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Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY

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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records are being typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
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Surname Name Status Death Date Age Parents Birth Place Place of Death Occupation Burial Place
Sabolsky Jennie
Feb. 16, 1876 13y Myers & Holda Poland Harriet St.
H.O.P.F.A. Isrilites
Sackett Caleb Ward married March 8, 1869 49y 8m Elisha & Nancy Spencer, Tioga Co. N.Y. 28 High St. Peddler 2nd St. Cem.
Sackett Richard married Oct. 6, 1872 68y 5m 3d James & Nancy N.Y. State 15 Gregg St. Pumpmaker 2nd St. Cem.
Sadler Timothy married March 10, 1874 57y 3m 2d John & Elizabeth Sadler England 4 Washington Cattle Dealer Woodlawn
Sailor John T.
Jan. 7, 1870 8y 2m William & Isabella Philadelphia, Pa. Fifth St.
Salmon Daniel married Aug. 4, 1870 52y Patrick & Mary Ireland 17 Washington Gardner S.S. Peter & Paul
Salmon John single Aug. 17, 1870 50y 4m Patrick & Mary Ireland Pine Valley Gardner S.S. Peter & Paul
Salmons John single Feb. 4, 1877 18y 2m Daniel & Rose Elmira, N.Y. 211 W. Gray St. Painter S.S. Peter & Paul
Salor Isabella
March 15, 1874 11m Wm. & Isabella Salor Elmira, N.Y. Fifth St.
Samuel infant female b. & d. March 19, 1871
Jacob & Henrietta Elmira, NY 127 Water St.
5th Ward, Southport
Sanborn Mary widow June 26, 1872 64y 2d Joseph Wood U.S. First St. Matron Woodlawn
Sanders William single Oct. 12, 1873 19y 6m 5d William & Margret Canandaigua, N.Y. 87 Lake St. Clerk Canandaigua, N.Y.
Sanders Ellen Gertrude
May 4, 1876 2m 17d John W. & Lueetta A. Steuben Co., N.Y. 124 E. South Water
Sanders Emily L.
Oct. 17, 1878 2m 29d William A. & Sarah Elmira, N.Y. 219 Sullivan St.
Sanders Anna May
April 10, 1879 13y 4m 14d W.M. & Harriet G. Elmira, N.Y. 402 E. Union St.
Sannick John J. black Jan. 25, 1879 2y 26d John & Ellen Willsbary, Pa. 319 Madison Ave.
Sapple Mary single April 27, 1881 14y William & Hannah Ireland Wellsburg, N.Y. Domestic S.S. Peter & Paul
Sarsfield infant male b. & d. May 26, 1870
Michael & Mary Elmira, NY 40 Orchard St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Sarsfield Alice M.
Jan. 23, 1878 5y 7m 19d Michael & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 216 Orchard St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Satterlee Albert F.
Sept. 10, 1871 7m Elias B. & Cornelia L. Elmira, N.Y. 123 Market St.
2nd St. Cem.
Sattersfield Mary L. black Dec. 21, 1879 1y 2m Charles & Sarah R. Elmira, N.Y. Sullivan St.
Sattersfield Infant female/black May 17, 1881 3d Charles & Sarah Elmira, N.Y. Perry St.
Saunk Lizzie
Nov. 3, 1880 1y 9m John & Charlotte Ohio 411 Pleasant St.
Savage Jessee A.
July 16, 1868 8m 15d Dennis & Harriett Savage Elmira, N.Y. 26 Fourth St.
Savage Christinia
Sept. 21, 1871 1y 2m Patrick & Jane Boston, Mass. Dickinson St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Savage Jane widow Dec. 4, 1871 25y Wm. & Mary Montgomery Ireland 32 Dickinson St. Housekeeper S.S. Peter & Paul
Savey Alfred O married Dec. 29, 1870 29y 6m Stephen & Sally Elmira, N.Y. Southport Farmer 5th Ward, Southport
Savingley Johnnie
Dec. 11, 1870 3m 14d John Savingley & Libbie Lowe Owego, N.Y. Fulton St.
5th Ward, Southport
Savoy Frances female March 9, 1869 2y Matthias & Mary Southport, N.Y. Town of Southport
5th Ward, Southport
Savoy Willie H.
Feb. 23, 1870 11m Alfred & Rachel Elmira, N.Y. Broadway
5th Ward, Southport
Sayler John
April 20, 1872 18m William & Isabella Sayler Elmira, N.Y. Fifth St. upper end
Sayles John S. single Nov. 23, 1870 20y 9m 5d Henry & Emma Ithaca,NY 35 Baldwin Bookeeper Woodlawn
Sayles Henry married March 5, 1877 65y 5m Welcome & Harriet Vernon, N.Y. 211 Baldwin St. Doctor Woodlawn
Sayles Lemuel A. married June 19, 1880 62y 3m 24d David & Ester Sayles Easton, N.Y. 78 Penn. Ave. Carriagemaker Elmira, N.Y.
Sayles Kattie E.
June 18, 1881 5m 25d William & Jennie H. Elmira, N.Y. 406 DeWitt St.
Saylor Isabella married April 7, 1880 45y Thomas & Maria Goodton Ireland 430 Fifth St. Housewife Woodlawn
Sayre Sarah widow Dec. 31, 1872 72y 10m 13d Jasper & Clementine Terry New York 11 East Union St.
Waverly, N.Y.
Scales Johanna
Nov. 22, 1869 1m 19d Joseph & Ellen Elmira, N.Y. Walnut St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Scales Charles
Jan. 6, 1878 5y 3m 8d Joseph & Ellen Canesteo, N.Y. West Hudson St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Scanlon Thomas
Jan. 23, 1869 6m Simon & Norah Elmira, N.Y. Eighth St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Schafer infant female b. & d. April 29, 1871
Frederick & Frederica Elmira, NY 266 Water St.
Scharf Edward married June 13, 1874 42y Casper & Enestina Scharf Germany Cor. E. Third & Oak Sts. Butcher Woodlawn
Schell William
March 3, 1881 1y 9m A.N. & Anna Schell Elmira, N.Y. College Ave.
Schloss Nathan
Aug. 29, 1870 1m 21d Aaron & Dora Binghamton, N.Y. 53 Baldwin St.
5th Ward, Southport
Schlosser Chas.
Aug. 3, 1879 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Schlutter Frederick E. married July 8, 1868 46y 6m 1d John & Mary Schlutter Germany 19 Railroad Ave. Piano-maker Woodlawn
Schmidt Henry James
July 30, 1867 21d Henry Charles & Mary Schmidt Elmira, N.Y. Fulton St.
Catholic Cem.
Schneider Mary Anna
b. & d. July 8, 1867
Louis & Phillippena Schneider Elmira, N.Y. 85 Water St.
Catholic Cem.
Schnibel Eli
Aug. 17, 1873 3m Unknown Bath, N.Y. Mount Zoar
5th Ward, Southport
Schocker John
Aug. 15, 1878 2m 21d Xavar & Henrieta Elmira, N.Y. 105 Elm St.
Schoefriend Adam Jr.
April 14, 1875 10m 10d Adam & Susanna U.S. Church St.
Private Grounds
Schoff Mary M.
Aug. 6, 1868 7m Edwin A. & Ellen M. Elmira, N.Y. 10 Orchard St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Schoffield Lewis D. married Sept 5, 1878 63y 4m 21d Unknown U.S. Utica Assylum Baker Woodlawn
Schornsteimer Appolona married July 5, 1869 67y 8m George & Catharine Rhinehart Germany Town of Elmira Housewife S.S. Peter & Paul
Schornsthimer Rosa P.
March 11, 1875 3y 11m Conrad & Fredrica U.S. Town of Elmira
Schornsthimer August C.
March 31, 1875 2y 6m Peter & Christina U.S. 524 Lake St.
Schrier Minnie
Feb. 7, 1879 7y 6m Louis & Elizabeth Stapelton, N.Y. 116 Sullivan St.
Schrive Freddie
Feb. 15, 1879 4y 5m Louis & Elizabeth Owego, N.Y. 116 Sullivan St.
Schroder Elmira married May 4, 1874 45y Fredrick Granger U.S. 306 Sullivan St. Seamstress 2nd St. Cem.
Schuyler Fanny L. single Dec. 16, 1879 20y 8m 27d John T.H. & Carolina Chemung, N.Y. Town of Southport Teacher Southport Cem.
Schwebbee Anna
June 25, 1875 3m Fredrick & Elonore U.S. 706 E. Second St.
Scisco Mary
Jan. 13, 1870 3m 20d Michael Scisco & Ellen McCoy Elmira, N.Y. Railroad Ave.
2nd St. Cem.
Scofield Fred C.
March 18, 1871 2y 5m Lewis D. & Mary A. Elmira, N.Y. 2 South Magee St.
2nd St. Cem.
Scofield Jonathan married June 21, 1871 40y Unknown America 25 Orchard St. Carpenter Moreland, Schuyler Co. N.Y.
Scott Mary S. married/black Jan. 4, 1870 47y Jacob & Margaret Prime Wilkesbarrie, Pa. 83 1/2 Water St. Housewife Woodlawn
Scott Guy A.
June 10, 1878 4y 1m 25d C.C. & Rebecca E. Elmira, N.Y. 206 W. Sixth St.
Springfield, Pa.
Scudder George Pratt
June 14, 1868 7m 6d Aaron & Terese Scudder Town of Elmira Binghamton, N.Y.
Scudder Irene B. married Aug. 8, 1873 54y 7m Unknown U.S. College Ave. Housewife Woodlawn
Searles Eugene single Oct. 10, 1873 22y Silas & Matilda Portage, N.Y. 72 Water St. Clerk Woodlawn
Sears James widower Nov. 18, 1872 70y 7m Unknown Delaware Main St. Laborer Woodlawn
See Mary A. married Dec. 28, 1870 39y 3m Solomon & Pamelia White VanEttenville,NY 90 Church St. Housewife VanEttenville, NY
Seeley Mary Donna
May 4, 1871 9y 9m 2d N.R. & Mary C. Corning, N.Y. 132 Church St.
Seeley Lena
Sept. 4, 1873 16m Hiram & Julia Webbs Mills 38 Penn. Ave.
Pine Woods
Seeley Morris C.
March 22, 1878 2y 6d Rollin & Libbie Elmira, N.Y. 310 Church St.
Seeley Morris married July 1, 1881 58y 10m 8d Nathaniel & Henerita Seeley U.S. 314 High St. Merchant Woodlawn
Selover Mary Ann married Nov. 23, 1876 64y 3m 11d Robert & Elmira Covell Elmira, N.Y. 102 Cor. S. Water Housewife Woodlawn
Selway James B. single Oct. 1, 1875 38y James & Elizabeth U.S. 668 Baldwin St. Brakeman Elmira, N.Y.
Selway Mary E.
Nov. 21, 1877 3y 4m 25d George & Catherine Elmira, N.Y. Standish St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Selway George
Oct. 11, 1880 2y 29d George & Cathrine Elmira, N.Y. 416 Standish St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Sennett Phillip R.
Jan. 29, 1870 2y Phillip & Mary Elmira, N.Y. Dewitt St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Seward Hector M. married Nov. 21, 1877 53y Hector & Phebe U.S. Cor. Madison Ave. & Market St. Merchant Woodlawn
Shafe Alphens married Jan. 19, 1868 45y 10m 7d Alphens & Mary Jane Shafe Oneida Co., N.Y. Clinton St. Carpenter Woodlawn
Shafer Otis M. married May 31, 1871 36y 10m James & Diana Schoharie Co., N.Y. Pittston, Pa. Engineer Woodlawn
Shakey Jacob single Feb. 9, 1876 78y John & Cathrine U.S. Town of Southport
2nd St. Cem.
Shandler James married Dec. 26, 1873 38y James & Catherine Ireland 66 Hudson St. Laborer Catholic Cem.
Shanlon William married Dec. 8, 1879 42y Unknown Scotland Reformatory Ave. Mechanic Woodlawn
Shannon Infant male b. & d. Sept. 17, 1869 infant Michael & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 119 Second St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Shannon Ellen
Jan. 27, 1878 8y Timothy & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 415 Fifth St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Shannon John
Feb. 7, 1878 3y 10m 17d Timothy & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 415 Fifth St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Shapinsky Michael single Aug. 8, 1873 19y Jacob & Mary Poland Button Woods Laborer 5th Ward, Southport
Shaples Emil
Feb. 12, 1880 2d Emil & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 906 Sullivan St.
Southport Cem.
Shappee Leroy
March 8, 1880 14m 3d Henry L. & Johanna C. Elmira, N.Y. Southport
Southport Cem.
Sharpstean Rich'd B. widower Nov. 26, 1875 66y Sharpsteen U.S. Corning, N. Y. Retired Merchant 2nd St. Cem.
Sharpstine or Sharpsteen Seneca single July 21, 1872 36y Richard Sharpstine Dutchess Co., N.Y. 5 Water St. Conductor Woodlawn
Shaughnessey Mary widow July 29, 1876 78y William & Mary Collins Ireland 315 W. Second St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Shaw George
Sept. 9, 1878 9y 5d John & Lettie Owego, N.Y. East Union St. School boy Woodlawn
Shaw Annie E. married March 18, 1880 32y 5m 16d Daniel & Nancy Long New Hampshire 708 Oak St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Shaw Clarence
June 11, 1880 5m 15d James A. & Anna E. VanEttenville, N.Y. 511 Harper St.
Shaw Evan J. married Feb. 12, 1881 28y 8m Jno. Shaw U.S. 117 W. Water St. Physician Potter Brook, Pa.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/13/2001
By Joyce M. Tice