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Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts of Isabel Ridall 1867-1868
From Marriages and Deaths Elmira Daily Advertiser, Elmira NY Abstracted by Isabell Ridall 1987
Date M Name Notice
1868 4 JAN M Mr. Geo. H. Coats In this city, Jan. 1st, at the residence of Jacob Elliott, by Rev. Chas. Z. Case, Mr. Geo. H. Coats of Elmira, to Miss Agnes S. Harrington of Southport.

M George H. Archer In this city, at the bride's home, on the 29th Oct., 1867, by Rev. S. Van Benschoten, George H. Archer, to Miss Aurelia Snell, daughter of Chauncey Snell, all of Elmira

M Mr. J. B. Raynor In Chemung, at the bride's home, Nov. 17, 1867, by Rev. Nathan Whitney, Mr. J. B. Raynor, to Miss Elizabeth Harlow.
1868 11 JAN M Mr. William E. Hepburn In this city, Jan. 8th, 1868 by the Rev. Dr. Peret, D. D. of Trinity Church, Mr. William E. Hepburn, and Miss Helen E. Post, daughter of L. S. Post, Esq., all of this city.

M William S. Carr On the 8th inst., at the residence of the bride's uncle, Mr. T. H. Squire, by Rev. Isaac Clark, William S. Carr, of this city and Fannie S. Thayer, of Vernon, N.Y.

M Mr. Geo. McDougal At the residence of Reuben Tafft, Jan. 1st, by Rev. S. C. Weatherby, Mr. Geo. McDougal and Miss Lucy A. Coleman, all of Veteran.

D Emma Thompson Suddenly, on the 4th inst., in Whitehall, Mich., Emma, wife of Duane Thompson, Esq., aged 25 years.

D Lucy Colborn In Baltimore, Maryland, thurs. evening, Jan. 2d, Lucy, wife of W. L. Colborn and daughter of the late Joel Jones, aged 35 years.

D Mrs. Margaret Lathrop Sunday morning, Jan. 5th, 1868, Mrs. Margaret Lathrop, of Otsego co., N.Y., widow of Deacon Lathrop, deceased and mother of Mr. D. O. Rice.
1868 18 JAN M Mr. H. A. Plum In this city, on the 15th inst., by Rev. T. S. Harrison, Mr. H. A. Plum, to Mrs. E. A. Reed, all of Elmira.

M Mr. Arthur S. Fitch At the residence of the bride's mother, Penn Yan, N.Y., Wed. Jan. 15th, 1868, by the Rev. Daniel Magee, Mr. Arthur S. Fitch, of Elmira, N.Y., to Miss Lora, daughter of the late George Cooley, of Penn Yan. No cards.

D Lucy A. Mapes In Southport, on the 15th Jan., Lucy A. Mapes, wife of J. R. Mapes, aged 33 years.

D Mrs. Adelia E. Steele In this city, Mon. morning, Jan. 13th, Mrs. Adelia E. Steele, wife of Mr. George Steele, in the 52d year of her age.
1868 25 JAN M Silas J. Reynolds At the Church Parlors on Baldwin street, by Thos. K. Beecher, on Thurs., 23d inst., Silas J. Reynolds and Lora Ingraham, both of Binghamton, N.Y.

M Edward H. Riggs At Farrington, Pa., on Jan. 15th, at the house of the bride's father, Edward H. Riggs to Miss Ella Close, by Rev. C. H. Close, all of Elmira.

D Alpheus D. Shaft In the Third Ward of this city, Alpheus D. shaft, on the 16th of Jan., inst., aged 45 years, 10 months and 7 days.
1868 15 FEB M Edgar O. Godfrey On the evening of the 12th inst., at the Parsonage of the First Baptist Church, by rev. J. J. Keyes, Edgar O. Godfrey and Eugenie Humiston, all of Elmira.

M Dr. Barnett W. Morse In Southport, N.Y., Feb. 6th, by Rev. M. C. Dean, Dr. Barnett W. Morse (son of Dr. R. Morse of Elmira) and Miss Henrietta Scott, of Athens, Pa.

M George C.Wilfong On the 26th of Jan., at the First Presbyterian Church, Charlestown, S.C., by Rev. John Forrest, George C. Wilfong, of Savannah, Ga., and Cornelia D. Meritt, of Brooklyn, N.Y., both formerly of Elmira, N.Y.

D Chas. C. McKinney COMMUNICATION: from the Chemung Valley Lodge #350, Jan. 15, 1868 … death of Chas. C. McKinney on the 1st of Jan. 1868, aged 54 years.

D Mrs. Nellie B. Dore In this city, Feb. 9th, Mrs. Nellie B. Dore (wife of Daniel Dore), in the 30th year of her age.
1868 22 FEB M Mr. Joseph A. Thompson HYMENEAL: Trinity church was thronged Wed. evening by a large assemblage gathered to witness the nuptials of Miss Mary A. Cleveland and Mr. Joseph A. Thompson (she was a former member of the church choir … he was a conductor on the Northern Central Railway.)
1868 29 FEB M Mr. Youmans HYMENEAL: The nuptials of Miss Louise Towner and Mr. Youmans, a prominent lawyer of Otego, attracted a brilliant throng at Trinity church Tuesday morning … Dr. Paret … reception at the residence of the bride.

D William a. Wiswell On Sat., Feb. 22d, at his residence in Southport, William A. Wiswell, in the 55th year of his age.

D S. B. Lathrop On Fri. morning, Jan. 31st, at his residence in Chemung, S. B. Lathrop, of consumption, in the 38th year of his age.

LOCAL NEWS: Only 15 deaths last month speak of the continued healthfulness of the city; with more extended drainage, Elmira will soon become he most healthy city in the country.

M Mr. Richard M. Van Kleek At Beaver Dams, on Mon., Feb. 3d, by the Rev. R. Austin, Mr. Richard M. Van Kleek to Miss Sarah C. Hall, both of Elmira.

M Mr. David Landon In Binghamton, Feb. 26, 1868, by Rev. Chas. Keyser, Mr. David Landon of Rhinebeck, N.Y. to Miss Fannie Van Guysling of Binghamton.

D George Coke In this city, Mar 3d, of scarlet fever, George Coke, adopted son of Levi and Elizabeth Coke, aged six years, five months and twenty-seven days.

D Ellen Murray In this city, Friday afternoon, Feb. 28th, 1868, Ellen, wife of Lawrence Murray, aged 26 years.

D William C. Wood In this city, on Thurs. evening, Feb. 27th, William C. Wood, son of Gilbert E. and Almy J. Wood, aged eight months and two days.
1868 14 MAR

LOCAL NEWS: Rev. Dr. Curtis of the First Presbyterian Church, has received a call to one of the most flourishing churches in St. Louis.

Rev. Mr Van Benschoten will leave in May for Elizabeth, N.J.

M Mr. George T. Daniels In the village of Horseheads, N.Y., on the evening of thrus., the 14th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. D. P. Secor, Mr. George T. Daniels, of Bath, N.Y. to Miss Hattie A. Kellogg.

D William B. Clark On Tues. Mar. 10, 1:08, at his residence, No. 4 Magee St., in this city, William B. Clark, in the 40th year of his age.

D Susie B. Tubbs In Waverly, Fri. night, 6th inst., Susie B., infant daughter of S. M. and Rose L. Tubbs, aged eighteen months.

D Mr. Stephen F. Logee At the residence of G. B. Bowman, No. 5 Park Place, Mar. 6th, Mr. Stephen F. Logee, aged 27 years and 7 months.

D Samuel Burchell In this city, Mon., at the residence of his mother, at the lower end of John street, Samuel Burchell, aged 13 years, 10 months, 24 days.
1868 28 MAR D
An old lady, 77 years of age, the mother of the ife of John Donahue, who resided near the Catholic Church, on Market Street, was found dead in her bed Wed. night. She had retired with her daughter, seeming in her usual health. About eleven o'clock her daughter awoke to find her dead.

M N. H. Northrup Mar. 23d, 1868, in Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, by the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, N. H. Northrup of Elmira, N.Y. to Miss Clara Millsof Brooklyn, N.Y.

M Mr. DeVer W. Williams At the residence of Samuel Thompson, Esq., in Blossburg, Pa., Mar. 8, 1868, by the Rev. M. L. Kern, Mr. DeVer W. Williams to Miss Julia H. Clawson, both of Elmira, N.Y.

M Mr. James Hutcheson By the same, in Blossburg, Pa., Mar. 19th, 1868, Mr. James Hutcheson to Miss Fanny Williamson, both of Arnot, Pa.

D Mrs. Emma B. Miles In Virgil, Cortland Co., on the 21st inst., Mrs. Emma B. Miles, wife of Nathan Miles, of this city, aged 34 years and 11 months.

D Mrs. Sybil Plaisted At her late residence, on Saturday, Mar. 21st, Mrs. Sybil Plaisted, aged 64 years

D Mrs. Sarah Jane Davis In this city, on Sun., 15th inst., Mrs. Sarah Jane Davis, widow of the late William R. Davis, in the 53rd year of her age.
1868 4 APR D William Odell In this city, Mar. 31st, William Odell, aged 75 years (Soldier of the War of 1812, serving as private in Capt. Wallack's Mil., N.Y. State.)
1868 11 APR D Mrs. Lucretia Johnson In this city, on the 4th inst., Mrs. Lucretia Johnson, widow of the late John H. Johnson, aged 74 years.

D Mr. Thomas Cahill IN MEMORIAM: Sts. Peter and Paul's Benevlent Society advised, on April 7, 1868, of the death of Mr. Thomas Cahill.
1868 18 APR M Guy Wheelock At the Congregational Church, by Thos. K. Beecher, Wed evening, Apr. 15th, Guy wheelock of Southport and Emma Hathorn, of Crystal Lake Farm, Elmira.

D Andrew K. Gregg On Sun., Apr. 5th, 1868, at Chippewa Falls, Wisc., Andrew K. Gregg, aged 68 years. Local News: Andrew Gregg … honored citizen of Elmira who grew up with the village and was respected for legal attainments … went West a few years ago … brother of John Gregg and father of Dr. William H. Gregg the well known druggist ... body will be transferred here at a later date.

M Michael Madigan Sts. Peter and Paul Church: Michael Madigan of New York was united to Miss Katie Lynch, daughter of John M. Lynch … Father Hopkins officiated … Easter Sunday evening.
1868 25 APR D Mrs. Decker Funeral of Mrs. Decker … Rev. Wm. Paret, D. D. … killed in railroad wreck at Carr's Rocks.

D Della Radner At 127 Water street on Sat., Apr. 18, Della, wife of Henry Radner, aged 18 years.
1868 2 MAY D David D. McDowell While at the residence of Mr. Greatsinger in the Town of Elmira, o the evenign of the 23d of April, 1868, David D. McDowell, aged 49 years, 10 months, and 20 days … deceased was a resident of Waverly, Tioga Co., N.Y. … eldest son of the late Hon. J. G. McDowell.

D Mrs. Hannah Mundy At Big Flats, Apr. 26, 1868, at the residence of her son, N. S. Mundy, Mrs. Hannah Mundy, widow of the late Reuben M. Mundy, aged 75 years.

D Mrs. Elizabeth Westlake In Harrison township, Licking Co., Ohio, Mrs. Elizabeth Westlake, wife of Isaac Westlake, aged 76 years and 7 months.
1868 9 MAY D Seymour B. Fairman Port Jervis, New York, Friday, May 8, of injuries received in railroad wreck at Carr's Rocks, Saymour B. Fairman … wife, brothers C. G. and James B. Fairman. Editor of the Elmira Advertizer.

D Sarah Baker In horseheads, April 23d, 1868, at the residence of Abram Stryker, Sarah Baker, aged 60 years. Sister Baker was born in Tompkins Co., N.Y. … joined the M. E. Church at Southport 42 years ago … died of cancer.

D George Beckwith In Boiling Springs, N.J., May 3d, 1868, at the residence of T. Beckwith, George Beckwith, aged 60 years.

D Henry Wilson On the 3d inst., at the residence of his father, Charles Wilson, near the Pennsylvania State line, Henry Wilson. (Of the firm Barton & Wilson of this city) … aged 33 years, of consumption … Congregational church … Thos. K. Beecher.

D Mrs. Sarah Bozzard In this city, May 4th 1868, Mrs. Sarah Bozzard, aged 71 years.

D Cornelia M. Coburn In this city, on the 3d inst., Cornelia M., wife of Warren Coburn, aged 34 years and 4 months.

M John C. Hoffman At Sackett's Harbor, N.Y., on the 9th May 1868, by the Rev. Anson Cheeseman, John C. Hoffman, of York, Pa., to Mary Ansell, of Elmira, N.Y.

M Mr. Benjamin F. Herrick In the evening of the 7th inst., at the residence of Mr. O. J. Dounce, on William street, by Rev. J. J. Keyes, Mr. Benjamin F. Herrick and Miss Caroline M. Shepherd, all of Elmira.
1868 16 MAY D Washington Van Zandt Washington Van Zandt died on the 4th inst., at Sing Sing, N.Y., in the 60th year of his age. Rector at Trinity Church, Elmira about 26 years ago … removed the Geneva and Rochester … became an editor and writer.

D Mrs. Henry Tuthill The wife of Capt. Henry Tuthill, the former popular Seneca Lake Commander, expired on Tues, at Watkins, after a lingering illness … funeral at Watkins on Friday.

M Pliny S. Tanner By Thos. K. Beecher, on Thurs., 14th inst., Pliny S. Tanner of Millport, and Sarah J. Greeno, of this city.

M Mr. Jacob Simmer In Elmira, N.Y., May 13th, by Rev. J. G. Gulick, Mr. Jacob Simmer and Miss Mary Gerhard, both of Elmira.

M Mr. Charles D. Chapin On Thurs., May 14th, by the Rev. J. Allen, Pres't of Alfred University, Mr. Charles D. Chapin, of Milwaukee,and Miss Belle Wheeler, eldest daughter of Calvin Wheeler, Esq., of Wirt Center, N.Y. No cards.

M Cris. C. Shepard At the house of the bride, in St. Michael's, Maryland, on Thurs., morning, May 7th, 1868, by the Rev. Mr. Dashield, Cris C. Shepard, of Elmira, N.Y. and Lida Warrell of the former place.

M T. L. Murray At Rochester, N.Y., May 6, 1868, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. M. Paddock, T. L. Murray of Elmira, to Myra S. Gardner of Rochester, N.Y.

M Dr. Charles P. Godfrey By Thos. K. Beecher, Sun. evening, May 10th, Dr. Charles P. Godfrey of Wyalusing, Bradford Co., Pa., and Adelia E. Hall of Elmira.
1868 22 MAY M Jesse Hutchinson Reed At Trinity Church, May 20th, by Rev. William Paret, D.D., Jesse Hutchinson Reed and Miss Nellie Gertrude Cooke, daughter of George J. Cooke, Esq.,all of this city. No cards in the city.

M Mr. James Zimmer May 13th, by the Rev. J. G. Gulick, at the residence of the adopted parents of the bride, Mr. James Zimmer and Miss Mary Lake Gebhard, both of Elmira.
1868 23 MAY M Mr. Sylvester A. Owen At the residence of Mr. H. Wells, in Elmira, May 13th, 1868, by the Rev. William Atwood, Mr. Sylvester A. Owen, of Big Flats, to Miss Sarah J. Ackley of Elmira.

D Josephine Georgia In the Town of Elmira, Saturday, May 10th, 1868, Josephine (formerly Miss Roe), wife of Levi M. Georgia, aged 91 years, 3 months and 23 days.
1868 30 MAY D Michael Maroony DROWNING: The body of Michael Maroony was found in Chemung river opposite the place where the canal enters the river … presumed to have falen from the Main street Bridge while intoxicated … left wife and children.

M Mr. Joseph E. McWilliams At the residence of the bride's parents, on Wed., May 27, 1868, by the Rev. E. L. Clark, Mr. Joseph E. McWilliams, of this city, to Miss Louise G. daughter of D. R. Benham, Esq., of New Haven, Conn.

D Mr. Charles Miller In Southport, on Tuesday, May 26th, 1868, Mr. Charles Miller, in the 63rd year of his age.

WANTED: A Dead House - a suitable building for drowned or accidently killed bodies … for identification or Inquest.
1868 6 JUN

THE SOLDIER DEAD: There are at present sleeping in our cemeteries, the bodies of 2,937 Southern and 129 Northern Soldiers. Brevet Major Gen. Ingalls, Assistant Quarter Master General at New York County, has expressed orders, that suitable fences be erected about the places where they lie buried, the ground decorated and proper headboards to mark the grave of each. John Leavitt will visit New York to ascertain the details of these instructions and attend that they be carried out.

There are a few kind hearts who remembered to deck the graves of our soldiers on Saturday.

M Mr. Levi Springsteen, Jr. On the 3d inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, on Park Place, by Rev. J. J. Keyes, Mr. Levi Springsteen, Jr., of New York City, and Miss Elizabeth Gerow of Elmira.

M Benjamin Hunt At the Opera House, by Thos. K. Beecher, on Sun., 31st ult., Benjamin Hunt and Mary Fuller, all parties of Elmira.

M Mr. Andrew Brown In this city, on the 31st of May, by Rev. T. S. Harrison, Mr. Andrew Brown to Miss Mary Roberts.

M Mr. Samuel Owen At the residence of the bride's father in Southport, on Thurs., May 28th, by Rev. S. F. Gates, Mr. Samuel Owen of Canton, Pa., and Miss Mary J., daughter of William Swan.

M Maj. Geo. Tubbs In Candor, on the 26th inst., by Rev. J. E. Battin, Maj. Geo. Tubbs and Jennie E., daugther of Joseph Shaw, Esq., all of Candor.

D Betsey Drake At Athens, Pa., Saturday evening, May 30th, 1868, Betsey, wife of John L. Drake, aged 62 years.

D Daniel Wilkin In this city, on the 2d inst., at No. 90 Second Street, Daniel, son of James B. Wilkin, aged 15 years.
1868 13 JUN M Fanny L. Holland In St. Luke's Church, Scranton, Pa., June 3d, 1868, by the Rev. A. A. Van Allen, of Springwater, N.Y., to Fanny L., daughter of William Holland, Esq., of Scranton (Troy Gazette, Dansville Advertizer and Rochester Democrat please copy)

M Mr. W. H. Mills At the Baptist Parsonage in Weston, Schulyer co., June 3d, by Rec. P. Olney, Mr. W. H. Mills of Orange, to Miss Celia Olney, daughter of the officiating clergyman.

M E. S. Huntley On Sun. the 31st ult., in the M.E. Church at Granger, Ohio, by Rev. Dr. Hard, E. S. Huntley, Esq., of Elmira, N.Y. and Mrs. Louise Phillips, of the former place.

D Mrs. Elizabeth Out In this city, Mon. morning, June 7 (or 8th?), 1868, Mrs.Elizabeth Out, in the 41st year of her age.

D Frank Hall Cowan In this city, Sun. morning 7th inst., Frank Hall Cowan, aged 17 years.

D Kate Weld Roe In this city, on the 7th inst., Kate Weld, infant daughter of the late J. Milton Roe, aged 2 years and 9 months.

M Mr. H. M. Seward In this city, June 16th, by the Rev. Dr. Paret, Mr. H. M. Seward, to Miss Ursala, only daughter of James Clatworthy, Esq.

M Mr. Chauncey Hollenbeck At the M.E. Parsonage, Van Ettenville, N.Y., June 10th, 1868, by Rev. George Pritchett, Mr. Chauncey Hollenbeck and Miss Charlotte Park, both of Erin, N.Y.

D Sarah Hathorn Sarah, wife of James P. Hathorn, died Thurs. morning, June 18th, aged 53 years.

D Eliza V. Hall In Southport, June 12th, Eliza V., wife of James S. Hall, aged 37 years, after a severe and lingering illness.

D Lieut. Lewis G. Dudley At Prairie du Chein, Wisc., on the 10th inst., Lieut. Lewis G. Dudley, formerly of Addison, Steuben county, aged 35 years, 9 months and 27 days.

D Mary Voorhees In this city, June 17th, Mary, wife of Henry Voorhees, aged 55 years.

This ends the bound copies of this newspaper, on file in the Library of the Chemung County Historical Society.

Extracts made December 1987. Isabel E. Ridall.

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