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Submitted by Kelsey Jones and Sherman Barnes
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The Methodist Church records for Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania begin in 1866. Several classes met at various locations in the two townships and they included Judson Hill, Mosherville, Rowley Hill, Knapp District, and Aspinwall (now Coryland) in Wells and Daggett, Everett District, Cotton District (Trowbridge), Millerton, and Maple Ridge in Jackson. A small class met at or near Pumpkin Hill in Rutland Township, Tioga County and a class met at Webb Mills, Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Several of these classes met in the school houses of their area and others such as Judson Hill, Daggett, Jackson Center, and Millerton had churches. The records include class members, probationary members, marriages, members in full connection, and some deaths are included. Class members, probationary members, and marriages were transcribed by J. Kelsey Jones and members in full connection were transcribed by Sherman Barnes in the year 2000. Spellings are as they appear in the original.

The original records are in vault storage at the Jackson Center Methodist Church.

In the History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania by H. C. Bradsby it states that the Judson Hill Methodist Episcopal Church was "an appointment on Daggett's Mills charge. Rev. J. Merring, pastor. Old church burned, doubtless by an incendiary. Present house erected about 1865." If a house of worship existed in 1858 at Judson Hill it does not appear on the 1858 map as do the two Presbyterian churches existing in the township at that time. The church is shown on the 1869 map. The church was located on the west side of Judson Hill Road in western central Wells across from the Judson Hill Cemetery. The church long ago fell into a state of disrepair and neglect and no longer exists.

There are perhaps records prior to 1866 but their location or existence is unknown. The following handwritten excerpt, perhaps from an original record, has been found, but its authenticity is unknown.

Minutes of the quarterly meeting 1835-6 for Southport and Jackson. Held at Judson Hill Oct. 25th 1836.

Present John W Nevois P.C.

J. L. L. Gardner minister in chge

A. M. Luce assistant

Samuel Baker lay preacher

Joseph Bly lay preacher

Isaac Spencer Steward

Leslie Lawrence Steward

G. Ingersol Steward

Whiting Gifford leader

L. P. Ingersol leader

No complaints, No appeals, no Applications for license. Missionary stewardship were appointed as follows: Chas Evans, S. Baker, Bro. Hammon, Bro. Woodruff, A. W. Othins, L. Lawrence.

No financial report. Next meeting at Southport Church.

Conference adjourned.

Samuel Baker, Sec.

Copied into book by Pr. In charge"

The Methodist Churches in Jackson Township, Tioga County were at Daggett, Jackson Center, and Millerton. All three of these churches still exist. The History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania by Brown relates the Daggett Church was built in 1854, Millerton in 1853-4, and Jackson Center in 1871.

Methodist Marriage Records 1869-1896
Methodist Marriages 1878 - 1892