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1849 Southport Deaths

BAKER 26-Jun Caleb, 84, farmer, old age
BAKER 23-Dec Guy, 3, croup
BENSON 15-Jan Martha J., 1, scalded
BRADSHAW 19-Dec Sarah, 3 ½, scarlet fever
BREWER 11-Apr John, 1
BROWN 9-Feb Julia, 8/12, summer complaint
DEAN 16-Sep Martha, 81, housekeeper, old age
DECKER 24-Feb Julia A., 22, housekeeper, consumption
FITZSIMMONS 5-Jan John, 51
GILLINS May S., 6, brain fever
GILLINS Jun Lewis, 18, farming, brain fever
GILLINS May Charles, 14, farming, brain fever
GORNEE 6-Apr Martha, 65
GROVER 22-Dec Joseph, 77, farmer, old age
HARDY 18-Oct James, 7, burned
HINE or KINE 9-Jul Rafael, 16, laborer, consumption
HINE or KINE 25-Sep Arabella, 38, housekeeper, consumption
KENYON 19-Aug Ann, 73, spinster, dirrear
KINE or HINE 9-Jul Rafael, 16, laborer, consumption
KINE or HINE 25-Sep Arabella, 38, housekeeper, consumption
REED 2-Sep Mary, 44, housekeeper, dysinterry
RHINESMITH 28-Jul John, 1/12, fits
SHERWOOD 17-Jul Ann M., 37, housekeeper
SHREWSBURY 16-Apr James, Elmira, laborer, drowned in the Chemung River
SLY 4-Oct Rebecca M., 12, typhus fever
TOWNSEND 18-Oct Martha, 13, burned
VANDERLIP 20-Aug William, ½, cough
WADE 23-Jun Mary, 35, spinster, child birth
WARN 10-May Oscar, 23, laborer, consumption

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