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Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Chemung County NY

Postcard Contributed by Frank Packer

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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records are being typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
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Last name Surname Status Death date Age Parents Birth place Place of Death Occupation Burial Place
Racker Lewie female Aug. 11, 1876 3m 8d Liddie Howland Elmira, N.Y. 758 Day St.
Franklin St. Cem.
Racker Mary G.
Feb. 26, 1881 5m 20d Chas. & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 204 Fulton St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Radway Richard Albert
Jan. 2, 1877 2y 7m Albert R. & Margret A. Elmira, N.Y. 53 Orchard St.
Rady Mary
April 28, 1871 1y Patrick & Ann Elmira, N.Y. Magee St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Rae Charles D.
May 17, 1871 1y 3m James M. & Harriett T. Elmira, N.Y. Market St.
Canandaigua, N.Y.
Rafter Catherine
Jan. 10, 1873 1m Thomas & Margaret Elmira, N.Y. 120 Lake St.
Catholic Cem.
Ralyea Lucinda M.
Feb. 27, 1875 16y 5d Geo. V. & Amanda U.S. 657 Baldwin St.
Havana, N.Y.
Randall Eddie
unknown 1y 5m Jas. B. & Sarah E. Elmira, N.Y. 306 Water St.
2nd St. Cem. Removed to Woodlawn January, 1872
Randall Alexander W. married July 26, 1872 52y 9m Phineas & Sarah Montgomery Co., N.Y. Water St. Lawyer Woodlawn
Randall Edward
July 11, 1875 3y Isaac & Sophia U.S. 436 Fulton St.
Breesport, N.Y.
Randall Burtie
Aug. 3, 1875 6m 5d R. Dulcher & Adda Randall U.S. 137 W. Water St.
Randall infant male b. & d. Dec. 3, 1875
Joseph & Josephine Elmira, N.Y. Walnut St.
Randall Lydia Louisa married Dec. 3, 1879 55y David & Mary Cole U.S. 925 College Ave.
Rannie William married April 18, 1879 30y Ward & Elizabeth Rannie England Penn. Ave. Mechanic S.S. Peter & Paul
Raphlyea Henry Spaulding
Aug. 18, 1879 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Raplee Cora Cook married Aug. 26, 1874 23y 7m 13d Leander Norton & Jane S. U.S. 109 Columbia St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Rathbone Catharine married July 24, 1857 65y 9m 2d John & Catharine Fisher England Rathbonville, N.Y.
Rathbonville, removed to Woodlawn Nov. 14, 1870
Rathbone Ransom widower July 17, 1861 81y 3m 7d Unknown Colchester, Conn. Rathbonville, N.Y. Gentleman Rathbonville, removed to Woodlawn Nov. 14, 1870
Rathbone William R. single July 9, 1872 61y Ransom & Catherine Chenango Co., N.Y. 48 Gray St.
Rathbone Julia Pitkin married Oct. 1, 1880 27y George H. & Julia E. McKnight Leroy, Genesee Co., N.Y. 304 Main St.
Rochester, N.Y.
Rathbun John Z. widower Dec. 8, 1868 97y 11m Daniel & Sarah Mass. 70 College Ave. Physician Scipio
Rathbun James R. single Jan. 13, 1876 31y John & Mahatebel Elmira, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Mason Woodlawn
Rathbun Lucile Mary
Oct. 26, 1878 3d William R. & Lucy T. Elmira, N.Y. 465 W. Church St.
Rauber Charles
Nov. 11, 1871 1y 3m Nickolas & Mary Corning, N.Y. 17 Harriett St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Ray Stephen S.
March 6, 1878 7m Daniel H. & Susan Gillets, Pa. 813 Canal St.
Southport Cem.
Raymond Mrs. John
July 31, 1867 31y 2m John & Hannah Spencer England 119 Gray St. Axe Grinder Woodlawn
Ready Ellen
May 2, 1871 4y Patrick & Ann Elmira, N.Y. Magee St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Ready Bridget single Oct. 10, 1872 20y 2m 11d James & Mary Ireland Magee St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Ready Patrick
Oct. 10, 1872 12m John & Margret Southport, N.Y. Town of Southport
S.S. Peter & Paul
Ready Eliza single May 21, 1875 29y 6m 21d James & Mary Ireland 111 Logan St. Servant S.S. Peter & Paul
Ready Patrick
July 5, 1875 1y James & Mary Ireland 108 Walnut St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Ready Michael
Feb. 23, 1877 7y Michael & Mary Elmira, N.Y. Jones St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Ready Patrick Henry
July 7, 1878 6y 8m 8d Michael & Mary Elmira, N.Y. Town of Southport
S.S. Peter & Paul
Ready Kate
Sept 6, 1878 5y 6m Patrick & Ann Elmira, N.Y. 706 Magee St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Real John married July 29, 1871 69y George & Elizabeth Germany 63 Columbia St. Farmer Woodlawn
Reardon Mary Ellen
Aug. 26, 1870 1y 6m Thomas & Margaret Elmira, N.Y. 3 Henry St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Reardon Cornelius
April 30, 1872 9m Thomas & Margaret Elmira, N.Y. 5 Henry St.
Catholic Yard
Reardon John
July 20, 1874 6m 20d Jerry & Catharine Reardon U.S. Jefferson St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Reardon Catherine
Dec. 6, 1874 3y Jeremiah & Catherine U.S. Jefferson St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Reardon Henry
Nov. 4, 1878 7y 3m 2d Thomas & Margret Elmira, N.Y. 106 E. Henry St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Recker Gertrude
May 26, 1880 1y 5m 8d Charles & Mary Recker Elmira, N.Y. 204 Fulton St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Reddington John single Aug. 21, 1881 Unknown Unknown New York City Reformatory Laborer Potters Field, Woodlawn
Reddy Rachel M. married Sept 30, 1874 70y Gideon Morehouse U.S. 31 Park Place Housekeeper Penn Yan, N.Y.
Reddy Honora married Sept. 29, 1878 39y James & _____McGrath Ireland Town of Southport Housewife S.S. Peter & Paul
Redfield David S. married Nov. 11, 1869 51y Henry & Polly Bainbridge, N.Y. Columbia & Fifth Sts. Railroad officer Woodlawn
Redfield Anna W. single Aug. 2, 1871 24y 8m D.S. & Delia H. Bainbridge, N.Y. 65 Columbia St.
Redfield Matilda widow Sept. 27, 1871 72y John Thompson Orange Co., N.Y. Southport Dairy woman Woodlawn
Redfield Jared Austin married June 6, 1880 64y 7m 16d Henry & Polly Sayn? Bainbridge,Chenango Co, N.Y. 668 Park St.
Redfield Chloe Ann married Feb. 24, 1872 58y 11m Stephen & Phebe Rose Bridgehamton, L.I., N.Y. 34 Park Place
Redinger Sarah E.
Nov. 25, 1878 28d Henry J. & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. 705 E. Second St.
Redner Della married April 18, 1868 18y 6m 25d James Y. & Susan C. Lyndedary Tompkins Co., N.Y. 127 Water St. Housewife Woodlawn
Redner Carrie
March 11, 1876 27d Henry & Cathrine Elmira, N.Y. E. Water St.
Redy Maggie
Feb. 5, 1880 2y 4m 7d T._____ &______Redy Town of South,NY (Southport?) 119 W. South Ave.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Reed Elbridge G. married Feb. 14, 1868 58y 1m 7d Timothy & Susan Reed Maine First St. City Inspector 2nd St. Cem.
Reed Malinda widow Feb. 25, 1873 77y 8m 11d John & Hannah Smith Connecticut 319 Water St.
Reed Arbuta
March 23,1873 16y John & Elizabeth New York 74 Market St.
Scipio, Cayuga Co. N.Y.
Reed Mary Elizabeth married July 8, 1875 33y 3m 8d Chas. & Elizabeth Wager U.S. Baldwin Housewife Burdett, N.Y.
Reed Catherine G. single Oct. 21, 1875 19y 6m James & Jane U.S. 1003 Lake St.
Amsterdam, N.Y.
Reed Myron D. widower Jan. 20, 1881 40y Unknown Steuben Co., N.Y. 419 Walnut St. Painter Cincinnatus, Cortland Co., N.Y.
Reeder Robert married/black Feb. 27, 1868 40y Unknown New York Market St. Laborer Southport
Reeder Wm. J. married Oct. 6, 1868 54y 22d Wm. H. & Mary Orange Co., N.Y. Hathaway House Hay inspector Big Flats
Reel Elizabeth widow Feb. 18, 1881 74y 4d Unknown Germany West Fifth St.
Rees John married June 24, 1880 39y 7m George & Gertrude Rees Germany 113 Orchard St. Tailor S.S. Peter & Paul
Ree's Mary Emma
July 19, 1879 6m 19d Wm. H. & Sarah U.S. 227 Franklin St.
Fulton St. Grounds
Regan James O.
May 27, 1874 2y 6m 17d Patrick & Ellen U.S. Southport
Catholic Cem.
Reible infant male b. & d. May 2, 1870
Jacob & Anna Elmira, N.Y. 23? Water St.
Reid David Tuthill
Jan. 27, 1879 2y 4m 9d James R. & Mary B.T. Reid Elmira, N.Y. 243 Lake St.
Reidinger Joseph married Jan. 23 1881 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown U.S. Mail Agent Woodlawn
Reidy Sarah single Feb. 1, 1876 19y 2m 16d Patrick U.S. Logan St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Reidy Willie
May 9, 1880 6y 7m 7d Pat & Hannah Town of Southport Town of Southport
S.S. Peter & Paul
Reiley Margret
May 5, 1872 15y 6m James & Mary Big Flats, N.Y. 1 Broadway School girl S.S. Peter & Paul
Reiley Ann married June 25, 1873 60y Michael & Alice Slamon Ireland Unknown
S.S. Peter & Paul
Reiley Margret
Oct. 3, 1873 3y 2m William & Mary Elmira, N.Y. Cor Washington Ave. & Hatch St.
Catholic Cem.
Relly Mary
July 3, 1880 5m 3d James & Mary Reelly U.S. Walnut St.
S.S. Peter & Paul
Relyea Elizabeth married Dec. 29, 1878 72y 1m 27d Unknown Unknown Coburn St.
Gillets, Pa.
Reno Lette widow Dec. 11, 1880 23y 6m 4d William & Electa Elmira, N.Y. 218 Market St.
Reno Charles
Feb. 13, 1881 2m 7d Frank & Letta Elmira, N.Y. 218 Market St.
Reubin H.L. married April 30, 1878 40y Himon? Rubin & D. Sahry Russia, Poland 119 Harriet St. Wife Jewish Cem.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 5/30/2001
By Joyce M. Tice