange Co., N. Y.
Wilkin Infant female Aug. 10, 1870 11d Moses B. & Esther V. Elmira, N.Y. 90 Second St.
2nd St. Cem.
Willcox Mary C.
June 20, 1876 5y 5m 19d Geo. W. & Jane F. N. Y. Penna. Ave.

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By Joyce M. Tice