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Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts of Isabel Ridall
1861 5-Jan Weltner / Baur M The following marriages were performed by the Rev. Mr. Murdock on New Year's Day - Michael Weltner to Miss Christine Baur
1861 5-Jan Congling / Hughs M The following marriages were performed by the Rev. Mr. Murdock on New Year's Day - George Conkling to Miss Jane Hughs, both of Horseheads.
1861 5-Jan Terwilliger / Conkling M The following marriages were performed by the Rev. Mr. Murdock on New Years Day - George Terwilliger to Miss Hariet Conklong, of Elmira
1861 5-Jan Rhinehart / Goff M In Big Flats, Dec. 27th by Rev. P. Olney of Horseheads, Mr. Edward J. Rhinehart to Miss Elizabeth Goff, both of Big Flats
1861 5-Jan Goff / Rhinehart M Also at the same place and time, by the same, Mr. Francis M. Goff to Miss Mary A. Rhinehart, both of Big Flats
1861 5-Jan Nichols / Fox M In Elmira, N.Y., on the 1st inst., by Rev. Dana Rox, Mr. Alonzo C. Nichols, of Concord, N.H. to Miss Sophedia Fox, only daughter of rev. Dana Fox
1861 5-Jan Neish / Hawley M December 19th, by Rev. K.E. Pierson of Horseheads, Mr. A.H. Neish to Miss Sarah L. Hawley, both of Erin
1861 5-Jan Goble / Stevens M By the same, December 22d, Mr. Albert Goble of Florida, Orange Co., N.Y., to Miss Betsey C. Stevens, of Horseheads.
1861 5-Jan Purdy / Pollock M At the residence of the brides' father, in Williamsport, Pa., by Rev. Mr. Simention, Miss Annie S. Pollock, to Wm. L. Purdy, formerly of Elmira
1861 5-Jan Burgess D In this village on the 3d inst., Martha Jane Burgess, aged about 15 years
1861 5-Jan Kies D Suddenly, in Batavia, N.Y., Dec. 26th, 1860, Mrs. Catherine Kies, wife of G. Kies, aged 50 years
1861 5-Jan Lovejoy D In Ithaca, on the 30th Dec., Betsy Lovejoy, wife of Robert H. Lovejoy in the 52nd year of her age.
1860 5-Jan Haviland D In Mainville, Broom Co.,N.Y., on the 13th December, Hattie M. Haviland, daughter of James and Jane Haviland and grand daughter of Mrs. H.B. Campbell of this village, aged 9 years and 10 months.
1861 5-Jan Scofield D Of Consumption, in this village, on the evening of 30th December, Mrs. Sara M., wife of S.R. Scofield, late Superintendant of Schools, aged 42(?) years and 6 months
1861 12-Jan Fletcher / Georgia M In this village, on the 9th inst., by Rev. Dr. Mrudock, Thomas Fletcher to Miss Georgia, daughter of E.B. Georgia, East Hill.
1861 12-Jan Weaver / Brooks M At the residence of Mr. Albert Woods, in Southport, on the 7th of November last, by Rev. S. Tobey of Caton, Steuben Co., N.Y., Mr. Peter Weaver to Miss Sarah E(F?) Brooks, both of Southport.
1861 12-Jan Tobey / Ransom M By the same, at the residence of Mr. Abraham Boggs, in this village, on the 6th inst., Mr. J.W. Tobey, of Caton, Steuben Co., N.Y., to Miss Jannett Ransom of East Groveland, Livingston Co., N.Y.
1861 12-Jan McCullough D On the 9th inst., Caroline, second daughter of L.L. and E.A.M. McCullough, aged 10 years and 10 months.
1861 12-Jan Taylor D On the 5th inst., Charlotte S. Taylor, wife of Odel Taylor, in the 61st year of her age
1861 12-Jan Sly D In Southport, on Monday, December 24th, 1860 of Scarlet Fever, Sarah, daughter of John and Amanda Sly, aged 3 years and 6 months
1861 12-Jan Sly D On Tuesday, January 1st, of malignant Scarlet Fever, Theodore, son of John and Amanda Sly, aged 6 years and 10 days.
1861 12-Jan Maxwell D ON the 8th inst., of apoplexy, H.I. Maxwell, aged 62 years
1861 19-Jan Tuthill / Bacon M In Ottawa, La Salle Co., Ill., 18th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Scofield Green, Mr. Tuthill of Elmira, to Miss Eliza M. Bacon, of the former place
1860 19-Jan Herrington / Beckhorn M At the Snyder House, Waverly, December 30th, by Rev. G.P. Porter, Amasa Herrington To Miss Elizabeth Beckhorn, of Erin, Chemung Co., N.Y.
1861 19-Jan Lattin / Hart M In this village, January 1st, by Rev. William Bement, Alonzo Lattin and Mrs. Eliza Hart, both of Southport.
1861 19-Jan Coleman D In this village, on Monday morning, 14th isnt., of consumption, Mrs. Maria Coleman, in the 18th year of her age.
1861 19-Jan Hoffman D In Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa., John Bernard, son of Austin and Jane Hoffman, aged4 years and 20 days.
1861 19-Jan Hamlin D In this village, Tuesday the 10th inst., Asher P. Hamlin, in the 21st year of his age.
1861 19-Jan Cherry D In this village on the 14th inst., William Cherry, age 47 years.
1861 19-Jan Masters D On the 27th of December, William H. Masters, son of Wm. Masters of the town of Catlin in 23d (?) year of his age.
1861 26-Jan Shives / Smith M In Elmira, at the residence of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Fraser, Jan. 24th, by rev. Dana Fox, Joel Shives, of this village and Miss Ada Smith of Wells, Pa.
1861 26-Jan Hall / Herrick M In Ithaca, on the 19th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, William Andrus, Esq., by the Rev. J.W. Schenck, Frederick Hall and Caroline A. Herrick, all of Elmira.
1860 26-Jan Tibbs / Barto M On December 31st, by Rev. John Roberson, at the house of W.M. Denton in North Chemung, Charles Tibbs, of Wellsburgh, Chemung Co., N.Y., to Miss Harriet Barto, of Erin, N.Y.
1861 26-Jan Brockwell / Baker M By the same, on the 2d, inst., at the house of Chas. Baker, Esq., Edmund S. Brockwell and Hannah A. Baker, both of Horseheads.
1861 26-Jan Barto / Cooley M By the same on the evening of January 3d, at the house of the bride's father, Charles Barto, to Stella B. Cooley, all of Erin
1861 26-Jan Cooper / Denton M By the same, on the 17th inst., at the house of the bride's father, James Cooper of Elmira, and Mary Elizabeth Denton, of Elmira.
1861 26-Jan Perry D In this village, 23d inst., Anna, daughter of J.K. Perry, Esq. In the 19th year of her age.
1861 2-Feb Miller / Grim M In Southport, January 10th, by Rev. Wm. Bement, Mr. John D. Miller and Miss Mary Ann Grim, both of Southport.
1861 2-Feb McKinney / Smith M In Addison, on the 23d inst., by Rev. (?) Nutten, Jessie McKinney, of Elmira, to Mary E., daughter of Rev. Mr. Smith, both of Chemung.
1861 2-Feb Worden / Buck M At Dix, on the 10th inst., by Elder Warthburg (?), Henry H. Worden, of Veteran to Miss Sarah A. Buck of Catlin.
1861 2-Feb Tubbs D In this town on the 20th inst. Abigail Tubbs, aged 80 years
1861 2-Feb Hart D On Saturday afternoon, January 26th, Lillie, infant daughter of Dr._F. and Marion M. Hart, aged 3 months and 14 days.
1860 9-Feb Welch / Farnham M In this village on Thursday evening November 1st 1860, by Rev.R. Hogaboom, Mr. Alexander Welch to Mrs. A.E. Farnham, all of Elmira
1861 9-Feb Griswold / Chapman M In Chemung, on the first of February, by M.A. Burt, Esq., Mr. G.W. Griswold to Miss Mary Ann Chapman, both of the above place.
1861 16-Feb Dean / Shultz M At Horseheads, January 1st, by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Hiram Dean, of Catlin, to Miss Henrietta Shultz, of Horseheads.
1861 16-Feb Hellen / Farnham M On Wednesday, 6th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Dr. Campbell, T.B. Hellen, M.D., of Elmira to Miss Mary Everett Farnham, daughter of Prof. J.M. Farnham, of Georgetown, Ky.
1861 16-Feb Fitch D In this village, on the 9th inst., Louella M., daughter of G.H. and Elizabeth Fitch, aged 12 years, 2 months and 21 days
1861 23-Feb Scully D A laborer in the employ of the Railroad Company, named Scully, while attempting to get upon a flat car attached to a freight train at the depot, Saturday afternoon, slipped and fell upon the tracks…four cars passed over him….of course, he can not survive. Mr. Scully died about ten o'clock.
1861 23-Feb Davis / Griswold M In Southport, on the 20th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, James Griswold, Esq., by Rev. T.K. Beecher, Mr. Joseph B. Davis, of Lewisburgh, PA., formerly of this place, to Miss Cordelia Griswold.
1861 23-Feb Shepherd / Wolf M In Columbia, Bradford Co., Pa. On the 16th inst,. By the Rev.. Joel Jewell, Mr. L. Dayton Shepherd of Wells, to Miss Sarah Jane Wolf, of Columbia. "The prophets all say there cometh a day When the wolf and the lambkin together shall stay, There vision of old are being unrolled. For the Sheperd received the wild Wolf to his fold."
1861 23-Feb Mathews D In Southport on the 20th inst., Mrs. Caroline, wife of Morgan Mathews, aged 31 years.
1861 23-Feb Robinson D Friday evening, Feb. 15, Mary Anna, daughter of N.H. Robinson, aged 19 years
1861 23-Feb Reel D On the 18inst., Mr. George Reel, aged 21 years
1861 2-Mar French / Price M In Genoa; on the 22d inst. By Rev. Finch Reed, Mr. Wm. C. French of Chemung Co., and Miss Sarah S. Price at Southport Hotel. (Feb.22?)
1861 2-Mar Crane / Preston M February 17, 1861, by Rev. Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Robert C. Crane of South creek, to Miss Ann Amelia Preston, of Wellsburg.
1861 2-Mar Richer / Dobell M At Erin Center, in this County, on February 24, by Peter Blauvelt, Esq., Mr. John Richer to Miss Lyda Dobell, all of Van Etten.
1861 2-Mar Haupt / Haupt M On the 26th inst. (Ult.or Feb. 26?), by the Rev. Dr. Murdoch, Mr. Henry Haupt to Miss Ernstein Haupt, both of Elmira
1861 2-Mar Decker / Tuthill M. On the 24th inst. (ult. or Feb. 24 ?), at the residence of Miss Ann Decker, by Rev. Dr. Murdoch, John Decker and Anna Mary, daughter of Green M. Tuthill, Esq., of this village
1861 2-Mar Breuner / Mitchell M In Wellsburg on the 23d inst. (ult.or 23 Feb. ?), by James Griswold, Esq., Mr. John Breuner to Jane Mitchell, all of the said Burg.
1861 2-Mar Steede D In this village on the 28th inst. (ult.or Feb. 28?), T.J. Steede (?) in the 51st year of his age
1861 2-Mar Masters D In Catlin, on the 20th inst. (ult.or Feb. 20?), Miss Amanda, daughter of Wm. Masters, aged 30 years.
1861 2-Mar Wheeler D On Friday the 22d inst (ult.or Feb. 22?), at the residence of W. Merwin, Mrs. Polly Wheeler in the 71st year of her age.
1861 9-Mar Andrews / Rundle M In Veteran, on the 28th ult., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Alston Andrews, of Horseheads, to Miss Frances M. Rundle, of Veteran.
1861 9-Mar Mona / DeMunn M On the 4th inst., by S.B. Denton, Esq., Thomas Mona to Fanny DeMunn of Elmira.
1861 9-Mar Benedict D In this village, on the 4th inst., Charles Benedict, son of Joseph and Catharine Carroll, aged 9 years.
1861 16-Mar Steltcher / King M In Horseheads on the 7th inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. John Steltcher, to Miss Anne E. King, all of Horseheads.
1861 16-Mar Colson / Haven M At the residence of Thomas H. Leake, Esq., Monroe Co., By Rev. Geo. E. Haven, Mr. Wm. Colson of Chemung Co., to Miss Sarah B. Haven, of the former place.
1861 16-Mar Bennet / Fitzsimmons M In Horseheads, March 5th, By Rev. N.E. Pierson, Mr. H.K. Bennet, of Monmouth, D_, to Miss Martha M. Fitzsimmons of Veteran.
1861 16-Mar Maxwell / Campbell M On Sunday, 3d inst., by Justus Denton, Mr. Jno. Maxwell and Miss Harriet Campbell, all of Elmira.
1861 16-Mar Brees / Rutan M At Horseheads on the 12th inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Squire W. Brees, to Miss Ellen Rutan, all of Horseheads.
1861 16-Mar Wells D In Albany on the 12th inst., Abner Wells, Esq., aged 50 years
1861 16-Mar Busfield D In this village on the evening of the 7th inst., D. Irene Busfield, aged 23 years.
1861 16-Mar Olmstead D In this village on the 7th inst., Carrie G., infant daughter of S.B. and P. Olmstead, aged 9 (?) months.
1861 23-Mar Canfield / Hopper M In Montoursville, Pa., on the 10 inst., by Rev. Mr. Simonton, Mr. Ezra Canfield of Williamsport, to Miss Emma Hopper, of Montoursville.
1861 6-Apr Evered / Price M In this village on the 3d inst., by Rev. Mr. Manning, Mr. John Evered, of Steuben Co., and Miss Emma Price, of Milton Hall, England
1861 6-Apr Georgia / Kelley M In this village on the 31st ult., by Rev. F. Crane, Mr. D.D. Georgia of Elmira and Miss Anna Kelley, of East Smithfield, Pa.
1861 6-Apr Rhodes / Sutton M In Troy, on the 26th ult., by the Rev. H.C. Potter, Mr. P.W. Rhodes, to Miss Allie Sutton, all of this city
1861 6-Apr Partridge D In Elmira, Samuel, infant son of Henry M. and Mary Partridge
1861 20-Apr Sly D In this village on the 16th inst., Aaron C. Sly, aged 42 years
1861 20-Apr Dunham D In Big Flats, April 17th. John W. Dunham (?) in the 60th year of his age. Mr. Dunham was for many years a resident of Elmira. He was a useful citizen and highly esteemed by all who enjoyed his acquaintance.
1861 20-Apr Miller D In Southport, April 17th, Dora M. Miller, widow of the late G.W. Miller, aged about 61 years.
1861 27-Apr Duryea / Murray M In this village on the 23d, by the Rev. M. Hogaboom, Virgil Y. Duryea, of Elmira, to Miss Emeline, Daughter of A. Murray, Esq., of Southport.
1861 27-Apr Fridley D On Saturday, the 20th inst., at the Elmira Female College, Miss Mary Ann Fridley, aged 19 years.
1861 27-Apr Vorbis D In Hammondsport, April 18th, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Vorbis, aged 40 years, eldest daughter of Mrs. Wm. Lowe, deceased.
1861 27-Apr Brown D In Elmira, on the __th inst., Jacob Borwn (?), aged 29 years.
1861 27-Apr Murray D In Bedford, Mass., April 7, Hollyannah (?) W. Murray, aged 86 years.
1861 27-Apr Chamberlain D In Elmira, April _, John Francis, son of F.H. and Susan S. Chamberlain, aged 4 years.
1861 4-May Manning D On the 2d inst., the Rev. M.C. Manning, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of this village, aged 39 years. Funeral services will be held on Saturday at his late residence, corner First Street & College Ave. at 2 P.M. and at the Church at 2 1/2 P.M.
1861 4-May Bishop D In this village, on the 26th inst. (ult. 26 April?, B.R. Bishop, in the 45th year of his age
1861 18-May Knapp / Benjamin M In this village, on the 9th inst., by Rev. Thos. K. Beecher, Mr. John S. Knapp to Miss Helen Benjamin, both of this village.
1861 18-May Haviland / Torin M In this village on the 9th inst., by the Rev. E.F. Crane, Mr. George L. Haviland, to Miss Alice Torin, both of this village.
1861 18-May Cashure / Avery M At the house of L. Avery, Esq., by Rev. E.F. Crane, Mr. D.W. Cashure (?), of Athens, PA., to Miss Emma Avery, of Elmira.
1861 18-May Botsford / Parks M In Millport, on the 25th ult., by Rev. Wm. Selby, Mr. William J. Botsford to Miss Elizabeth Parks, both of Millport
1861 18-May Chrisler / Campbell M At Pine Valley on the 2d inst., by the same, Mr. J.E. Chrisler to Miss Harriette Campbell, both of Pine Valley.
1861 18-May Sterling / Lattin M At Millport, on the 7th ult., by the same, Mr. John Sterling to Miss Unice B. Lattin, both of Watkins.
1861 18-May Cherry D In this village on the 10th inst., William , son of Leonard K. Cherry, aged five years, eight months and five days.
1861 18-May Manning D On the 2d inst., Rev. M.C. Manning, Paston of the First Baptist Church in this village, aged 39 years (see entry for May 4, 1861) (Buried Baptist Plot in the Second Street Cemetery, Elmira, NY)
1861 25-May Mallette / Tanner M At Millport, on Thursday May 23, by Rev. Wm. Sharp, W. Smith Mallette, to Lestina W. Tanner, oldest daughter of P.S. Tanner, Esq.
1861 25-May Quigley / Middleton M At Horseheads on the 16th inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Wm. D. Quigley, of Havana, Schuyler Co., N.Y. to Miss Lizzie Middleton, of New York City.
1861 25-May Stringer / Ayres M In Southport, on the 16th inst., by Rev. William Armstrong, Mr. Charles Stringer, to Miss Sarah Ayres, both of Southport.
1861 25-May Jenkins / Van Gorder M In Southport, on the 16th inst., by James Griswold, Esq. Mr. Miles W. Jenkins, to Miss Celinda H. Van Gorder.
1861 25-May Hill D At the residence of his son, Wm. H. Hill, in Middletown, Baltimore Co., Md., on the 15 inst., Thomas Hill, an old resident of Elmira, in the 86th year of his age. He was a native of Gory, Wexford Co., Ireland, and was an active participant in the rebellion in Ireland in 1798. He emigrated to this country in 1812 and immediately after landing at Wiscasset, Maine, swore allegiance to this governement, and joined an artillery company in defence of his adopted country. He resided in Elmira from about 1822 until his removal to Maryland a few years ago.
1861 1-Jun Mallette / Tanner M In Millport, on Thursday, May 23, by Rev. Wm. Sharp, W. Smith Mallette, to Lestina W. Tanner, eldest daughter of P.S. Tanner, Esq. (Repeat of May 25, 1861 item.)
1861 1-Jun Forsyth D In Williamsburg, on the 10th inst. (ult. May 10?), Florence, daughter of Mrs. A. Forsyth, formerly of this village, aged 15 years and 11 months.
1861 8-Jun White / Titus M On the 29th inst (ult. 29 May?), by Rev. C.C. Carr, Mr. Amasa B. White, of Millport, to Miss Henrietta M. Titus, of Horseheads.
1861 15-Jun Murdoch D A general feeling of sadness pervaded the community yesterday on the announcement of the death of Rev. Dr. Murdoch. Though all were prepared to hear it, the shock was sensibly felt and seen. We are indebted to a friend for the interesting sketch of his life published in another column. We understand the funeral services will take place to-morrow.
1861 15-Jun Rockwell / Coleman M In Goshen, on the 21st ult., by Rev. J.W. Wood, Daniel B. Rockwell of Horseheads, to Miss Frances A. Coleman, of Goshen.
1861 22-Jun Edwards / Collingwood M On the 13th inst., by Rev. Mr. Gallagher. Mr. T.W. Edwards of Houghton, Mich., to Miss Emily Collingwood of Elmira (See Trinity Church mar. records.)
1861 22-Jun Fry D At Howell, Mich., on the 31st ult., Henry L. Fry, formerly of Chemung, aged 75 years.
1861 22-Jun Haviland D In this village, on the 16th inst., Carrie, wife of James Haviland.
1861 22-Jun Murdoch D The funeral of Rev. Dr. Murdoch on Saturday afternoon was largely attended. The ceremonies took place at the house on William Street and were of a very interesting and solumn character…Woodlawn Cemetery…Dr. Murdoch had delivered delivered the address when the cemetery was dedicated a short time ago.
1861 29-Jun Baker / Yerkes M In Lima, on the 23d inst., by Rev. J.K. Knowles, Charles S. Baker, 1st Lieutenant, Co. e., 27th Regt., to Jennie E., only daughter of Silas A. Yerkes, of Lima
1861 6-Jul Bradbury / McDonnell M In Horseheads, on the 29th ult., by Rev. N.E. Pierson, Mr. Z.N. Bradbury, to Miss B.H. McDonnell, eldest daughter of H.W. McDonnell, Esq., of New York City.
1861 6-Jul Weyer / Pautz M In this village on the 27th ult., by G.L. Davis. Esq., Mr. Jacob P. Weyer, to Miss Arendeen Pautz, all of Elmira.
1861 6-Jul Sheppard / House M On the 30th ult., by Rev. J.B. Smith, Mr. Michael Sheppard, of Augusta, only daughter of J.W. House, all of Elmira
1861 6-Jul Aspinwall D In this village, on the 3d inst., Dr. N. Aspinwall, aged 82 years
1861 20-Jul Mathews D From the Rochester Times Union:- Reported the death of Selah Mathews, a native of Chemung County…to Rochester 40 years ago…clerk in the law office of his Uncle, the late Vincent Mathews…admitted to the Bar in 1828.
1861 20-Jul Huntington D Sudden death: Mr. Samuel T. Huntington, the husband of Susan Denin, died yesterday at the Brainard House of a stroke of apoplexy. He was about thirty years of age, a genial companion and faithful friend.
1861 3-Aug Reynolds / Compton M In this village, on the 30th ult., by Rev. J. Riggs, Mr. Lyman Reynolds, of Sullivan, Pa., to Miss Lavina Compton of Elmira.
1861 10-Aug Potter D In Janesville, Wis., Deacon Hiram Potter, formerly of Elmira, aged 62 years and 8 months.
1861 10-Aug David D In this village, on Tuesday 6th inst., Almira, wife of John Davis, aged 38 years.
1861 17-Aug Thomas / Crane M In this village on the 12th inst., by the Rev. E.F. Crane, Chaplain of the 23d Regt. N.Y. Volunteers, Mr. J.M. Thomas of this village, to Miss Emma Viola Crane, daughter of the officiating clergyman.
1861 17-Aug Thomas / Holcomb M At Ulster, Bradford Co., Pa., on the 10th inst., by the Rev. J. McAlpine Harding, Mr. Henry Thomas of Millport, to Miss Frances R. Holcomb of Ulster
1861 17-Aug Gray / Catlin M At Corning, on the 11th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Arnold, Mr. Guy Gray, to Miss Sarah M. Catlin, both of Big Flats.
1861 24-Aug Thurston D In this village, on the 21st inst., Wm. Hull, eldest son of Hon. A.S. Thurston, aged 14 years.
1861 24-Aug Pease D In this village, on the 20th inst., Mary Pease, daughter of S.D. Pease, aged 19 years and 5 months.
1861 24-Aug Sample D Sad Accident: - Benjamin Sample, while working on the roof of the Congregational Church, Saturday afternoon, fell to the ground, a distance of forty feet, and was instantly killed. His neck and arm was broken, and he was terribly bruised in the face, and bled profusely. Mr. Sample was about thirty years old, and leaves a wife and child.
1861 31-Aug Blake / Ba.. M E. Blake, of Globe Vil., Mass., to Miss Marie Elizabeth, second daughter of J. Ba.. Of Elmira, N.Y., on the 23d ult., at Greenport, L.I., by Rev. E. Lucas.
1861 31-Aug Carr / Raymor M In Savona, on the 19th ult., by C. Whittaker, Esq., Mr. Alexander Carr of Avon, to Miss Lenora Raymor of Knoxville.
1861 31-Aug Morgan / McAdam M In Horseheads, on the 20th ult., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Francis M. Morgan, to Miss Maranda E. McAdam, both of Millport.
1861 31-Aug Stewart / Cortica M In Horseheads, on the 14th ult., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Charles A. Stewart, of Rochester , to Miss Elmina Cortica of Elmira.
1861 31-Aug Garie / Halliday M At Mr. Jesse Forster's, on the 29th ult., by Rev. J. Raines Jr., Mr. Harrison W. Garie, of Montrose, Pa., to Miss Sarah H. Halliday, of Elmira.
1861 31-Aug McQueen / Barbour M In Elmira, on the 28th ult., by Rev. T.O. Lincoln, Mr. James McQueen, to Miss Janette Barbour.
1861 31-Aug Hawes / Comstock M At the Brainard House, on the 2d inst., by Rev. Dr. Lincoln, Mr. George Hawes of Brooklyn, to Miss Anna R. Comstock of Elmira.
1861 31-Aug Tanner / Updyke M At Moreland, on the 28th inst., by Rev. William Sharp, Mr. Oliver Tanner of Millport, to Miss Janette Updyke, of Orange.
1861 31-Aug Ramsdell / Miller M Yesterday evening, Sept. 5th (as printed) at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Kingsbury, Water Street, Frederick D. Ramsdell of the Post Office and S. Jennie Miller, by Thomas K. Beecher. (Note by compiler - this marriage does not appear in the record of Mr. Beecher's marriages.)
1861 31-Aug Parsons D In this village, on the 24th inst., infant son of Granville D. and Hannah E. Parsons, aged six months
1861 19-Oct Baldwin D In this village, on Sunday, the 20th inst., Elizabeth, wife of J. Davis Baldwin and daughter of Samuel H. Maxwell, Esq., aged 36 years on the 26th of July.
1861 2-Nov Beadle / DeGroff M In Poughkeepsie on the 23d inst., by the Rev. G.M. Mc Hebron (?) Henry W. Beadle of Elmira, to Henrietta, daughter of Jacob DeGroff, of Poughkeepsie.
1861 2-Nov Van Deventer / Brees M In Horseheads, on the 24th inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. A.F. Van Deventer of Dix, to Miss Augusta J. Brees, of Catlin.
1861 2-Nov Winkler / Helme M In Southport, on the 23d inst., by Rev. William Bement, Carylon Winkler, and Miss Mary Anne Helme.
1861 2-Nov Pickering / Bull M In Trinity Church, on the 30th inst., by Rev. A. Hall, Mr. Carlton E. Pickering of Smithboro, Tioga, Pa., to Miss Lucretia, daughter of D.M. Bull of Elmira.
1861 2-Nov Starr D In this village, on the 19th inst., Sarah M. Starr, of disease of the heart, in the seventy-fifth year of age
1861 7-Dec Krimp D Notice:- A German named Krimp committed suicide yesterday afternoon by cutting his throat with a razor. He lived by the corner of Baldwin and Fifth Streets.
1861 7-Dec Thompson / Curtis M In Catherine, Steuben Co., N.Y., November 4, 1861, by Rev. J. Neims, Mr. Charles A. Thompson and Miss Emeline Curtis, both of Millport, Chemung County, N.Y.
1861 7-Dec Lee / Woodward M Also, Mr. Henry W. Lee and Miss Frankey M. Woodward, both of Millport.
1861 7-Dec Bailey / Robinson M At the residence of the bride's father, Brookfield, Mo., 20th, by Rev. Mr. Sumner, Mr. Clarence Bailey (son of col. B.P. Bailey) of Corning, N.Y., to Miss Kaye E. Robinson, second daughter of Mr. R.E. Robinson, both of Corning.
1861 7-Dec Dony / Vaughn M At the residence of the bride's father, Nov. 28th, by J.F. Tierson, Mr. Abner L. Dony, to Miss Betsy Vaughn, all of Erin, Chemung Co., N.Y.
1861 7-Dec Northrup D In this village, on the 2d December inst., Mrs. Catharine Northrup, widow of Enos Northrup, aged 66.
1861 21-Dec Emmick / Beck M IN the Episcopal Church, Williamsport, Pa., on the 12th inst., by Rev. R.C. Moore, Major Frederick E. Emmick, of the 50th N.Y. Volunteers, to Miss Emma V., daughter of Hon. John B. Beck, all of Williamsport.
1861 21-Dec Rowley / Hopkins M At Horseheads, on the 8th inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Joel H. Rowley of Big Flats, to Miss Harriet L. Hopkins, of Catlin
1861 21-Dec Woolsey / Dunham M Also, at Breeseport, on the 10th inst., by the same, Mr. Philander G. Woolsey of Catlin, to Miss Lorinda R. Dunham, of Breeseport.
1861 21-Dec Gardner / Hopkins M Also, in Catlin, on the 11th inst., by the same, Mr. Owen J. Gardner, of Ward, Allegany Co., to Miss Catherine M. Hopkins of Catlin.
1861 21-Dec Howell D In Millport, on the 7th inst., Mr. H.P. Howell, aged 61 years.
1861 21-Dec Eckenberger D In Southport, on the 14th inst., Clara, daughter of Charles and Sarah Eckenberger, aged 6 years. "One sweet flower has drooped and faded. One infant voice has fled, One fair brow the grave has shaded, One dear schoolmate now is dead."

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