Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY

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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records were typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
Surname Name Status Date of Death Age Parents Birth Place Place of Death Occupation Burial Place
Ufford Elizabeth A. widow Mar. 18, 1870 61y 10m Elihu & Polly Beach Trumbull, Conn Conongue St.
Ulrich Charles married Aug, 14, 1867 32y Unknown Germany 93 Water St. Inn-Keeper 2nd St. Cem
Underhill Fletcher single Dec. 4, 1880 15d H.C. & Hattie Elmira, NY Maple Av.
Underwood infant female July 7, 1881 few days John & ? Elmira, NY 714 Baldwin
male buried Aug. 1875
Unknown Unknown Town of Elmira
male buried June 1875
Unknown Unknown Town of Big Flats
Updegraff Samuel F. widower Dec. 25, 1869 63y 1m 19d Jacob & Martha Harrisburg, Pa 117 Church St. Shoemaker Woodlawn
Updegraff Theodore Chandler
July 28, 1874 11m 17d Thad. S. & Ella Updegraff Elmira, NY 14 W. South Water St.
Updegraff Effie married July 16, 1878 32y 3m J.C. & Dead Hays Vermont Market St. Housewife Brookfield, Mass
Updyke Ann Eliza single July 15, 1877 19y 3m 9d Lewis L. & Elizabeth P. Jackson, Pa 460 W. Hudson St.
Updyke Bertha
July 30, 1878 9m 11d E.D. & Isabela Elmira, NY 415 Pleasant St.
Updyke Stella single Apr. 28, 1880 25y 2m 21d Lewis L. & Elizabeth E. U.S. 460 W. Hudson St. Music Teacher Woodlawn
Uptegrove Nelson
July 31, 1874 1y 4m Eden & Caroline Painted Post Carpenter St.
Upthegrove Carrie
July 14, 1869 9m 14d Eden & Caroline Elmira, NY Cononque St.
2nd St. Cem
Upthegrove Caroline married Nov. 4, 1874 38y Jane & Francis Billette Canada 11 Hudson St.
Usler Susan married Mar. 16, 1871 45y Susan McGuire Albany, NY Carrol St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Ustick Blanch
Aug. 31, 1876 9m 28d Wm. & Martha Elmira, NY 656 Main St.
Ustick William married Sept. 7, 1879 51y 3m Benjamin & Katenah Ustick New Vernon, Orange Co.,NY 656 Main St. Liveryman Woodlawn
Utley Charley widower Oct. 19, 1867 50y Unknown America Unknown Pedlar Not recorded
Vail Phebe
Mar. 31, 1873
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Not recorded
Vail Charles H. single Nov. 10, 1873 22y 8m Charles & Emmeline New York 8 Fifth St. Brakeman Woodlawn
Vail Benjamin married July 12, 1873 74y 4m 23d Asa & Sarah Orange Co.,NY 120 Market St. Furniture Dealer 2nd St. Cem.
Vail Eliza widow Apr. 20, 1877 76y Samuel & Betrie Smith U.S. 114 Markett St.
2nd St. Cem.
Valentine James J.
Feb. 21, 1878 5m David Newel & Mary C.Valentine near Breesport, NY Cor. Walnut & Washington Av.
Valois Edward
Apr. 29, 1872 2y Augustus & Margaret Elmira,NY 17 Orchard St.
Van Allen Darwin P. married Jan. 25, 1869 36y 10m 19d Daniel & Mary Yates Co.,NY Springfield, Pa Inn Keeper 2nd St. Cem.
Van Allen Lenord R. married Oct. 29, 1878 56y 11m 8d D. Van Allen & Mary PennYan, NY 267 W. South Water St. Gentleman 2nd St. Cem.
Van Buskirk Delia O. single Apr. 30, 1880 46y John & Margrett Enfield, NY Surgical Institute Lady Enfield, NY
Van Duzer James M. married Aug. 5, 1876 63y 11m 21d Wm. & Sally M. Orange Co.,NY Horseheads, NY Farmer Woodlawn
Van Gilder Dianne married May 2, 1880 58y 5m Daniel & Sally Clark Hector, NY East Third St.
Van Gorder Grace E.
Apr. 7, 1877 1m George & Ella Elmira,NY 510 E. Second St.
Breesport, NY
Van Gorder Lorene single Aug. 10, 1880 26y Joseph ? U.S. Railroad Av. Gorman House Chair Bottomer Woodlawn
Van Kuren James married Dec. 17, 1873 50y 6m Henry & Susan U.S. Unknown Basket Maker Woodlawn
Van Order James widower Feb. 10, 1880 79y 10m 10d Henry & ? VanOrder Bergen Co.,NY 204 W. Water St.
Dryden, NY
Van Pelt Mary M. married June 10, 1880 65y 7m 29d Peter & Sarah Cornell Newcastel, NY 232 Mount Zoar Housekeeper South Creek Cem.
Van Sickle Clarissa married Oct. 31, 1877 67y 6m 24d Unknown Allegany Co.,NY 313 Fourth St.
Van Tassel Henry
Aug. 8, 1871 7m 20d Samuel & Sarah Elmira,NY 36 Orchard St.
2nd St. Cem.
Van Tassell Richard W. married Mar. 9, 1875 53y William & Zuba U.S. 470 W. First St. Blacksmith Woodlawn
Van Wagner John married Sept. 18, 1873 54y 18m Cornelius & Margret New Jersey 3 Grove St. Drayman Woodlawn
Van Wagner Henry married Aug. 1, 1873 62y 6m Unknown New Jersey 96 Fifth St. Carman Woodlawn
Van Wagoner Clarissa married Aug. 25, 1878 53y John & Sarah Brown New Jersey, Passiac Co. 374 W. Fifth St.
Van Wagoner Jno. M. married June 14, 1881 25y 5m 13d Unknown Catlin, NY 3 West Fifth St. Teamster Woodlawn
Van Wie B.B. male Mar. 28, 1877 7m Josep & E. Van Wie Elmira,NY 457 Franklin St.
Van Wormer Leman married July 15, 1871 52y 4m Unknown State of NY Big Flatts, NY Farmer Woodlawn
Van Wormer Nathan
Aug. 15, 1875 1d Geo. W. & Mary Elmira,NY John St.
VanAllen Daniel widower May 19, 1870 81y 8m 13d Harman & Martha Rensalier Co.,NY 3 Columbia St.
2nd St. Cem.
Vandermaker Gilbert married Sept. 11, 1876 2y 10d Sarah Taylor Bradford Co.,NY Orphans Home
5th Ward, Southport
Vanderpool Ester married Feb. 15, 1876 30y Harrry Beckwith Elmira,NY Hospital
Vanderpool Mrs. Decker Laura? single Feb. 12, 1876 16y Sam & Therissa U.S. Hospital
Vanderpool Sarah
Feb. 17, 1876 2y Albert Decker & Laura Vanderpool Elmira,NY Hospital
Vanderpool Mary Ellen
Aug. 27, 1876 1y 8m Unknown Unknown Fulton St.
5th Ward, Southport
Vanderpool Elizabeth
Nov. 28, 1880 7d Samuel & May E. Elmira,NY 1024 Oak St.
Vangorder Joseph married Oct. 17, 1876 23y Joseph & Emmey Elmira,NY 10 Fox St.
Vankleeck John married Dec.18, 1870 65y Wm. H. & Elizabeth New York City 250 Water St. Merchant Woodlawn
Vanorman Julia
Feb. 23, 1870 2y 3m David & Susan Southport, NY Washington Av.
5th Ward, Southport
Vanover George
Aug. 23, 1879
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vanpelt William widower Feb. 21, 1870 81y 8m 6d Peter & Maria Long Island, NY 367 Water St. Farmer Woodlawn
Vanvorst Elizabeth widow Dec. 22, 1874 94y 11m 18d Isaac Christan & Mary McClaud U.S. 540 Tuttle Av. Housekeeper 2nd St. Cem.
VanWagenen Charlotte P. married Sept. 26, 1878 47y George I. & Maria Pattz U.S. 413 Grove St.
Vaugh George black/single June 3, 1869 17y Unknown Virginia Elmira, NY Laborer Woodlawn
Vaughn Michael married May 9, 1875 61y Samuel & Annie U.S. Town of Big Flats, NY Farmer Woodlawn
Veazie Lucy married Mar. 25, 1872 58y 5m 26d Abja & Grace Maine 43 Market St. Housewife Caton, Steuben Co.,NY
Veazie Laban widower Dec. 24, 1877 66y 7m 5d Unknown Belmont, Maine Market & Orchard St. Speculator Caton, Steuben Co.,NY
Velder Dr. Louis married July 4, 1877 60y Unknown Germany 311 Baldwin St. Physician Woodlawn
Vermilya Hanna Sophia widow July 22, 1875 45y 4m 11d George & Susan Brown U.S. 363 College Av.
2nd St. Cem.
Vermilyea Romeo
Sept. 2, 1867 16y 4m 14d John I. & Elmira Vermilyea Elmira,NY 2 Columbia St.
2nd St. Cem.
Vernooy Samuel married Aug. 8, 1873 51y 2m 10d Wessel & Rachael Elmira,NY 4 Gregg St. Carpenter 2nd St. Cem.
Vernooy Eugene A.
Aug. 3, 1878 7y 3m E. & Eunice Elmira,NY 404 E. Washington St.
Vernooy Nellie
Aug. 9, 1878 1y 6m Epennetus & Enice Elmira,NY 404 E. Washington St.
Vernooy Elva N.
Sept. 1, 1878 5y 6m 4d E. & Eunice Elmira,NY 404 E. Washington St.
Vernoy Rachael widow Nov. 18, 1867 70y 10m 2d Jesse Mack Orange Co.,NY 21 E. Union St.
Not recorded
Vernoy Ruth C. married Sept. 19, 1869 52y 2m 7d Abijah & Sabria Knott Otsego Co.,NY 12 Gregg St. Housewife 2nd St. Cem.
Vial William
Jan. 1, 1878 70y 2m 22d Unknown Unknown 316 W. Gray St.
Not recorded
Viall Cinthia married Apr. 3, 1875 72y Ichabod Baldwin U.S. 316 Gray St. Housewife Woodlawn
Vincent Washington E.
Dec. 28, 1870 3m 3d James & Angeline Elmira,NY 109 Baldwin St.
Vincent Infant male b & d Jan. 24, 1872
Clayton & Frances Elmira,NY 102 Clinton St.
Vincent Clayton L. married Oct. 11, 1880 41y 5m 5d Joseph M. & Rebecca Southport, NY 438 W. Clinton St. Railroad Conductor Woodlawn
Vinton Infant female b & d Mar. 12, 1870
C.E. & Ursula C. Elmira,NY 112 Gray St.
Vinton George W.
Jan. 5, 1872 8y 20d Chas. E. & Ursula Elmira,NY 112 Gray St.
Vinton Clara S.
Oct. 28, 1874 1y 13d Chas. E. & Ursula C.Vinton U.S. 210 William St.
Voight Wilhelmina married Apr. 2, 1873 44y 1m Clouse & Wilhelmina Burns Germany Horseheads, NY Housewife Woodlawn
Vollbrecht Ida
July 31, 1877 21d Herman & Catherine Elmira,NY 708 E. Water St.
Voorhess Mary S.
Oct. 10, 1868 1y 11m 7d George & Hannah Big Flatt, NY 257 Church St.
2nd St. Cem.
Voorhis Marietta married June 17, 1868 53y 4m 14d John & Sally Risedgke Elmira,NY 257 Church St. Housekeeper 2nd St. Cem.
Voorhis Henry married Dec. 19, 1874 44y Vanest & Synthya U.S. 661 Lake St. Engineer S.S. Peter & Paul
Vought Sarah A. married July 4, 1874 65y 5d Peter & Margaret Grout U.S. Unknown Housewife Woodlawn
Vought Cornelius widower July 18, 1878 67y Unknown U.S. Hathaway St. Laborer Woodlawn
Vuckeroth Fredrick
May 22, 1879 4y 3m 28d Fredrick & Catherine U.S. 1023 Church St.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/17/2001
By Joyce M. Tice