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Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts of Isabel Ridall
1862 4-Jan Ransom / Morgan M In this village, on the evening of New Year's Day, by Rev. Edward Kennedy (in the absence of Rev. A. Hull, Rector of the Parish), Lieut R.S. Hanson, of Col. Stuart's Engineer Regt., and Miss S. E. Morgan, daughter of Lieut. W.L. Morgan of the same Regt.
1862 4-Jan Vandercar / Fine M In Elmira, on the evening of January 1st, 1862, by S.R. Denton, Esq., Reuben Vandercar, of the town of Erin, to Catherine Fine, of Elmira.
1862 4-Jan Spencer / White M At the Hotel of Charles Smith, in Southport, January 1st, 1862, by Chas. Evans, Esq., S.V. Spencer to Mary M. White, daughter of Dr. White of Webb's Mills.
1862 4-Jan Compton / White M At the Parsonage of the M.E. Church at Horseheads, December 7th, 1861, by Rev. J. Joroloman, Mr. Carmy Compton and Miss Cornelia E. White, both of Elmira, N.Y.
1862 4-Jan Randal / King M At the same place, by the same, Dec. 8th, Mr. Seneca Randal, and Miss Libbie King, both of Horseheads, N.Y.
1862 4-Jan Bennett / Thorne M At the house of the bride's father, December 11th, Mr. Geo. L. Bennett and Miss Mary Thorne, both of Horseheads, N.Y.
1862 4-Jan Sly / Edminster M At the house of the bride's father, December 19th, Mr. William Sly, of Horseheads and Miss Susan Edminster of Big Flats.
1862 4-Jan Taylor / Riker M At the house of the bride's father, December 24th, Mr. Silas B. Taylor and Miss J. Riker, both of the Town of Horseheads.
1862 4-Jan Brooks / Williams M At the house of the bride's father, on the evening of the 24th December, Mr. Warren W. Brooks and Miss Huldah E. Williams, both of the Town of Horseheads, Chemung county, N.Y.
1862 4-Jan Morgan / Prall M On Tuesday evening, December 24th, by the Rev. T.O. Lincoln, William L. Morgan, Jr., and Laura A. Prall, daughter of J.E. Prall of this city.
1862 4-Jan Botsford D In Veteran, December 4th, Nathan Botsford, aged 82 years.
1862 4-Jan Botsford D In Veteran, December 6th, Lois B. Botsford, wife of Nelson Botsford, aged 35 years.
1862 4-Jan Hibbard D In this village, December 27th, of Scarlet Fever, Josephine, daughter of the late Thomas Hibbard, aged 11 years.
1862 4-Jan Butters D In Baldwin, on the 24th inst., Mrs. Elsie Butters, aged 62 years. Mrs. Butters, one of the old settlers of Chemung County, having resided on her farm in the Town of veteran for over forty years. She leaves a large circle of relatives in this county, among whom she has always been beloved and respected for her many benificent and social virtues.
1862 18-Jan Atkinson / Dunn M On the 15th inst., by the Rev. A. Hull, Frank Holoway Atkinson, to Helen Mar, daughter of James Dunn, all of Elmira.
1862 18-Jan Giddings / Carr M At the parsonage of the M.E. Church in Horseheads, January 12th, by Rev. J. Joroloman, Mr. George H. Giddings of the Town of Ray, Mich., and Miss Mary Ann Carr, of Sullivanville, N.Y.
1862 18-Jan Wright / Small M At Horseheads, on the 8th inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Alexander D. Wright, to Miss Mary A. Small, both of Catlin.
1862 25-Jan Delaney / Georgia M In Horseheads, on the 23d inst., by the Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Charles H. Delaney, to Miss Emily J. Georgia, both of Elmira.
1862 25-Jan DeArmond D Tuesday January 21st, 1862, Fanny DeArmond, youngest daughter of Nathan Reynolds of this village.
1862 25-Jan Johnson D In Southport, on Monday the 20th inst., Matilda, the daughter of Wm. Johnson, aged 5 years, 5 months and 5 days.
1862 25-Jan Munday D In Big Flats, on the 20th inst., R. Reuben M. Mundy, aged 68 years. Mr. Mundy was one of the original settlers of the town of Big Flats, and maintained throughout his long and useful life a character for probity and integrity that reserved him the respect of all his acquaintances.
1862 25-Jan Randall D At Sullivanville, January 8th of consumption, Betsy Randall, in the 42nd year of her life. (Elmira Daily Advertizer - January 20, 1862)
1862 1-Feb Sheldon / Canfield M In Elmira, By Rev. T.O. Lincoln, Mr. John B. Sheldon of Hornellsville to Miss Lydia P., daughter of E. Canfield, Esq., of this place.
1862 1-Feb Hogaboom / Northrup M In Elmira, Saturday, January 25th, by Rev. A.C. George, Mr. Clark Hogaboom of Rochester, Capt. In Col. Crook's Cavalry Regt., and Miss Jeanie Northrup of this village.
1862 1-Feb Townsend / Carmer M In this village, on the evening of the 25th inst., by S.B. Denton, Esq., G.W. Townsend of Southport, to Miss May Carmer, of the former place.
1862 1-Feb Covell / Blossom M At Trinity Church, in this village, on Thursday, January 23d, by the Rev. A. Hull, Dr. John Covell and Miss Helen, daughter of Enos Blossom, Esq., all of this village.
1862 1-Feb Burt / Griswold M In Chemung Valley, on the 8th inst., by Rev. R.H. Close, Mr. Wm. H. Burt, to Miss Elizabeth Griswold.
1862 1-Feb Young D In Southport, January 28th, Margaret, daughter of P.C. Young, aged 19 years.
1862 1-Feb George D On the 27th, Alice, infant daughter of Mrs. And Rev. A.C. George.
1862 1-Feb Ferry D In Elmira, at the house of his brother-in-law, s. Kelly, on the 23d inst., Warren Ferry, age 41 years.
1862 15-Feb Brooks D An interesting little son of Judge E.P. Brooks died yesterday morning with diptheria. This terrible disease is becoming quite prevelent in this village and vicinity. There is little hope of saving small children attacked with diptheria despite the most efficient care and skill of physicians.
1862 15-Feb Rose / Gunn M At the residence of the bride's father, February 7th, by Rev. Jas. B. Latimer, Mr. William J. Rose and Miss Anna M. Gunn, both of this village.
1862 15-Feb Whiilesely / McMurtie M At the residence of the bride's on the 3d January, by the Rev. H.M. Bacon, Mr. Key Whittlesley of Indianapolis, Ind., to Miss Mollie McMurtie, of Attica, Ind. (Also entered in the Daily Advertizer, February 8th)
1862 15-Feb Campbell D On the 5th inst., Pirl Campbell, aged seventy-three years.
1862 15-Feb Herrington D Priscilla Ann, daughter of Thos. And Eliza Herrington, died in Baldwin, Chemung County, N.Y. February 7th, 1862, aged 13 years. (Daily Advertizer for February 12th, 1862)
1862 15-Feb Brooks D On the morning of the 10th inst., Gabriel Sayre, Son of E.P. and P.A. Brooks. (Also entered February 11th, in the Daily Advertizer)
1862 Unknown Barto / Baldwin M At the Parsonage of the M.E. Church I Horseheads, February 19th, by Rev. J. Joroloman, Mr. Silas Barto, to Miss Nancy Baldwin, both of the town of Erin, Chemung Co., N.Y.
1862 Unknown Covell / Watson M On Wednesday evening, 19th inst., by George L. Davis, Esq., at his residence on William Street, Mr. Jacob M. Covell and Miss Harriet S. Watson, all of Elmira
1862 Unknown Davy / Gardner M IN Southport, on the 26th, 1862, by Charles Evans, Esq., at the Hotel of C.G. Smith, Mr. James Davy, to Miss Julia Gardner, both of Well, Bradford Co., Pa.
1862 Unknown Elmore / Gardner M ON the 24th of February, 1862, at the Wayne Four Corners by Rev. Mr. Swallow, Mr. O.D. Elmore, of Elmira, to Miss Mary Gardner of the former place.
1862 Unknown Pickering D In Elmira, February 26th, 1862, Benjamin Pickering, aged 87 years.
1862 Unknown Stilson D In this village, Saturday, February 22, Nellie C., daughter of William and Margaret Stilson, aged 21 years.
1862 22-Mar Davis / Davis M At the residence of the bride's father in Erin, on the evening of March 12th, by Rev. J.J. Turton, Mr. John L. Davis, to Miss Nancy M. Davis, all of Erin, N.Y.
1862 22-Mar Minzy / Little M By the same (Rev. J.J. Turton), March 16th, at the residence of the bride's father, in Baldwin, Mr. James D. Minzy, of Oakland, Pa., to Miss Elizabeth Little, of Baldwin, N.Y.
1862 22-Mar Miller / Peters M In this village, on the 20th inst., by S.B. Denton, Esq., William Miller, member of Capt. Crosby's Company, of Wellsboro, Pa., to Miss Nancy E. Peters, of Roseville, Pa.
1862 22-Mar Owen D In Catlin, on Saturday, March 8th, 1862, of Scarlet Fever, Caroline M., daughter of Nathaniel and Julia Ann Owen, aged 5 years and 7 months. A long poem follows.
1862 24-May Gregory / Bennett M At Horseheads, May 20th, by Rev. E.F. Crane, Mr. C.A. Gregory of Elmira, and Mrs Mary E. Bennett, of the former place. (Also reported in the Daily Advertizer)
1862 24-May Hendrick / Coleman M In this village, on the evening of the e18th inst., by Rev. E.F. Crane, Mr. Burr Hendrick and Miss Ellen M. Coleman, both of Elmira. (Daily Advertizer of May 20).
1862 24-May Mathews / Eaton M In the village of Horseheads, by H.H. McConnell, Esq., on Wednesday, May 14th, Mr. Patrick Mathews of Buck Mountain, Pa., and Miss Anna Eaton of New York City. (Daily Advertizer of May 19).
1862 24-May Downing / Raymond M In this place, on Wednesday, May 14th, by Rev. J.E. Latimer, Mr. David Downing of No. 5, New York Artillery, and Miss Amanda Raymond of Big Flats. (Daily Advertizer of May 17).
1862 24-May McKinney / Coleman M In this place, on Thursday, May 15th, by Rev. J.E. Latimer, Mr. M.J. Mckinney and Miss Caroline Coleman, both of Elmira. (Daily Advertizer of May 17).
1862 24-May Gano D At the residence of John McBride, C. Bayard Gano, of Scarlet Fever, aged 5 years & 6 months. Funeral service this forenoon at 10 o'clock at the house near the first toll gate on the Plank Road. The friends of the deceased are invited to attend. (Also reported in the Daily Advertizer of May 17, 1862).
1862 24-May Beebe D In Owego, on Thursday morning, May 15th, Rosa, daughter of Hiram and Mary C. Beebe, aged 9 years and 1 month.. (Daily Advertizer of May 17th).
1862 12-Jul Stevens / Ferman M In Elmira, July 3d, by the rev. E.F. Crane, Mr. Andrew Stevens of Elmira, to Miss Mary Ferman of Aurora.
1862 12-Jul Youmans / Tillinghast M In this village, July 4th, by the Rev. Dr. Lincoln, Henry P. Youmans Jr., to Miss Maggie D. Tillinghast, both of Jackson, Pa.
1862 12-Jul Humphrey D At Horseheads, on the 2d inst., after a brief illness, a disease of the brain, Mr. Myron H. Humphrey, aged 41 years (A long tribute follows…became a resident of Horseheads at the age of nineteen…left brothers & sisters.)
1862 26-Jul Berry D In this village, on Friday 18th inst., of typhoid fever, Miss Emma Jane Berry, in her 14th year
1862 26-Jul Vanderbilt D In this village, on the 26th inst., George McClellan, son of William and Jane Vanderbilt, aged 6 months.
1862 26-Jul Stephenson D On the 23d, at his residence in Veteran, Mr. John Stephenson, in the 41st year of his age
1862 26-Jul Van Dusen D Letter to the Editor: - The community is bereaved at the death of George L. Van Dusen…a member of the Presbyterian Sunday School. (See Aug. 2 entry).
1862 2-Aug Clark / Denton M At Horseheads, July 30th, by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Joal N. Clark, to Miss Jane A. Denton, both of Erin.
1862 2-Aug Howell / Mallory M At Horseheads, July 13th, by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. J.R. Howell, to Miss Elizabeth Mallory, both of Veteran.
1862 2-Aug Van Guilder / Whitmor M Also at Horseheads, July 19th, by the same, Mr. J.R. Van Guilder of Elmira, to Miss Elmira A. Whitmore, of Smithfield, Pa.
1862 2-Aug McMillan / Welles M Also at Horseheads, July 30th, by the same, Mr. Charles H. McMillan, to Miss Julia T. Welles, both of Erin.
1862 2-Aug Carr / Carr M On the 3rd inst., by Rev. John S. Lee, Mr. John M. Carr of Veteran, and Miss Julia L. Carr, of Onondaga County, N.Y.
1862 2-Aug Stratton / Locke M At the home of the bride's father's father in the town of Veteran, on the 2d inst., by Rev. Mr. Davis, Mr. Edward A. Stratton, to Miss Sarah S. Locke, daughter of Mr. James S. Locke.
1862 2-Aug Tate / Williams M On the 15th inst., by Rev. C. Greatsinger, at his residence in Elmira, Mr. John Tate, to Miss Harrriett S. Williams, both of Elmira, N.Y.
1862 2-Aug Westlake D At Horseheads, on the 25th inst., Mrs. Harriet E., wife of Charles Westlake, aged 27 years. In her removal, her family - the Church in which she is a member - and the circle in which she moved, have sustained a loss not easily make up…
1862 2-Aug Benton D In this village, on the 30th inst., Albert H., infant son of H.P. & Clarissa Benton, aged 3 years & 6 months.
1862 2-Aug Sturges D In Washington, D.C., on the morning of the 17th inst., Little Willie, son of Wm. R. & Lavina A. Sturges, formerly of Elmira.
1862 9-Aug Phillips / Clark M On the 5th inst., in Trinity Church, by the Rector Rev. A. Hull, William H. Phillips, Esq., to Susan M., widow of the late Hon. John C. Clark. Parties all of Elmira. (Also listed in Trinity Church records).
1862 9-Aug Van Duzen D On board the ship S.R. Spaulding off the coast of New Jersey, on the evening of Sunday the 6th inst., (or ult - July 6th. See letter to the editor published Saturday July 26th, 1862) after an illness of about one month, George L., son of Mr. M and Mrs. L.M. Van Duzen of Horseheads, aged 19 years...a long account of his life & service to his country...buried Horseheads. Left father, mother, brother and sister.
1862 16-Aug Fanton / Tracy M In Havana, on the 12th inst., by Rev. Mr. Chester, Hull Fanton, Esq., Adjutant of the 107th to Miss Louise Tracy, daughter of Peter Tracy, Esq., all of Havana.
1862 16-Aug Davis D In this village, Wednesday, 14th inst., Mrs. Cyrene Davis, wife of G.L. Davis, Esq., aged 51 years.
1862 16-Aug Whippy D ON Tuesday, the 6th inst., in Lock No. 27 at Millport, on the Chemung Canal, Charles S. Whippy, son of Dr. W.A. & Mary A.B. Whippy, aged six years and seven months. The accident occurred from an attempt by Charles to get upon a boat when in the Lock. Havana Journal.
1862 16-Aug Dudley D The obsequie of the late Lieut. W.L. Dudley were attended yesterday at the Congregational Church. Mr. Beecher delivered a very feeling and impressive discourse.
1862 23-Aug Fairman D Died in this village, Thursday morning, after a lingering illness of Paralysis, Charles G. Fairman, Sen., father of the Editors of this paper, and late of Lewiston, Niagara County, aged 77 years… long obit. Follows…native of the Hudson region, settled on Conklin Farm in 1819...
1862 23-Aug White D In the town of Chemung, on the 17th inst., Miss Evaline H. White, in the 28th year of her age…deceased a native of Hartford, Conn….last few years a resident of the Town and County of Chemung.
1862 23-Aug Tenbrook D Death in the 107th:- John Tenbrook, a private in Capt. L. Baldwin's Company, 107th regt., died in Virginia soon after the Regiment crossed the Long Bridge.
1862 23-Aug Conklin D Died in Elmira, on Tuesday afternoon, August 19th, David Conklin, Sen., who had reached the advanced age of nearly 91 years… deceased a native of the eastern part of the State, and lived for many years in the region of the Hudson River. In 1819 he settled in Elmira on the place so long known as the "Conklin Farm" linked the Revolution and the Rebellion. He was a man of another age... Methodist Episcopal Church.
1862 30-Aug Harris / Morgan M In VanEttenville, on the 17th inst., by Esq. Patchen, Mr. George R. Harris, an enlisted soldier in Capt. Gordon's Company, to Miss Emma Morgan, all of Waverly. His country called, and he gallantly rushed to arms.
1862 30-Aug Vickery / Dugdale M At Hedding M.E. Church, Elmira, August 29th, by Rev. J. Rains, Mr. William Vickery, and Miss Clara Dugdale, both parties Bristol, England, and late of Newark, N.J.
1862 30-Aug Anderson / Atkins M At the residence of Theodore Atkins, Elmira, August 28th, by the same, Mr. William anderson, of Adrian, Mich., and Miss Melissa Atkins, of Geneva, N.Y.
1862 30-Aug Guion / Fitch M In Elmira, August 27th, at the residence of the Bride's father, by the Rev. Thos. K. Beecher, Mr. Richard E. Guion, and Miss Cornelia J. Fitch, all of this village.
1862 30-Aug Smith D In Flagg, Ogle Co., Ill., on the 20th inst., Miss Martha A. Smith of consumption, aged 24 years, 4 months, 2 days. Miss Smith was formerly a resident of Big Flats, Chemung County, N.Y.
1862 30-Aug West D In Elmira. Friday, August 23d, Mrs. Sarah West, aged 65 years.
1862 30-Aug McKinny D In Southport, on the 18th inst., of diphtheria, Cecelia Anny McKinny, daughter of Erastus and Angeline McKinny, aged 10 years, 1 week and 5 days.
1862 6-Sep Patch / McCallum M In Owego, Wednesday, September 3d, by Rev. Morelle Fowler, Calvin B. Patch, of Townada, Pa. And Janet, daughter of col. D.C. McCallum
1862 6-Sep Goldys D In Shinland, Illinois, August 19th, of consumption, William W. Goldys, formerly of Elmira, aged about 32 years.
1862 6-Sep Denton D At North Chemung, in the township of Baldwin, Herkimer M. Denton, in the 43d year of his age. In the death of Mr. Denton, Baldwin loses one of its most valuable citizens.
1862 13-Sep Hull / Benedict M Thursday evening, 4th inst., by Thos. K. Beecher, George W. Hull and Carrie C. Benedict, all parties of this village.
1862 13-Sep Gould / Culver M At Oneida, Madison Co., N.Y., by Rev. L. Eddy. John W. Gould, of Elmira, to Miss Melissa Culver, of the former place.
1862 13-Sep Picket / Potter M At Horseheads, September 6, by Rev. L. Beeman, William H. Picket of Cayuta, to Almina Potter of Horseheads.
1862 13-Sep Havens / Carter M At the residence of the bride's father on College Avenue, September 6th, by the Rev. J. Emmons of Binghamton, Mr. Frank C. Havens of the 86th N.Y.V., to Miss Mary E. Carter, all of this place.
1862 13-Sep Falls / Hicks M In Breeseport, 7th inst., by T.E. Beecher, Marcus Falls, Esq./, of Pine Valley and Sarah J. Hicks of Veteran.
1862 20-Sep Benedict / Chapin M On Sunday, September 14th, by Rev. T.K. Beecher, Lieut. Sam'l N. Benedict and Miss Sophriah E. Chapin, all of Elmira.
1862 20-Sep Holdridge D IN the Third Ward, Elmira, of congestion of the lungs, on Wednesday September 17th, Caroline, wife of Harrison Holdridge, aged 38 years, 5 months.
1862 20-Sep Myer D On Saturday afternoon a little child of Mr. Myer, a German who keeps a saloon near the Depot, was playing on the tracks. The cars of the Canadaigua train which was then being made up, were going directly toward her, and the train ran over him, crushing both legs in a horrible manner. The cars also ran over the foot of the child and cut it off. The child, we believe is likely to do well, but Mr. Myer died during the night.
1862 27-Sep Benedict / Staples M In Horseheads, September 18th, by Rev. P. Olney, Nathan s. Benedict of Southport, and Elizabeth Staples of Horseheads.
1862 27-Sep Barney / Carpenter M On the 25th inst., by Rev. D. Curtis, at the residence of G.E. Carpenter in this village, Mr. Joseph H. Barney, and Miss Emma, daughter of Mr. Edward S. Carpenter, of Kendall Co., Ill.
1862 4-Oct Prall D At his father's residence, 64 Gray Street, Elmira, September 30th, Jeptha C. Prall, aged 25 years.
1862 25-Oct Palmer / Brown M In Elmira, October 6, by Rev. Dr. Lincoln, Mr. W. E. Palmer of Big Flats, to Miss Sarah Brown, of Breeseport.
1862 25-Oct Harrington / Farran M In Caton, September 21, by S. Tobey, Geo. Harrington of Southport, to Harriet E. Farran of Caton.
1862 25-Oct Stage D In the hospital at Harper's Ferry, October 13th, 1862 of Typhoid Fever, VanBuren Stage, aged 22 years. Musician in Co. F., Capt. L. Baldwin's 107th Regt., Mr. Stage is a son of John Stage Esq. Of Wellsburg.
1862 1-Nov Arnot D At Harper's Ferry, in hospital, on Thursday the 23 isnt. (Ult. Or Thursday, September 23) of Typhoid Fever, John B. Arnot (son of James H. Arnot of Southport), of Co. a., 107th Regt., N.Y.V., age 19.
1862 1-Nov Denmark / Soper M In Union, Tioga Co., Pa., 11th inst (or 11th ult - October 11), by Anson A. Dunn, Esq., John C. Denmark of VanEttenville, Chemung., to Lorren M. Soper of former place.
1862 8-Nov Foster / Roosa M In Elmira, October 20th, by J.L. Riggs, Henry Foster, of Veteran, to Miss Elizabeth Roosa of Elmira.
1862 8-Nov Elmore / Clute M In this village, October 28th, by Rev. D. Lincoln, Mr. Sanford Elmore, to Miss Mary M. Clute, both of Corning.
1862 15-Nov Brink / Bentley M In Chemung, October 23d, by Rev. G.J. DuBois, at the residence of J. Havens, Esq., Mr. Andrew J. Brink, to Miss Phebe E. Bentley, both of Van Etten.
1862 15-Nov Hill / Baker M By the same, November 5th, Moore's Hotel, Chemung N.Y., Mr. John Hill of Elmira, to Miss Elizabeth Baker of Erin.
1862 15-Nov Herrick D At Athens, Pa., November 8th, after a painful and protracted illness, Mrs. Eliza H. Herrick, aged 54 years, daughter of the late Judge Foots, of Cooperstown, N.Y. and wife of the Hon. Howard Herrick of Athens, Pa.
1862 22-Nov Gardiner / Thurston M Wednesday, November 19th, in the Second Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Isaac Clark, Major Curtis C. Gardiner, of Orange, N.J., to Miss Mary P. Thurston, daughter of Hon. A.B. Thurston, of Elmira.
1862 22-Nov Hennington D On the 19th inst., at the Soldier's Home in Elmira, Edward Hennington, Co. B., 107th N.Y.V., aged 19. The deceased died of fever, having arrived at the Home only the day previous, from Emory Hospital, Washington.
1862 22-Nov Spaulding D In this village, on the 18th inst., Mrs. Olive Spaulding, wife of George Spaulding, aged 60 years.
1862 22-Nov Gardner D On Monday, November 17, Mrs. Ellen Gardner, in the 77th year of her age.
1862 22-Nov Thompson D In this village, at the residence of his son, on the 15th inst., John B. Thompson, aged 77 years and 4 months.
1862 22-Nov Day D On Wednesday evening, November 19th, of consumption, Miss. Katy Day, in the 21st year of her age.
1862 29-Nov Valleau / Shoemaker M In Elmira, on Thursday, November 20th, by the Rev. J.L. Riggs, Mr. James Valleau, to Miss Mary Jane Shoemaker, both of Veteran.
1862 29-Nov Leavitt / Baldwin M In this village, on the 26th inst., by the Rev., Mr. Latimer, Mr. Alvin H. Leavitt, and Miss Sarah Baldwin, of this village.
1862 29-Nov Clines / Howes M In Williamsport, Pa., on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Wm. Sterling, Mr. Z.B. Clines, to Miss Helen A. Howes, all of this village.
1862 29-Nov Lawrence D In this village, on Saturday, November 22, Mrs. Lucy Lawrence, wife of R.H,. Lawrence. Mrs. Lawrence was the last surviving child of the late Hon. Aaron Konkle, her sister, only brother and father having gone to the grave before her. Mrs. Konkle, full of years and full of honors, still remains the only living member of a family which but a few years ago occupied an honored and promising place in our community. We remember those that are gone for their virtues and cherish her who is left for her years and her worth. May her days be yet long and peaceful in the land.
1862 29-Nov Green D In the village of Millport, November 14, after an illness of a few days, Olive, wife of Oliver Greene, aged 81 years. The subject of the above was one of the first settlers of Chemung County, having lived on the same farm on which she died sixty-one years. The writer of this has often heard her relate thrilling scenes in her history of the early settlement of this country, in which she bore a part. From the early age of sixteen she was a member of the Christian Church. She was no ordinary christian. The christian graces were fully illustrated in her experience and practice. She was kind, fruitful in all the relations of life, as wife and mother, or as friend her record stands untarnished and bright, leaving behind her fragrance at once grateful and desirable. She leaves a husband, aged eighty to mourn her loss. (Name was Greeno)
1862 6-Dec Frasier / Watson M In Southport, December 24, by Rev. T.O. Lincoln, Albert A. Frasier, to Mary E. Watson.
1862 6-Dec Larken / Stowell M On Wednesday evening, December 3d, by Rev. J.E. Latimer, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Ed. Larken and Miss Rachel F. Stowell, both of Elmira.
1862 6-Dec Miller / Carpenter M In Elmira, December 4th by Rev. J.E. Latimer, at the residence of Prof. L.C. Foster, Mr. Emmitt Miller and Mrs. Catharine Carpenter, both of Veteran.
1862 6-Dec Lawhead / Howell M In Veteran, November 20th, by Rev. P. Olney, Alexander Lawhead of Cayuta, to Harriet E. Howell, of Veteran.
1862 6-Dec Wheeler / Dorn M At Horseheads, November 26th, by the same, Samuel Wheeler of Big Flats, to Mary J. Dorn of Veteran.
1862 6-Dec Varian / Roberts M At Horseheads, November 27th, by the same, Charles F. Varian, of Horseheads, to Harriet E. Roberts, of Deposit, Delaware County, N.Y.
1862 6-Dec West D In Elmira, December 2d, Harry Beecher, son of C.F. and B.A. West, aged 2 years and 11 months
1862 6-Dec Soper D In this village, on the 26th inst., Miss Anna Soper, native of Ireland, aged 43 years.
1862 6-Dec Swayze D In this village, on Saturday, November 29th, Glen Swayze, son of Wilson and Maria Swayze. Deceased was a private in the 161st N.Y.V., In this severe visitation of Providence, the family loses a dutiful son and an excellent brother, and the community sustains the loss of a virtuous high-minded and upright man.
1862 13-Dec Tuttle / Mosher M In Catlin, December 3d, by Rev. P. Olney, Lyman A. Tuttle, of Parris, Oneida Co., to Deborah Mosher of Catlin.
1862 13-Dec Vanauken / Osborne M In Horseheads, December 4th, by the same, Daniel Vanauken, to Betsy J. Osborne, both of Breeseport.
1862 13-Dec Smith / Teter M Also at Horseheads, December 10th, by the same, Philip smith Jr., of Horseheads, to Jenney Teter of Catlin.
1862 13-Dec Pratt / Randall M At the residence of the bride's father on the 10th inst., by Rev. C.C Carr of Burdett, W.N. Pratt of Horseheads to Melissa L. Randall of Veteran.
1862 13-Dec Hart / Swan M November 30th, by the Rev. Isaac Clark, Chan Hart to Susan Swan, both of Elmira.
1862 13-Dec Georgia / Hawley M On December 7th, by the same, George F. Georgia of Elmira to Ann E. Hawley of Erin.
1862 13-Dec Durland / Longoy M In Ithaca, on Wednesday the 5th inst., at the house of Elias Tremain, Esq. By Rev. D. Torrey, Mr. Daniel T. Durland, of the firm of Rice, Durland & Pratt, of Elmira, to Miss Susan Longoy, sister of Mrs. Tremain.
1862 13-Dec ? / Skellenger M In Havana, on Tuesday the 3d inst., by the Rev. Simeon Wilber, Miss Harriet A. Skellenger, daughter of Maj. William Skellenger, all of Havana. No cards will be issued.
1862 20-Dec Rorick / Whiting M In Elmira, December 15th, by Rev. Jas. E. Latimer, at the residence of the bride's father, John C. Rorick of Canandiaguw, Mich., to Emma J. Whiting of Elmira.
1862 20-Dec Sacket / Bunto M At the residence of Rev. C. Greatsinger, in this village, on the 14th inst., by Rev. C. Greatsinger, Richard Sacket of Elmira, to Phebe Bunto, of Baldwin.
1862 20-Dec Beckwith D In Wells, Pa., on the 2d of December, inst., Richard R. Beckwith, aged 62 years.
1862 20-Dec Losie D In this village, December 12, Norman, infant son of Thomas M. & Janette W. Losie, aged 3 months & 13 days.
1862 20-Dec Stanchfield D In Elmira, Sunday, December 7th, at the residence of S. S. Hawling, Clara Cornelia, daughter of S.D. & E.B. Stanchfield, of Fond du Lac, Wisc., aged 3 years.
1862 20-Dec Carpenter D In this village, on Monday the 8th December inst., Calvin Carpenter.
1862 20-Dec Rugur D At her residence in Van Etten, December 7th, Rebecca Rugur, aged 50 years and 27 days. She met her death with calm, christian fortitude and was beloved by all who knew her.
1862 20-Dec Sayre D In Wells, Pa., December 13th, Miss Betsie A. Sayre, daughter of David M. and Polly Sayre, aged 27 years, 5 months and 22 days.
1862 20-Dec Lockwood D In Wellsburg, December 15th, of diptheria, Roe Lockwood, only son of R.C. and Susan Lockwood, aged 5 years and four months. "O blessed Lord, whose mercy has removed A child on whom everyone who looked on loved; Support them, teach them calmly to resign What they possessed, and now is wholly Thine."
1862 27-Dec Hull / Tinker M At the M.E. Church, in Attica, December 9th, by Rev. D.B. Worthington, Mr. Joseph C. Hull, of Fredonia, and Miss Juvenilla Olivia Tinker, of Attica.
1862 27-Dec DeKay / Sly M In Southport, at the house of the bride's mother, on the 24th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Lincoln, Mr. Henry E. DeKay, of Vernon, N.J., to Miss Mattie Sly. No cards.
1862 27-Dec Coppins / Cherry M By the same, at Chemung House, on the 24th inst., Mr. Reuben Coppins to Miss Martha Cherry, both of Elmira.
1862 27-Dec Fox / Strong M In Parma, Mich., on the 10th inst., by Rev. Mr. Colwell, Rev. Dave Fox, of Highland, Kansas, to Mrs. Harriet Strong, of the first place named.
1862 27-Dec Daniels D In this village, on the 22d inst., Wm. H. Daniels, aged 55 years. Funeral will take place at his late residence on Sullivan Street this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Chemung Division No. 63, S. of T. are requested to be in attendance.
1862 27-Dec Hower D In this village, on the 23d inst., Orrison Hower, aged 57 years. Funeral will take place at his late residence on Water Street, near High Street, on Thursday at 11 o'clock A.M.. Friends of the family are invited to attend.

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