Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts by Isabel Ridall
Chemung County NY
Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts of Isabel Ridall 1832-1834
From Marriages and Deaths - Elmira Republican, Elmira NY Abstracted by Isabell Ridall 1988
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Elmira Republican 1832 17 MAR M Maj. W. Brindle In Lycoming Co., Pa., on the 6th inst, by the Rev. J. Bennett, Maj. W. Brindle, of Muncy, to Miss Eliza Caldwell, of Lycoming Township.
Saturday Courier 1832 31 MAR D
Of 4939 deaths in Philadelphia last year, 137 were by intemperance, 673 by consumption, 200 by scarlet fever, 1 by lightning, 67 by whooping cough, 45 found dead, 1 by the bite of a rattle snake, 320 by dysentery, 51 drowned and 54 perished with cold
The Following are from the Elmira Republican
1832 7 APR D Francis Murphy In this village, on the 2d inst., Francis, son of Mr. William Murphy, aged 6 months and 13 days.
1832 10 MAY M Mr. Joseph McDuffie On Thursday the 10th inst., at Barton, by the Rev. Mr. Gaylord, Jr. Joseph McDuffie, of Athens, Bradford Co., Pa., to Miss Rosanna Bryan of this village.

M Mr. Daniel Ely In Owego, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. Mr. White, Mr. Daniel Ely, to Miss Louis (?) G. Kelsey, all of Owego.

M George W. Clinton In Canandaigua last evening, in St. John's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Kearney, George W. Clinton, Esq., of Albany, to Laura Catharine, daughter of the Hon. John C. Spencer.

M Mr. John Ellwell In Ovid, on the 2d inst., Mr. John Elwell to Miss Charlotte Grant.

M Louis Charles Phillippe At Philadelphia, on the 5th inst., by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Kenrick, Louis Charles Phillippe, Comte de Neverley, to Mademoiselle Louise Josephine Clementine Le Masse Chermont.

M Mr. John Bishop At Vandemark's Corners, Seneca Co., Mr. John Bishop, of Junius, to Miss Jemima Pierce, of the former place.

M Lazarus Hammond, Esq. In Bath, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. I. W. Platt, Lazarus Hammond, Esq., of Hammondsport, to Miss Maria French of Bath.

D Mrs. Anna Baker At Lansingville, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Anna Baker, aged 64 years, consort of Samuel Baker, Esq., leaving a large number of children and an extensive acquaintance to lament her death. She and her husband, with few exceptions, the first settlers of the Town of Milton.

D Mrs. Sylvia Hayward In Phelps, on the 6th inst., Mrs. Sylvia, wife of Levi Hayward age 30.

D Mrs. Sarah Johnson In Waterloo, on the 6th, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Ira Johnson.

D Mrs. Mercy Brundage In Hopewell, on the 8th, Mrs. Mercy, wife of George Brundage, aged 55.

D Abraham H. Welsh In Seneca, on the 12th inst., Abraham H. Welsh, aged 38 years.

D Mrs. Catharine Thompson In Buffalo, the 8th inst., Mrs. Catharine Thompson, aged 39 - wife of Capt. Sheldon Thompson and daughter of Maj. Benj. Barton of Lewiston.

D Nathaniel S. Perry, Esq. In New York, the 8th inst., Nathaniel H. Perry, Esq., Purser of the U.S. Navy.

D Mr. John I. Wells In Hartford, Conn., on the 12th ult., Mr. John I. Wells, aged 63, inventor of Well's Patent Lever Press. Mr. Wells was a minister of the Society of Friends.

D Mrs. Pamelia Hall In Marion, Wayne Co., on the 4th inst., in the 47th year of her age, Mrs. Pamelia Hall, wife of Mr. Amasa Hall, and mother of Mr. S. R. Hall of Geneva.
1832 12 MAY M Mr. David Wightman On the 7th inst., by the Rev. Jonas Dodge, Mr. David Wightman, to Miss Ann Stewart, all of this village.

M Mr. Alonzo Edson Barnaby In Ithaca, on Saturday evening, 5th inst., by Rev. James D. Carder, Rector of St. John's Church, Mr. Alonzo Edson Barnaby, printer of Ithaca, to Miss Fanny, eldest daughter of Mr. David H. Reins, printer, late of New York. May Hymen's car be drawn by doves, Harness'e by silken chains, And driven by smiling loves While Edson holds the Reins.

M Mr. Henry Allen In Ovid, on Thursday, the 26th ult., by the Rev. U. B. Miller, Mr. Henry Allen to Miss Catharine Bassett.

D Charles Baldwin In this village, on the 11th inst., Charles, son of Mr. Isaac Baldwin, aged 10 months and 2 days.

D Christine Shurtleff In Tioga village, Pa., 1st inst., Christine, infant daughter of J. B. Shurtleff, aged 2 months.

D Joseph Sherrill, Esq. At Washington City, on the 27th ultimo, Joseph Sherrill, Esq., of the General Post Office, late of Ithaca.

D William Slosson, Esq. At Augusta, Georga, on the 21st ult., in the 52d year of his age, William Slosson, Esq., a distinguished member of the New York bar. He was on his way to New Orleans, whither he had been for the benefit of his health.
1832 26 MAY M Mr. Wm. Bunyan In Havanna (sic), by the Rev. Jonas Dodge, on Thursday the 24th inst., Mr. Wm. Bunyan to Miss Rosetta Maria FitzGerald, both of that village.
1832 2 JUN M Col. John Hendy On the 28th ult., by the Rev. S. R. Jones, Col. John Hendy, sen., of this town, to Miss Sarah Longwell, of Wells, Bradford Co., Pa. (Also reported in the Elmira Gazette of June 2, 1832.)
1832 9 JUN M Mr. John Selover On the 7th inst., by the Rev. M. L. Farnsworth, Mr. John Selover, Merchant of this village, to Miss Mary Ann Covell of Southport.

M Mr. Charles Woodhouse In Southport, on the 2d ult., by James Griswold, Esq., Mr. Charles Woodhouse, to Miss Mary Mitchell.

(Above two items also reported in the Elmira Gazette)

M Col. Samuel Powell In Baltimore, on the 29th ult., by the Rev. Israel Chamberlayne, of the Genesee Conference, Col. Samuel Powell, of Upperville, Va., to Elisa, only daughter of Robert Parker, of that city.

D Joseph Davis DROWNED: The Havana Observer states that a boy named Joseph Davis was drowned in the Inlet of Seneca Lake. He was alone in a boat and probably fell out.
1832 23 JUN D Joseph Hiester At Reading, on Sunday the 10th inst., after a lingering illness, Joseph Hiester, formerly Gov. of Penna.

D General Sumpter At his residence at South Mount, S. C. on the 1st inst., General Sumpter, a Revolutionary Soldier
1832 7 JUL M Hon. Edward Herrick In Harrisburg, on the 26th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Stem, the Hon. Edward Herrick, of Athens, Bradford Co., Pa., President Judge of the 13th Judicial district, to Miss Rebecca Ross, of Harrisburg.

D Julia Ellen Maxwell In this town, on the 30th ult., Julia Ellen Maxwell, daughter of the Hon. Thomas Maxwell, aged 16 years and 8 months. (Also reported in the Elmira Gazette of July 7, 1832.)
1832 14 JUL M Mr. F. Sisson, Jr. In Philadelphia, on the 30th inst. (? Ult ?) by Rev. Mr. Alden, Mr. F. Sisson, Jr., merchant of this village, to Miss Henrietta Blish of the former place. (Also reported in The Elmira Gazette.)

D Jane Anne Birdsall In this village, on the 11th inst., Jane Anne, daughter of Ransom Birdsall, age 6 months wanting 1 day. "Sweet Cherub! For a moment given To captivate, then soar to heaven There from the cares of earth 'tis free, A happy, blest eternity!" (This notice also appeared in the Elmira Gazette.)
1832 21 JUL M Mr. James H. Page In this village, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Jonas Dodge, Mr. James H. Page, to Miss Mary Morrison.

D Gen. John H. Wendell In Albany, on the 10th inst., of apoplexy, Gen. John H. Wendell, aged 80 years, an Officer of the Revolution.
1832 28 JUL M Mr. William S. Valeau In the Town of Veteran, on the 26th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Pratt, Mr. William S. Valeau, to Miss Mary Compton, both of that place. (This notice also appeared in the Elmira Gazette.)
1832 28 JUL D Dr. George Hibbard In the city of New York, on the 11th inst., Dr. George Hibbard, of the town of Catharine, aged 46 years. (Notice also appeared in the Elmira Gazette.)
1832 11 AUG D Richard Lawrence On the 3d inst., at the Cayuta Lake, Richard Lawrence in the 19th year of his age, son of Samuel Lawrence, of Catharine.

D Robert Barstow In Nichols, Tioga Co., on the 29th ult., Robert, infant son of Mr. Charles R. Barstow.
1832 18 AUG M Mr. Silas T. Carr In this village, on Thursday, the 16th inst., by the Rev. M. Farnsworth, Mr. Silas T. Carr, son of the Rev. Stutley Carr of Dryden, Tompkins Co. to Miss Susan Lawrence, daughter of Mr. W. Lawrence of Queens Co., L.I.
1832 15 SEP M Mr. George Kingsbury On the 13th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Farnsworth, Mr. George Kingsbury, Merchant, to Miss Elizabeth O., eldest daughter of Doct. Rulandus Bancroft, all of Elmira.
1832 29 SEP M Mr. Cowden Hepburn On Wednesday evening, the 26th inst., by the Rev.M. L. Farnsworth, Mr. Cowden Hepburn of Willardsburgh, Tioga Co., Pa., to Miss Susan Tuthill, daughter of E. B. Tuthill, Esq. of this village.

M William Diven, Esq. In Jersey, Steuben Co., on the 19th inst., by Judge Dow, William Diven, Esq. of Reading, to Mrs. Clarence Hibbard of Big Flatt.

M Mr. Frederick M. Camp In the town of Nichols, Tioga, Co., on the 19th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Ripley, Mr. Frederick M. Camp, merchant of this county, to Miss Sarah Platt, of the former place.

D Mr. John S. Boardman OBITUARY: Died in the town of Tioga, at the residence of his father, Mr. John S. Boardman, in the 25th year of his age. The primary cause of his death is supposed to have originated in an accidental blow received upon his head from a stick of timber, when in the act of entering a lock at the Shamokin dam. The deceased resided in this village for the last ten years, in the capacity of clerk to Mr. John Arnot; during which time he had acquired many ardent and affectionate friends.
1832 13 OCT M Mr. Henry M. Wells On the 11th inst., by elder P. D. Gillet, Mr. Henry M. Wells, to Miss Cassandanah Stewart, all of this village.

M Mr. Edward Jennings In Southport, on the 10th, by the same, Mr. Edward Jennings, to Miss Julia McHenry.
1832 27 OCT M Mr. John Hobart In Hector, on Thursday the 18th inst., by E. Brown, Esq., Mr. John Hobart, to Miss Polly Sutphen, all of that town.
1832 24 NOV M Mr. John Matson In Elmira, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Mr. M. L. Farnsworth, Mr. John Matson, to Miss Sarah Ann Chapman, both of Athens, Penna.

D Mrs. Hannah Badger In Big Flat, of consumption, in the 16th inst., Mrs. Hannah Badger, aged 24 years.

D Baltus Ransom In this village, on the 17th inst., Baltus Ransom, aged 15 months and twenty-five days, son of Mr. Orizon Birdsall, late of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., N.Y.
1832 10 NOV M Mr. Shadrack Thompson In Southport, on Sunday evening, November 4th, by Rev. B. Foster Pratt, Mr. Shadrack Thompson Jr., of Horse Heads to Miss Aurelia Smith of Southport.
1832 1 DEC M Rev. Simeon R. Jones On the 26th ult., in this village, by the Rev. M. L. Farnsworth, the Rev. Simeon R. Jones of Southport, to Mrs. Rachael Brougan.

D John Kline Roe On the 21st inst., at the Genesee Weslyan Seminary in Lima, John Kline Roe, in the 25th year of his age.

D Hon. Silas Halsey At his residence in Ovid, on the 19th ult., in the 90th year of his age, the Hon. Silas Halsey.

D Hon. Philip Doddridge On Monday evening suddenly, at Brown's Hotel in Washington City, the Hon. Philip Doddridge, a Representative in Congress from the State of Virginia, aged about sixty years.
1832 8 DEC D Mrs. Lurinda Ellsworth On the 30th ult., Mrs. Lurinda Ellsworth, consort of Sidney Ellsworth, in the 25th year of her age.

D Charles C. Adams Notice to creditors of Charles C. Adams, late of the town of Catlin, deceased…Dated Catlin, Nov. 29, 1832.
1833 9 JAN M Mr. John Whitenack In this village, on the 1st inst., about 40 minutes A.M., by the Rev. Samuel Parker, Mr. John Whitenack, to Miss Hannah Brown, both of Horse Heads. (Note the time - exactly as printed in the newspaper!)

M Mr. Oliver B. Cook In Southport, on the 20th ult., by the Rev. B. F. Pratt, Mr. Oliver B. Cook, to Miss Mary W. Kinner.
1833 26 JAN M Mr. Robert Lefler On the 13th inst., by the Rev. Elisha Booth, of Jackson, Mr. Robert Lefler, to Miss Hannah Spencer, both of the above place.

M Rev. Elisha Booth On the 11th, Dec. 1832, by the Rev. David Short, of Addison, Steuben Co., N.Y., the Rev. Elisha Booth of Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa., to Miss Phebe Maria Smith, daughter of Mr. Gordon Smith, of the former place.
1833 2 FEB M Mr. Joel Wing In Southport, on the 24th ult., by the Rev. B. Foster Pratt, Mr. Joel Wing, to Miss Henrietta Jane Laken, all of Southport.
1833 9 FEB M Mr. Archibald C. Sabin In this village, on the 4th inst., by the Rev. Manley Tooker, Mr. Archibald C. Sabin, of Rushville, N.Y. to Miss Mary Black of the former place.

D infant son of Mr. William Foster In this village, on the 5th inst., an infant son of Mr. William Foster.

D Doct. A. Gates White In Southport, on the 5th inst., Doct. A. Gates White, aged 67 years.
1833 16 FEB M Horace Mosher, M.D. At Florida, Orange Co., on Wednesday the 6th inst. by the Rev. Daniel T. Wood, Horace Mosher, M.D. of Elmira, Tioga Co., to Lura Caroline, daughter of James Wood, Esq., of the former place "Come bachelor and let us morn, Another brother dead He's left our merry ranks in scorn, And to the WOODS is fled."

M Mr. Benjamin C. Wickham On the 14th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Farnsworth, Mr. Benjamin C. Wickham, Merchant of Williardsburg, Tioga, Co., Pa., to Miss Catharine Mathews, of this town.

M Mr. Ansel Benham In this village on Thursday evening, by the Rev. M. L. Farnsworth, Mr. Ansel Benham, of Starkey, Yates Co., to Miss Lucy A. Willard of this place.

D Mr. Seth Carter In this town, on the 11th inst., Mr. Seth Carter, aged 50 years.
1833 23 FEB D Meribeth Bird OBITUARY: Departed this life, after an illness of seven days, Meribeth Bird, wife of Benjamin T. Bird of the town of Southport, Tioga Co., aged 49 years, 9 months and 6 days. The deceased was a member of the Methodist E. Church for more than thirty years, during all of which her walk was irreproachable.
1833 9 MAR D Mrs. Evaline M'Nulty In the town of Big-Flatt, on the 3d inst., Mrs. Evaline M'Nulty, consort of John M'Nulty, aged about 27 years.
1833 16 MAR M Mr. Lewis Roe In Southport, on the 7th inst., by the Rev. Foster Pratt, Mr. Lewis Roe, to Miss Caroline Strong, all of the above place.

M Mr. Shepherd Moody In Big Flatts, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Joseph Pearsall, of Painted Post, Mr. Shepherd Moody, to Miss Zerua Smith, both of Big Flatts.

D Rev. George Whitfield In Tottenham, England, on the 24th December, the Rev. George Whitfield, the celebrated preacher, aged 79 years.
1833 30 MAR D Miss Jane Barney In this village on the 25th inst., Miss Jane Barney
1833 23 MAR D Mrs. Gertrude Lewis In this village on the evening of the 9th inst., in the 76th year of her age, Mrs. Gertrude Lewis, wife of George Lewis, formerly Governor of this state, and sister of the late Chancellor Livingston.

D Francis Stillman In this village, on the 21st inst., Francis Stillman, infant son of Mr. Harry Smith, aged 4 months and 11 days.

D Mrs. Mary Granger In this village, on the 22d inst., Mrs. Mary, consort of Mr. Frederick Granger, aged 55 years, 5 months and 7 days, after a lingering illness of 19 months. The funeral will be attended at the Methodist Chapel today (Saturday) at 1 o'clock P.M.

NOTICE: The Rev. J. D. Gilbert, of the Protestant Episcopal Church is expected to preach in the upper district School House, in this village, on Sunday next March 24th, A.M. & P.M. Service to ommence at the usual hour.
1833 20 APR M Mr. Charles More In this village on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. M. L. Farnsworth, Mr. Charles More of Lycoming Co., Pa., to Miss Sarah Date of this place.

M Mr. Augustus S. Lawrence In Owego on Monday the 15th inst., Mr. Augustus S. Lawrence, Merchant of this village, to Miss Martha Ann Wheaton of Raleigh, North Carolina.

D John Miller, Esq. In Ithaca, on the 16th inst. John Miller, Esq., formerly the first Judge of this county and resident of this town, aged 72 years.

D Mr. Moses H. Severance In Geneva, on the 2d inst., after a short but painful illness, Mr. Moses H. Severance, late of Waterloo, of the firm of R. Robins and Co., booksellers.

D Mrs. Jemima Stewart At St. David's, Upper Canada, on the 8th inst., Mrs. Jemima Stewart, aged 109 years! In her younger days Mrs. S. resided on the Susquehanna river, State of New York, and for the last fifty years lived where she died. Her husband departed this life a few years ago at the age of 96. They have children now living at the age of 80, and grand children at 60, and a large number of great grand children.

D Michael Hogan, Esq. At Washington, D.C., on the 26th ult., at 68 years, Michael Hogan, Esq., Consul-General of the United States at Chili, and formerly a merchant in the City of New York.
1833 11 MAY M Mr. Horace Matson In Tioga, on Thursday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Sherman, Mr. Horace Matson, to Miss Emma Lull.

M Luther Gere, Esq. In Ithaca, on the 25th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Carder, Luther Gere, Esq., President of the Bank of Ithaca, to Miss Emily Walker, all of Elmira.

D two infant children of D. Davis In this village, on Monday the 6th inst., two infant children (twins) of D. Davis.

D Marshall R. Jones On Wednesday evening, Marshall R., son of E. Jones, aged 8 months.
1833 4 MAY M Mr. Edward Burke In Big Flatts, on the 1st, by George A. Gardner, Esq., Mr. Edward Burke of Washington City, to Miss Elizabeth McLellan, of Athens, Tioga Co., Pa.

D Mrs. Hiester In Chemung, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Heister, consort of Mr. Matthias Heister, aged about 70 years.
1833 18 MAY D Cordelia Doud Of Scarlet Fever, in Southport, on the 17th inst., Cordelia, daughter of Chandler C. and Levina Doud, aged 3 years, 1 month and 4 days. "So fades the lovely blooming flower, Cut down and wither'd in an hour." Funeral to be attended today (Saturday) at 1 o'clock A.M. at the home of Mr. Forbes, in Southport.

D Jesse Carpenter The Great Freshet: Jesse Carpenter, aged about 18 years, and son of the late Joseph Carpenter, of this town, was drowned on Monday last, while attempting, in company with five others in a canoe to take up a raft (of logs), the canoe was upset: two succeeded in gaining the shore by swimming, two got upon the raft, and one on the bottom of the canoe. Young Carpenter caught hold of a log floating near him, and kept himself above water for some time, but at length let go his hold and sank - he rose once, and then sank to rise no more. Those on the raft and canoe escaped.
1833 25 MAY M Mr. John Beers On the 22d inst., by the Rev. A. N. Fillmore, Mr. John Beers, to Miss Elizabeth Holdstock, all of Southport. (See Elmira Gazette Aug. 12, 1841, and Dec. 11, 1845)

M Col. Jacob Westlake In Starkey, Col. Jacob Westlake, to Miss Julia Wood, all of Horse-Heads.

M Mr. James Griswold, Esq. In Athens, Bradford Co., Pa., on the 2d instant, Mr. James Griswold, Esq. of Southport, to Miss Cynthia Tozer.

D Chauncey Swan In Phelps, on the 10th inst., after a lingering illness, which he endured with christian fortitude, Chauncey Swan, in the 30th year of his age.
1833 15 JUN D Benjamin Fowler In this village, yesterday morning, Benjamin, infant son of Mr. Stephen C. Fowler, aged about 1 year.

D Mr. Freeborn Swain In Southport, on the 12th inst., Mr. Freeborn Swain, aged 22 years, late of Tunkhannock, Luzerne Co., Pa.

D Mr. David Riddle In Owego, on the 12th inst., of consumption, Mr. David Riddle, a young man of much promise, and till his illness prevented, a clerk in the County Clerk's office.
1833 22 JUN M Mr. P. R. K. Brotherson In this village, on Tuesday last, by the Rev. J. D. Carder, of Ithaca, Mr. P. R. K. Brotherson, Merchant of this place, to Miss Frances B., only daughter of Mathew M'Reynolds, Esq.

M Daniel Mercereau At Horseheads, Tioga Co., 26th ult., Daniel Mercereau, to Miss Ann Whitneck

M Dwight Pomeroy In Pine Valley, Dwight Pomeroy, of Steuben Co., to Miss Lucinda Clark.

D Mr. Samuel R. C. Gee In this town, on Sunday last, of apoplexy, Mr. Samuel R. C. Gee, aged about 24 years. He was sitting at a table writing, and fell dead upon the floor.

D Mr. Hophni Smith In Chemung, on Saturday last, after an illness of one week, Mr. Hophni Smith, aged about 43 years.
1833 29 JUN M Mr. Timothy S. Satterlee On the 20th inst., in Blooming-Grove, Orange Co., by the Rev. Mr. Fish, Mr. Timothy S. Satterlee, Merchant of this village, to Miss Mary Ann Seely, daughter of Mr. Henry Seely, of the former place (See Elmira Gazette, Mar 20, 1845 and Aug. 14, 1845).

M Mr. William Peck In Troy, Pa., on Sunday last, by the Rev. Mr. Beman, Mr. William Peck, of Candor, N.Y., to Miss Lucy B. Coggeshall, of Columbia, Pa., daughter of the late Doct. John Coggeshall, of Bristol, Rhode Island.

D Mrs. Adelaide Hubbard In Cohocton, Steuben county, on the 15th inst., of consumption, Mrs. Adelaide Hubbard in the 27th year of her age, wife of Mr. Salmon Hubbard, Merchant, and daughter of Mr. James Sears, formerly of this village. Brought to this place and funeral attended at the Presbyterian meeting house. An appropriate discourse was delivered by Rev. Mr. Hubbard of Dansville from 1 Cor. 7:29-30.
1833 6 JUL M Mr. George Lutes On the 4th inst., by Elder _________ Gillet, Mr. George Lutes, to Miss Rhoda M. Carter, all of this town.

M Mr. Jeremiah Hedges In this village, on the 27th, by the Rev. M. L. Farnsworth, Mr. Jeremiah Hedges, of Cameron, Steuben Co., to Miss Martha Saunders, daughter of Mr. John Saunders. (See Elmira Gazette, Apr. 30, 1839)

D Elisha Williams, Esq. In New York, on Saturday last, Elisha Williams, Esq., of Waterloo, Seneca Co., late of Hudson, Columbia Co.

D Hon. Levi Wheeler In Covert, Seneca Co., on the 14th ult., the Hon. Levi. Wheeler, in the 57th year of his age.
1833 13 JUL M Mr. Nelson Wells In this village, on the 11th inst., by Elder P. D. Gillett, Mr. Nelson Wells, to Miss Batsy Maria Bradford.

M Lieut. E. B. Birdsall At East Bloomfield, on the morning of the 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Smith, Rector of the St. James Church, Batavia, Lieut. E. B. Birdsall of the United States Army, to Miss Mary Wilcox, daughter of Doctor Wilcox, of the former place.

M Col. Aaron Burr At Harlem Heights, N.Y., by the Rev. Dr. Bogart, Col. Aaron Burr, to Miss Eliza Jumel.

M Mr. William M. Sinclair In Cooperstown, Otsego Co., on the 20th ultimo, by the Rev. Job Potter, Mr. William M. Sinclair, of Ovid, Seneca Co., Merchant of the firm of Sinclair, Van Horne & Co., to Miss Eliza, daughter of Abraham Van Horn, Esq. of Cooperstown.

M John Woods At Yaxley, in Suffolk (Eng.), John Woods, a lad of 16, to an old woman, who had been more than 50 years blind. 500 persons attended and among the most conspicuous of the company was the discarded lover, a lame old man, mounted on an ass.
1833 20 JUL M Mr. Francis R. West On Wednesday evening, 17th inst., by the Rev. M. L. Farnsworth, Mr. Francis R. West, of Clyde, to Miss Elizabeth F. Black, daughter of Michael Black, Esq., of this place. (See the Elmira Gazette Sept. 25, 1835)

M Mr. Solomon Gladding On the 14th inst., by James R. Burdick, Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Owego, Mr. Solomon Gladding, of Washington, Columbia Co., Pa., to MissAmanda Daniels of Owego.

M Joseph R. Chandler, Esq. On Wednesday evening, July 3d, by the Rev. Mr. Hughes, at St. Johns Church, Joseph R. Chandler, Esq., Editor of the United States Gazette, to Miss Marie H., daughter of Benjamin Jones, all of Philadelphia.

D Mrs. Mary Hobert In Southport, on Tuesday morning last, Mrs. Mary, consort of Mr. John Hobert, aged about 21 years. She was well on Sunday previous and died of fits, supposed to have caused in part by eating cherries.

D Mr. John Ross At Williamsport, o the 6th inst., of a pulmonary disease, Mr. John Ross, formerly a stage proprietor on the mail route from Washington City to Buffalo

D Benjamin Wynkoop At his residence in Chemung, on the 11th inst., after a lingering illness, Benjamin Wynkoop, aged 64 years
1833 27 JUL D Eliza Ann On Saturday, the 20th inst., Eliza Ann, daughter of Mr. Richard F. Seabury, aged about four months.
1833 3 AUG M William Ellwell, Esq. At Factoryville, on the 13th ult., William Ellwell, Esq., of Towanda, Pa., to Miss Clamania Show, of Factoryville.

D Mr. Alvan Pratt In the town of Tioga, on the 25th ult., after a short illness, Mr. Alvan Pratt, a respectable and valuable citizen of that town, aged 28 years.
1833 10 AUG M Mr. Sylvester Mix In Catharine, on the 11th inst., by Rev. R. Bennett, Mr. Sylvester Mix, to Miss Ellen Z. Hazen, daughter of Mr. Isaac Hazen (See the Elmira Gazette Oct. 21, 1841 and Oct. 10, 1844).

D John S. Shockey In this village, on Tuesday, the 6th inst., John S. Shockey, son of Mr. John L. Shockey, aged 1 year. (See the Elmira Gazette Dec. 30, 1841 and Apr. 30, 1839.)

D Mr. Harvey Griswold In Detroit, Mich., on the 13th inst., Mr. Harvey Griswold (brother of Heman Griswold of Troy, N.Y. and brother of Mr. John Griswold ofTroy, Pa.), aged 34 years.

D Abraham Bocard In Moury Co., Tenn., on the 14th ult., Abraham Bocard, being 118 years and 4 days old … born in the state of Maryland.
1833 17 AUG D Mr. James Coleman In this village, on Sunday the 11th inst., of consumption, Mr. James Coleman, aged 35 years.

D William Boyd Smith, Esq. On Saturday morning last, August 3, at his residence near Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co., Pa., William Boyd Smith, Esq. Death caused by an accident in driving a load of hay into his barn; the load being too high, his back came in contact with the beam or girder over the door, by which he received a severe injury, causing a suppression of the spinal marrow, from which he lingered only a few days.
1833 24 AUG M Mr. Seth M. White At Wells, Pa., on the 22d inst., by the Rev. S. R. Jones, Mr. Seth M. White, of Southport, to Miss Sarah Roy of the former place.

M Mr. Samuel Moody In this village, on the 22d inst., by the Rev. M. L. Farnsworth, Mr. Samuel Moody, to Miss Catharine A. Shockey, all of this place.

M Mr. David Heller Also, on the same day, by Elder P. D. Gillett, Mr. David Heller, Jr., to Miss Elanora Lindsley, all of this town.

M Mr. John Griswold In Southport, same day, by Rev. B. Foster Pratt, Mr. John Griswold to Miss Sally Beckwith, all of that town.

D Frances Augusta In this village, on the 21st inst., Frances Augusta, daughter of Mr. Silas T. Carr, aged 2 months and 22 days (See Elmira Gazette Jul. 11, 1840)

D Loisa Griswold In Southport, on the same day, Loisa, daughter of Elijah Griswold, aged 7 months.
1833 31 AUG M Mr. William R. Judson In this village, on Thursday last, by the Rev. Thomas Clark, Mr. William R. Judson, to Miss Elizabeth Orwan, daughter of Maj. Charles Orwan, of this village. (See Elmira Gazette, Oct. 30, 1845)

M Mr. George Lambert In Havana, on the 12th inst., by T. Mills, Esq., Mr. George Lambert, to Miss Hannah Stotenburgh.
1833 7 SEP M Mr. George Gardner In this village on Thursday evening last, by Wm. Dunn, Esq., Mr. George Gardner toMiss Cynthia Talada .. Both of Southport.
1833 14 SEP D Mr. Peter DeMotte At his residence in Burdette, on the 3d inst., Mr. Peter DeMotte, aged 44 years.

D Mr. Hiram Cook In Havana on the 8th inst., after a long and protracted illness, caused by a lumbar abcess, Mr. Hiram Cook, aged 31 years.
1833 28 SEP M Rev. Alexander M. Mann In Utica, on the 11th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Aiken, the Rev. Alexander M. Mann of Ithaca, to Susan, daughter of Thomas Walker, Esq., of the former city.

D Dr. F. B. Gillett In Schenectady, on the 15th inst., Dr. F. B. Gillett, late of this village, aged 32 years. Dr. Gillett, a young man of much promise, and had just commenced the practice of medicine.

D Mr. James Stage In Chemung, on Wednesday last, Mr. James Stage.
1833 5 OCT M Mr. Joseph S. Bosworth, Esq. In Owego, on Tuesday, the 7th inst., by the Rev. Mr. White, Mr. Joseph S. Bosworth, Esq., of Binghamton, to Miss Frances E., daughter of Charles Pumpelly, Esq.

M Hon. Silas Wright In Canton, St. Lawrence Co., by the Rev. H. S. Johnson, the Hon. Silas Wright, Jr., Senator in Congress, to Miss Clarissa Moody, daughter of the late Medad Moody, of that place.

M Mr. William Wilkinson In Aurora, on Tuesday, the 1st inst., by the Rev. Mr. Clark, Mr. William Wilkinson of Buffalo, to Miss Mary B. Swan of the former place.

M Mr. Hiram D. Ives On Thursday evening, 26th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Bennett, Mr. Hiram D. Ives, Merchant of the firm of Cooley & Ives, to Miss Terace M'Dowell, all of Havana.

D Dr. Fidelio B. Gillett In the city of Schenectady, Sept. 15th, 1833, Dr. Fidelio B. Gillett, aged 32. He was confined to his bed 4 weeks and 4 days … typhus … inflammation of the brain. Funeral Monday, at 4 P.M. (See Sept. 28 notice)
1833 10 OCT M Mr. Charles Vosburg In this village, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Clark, Mr. Charles Vosburg, of Washington, Pa., to Miss Mary West, late of Canandaigua.

M Mr. James H. Farrand In Southport, on the 17th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Pratt, Mr. James H. Farrand to Miss Fanny Smith, daughter of Col. S. L. Smith (See Elmira Gazette, Apr. 14, 1842)

M Mr. Benjamin Durham In Medina Co., Ohio, on the 9th inst., Mr. Benjamin Durham, formerly of this village, to Miss Elizabeth Woodward, lately of Ithaca.

D Amelia Lyon On the 7th inst., Amelia, infant daughter of Mr. Reuben Lyon.

D Mrs. Julia Decker In this town, on the 16th inst., Mrs. Julia Decker, consort of Mr. Garret Decker., aged 54.
1833 12 OCT M Mr. Robert D. Lawrence On Saturday, the 5th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Platt, Mr. Robert D. Lawrence, of this town, to Miss Catharine Van Duzer, daughter of Mr. William Van Duzer of Veteran.

M Mr. Abraham B. Brees On Thursday last, by the Rev. P. D. Gillett, Mr. Abraham B. Brees, to Miss Lucy Ann Berry, all of this town.
1833 20 OCT M Mr. Isaac Ogden In Owego, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Mr. White, Mr. Isaac Ogden, to Miss Percilla P. Goodman.

M Mr. Joseph Bell By the same, Mr. Joseph Bell, to Miss Rebecca Campbell.

M Mr. Harvey Curtis By the same, Mr. Harvey Curtis, of Caroline, to Miss Polly Steele, of this place.

M Mr. Philo C. Sedgwick, Esq. At Litchfield, Conn., on the 22d Oct., inst., Mr. Philo C. Sedgwick, Esq., late of this place, to Miss Eliza Adams of the former place.
1833 2 NOV D Doct. John Goodwin In Chemung, on Monday last, Doct. John Goodwin, aged 78 years.

D Thomas Collingwood In this village, on the 31st ult., Thomas, son of Mr. Francis Collingwood, aged 2 years and 6 months.
1833 23 NOV D Col. Selah Mathews In this town, on the 9th inst., Col. Selah Mathews, in the 72d year of his age.

D Mr. Civilian Loop In this town, on the 19th inst., suddenly by bleeding at the lungs, Mr. Civilian Loop, aged about 40 years. He was walking about the village the day previous, but had been subject to bleeding of the lungs for some months.

D Mrs. Lucy Willard In this village, on the 22d inst., Mrs. Lucy Willard, consort of Asa Willard, aged 43 years.
1833 7 DEC M Rev. Chandler Wheeler In Bath, on Wednesday the 4th inst., by the Rev. Manly Tooker, of Elmira, the Rev. Chandler Wheeler to Miss Catharine M'Clure.

D Mrs. Beidleman In the town of Chemung, on Tuesday the 28th ult., Mrs. Beidleman, consort of Mr. Samuel Beidleman, after a lingering illness, in the 83d year of her age. She lived respected; died regretted.
1833 14 DEC M Mr. Lewis Axtell On the 19th inst., by the Rev. Calvin S. Coats, Mr. Lewis Axtell, to Miss Alice Lowrey, all of this village.

D Mrs. Elizabeth In this village, on the 12th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Mr. Ephriam Wheeler of Veteran, aged 53 years.
1833 24 DEC D Mr. George Brown In Southport, on the 17th inst., Mr. George Brown, aged 76 years, one of our Revolutionary fathers, who was a man of worth and merit. He lived as the word of God teaches, rendering good for evil, and died in the triumph of living faith. (Note by compiler: Buried in the Roushy cemetery, Town of Ashland, Chemung county. "Died December 17, 1833, aged 76 years, 7 months, 7 days. A Soldier of the Revolution. 'My glass is cut. My race is run. My work in Christ completely done.' ")
1834 11 JAN M Mr. James Tubbs In Southport, on the 17th ult., by James Griswold, Mr. James Tubbs, to Miss Charlotte Bailey, all of the former place.

M Mr. Darius Davis In Southport, on the 31st inst., by the same, Mr. Darius Davis, of Elmira, to Miss Lucy Tubbs, of the former place.

M Mr. Patrick Dunn In Elmira, on Monday evening, the 6th inst., by William Dunn, Esq., Mr. Patrick Dunn, to Miss Sally Ann Springsteed, both of Havana.

M Mr. William Everett At Painted Post, on the 7th inst., by the Rev. Manley Tooker of Elmira, Mr. William Everett to Miss Olive Rowley, daughter of Asaph F. Rowley, Esq., of the former place.
1834 18 JAN M Mr. Asa Smith On the 14th inst., by the Rev. C. S. Coats, Mr. Asa Smith, to Miss Lucinda M. Johnson, all of this village.

M Mr. Daniel Van Zile In this village, on the 12th inst., by J. W. wisner, Esq., Mr. Daniel Van Zile, to Miss Prudence Moore, both of Bradford Co., Pa.

D Mrs. Margery Lyon In this village after a protracted illness, on the 16th inst., Mrs. Margery Lyon, consort of Mr. Reuben Lyon, in the 31st year of her age.
1834 25 JAN M Mr. Brinton Payne In this village, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. M. L. Farnsworth, Mr Brinton Payne, to Mrs. Mary Minton.

M Mr. Vincent South In Southport o the 23d inst., by the Rev. C. S. Coats, Mr. Vincent South, to Miss Hannah Howland.

D Oliver H. Perry In this town on the 20th inst., Oliver H. Perry, son of Mr. Frederick Baker, aged 7 months and 8 days.
1834 8 FEB D Mrs. Millicent Tuthill In the town of Erin, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Millicent Tuthill, consort of Col. John Tuthill, in the 72nd year of her age. (See Elmira Gazette, March 6, 1845 - Col. Tuthill death.)

The microfilm record of this newspaper ended at this date. Steele Memorial Library, Elmira, New York.
Extracts made 1988, Isabel E. Ridall, Elmira, New York.

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