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Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts of Isabel Ridall 1867-1868
From Marriages and Deaths Elmira Daily Advertiser, Elmira NY Abstracted by Isabell Ridall 1987
Date M Name Notice

The Elmira Daily Advertizer THE ELMIRA DAILY ADVERTIZER, by Fiarman & Caldwell. Published every Morning (Sundays excepted). Terms: Delivered by Carrier, 75 cents a month, or $9.00 per year. My mail, 75 cents per month, $2.00 a quarter, or $8.00 per year.

The Weekly Advertizer THE WEEKLY ADVERTIZER. Published every Saturday. Terms: $2.00 per year in advance, or $2.50 for arrears.

Corner Baldwin and Carol Streets.

Marriage and death notices as submitted for publication.
1867 5 JAN M Mr. John A. Comstock In Elmira, Jan. 3d, by Rev. J. C. Beecher, Mr. John A. Comstock, of Norwalk, Conn., to Miss Frances M. Anderson, daughter of Wesley Anderson, Sr., Esq., of Elmira.

M Mr. Russel R. McMichael At the residence of the bride's father, Dec. 26th, 1866, by the Rev. T. S. Dewing, Mr. Russel R. McMichael, of Muncy, Pa., to Miss Ella Robbins of Southport, N.Y.

D Eleazer C. Peters In this city, on the 30th inst., Eleazer C. Peters, son of Henry W. Peters, aged 33 (?) years.

D Jonathan H. Wood In the Town of Horseheads, on Sunday morning, at 3 o'clock, Jonathan H. Wood, aged 76 years.

D Cornelia V. E. Wheeler On Tuesday, Jan. 1st, suddenly, at the residence of her father, No. 155 West 35th St., New York, Cornelia V. E. Wheeler, only daughter of John J. and Harriet E. Wheler, aged 13 years and 2 months.
1867 12 JAN M Charles Wyckoff The 29th Dec., 1866, by Rev. Isaac Clark, Charles Wyckoff to Miss Ellen billings, both of Elmira.

D Mrs. Elizabeth Satterlee In the city of Elmira, on Thursday morning, Jan. 10th, 1867, Mrs. Elizabeth Satterlee, aged eighty four years. Funeral service will be held at her late residence, No. 6 Grey St., on Saturday at 2 1/2 o'clock P.M.

D Maria Mead In this city, on Saturday, Jan. 5th, Maria, wife of John Mead. Esq., aged 55 years.
1867 19 JAN M Mr. John Titus At the house of the bride's father, Mr. John Titus of Big Flats, Sabbath evening, Jan. 14th, 1867, by Rev. G. J. DuBois, Mr. Gustaves Bradley of Elmira, to Miss Charity Titus of Big Flats. A large company of invited guests heightened the festivities of the occasion.

D Marcus H. Spaulding Jan. 15th, Marcus H. Spaulding, at the residence of his brother, T.S. Spaulding, Esq., of this city.
1867 26 JAN M Byron Sweazey In Elmira, N.Y., Wed. evening, Jan. 23d, 1867, at the Pattinson House, by the Rev. Dr. Curtis, Byron Sweazey to Caroline Burnside, both of Clymer, Pa.

M Joseph Ferris Also, by the same, at the same time and place, Joseph Ferris, to Sarah Ann Sykes, both of Chatham, Pa.

M H. R. Osborne, Jr. In Stonington, Conn., Thurs. evening, Jan. 17th, 1867, at the residence of the bride's father, H. R. Osborne, Jr., of Elmira, N.Y., to Lucie B., daughter of J. L. Prouty, Esq.

M Mr. George Kilmer In the Parsonage, Wellsburg, N.Y., Jan. 22d, 1867, by the Rev. Wm. S. Hill, Mr. George Kilmer, of Chemung township, to Miss Mary Ann Houston of Baldwin township, N.Y.

M Mr. W. N. Walter On the evening of the 23d inst., at the First Baptist Church in this city, by the Rev. J. J. Keyes, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Van Benschoten, Mr. W. N. Walter, to Miss Helen L. Hurd, all of Elmira.

D Emma Goldsmith In Elmira, on the 21st inst., Emma Goldsmith, adopted daughter of W. B. and Orilla L. Hatch, aged 24 years and 4 months.

D Mrs. Elizabeth Jones In this city, Jan. 23d, 1867, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, wife of William D. Jones, Esq., aged 49 years.

D William Seely In Ridgebury, Bradford co., Pa., Jan. 21st, William Seely, aged 82 years, 9 months and 15 days.
1867 2 FEB M Mr. H. E. Jones On the evening of the 29th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. S. M. Brockman, Mr. H. E. Jones, to Miss R. E. Reese, all of Elmira.

M William W. Conner In this city, at the Parsonage of the First Baptist Church, on the 16th inst., by Rev. J. J. Keyes, William W. Conner to Miss Kate Riley, all of Elmira.

M Mr. Jacob Garritt In this city, Jan. 27th, by Rev. S. Van Benschoten, Mr. Jacob Garritt, of Elmira, to Miss Kate Bowman, of Millstone, Pa.

D Mrs. Anne Craig In New York City, Jan. 24th, Mrs. Anne, widow of the late Malcom D. Craig.

D Norman Blye At the Rathbun House, on Sun. morning, Jan. 27th, Norman Blye, aged 54 years.
1867 16 FEB D Mrs. B. F. Herrick In this city, on the 12th inst., Mrs. B. F. Herrick, aged 30 years, 9 months and 28 days.
1867 23 FEB M L. M. Georgia Jan. 15th, by the Rev. William Rees, L. M. Georgia and Miss Josephine Roe, both of Elmira.

M C. A. M'Dowell Also, by the same, C. A. M'Dowell and Miss Frances Faburn, both of Elmira, N.Y.
1867 9 MAR D James Walling Of his injuries, an old man by the name of James Walling, who had been in the employ of Mijamin Griswold, in Chemung, was run over by a sleigh on Sunday evening while returning home from church. He died in a few hours from the injuries he received. He was caught and dragged for some distance beneath one runner of the sleigh which was being driven by a boy, who was running his horse.

D Amasa Mulock MURDERED: Amasa Mulock - known as the "old tree doctor" - body found 16 March, 1865 by soldiers from Barracks #3 - 12th Regulars - (A long article about the trial of Henry E. Gardiner, murderer, and his execution - the first for murder in Chemung County.)

M Mr. Orren M. Smith In this city, at the residence of D. Pratt, Esq., March 6th, by Rev. A. Van Benschoten, Mr. Orren M. Smith, of Bath, and Miss Cordelia Fisher of Elmira.

M Mr. Mathew Bishop At Trinity Church in Elmira, on Sat., March 2d, by Rev. Mr. Paret, Mr. Mathew Bishop and Miss Elizabeth Olivey, all of Elmira.

M Mr. Charles D. Giles In Elmira, on the 5th inst., by Rev. J. C. Beecher, Mr. Charles D. Giles of Veteran, and Miss Sarah A. Goulden, daughter of Joseph Goulden, Esq., of Elmira.

M Mr. Geo. H. Wrikle At the American Hotel, March 4th, by Rev. S. Van Benschoten, Mr. Geo. H. Wrikle, of Coganhouse, Pa., and Miss Ruth A. Goodcharles of Hebron, Pa.

M Doctor J. M. Flood At St. Peter and Paul's Church, Saturday evening, the 2d inst., by the Rev. M. McDonald, Doctor J. M. Flood to Miss L. Josephine, daughter of ex-sheriff Baker, all of this city.

D William Maxwell March 2d, 1867, William Maxwell, only son of Jesse L. and Mary A. Cooley, aged 13 years and 3 months. Funeral will be from the home on Lake St., north of Washington Ave., Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock.
1867 16 MAR M Mr. M. N. Beeman In this city, at the St. Charles Hotel, March 13th, by the Rev. S. VanBenschoten, Mr. M. N. Beeman, of Elmira, and Miss Jennie Zeck, of Clarence, Iowa.

M Mr. Ira Beers In Rochester, March 11th, by Rev. S. Van Benschoten, Mr. Ira Beers of Elmira, and Miss Fannie Dale of Rochester.

M Mr. Almon Greatsinger At the residence of Miss Mary and Elizabeth Stoll, March 7th, 1867, by the Rev. P. B. Bonny, Mr. Almon Greatsinger of Elmira, N.Y., to Miss Mary Stoll, of Branchville, New Jersey.

D Mrs. Elizabeth Robertson At the residence of her son, A. Robertson, Fifth Ward, Wed., March 15th, Mrs. Elizabeth Robertson, in her 81st year.

D Frank Abt In this city, on Thurs. morning, Frank Abt.
1867 23 MAR M Mr. William On the 2d inst., at the house of Mr. J. W. Tolman of Elmira, in Winnebago, by Rev. H. M. Daniels, Mr. William, of Wyandotte, Kansas, and Miss Maria Noyes of Elmira, N.Y.

D Sylvanus Van Buren In this city, Wed. morning, March 20th, Sylvanus Van Buren, nephew of C. B. Hanyan, aged 11 years and 5 months.

D Clark R. Mitchell In Jackson, Tioga, Pa., March 13th, 1867, Clark R., oldest son of Albert and Mary Mitchell, aged 13 years and 7 months. Wellsboro papers please copy.

D Mary Anna Thro On Sun., at 5 o'clock, A.M., Mary Anna, daughter of Joseph and Catharine Thro, aged 10 years, 3 months and seventeen days.
1867 30 MAR M Mr. Kelsey B. Mathews At Chemung, on the 20th inst., by Rev. Mr. Dean, Mr. Kelsey B. Mathews of Wellsburg and Miss Josie Beidelman, daughter of Henry Beidleman of Chemung.

D Christopher Slater At sea, on the 21st inst., Christopher Slater, of this city, in the 30th year of his age, on board the steamship "Rising Star", from Aspinwall for New York. Buried at sea.

D Guy Tracy At Milan, Bradford co., Pa., on Tues., March 19th, 1867, Guy Tracy, aged 61 years. Bradford county papers please copy.
1867 6 APR D Harry W. Lowman In the Town of Elmira, Thurs., April 4th, 1867, of croup, Harry W., infant son of William and Mary A. Lowman, aged 1 year and 6 months.

D Mrs. Emma B. Robb On Wed. morning, Mrs. Emma B., wife of John Robb and daughter of Welcom and Lydia Johnson.

D Mrs. Sally Baldwin In the Town of Southport, Mon. afternoon, April 1st, Mrs. Sally Baldwin, in the seventy-second year of her age.

D Harriet Pooley April 1st, Harriet Pooley, aged 86 years.

D Jehiel Ayers OBITUARY: Died in Southport, N.Y., on Tuesday, April 3d, Jehiel Ayers, aged 65 years. Mr. Ayers removed from New Jersey to Wells, Pa. about 30 years ago … remains were deposited in Woodlawn on Thursday, the funeral being held at his home. His former Pastor, Rev. Joel Jewel gave an appropriate address.
1867 20 APR D Sergeant Lauren T. Reeder OBITUARY: Another comrade has fallen from the ranks, and gone away from us. Sergeant Lauren T. Reeder, late of the 107th N.Y. Vols., departed this life at the house of his parents in this city, on Saturday, April 15, 1867 … a private in Capt. L. Baldwin's Co. (B) of the 107th N.Y. Vols. ... promoted to corporal, then to sergeant ...
1867 11 MAY D Gen. G. G. Hathaway LOCAL AFFAIRS: Gen. G. G. Hathaway, the father of the late Col. Hathaway, of this city, died a few days since, at Solon, Cortland county … the old family residence, we believe, for over half a century … had reached an advanced and honorable old age.

MORTALITY REGISTRATION: A new system of mortality registration for this city, in connection with the office of the Cemetery Commission, is being introduced at the suggestion of the Acadamy of Medicine. It is the method which has proved the best and most acceptable in the city of Providence, Rhode Island. The adoption of the ordinance by the Common Council, recently, made it obligatory, under severe pain and penalties, that no burials shall take place in the cemeteries within the corporation limits, without a proper permit. The mortality statistics of the city can therefore be accurately known and be made public.

Yes, we can assure our readers at a distance, that snow fell in Elmira, May 9th, 1867, and that yesterday more resembled boisterous March, than May, with the gently distilling showers that bring May flowers.

Floods: Lower east side, Seeley Creek, Buttonwoods.

The flood of yesterday: we hear of quite a number of minor injuries sustained by the flood, but only one death, that of a little boy of O'Day, about four years of age, in Jay street, who was drowned, by some accident, in the cellar of his father's house. He was missed and when discovered, his dead body was floating in the water - a sad sight for his grief-stricken parents.
1867 18 MAY M Miss Lucy A. Bangs At the residence of the bride's uncle, in Georgetown, D. C., by the Rev. Mr. D. A. Shermer, Miss Lucy A. Bangs of Georgetown, to Mr. Lucian W. Bingham of Elmira, N.Y.

D Rev. E. A. Hadley In Dix, Schuyler Co., N.Y., April 24th, Rev. E. A. Hadley, in the fifty-eighth year of his age. Wellsboro papers please copy.
1867 15 JUN M Capt. Hiram C. Miller In this city, on the 12th inst., by Rev., J. J. Keyes, Capt. Hiram C. Miller of Clean, N.Y., and Miss Mary E. Canfield, daughter of the late Ezra Canfield, Esq., of Elmira.

D Amariah Harris In this city on Mon., the 10th inst., Amariah Harris, aged 10 years. "Death plucks the loveliest blossoms."
1867 20 JUN D Mrs. Harvey Luce At Cooperstown, Otsego co., N.Y., June 27th, at 4 o'clock P.M., Mrs. Harvey Luce, aged 70 years.
1867 6 JUL

LOCAL NEWS: The sudden death of Mrs. Harvey Luce, at Cooperstown, whither she had gone on a visit with her son-in-law, Hon. Wm. T. Post, will cause the deepest regret throughout this city, where she has been so long esteemed and beloved … Mr. Luce lying ill ... Mrs. Luce expired about 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon.

M Mr. Geo. W. Sprague In Elmira, on the 2d of July inst., by Rev. T. K. Beecher, Mr. Geo. W. Sprague, of Rochester, N.Y., to Miss Emily Rapelye of Elmira. No cards.

M Mr. John Gingras In Elmira, June 24th, by Rev. Wm. Paret, Mr. John Gingras, to Mrs. Electa Cherry, at the Cherry Hotel, Baldwin Street, Elmira.

D Mrs. Hannah A. St. John In Ithaca, at the residence of her father, on Sunday night, June 30th, after many months of severe illness, Mrs. Hannah A. St. John, in her 44th year, wife of Edgar St. John, of this city … a filial, dutiful daughter, and a faithful, loving wife … consistant and active Christian.

D William Trapp In this city, on 3rd July inst., William Trapp, aged 64 years. (Note by compilier: gravestone in Second St. Cemetery shows age "in his 64th year.")

D Major S. B. Denton In this city, on Wed. morning, July 3d, 1867, Major S. B. Denton, aged 64 years.

D Ebenezer Mather In Horseheads, of consumption, July 2d, Ebenezer Mather.
1867 12 JUL D Miss Virginia A. Watts IN MEMORIUM: Died in this city, on the evening of the 7th inst., of hemmorrhage at the lungs, Miss Virginia A. Watts, daughter of the late Deacon John Watts, aged twenty-nine years. (A long obituary follows.)

M William E. Straight On the 11th inst., at the First Presbyterian church, by Rev. George C. Curtis, D.D., William E. Straight, to Miss Sarah J. Reynolds.

M Capt. William Falck On the 10th inst., at the 2d Presbyterian Church, Elmira, N.Y., by the Rev. Isaac Clark, Capt. William Falck, U.S.A., to Miss Mary B. McQuhae, of this city. No cards.

M Mr. W. H. Bedson In this city, on the 3d inst., by Rev. J. J. Keyes, Mr. W. H. Bedson and Miss Elizabeth Bray, all of Elmira.

D Mr. Stephen Gilbert In this city, on the 8th July, Mr. Stephen Gilbert, aged 67 years.

D Mrs. Aaron C. Ackerman At the residence of her sister in New York City, June 12th, Mrs. Aaron C. Ackerman, formerly of this place, in the 20th year of her age. "Her troubles on earth were great, but now are o'er."
1867 20 JUL M Mr. Lemuel M. Andrus At the Hedding M. E. Parsonage, June 25th, by Rev. O. L. Gibson, Mr. Lemuel M. Andrus, of Veteran, N.Y., to Miss Ruth R. Knott, of Elmira.

D Almon Cook On Monday evening, July 15th, Almon Cook, in the 58th year of his age.
1867 27 JUL D A. J. Wynkoop On Wed., July 17th, at the residence of her father, A. J. Wynkoop, Chemung, N.Y., Mary, wife of Charles M. Young of New York City.
1867 3 AUG D Richard Evans FOUND DEAD: Richard Evans was found dead about 4 o'clock Saturday morning, at the back part of a lot near the end of Lake Street Bridge, Fifth Ward … about thirty-three years of age … subject to epileptic fits of intemperance … father lived up the Plank Road ... Coronor's verdict - he died in an epileptic fit to which he was subject, and caused by the presence of a growing tumor on the head.

D Charles Fairman Notice: Charles Fairman, late one of the owners of the Daily and Weekly Advertizer … has established a Book Store at No. 15 Baldwin Street, Elmira.

D Mrs. Pheobe Rayment In this city, July 13th, at 4 o'clock A.M., Mrs. Phoebe, wife of John Rayment, in the 32nd year of her age.

D Flora Weed July 29th, Flora Weed, youngest daughter of N. R. and M. A. Norton, aged 8 months and 26 days.

D Jennie Hudson Jennie, infant daughter of Adelbert and Carrie L. Hudson, aged one month and nine days.
1867 10 AUG

LOCAL NEWS: A son of Frederick Beckhorn, at North Chemung, was badly injured Monday, by cuts along the arm from a mowing machine.

J. C. Seeley, and other along the upper part of Lake Street, are putting down a substantial curbing along the street in front of their residences.

M Darius Mathews In this city, Aug. 3d, by Rev. Isaac Clark, at his residence, Darius Mathews of Penn Yan, to Hannah E. Percival of Elmira.

D H. G. Northrup In Wellsburg, on the morning of the 4th inst., H. G. Northrup, aged 48 years. West Hill, Elmira, Aug. 3d, 1867, Edgar Smith, son of George N. Smith, aged 1 year.

D Henry C. Dudley In Elmira, on Tuesday, Aug. 6th, of consumption, Henry C. Dudley, aged 36 years.

D Magie Trumbley At her home I nDecatur, Mich., on the 24th da of July, 1867, Magie Trumbley, wife of John Van Pelt, in the 37th year of her age.

D Alice Daley In this city, on Tuesday night, the 6th inst., Alice, daughter of John and Bridget Daley, aged seventeen months.

LOCAL NEWS: Rev. William Reese has resigned the pastorship of the Central Baptist Church and the resignation has been accepted, to take effect October 1st.
1867 17 AUG

LOCAL NEWS: N. A. Elmer, an honored and respected citizen of Waverly and Vice President of the Waverly National Bank, who died on Thursday, was buried in that village on Saturday.

M Mr. James Woodward On the 14th inst., in Millport, by the Rev. A. E. Chubbuck, Mr. James Woodward and Miss Ellen Jane Mallette, both of Millport.

D Miss Mary Emma Peters In this city on Tuesday, Aug. 13th, 1867, Miss Mary Emma Peters, aged 21 years.

D Charles Henry In this city on Mon. evening, Aug. 12th, Charles Henry, youngest son of the late Mr. Samuel Hillman, in the 78th year of his age.

D Miss E. Alida Stowell In this city, at the residence of D. S. Redfield, Miss E. Alida Stowell, on the morning of the 9th inst., in her 32d year.

D Charles Ulrich In Elmira, Aug 14th, Charles Ulrich, aged 32 years, 9 months and 6 days.

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